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Dil-e-Muzter – Episode 2

Fatima Awan . 33

I was definitely not expecting the story to take this turn and I am little taken aback by everything that happened in today’s episode. In the first episode the characters looked very real and did not lie on the extremes at all but this episode was more of an extension of the “dhamaka” that we were left with at the end of the first episode. Things are moving on fast in this drama and I had a million questions in my mind when this episode ended. Sila maybe naïve and “nasamajh” but is she so nasamajh that she does not realize what can be the outcome of getting married to a man who does not love her or even want her in his life and has refused to marry her in front of everyone. And then the father went ahead and decided to marry her off with someone who is not the least bit interested in getting married to her. Well, probably because his wife told him a totally different story and he was too eager to teach Sila a lesson. Zaman really did not come across as a person who would take such a step. Why did Safina call her sister when Sila went missing? And why was Muneeb being so aggressive? He never even had feelings for Sila and was just going along with this proposal for the sake of money.

Zehra managed to convince her son and he decided to marry Sila. The only person I felt for today was Adeel because I completely understood how a guy like him would feel like in the given situation. He was already complaining in the last episode that his uncle had taken every decision for him and now after bearing so much insult he has to marry Sila just because his mother wants him to…another mama’s boy! Sila is very adorable for sure but I feel that Adeel does not see Sila as an individual at all, he considers her a part of the family that may have helped his mother through difficult times but has also exploited the situation in every way possible. Adeel did seem like an angry young man today and he obviously feels like he owes no one anything except his mother who has worked very hard to raise him. Imran Abbas was absolutely brilliant all through this episode and Ismat Zaidi was just as wonderful, both of them share an amazing chemistry. Sanam Jung plays the young, naïve and very immature Sila perfectly but I am having a difficult time feeling for Sila. The picture quality was amazing just like the last episode and because of the storyline as well, the entire feel of the play was quite filmy.

After watching the precap for the next episode one could easily tell that the story is going to be about Adeel mistreating Sila and Sila trying very hard to make him love her. I really wish that the marriage was a little less forced. The one good thing was that the step mother did not say “good riddance” out loud! What is Zaman going to do with all his wealth if his daughter is not happy? I really do not understand such parents and this will be the second play in which Mohsin Gillani would be going out of his way to punish his daughter. Honestly speaking I am a little disappointed by the recent developments but I still love the lead couple so I will be watching this play for them for now.


Fatima Awan.

  • a girl

    Quite an immature review rather should say a 'bakwas' review… I am Canadian and my whole family likes this storyline, acting, direction, music everything about this drama.. so what if it looks filmy what I assume is its a gonna be a v. romantic serial.. we watch TV to feel good and this drama entertains us and sometimes the episode is over and we get shocked that how swiftly the time passes… One problem with all Pakistanis is they never appreciate the good work always criticize baseless… criticism's healthy if its mature seems like someone who's in early 20's has made this review!

  • Sadaf

    @Fatima, Thankyou Fatima and Mrs Asim :)

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Mrs. Asim, that is great:) Sadaf is doing a wonderful job of reviewing Silvatein. Hope to see you here more often. Fingers crossed for the story.

  • Mrs Asim

    shukrea:) ya I liked Silvatain review too,I read it last week,and would surely like to read latest one too. yes u r right about story of this play, it must get better.

  • Fatima Awan

    Mrs. Asim, it is always great to see you here:) do read other reviews and comment, I am sure you will enjoy the discussions. G you are right about the lead pair, direction and camera work creating the magic on screen but in the long run the story should be more realistic too in order to keep us engaged.

  • Mrs Asim

    hmmm toa ye hay apka review:) its great, each word is expressing my opinion. I think its going to be the Humsafar type where direction,acting and excellent camera work etc is able to hide weaknesses of actual story.

    @Sadaf,lol cute comment, u r right this play is lovable in that way,that feeling of being a giggling teenager lol.

    waisay just imagin this play in a bad picture quality and half its charm is gone:). m waiting for Sarwat Gilani now, and expecting the story to get better.

  • Sadaf

    @fatima Thanks for reminding me that Tasbih scene was a bit ott you are right there but I think they were building up to the slap thing which kind of surprised me too challo waiting for my next dose of filmaria next week :)

  • Fatima Awan

    @Sadaf I am glad you are enjoying the show:) I am more than willing to fall in love with it too, the filmy scenes ( like throwing the tasbeeh and the dialogues) did not seem right but I LOVE LOVE Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas both and am hoping it will Only get better.

