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Dil-e-Muzter – Episode 1

Fatima Awan . 29

Dil-e-Muzter marks the debut of Shehzad Kashmiri as a director and I have very high expectations from him. Sanam Jang also makes her acting debut from this serial and after watching this first episode I have to say that acting comes naturally to this beautiful girl and I love her smile. Dil-e-Muzter has been written by Aliya Bukhari and produced by Momina Duraid. It was extremely nice to watch Imran Abbass on-screen after a long time. The most satisfying part for me has to be that all of the actors are very well-suited for their roles. Many of the first episodes fail to leave an impact with the audience because it takes us sometime to get comfortable with the characters. Imran Abbass was perfect as Adeel; the boy who used to be very happy with life but after his father’s death he felt he was forced to live a life which is controlled by others. I completely understood this young man’s dilemma, he hardly smiled but he was not really an angry young man also. He came across as someone who was very sensitive and gentle but was stuck in a bad situation. Adeel’s mother Zehra (Ismat Zaidi) has worked very hard to “payback” the relatives who helped them financially after her husband’s death. The mother/son bond instantly clicked with me because both the actors shared an amazing chemistry and nothing seemed forced. All the scenes were short and sweet and I loved the pace with which the narrative flowed. Saba Hameed yet again plays the mother (this time step-mother) who wants to be in charge of her husband’s only daughter Sila (Sanam Jang) and is more worried about her husband’s (Syed Mohsin Gillani) financial assets than anything else. Therefore she decides to marry Sila off with her sister’s (Shamim Hilali) son Muneeb without even asking Sila once. Zaman (Sila’s father) goes along with everything that his wife says without questioning her even once, so he would be one of the many spineless husbands we see on-screen nowadays!

All through the episode I felt like the characters did not lie on extremes, I never figured out Safina was Sila’s step-mother until she mentioned it herself. The mother/daughter relationship seemed very normal despite of the differences of opinion.

Sila is in love with Adeel and I was wishing all the time that Adeel would have some feelings for Sila as well because both of them looked so cute together. They make a very cute couple and the fact that both of them are such good actors really helped. I was not expecting Sanam Jhang to be this good and was pleasantly surprised when she gave me absolutely nothing to complaint about. In the entire episode Sila came across as a very sensible girl but in the end when she declared in front of everyone that she wanted to marry Adeel, it really took me by surprise. The last scene was the only one which I thought was a bit exaggerated because of the way Safina reacted to Sila’s disapproval of Muneeb’s proposal and the way Sila reacted.

Overall, I really enjoyed this first episode primarily because of the perfect casting, the great chemistry between all the actors, wonderful direction, superb editing and characters you want to find out more about; the sort you find interesting almost instantly. Definitely a very engaging and entertaining first episode which kept me glued to the TV screen right from the get go. I must add that I am looking forward to seeing more of Sanam Jang, I am seriously impressed by her acting. This was a great first episode and a must-watch for all of you out there who may have missed it.


Fatima Awan.

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Haseeb thank you for the link:)

  • Haseeb

    for those who are interested,this is aliya bukhari's fb page

  • Haseeb

    and for the unaware MQMD stands for Meray Qatil Meray Dildar,an MD Prods play aired on hum tv written by aliya bukhari featuring mehwish hayat,ahsan khan,adnan siddiqui,sajjal ali,shagufta ejaz,qavi khan and others

  • Haseeb

    sadaf in saba qamar's words while playing resham in hum sub umeed se hain 'bisti gee nee ho gayee meree' ;)

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Roh, I am sooo happy that you decided to jump in the band wagon, the more the merrier:) I know that you take your dramas very seriosly and I always enjoy the way you observe every little thing and share it with us. I have always learned so much from our discussions.

    Dil-e-Muztar means restless/distressed heart. Yes love the lead couple and you are right about Sila, she does not seem like a newcomer at all.

  • Roh

    PS. What does Muztar mean?

  • Roh

    @Fatima: I read your review before I watched the episode, because but I do enjoy reading from you. Though I didn't have any intentions to watch this drama until it was complete.

    I finally jumped on to the bandwagon and watched the 1st episode. I'm a weak hearted person and waiting week to week for a romance to proceed can really take its toll on me very easily. I can just about handle one at a time.

    But I so wanted to go along with this one with all of you, that I succumbed.

    Now that I watched it, your review made full sense to me. As usual, very well done.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was soft, sweet and flowed along gently, establishing all the characters very well.

    I like the girl playing Sila. Can't believe this is her 1st play. She is incredibly good.

  • Sadaf

    I love this drama …ARE you happy now Haseeb?

  • Fatima Awan

    @ SK I am glad you watched this first episode and liked it, that means we will see you here every week now:) I will look forward to your comments. Thanks a lot.

  • SK

    Just watched it today, Imran Abbas and Sanam look very cute together! It was a very nice first episode! I was not aware who the writer was, as had not watched MQMD, but like someone said even cliche stories work if they are directed and presented well and acting is good. The camera work is superb, looking forward to more. Looks Luke saturdays will still be entertaining still after BA..and then Fatima you always write prompt and good reviews which are very enjoyable to read. Thank You:)

  • afia qazi

    oh ok, I thought she'd sung the ost :p

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Afia Aliya Bukhari is the writer of this play and also wrote the script for MQMD. She has written a lot of novels and her stories get published in digests too:)

  • afia qazi

    @Sadaf, Yes IA and SJ look great together. After watching this, my sis was recalling all the reasons she'd like IA for starters. As it's been written here Shehzad Kashmiri, the numero uno dop is the director here, hence the breathtaking visuals.

    @Fatima, who's Aliya Bukhari and what has she sung before?