    Hi Carrie, thank you so much for dropping in and for commenting. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now, would love to know how you feel about each episode. Totally agree with you about Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas:)

  • Faraz

    Hey Aiman.. thanks for visiting by.. everyone has the right to their opinion and i think you made really valid points.. i kinda agree with you on most of the keep the comments going..:) Dramapakistani is about regular TV viewing people. so in my personal opinion what matters is how the ideas a being translated for the viewers.most of the time the actual story of character is lost in translation to what the writer had originally anticipated. Dramapakistani bridges that gap and lets the director/writer know what we actually understood :) I know Dem can have flaws.. however when you watch it . there is this unexplainable likness to it.. you feel like you have seen this before but you still end up liking it. i think it has to do alot with the new girl … larki bari cute hai. there are times when a drama is HIT not because of the story not because of the treatment, but the lead pair's chemistry.. werna to be honest.. MK in HS wasnt that good as SeZ but you guys know the story :) in my personal opinion. Dem will be the next big one along with Kash aisa hoo…

    Hey Carrie …. Welcome to Dramapakistani and more importantly Pakistani Dramas.. WE have been around for over 3 years now.. so if you need any understanding of any dramas you can always come over to our website :) just browse the menu section which has links to many dramas we have reviewed ! :)

  • Carrie

    Hi Fatima,

    I was so happy to have stumbled upon your post over the net. Just to give you a brief background of myself, I'm a non Urdu speaker but I got in the habit of watching Imran Abbas on youtube since I've found him on the net when I went searching for an Indian looking actor to put a face to the male protagonist of the book I was reading back then. That began my affair with Imran Abbas. Not only is the guy so damn good looking but also he has the cutest way of switching one facial expression to another. I first watched Khuda Aur Mohabbat without understanding a single word but the good thing is, I was able to read the book where it was based on in English and so I wasn't totally lost while watching (I must say the book was well written and it was way much better than the film). Anyways, back to Dil-e-Muster…I was so thankful that you are writing a summary so far on each episode and I hope (keeping my fingers crossed) that you will continue to the very end. I like Sanam Jung, in fact, I think she's my favortie amongst the ladies who had shared the lead with Imran. I'd like to see how the story would develop and that wouldn't be possible without your help. Thanks in advance!

    Carrie ;-)

  • Sadaf

    Ok everyone DON"T HATE ME but I really like this Drama …Last week I was little iffy but this week I just loved it .Yes I know it is over the top filmy but is that against the law ? Seriously I really enjoyed it and it made me feel like a silly giggling teenager. I loved your review Fatima I think you got everything right but I cannot help myself,it was just such a break from all the serious stuff. The first thing a drama should be is entertaining and this surely is . Imran Abass is just flawless, he looks good and takes even the silliest scenes and dialogues he has been given and makes them work . As to Sanam Jang she is just so cute and naive looking that it all makes sense. Yes things were a bit slow and there were a lot of cliches floating about but somehow it worked . I am looking forward to next week ….let's see how pathar key sanam Adeel, managed to withstand the literal avalanche of adorableness that is Sila ….

    Message to the DeM team PLEASE fix the swelling background music we can barely hear the dialogues ( it is the same for ZGH ).. the music is meant to COMPLIMENT the drama not be a concert on its own.otherwise you had me at hello :)

  • Aiman

    Oh God @Haseeb Sir (as u r a script writer by urself)…i hvnt wrote a single comment with the intention of may b insulting u or doing any sort of personal attack on u ..but still if u felt tht way then i m sorry…..i was jst giving my opinion..i think to analyze a drama one does not need any sort of basic learning tht how to analyze a drama…only thing that is required i think is to have a good observation..urdu mein kahon toh "Wasee Mutal'a" ,is the basic key to analyze anything,any human behaviour…now besides that what do u think who m i??? as u said u knw things better then me???? A person who doesnt even know me and claims that he knws thing better then me…what do u think mjhe ya kissi ko uske analyzes per trust kerna chahiye????

    And besides everything dont u think a person who is bold enough to criticize others hardwork shld also hve a big heart to accept others criticism upon his own self (although i only dared to differ your opinion)…

  • SK

    Wow filmi is the word!!! Totally was not expecting what happened!! Fatima you summed it up, no one would do that all of a sudden and make such rash decisions regarding their childs life.

    I also felt for Adeel, why was his mom pressuring him so much? They already get humiliated enough,he hates being under their commands, doesn't she know that? this It was just too unreal…and Sila just showed plain stupidity, marrying someone who doesn't even want to marry her.

    The cinematography is beautiful and yes Imran and sanam are too cute, but the story is totally unexpectedly OTT. Let's see what happens and good the story gets better and more real!

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Mona S MQMD had a very filmi ending indeed but it was kind of satisfying – I liked that she did not go back to Ahsan and did not give him a chance to apologize even:) lol I hope i don't sound like a sadist! I really wanted to see more of Sila and Adeel before they got married. Sanam Jung is too cute for words and Imran Abbas is simply flawless…really didn't want him turning into this angry young man this soon.

    @ Mahi, I am glad you enjoyed the episode. Totally agree with you about Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas:)

    @ Roh, yes I am not giving up on this play anytime soon primarily because of the lead actors – they are doing an amazing job and are so cute! And the good thing is that we will be getting to see a lot of them:) agree with you about the scenes being too lengthy, so much happened but it could have been more balanced.

    @ Aimen yes you are right love is blind but so selfish too? She did not consider Adeel's feelings even for a second. Only a toddler would be naive enough to 'experiment' like that – but that of course is my personal opinion. Like Zaman said safina's sister being there just made matters worse. Yes agree with you there Muneeb must be thinking of all the monetary loss lol. I am glad you found out that I am reviewing the play here, where there's a will, there's a way;) Keep visiting and commenting, I really value your input. BTW I was waiting for your comment on the ZGH thread:)

    @ Haseeb totally agree with you about the dialogues, in fact a lot of things seemed "outdated" lol definitely had the "been there done that" feeling but kiya karei the lead couple is so cute so must keep watching:) I just love the picture quality too, definitely very pleasing to the eyes.

    @ Zahira, so good to know that there are people in India like you and our dear Roh who follow Pakistani plays. Some of the Indian blogs also are reviewing our plays which means they are "spreading the word" and taking special interest in Pakistani dramas. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now:)

    @ Roh I know you have managed to "convert" many people around you lol Bless you…you're a sweetheart.

  • Roh

    @Zahira: I beg to differ on many points, but I will only stick to the one raised on Indians watching Pakistani plays, as I have spoken on that earlier in this discussion. :) I understand that you speak from your experience, as I speak from mine, while living in India. Yes, we don't get Pakistani channels on air here, but it is so easy to watch whatever we would like on the internet.

    You might also be surprised at the number of Indian forums on the internet discussing Pakistani TV dramas with lot of enthusiasm.

    Like I said, I have yet to meet another one here, who has watched a Pakistani TV drama and hasn't enjoyed what they have watched. The dramas are undoubtedly very good. :)

  • Ehsan

    Oye Haseeb tu tou garam hee ho gaya yaar. Chill maar.

  • Haseeb

    aiman one should avoid making personal comments.anyways i have a better understanding of characters and settings than you do as i am a script writer myself so don't claim things you have no clue about and don't act as if you wrote this drama

  • Zahira

    I am an Indian fan & have been a ardent admirer of Pakistani dramas since I watched my first one in India Ankahi ages ago.But I know for a fact that Pakistani dramas are not watched in India at all, all Pakistani channels are banned and I am sure it is the very few, Urdu speaking people like me who love them..married to a Pakistani & having lived in Europe & now in Dubai ,I watch only Pakistani dramas,never those horrible Indian soaps! none of my friends or family in India have even heard or watched these dramas…They don't seem to be interested & have no clue how fabulous Pakistan dramas are…I have been trying very hard to get Indian friends to watch them & I wish even those living in India will be able to watch pak channels or at least get to watch these dramas on YouTube.As An Indian I always feel that the awesome quality,high calibre acting,direction, script of Pak dramas deserves a wider audience…watching them will help most Indians erase and change all their deep rooted prejudices ,misconceptions & negative perceptions about Pakistan.I am maybe the greatest Indian fan of Pak dramas and sincerely wish they gain greater exposure,wider acceptance not only in India but around the world!

  • Roh

    @Aiman: maybe I should not only watch that scene again, I should give the whole episode another shot. Like I said I found some of the scenes too long, so I just jumped to another window, and followed the audio.

  • Aiman

    @ Haseeb kia karen aakhir middle class k log hi toh mehnat ker keh upper class mein shamil hote hain…..2ndly in this drama sila keh ghar wale upper class nahi upper-middle class keh dikhai gai hain..sila ki dressing aur baki ghar walon ki dressing , baat kerne ka andaaz agar aapne ghor se dekha ho..unho ne i think yeh kahin nahi kaha keh Zaman sahib koi billionaire hain……..and "every upper class family shown in our dramas has middle class values" i think thts not true… ZGH is perfect eg i think…… name the dramas jisme aapko lagta he keh upper class ko perfectly show nahi kia gaya aur zabardasti middle class values thoos di gai ho usme…..dont mind but i think shayad aap characters ko sahi samajh nahi paate shayad…like in this drama aap ko safina ki sister keh dialogue se prob ho gai, without understanding her character…the way she was sitting on sofa, in first epi, while having conversation with her son..her style of talking…everything clearly shows that she is supposed to b a no-dolatya with no morals and values..