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Afia yes totally agree with you, one of the reasons I was really looking forward to this play was because I had such high expectations from Shehzad Kashmiri. Must thank MD Productions for giving him this well deserved chance. Oh yes they were so cute:)

    @ Sadaf And Misty yes it is the same old story but love the lead couple and the fact that the scenes were short and sweet and there was no repetition whatsoever. Everyone acted so well. Same old stories are all we have so I guess it is the execution that matters more to me now. If a play is engaging enough it works for me. Oh yes Misty you are so right the Hum TV blog gave away the entire story my God how could they do that.

    @hoorean really liked the OST too, you know it usually takes time for me to totally fall in love with the OST. After I have watched a few episodes and connect the lyrics/theme to the story, I enjoy it more. Sanam jang and Imran Abbass are adorable.

    @ Indian fan was it really? i didn't notice that. Bryan Adams is an all time favorite. I am glad you enjoyed this first episode, I hope we will be seeing you here every week now:)

    @ Haseeb lol after all this is the same Aliya Bukhari so there will be some filmy bits:)

  • Misty

    Fatima, thank you so much for your wonderful and apt review. I am on same page with Sadaf on this one. I find no depth in the story whatsoever. Tired, same old cliché upon cliché. And thank you humtv for ensuring that they wrote the whole plot on the website. What confused me most was that the step momma can be soo loving to her step daughter but has a cynical and malicious attitude towards her sister in law. For a moment I thought the sister in law (IB’s mom ) was really the nokar.

    Ok now that I have gotten this off my chest, let me begin by saying how impressed I am by the newcomer Sanam Jang. I had great doubts about her acting :P I think you kind of remember ;) and the drama itself because of its resemblance to Humsafar in the promos. However I think she did really well and Imran Ibass is super cute and they both fit into the roles really well. I had no doubt about the fact that the cinematography will be fine but the first episode, the framing, the angles, it blew me away and as I am so proud to say that we have wonderful talent like that of Shezad Kashmiri sahib and his DOP in our country who gave us such breathtaking visuals that even a tired old story didn’t look that bad :D

    what can i say, i am still looking forward to more eyecandy ;) :D

  • Haseeb

    btw that last scene reminded me of meray qatil meray dildar's aliya bukhari :)

  • IndianFan

    I loved the first episode! Every relationship was so natural and for the first time you see a step mother-stepdaughter relationship which is as normal as any regular one. No khatarnaak background music for the stepmom, no dukhi-aatma types step daughter. Well done! Sanam Jang is a natural and Imran Abbas is too chocolaty for words! Waiting for Sarwat's entrance now.

    P.S: did no one notice the "Here I am, this is me" (by Bryan Adams) background music?

  • hoorean

    @Fatima- you didn't talk about Ost . It is allso very good.

  • hoorean

    This was a brilliant start. After a very long time there comes a play that attracted in its first episode. Loved the episode. End was a bit filmy but i enjoyed it :)

    So happy to see imran abbas after his long long break. Imran and sanam looked so cute together. I liked sanam jang but really was not expecting her to be so good but surprisinglly she is so perfect and natural. And and Cinematography was awesome.

    Yes i also recognized those pictures. very cute :)

  • Sadaf

    I cannot say I loved the first episode , but I did like it. That new girl Sanam Jang is just too cute for words and has carried her role well. Each time I saw her gazing whistfully at Imraan Abass ,I though …I feel you girl…. who in their right mind wouldn't.? They make such a cute ,cute , cute pair. Imran Abass was really good , but i guess that is no surprise, he is a good actor .

    @Afia I agree the cinematography was marvelous. Who is the director ..? I think it is a bit slow so far and the script is not amazing . Having said that , what is HUM TV doing to my head … Imraan Abass is beautiful enough and then they put this girl with him and my head spins….from the promos the equally cute Sarwat Gilani is also in this ,I may well faint….. I wish I was a deeper person but really I am happy being shallow and watching this for all the beautiful people …

  • afia qazi

    Loved the first ep. The photography was brilliant and everything fell into place so well!! I'd forgotten that Shahzad Kashmiri was directing this and was bowled over by the photography. Baad mein patah chal the reason was SK.

    And yes, I recognized IA's pics- cute na?

  • Hammu

    Yes.I also absolutely loved the first episode.There are a very few shows to impress the viewers in the first episode! Sanam Jung was totally awesome.If it was someone else,it would have seemed like over-acting.But that doesn't happens with Sanam! Really looking forward to it and Sarwat's entry :)

    @Fatima : Yes i recognized him at that exact moment.I have seen those pictures somewhere else :)

  • Fatima Awan

    Thank you Guest:) by the way did anyone notice that those childhood pictures Sila was looking at were actually Imran Abbass' childhood pictures.

  • Guest

    Her actual name is Sanam Jung not Jang or Jhang.Here is the link to her Fb page:

  • sweetie

    it ws owsm !! gr8 ! love it <3

  • sweetie

    it ws owsm ! gr8 <3 love it !!

  • sweetie

    it ws owsm ! ge8 <3 love it !!

  • Fatima Awan

    Haseeb all the facebook pages said Sanam Jhang but you are right it is Sanam Jang because I just read Momina Duraid's comment on the FB page and it says Jang so jang it is then. Thank you so much for pointing that out. Oh yes same here tired of watching Saba Hameed playing these roles. Yes love the lead pair.

  • Haseeb

    i watched it and it was great,i think her name is sanam jang and not sanam jhang,correct me if i am wrong.saba hameed's good and effective as usual but i am tired of seeing her in same negative roles over and over again.time for her to give some variety but otherwise the lead pair looked cute together

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