  • Haseeb

    Aiman the prob is not that upper class ppl don't have values,prob is that every upper class family shown in our dramas has middle class values that's wat i ve a prob with

  • Aiman

    *By the way..

  • Aiman

    @Fatima…"Sila maybe naïve and “nasamajh” but is she so nasamajh that she does not realize what can be the outcome of getting married to a man who does not love her or even want her in his life and has refused to marry her in front of everyone"..i think love is BLIND… y did safina called her sister when sila went missing is not something jo samaj na aai..i mean when some1 from our family will get missing… we will call our relatives to help and to pray…..why was muneeb getting aggressive…i think jab insan keh hath se hath aai dolat jane lagti he to parishani to hoti he..itna to hakk muneeb ka bhi banta tha panic kerne ka..but 1 thing for sure the the actor playing muneeb really need to improve himself…..

    @ Haseeb 'aik ghair mard ke sath itnay ghantay guzar ke ayee hai' 'woh sila ko saray khandan mein badnaam karain ge'…nothing is wrong with this dialogue …1stly har upper class se ta'luk rakhne wale log apni values ko nahi bhol jaate….2ndly agar aapne safina ki behen sahiba keh role per ghor kia ho to saaf patah chal jai keh she is playing a role of "No-Dolatyias" jo humare karachi keh defence or clifton mein be-shumar mil jai ge.. jinko baat kerne ki tameez bhi nahi hoti (Choti soch keh log ). and teesri baat sila ghar se bhagi nahi thi balkeh naraz ho ker kahin park wagera mein bethi thi..zaman and safina thought that sila has left house bcuz in last epi sila ne kaha tha keh woh bhag jai gi…but woh waki mein bhagi nahi thi..ap khud socho kia koi aise bhi ghar se bhagta he???

    @ Roh i actully enjoyed that scene, adeel finding sila, their was fire in imran abbas eyes..and of course sanam was fab with her expressions and background music was awsome..and the last scene as well..i think aapko woh scene dobara dekhne chahiye aaram se bagair kissi jaldi keh..its about feeling the emotions..i really fell in love with those scenes esp adeel finding sila was awsome…and in last scene sanam jhang was awsome..i was really not expecting this fab performance by her in her very first drama..shikayat ka ek moka bhi nahi diya sanam ne episode 1st se le kar ab takk….i m really impressed by her…….so it was a nice epi i think….

    Nd by the Fatima aapne bata to dena tha keh aap dil e muztar ka review iss forum per ker rahe ho…mjhe google kerna para tha dil e muztar k review keh liye after epi 1st…and jst by chance aapka epi 1st ka review perha and i was wondering keh yeh kisne likha he (Bilkul mere thoughts ko words me bayan ker diya tha aapne)..aur jab aapka name perha bata nahi sakti kitni khushi hoi thi…aur over exaggerate bilkul bhi nahi ker rahi …waki mein bohat khushi hoi thi aapka name perh ker….

  • Haseeb

    gud to know our dramas are quite popular over there :)

  • Roh

    @Hasseb: Seems like they are quite popular. We have to rely on youtube. But yes, there are lots of viewers and I yet have to meet a single person who has watched and doesn't think very highly of them :)

    All the people I have passed HS onto, have finished watching all the episodes in 3 days at max. They just couldn't get off it!

    BTW, just to let you know, I don't watch any of our serials. I have zero tolerance for the exaggeration and "endlessness"! ;) The trailers I stumble upon at times is enough. :D

  • Haseeb

    roh just out of curiosity how many ppl in india follow pakistani dramas?

  • Haseeb

    btw i ve been hearing this dialogue 'hamaray tukron pe palna' since my childhood,isn't it about time it should be archived and quarantined also

  • Roh

    Thanks for the review, Fatima. You voiced all my thoughts exactly. The questions, the thoughts, the opinions as well as the reason to watch it again next week.

    This episode was too filmi. I didn't even watch many scenes, because I was on another window looking for something else. It didn't hold my interest, and it was enough to just hear the dialogues to know where the story reached.

    Zaman reminded me of Ashk and Zebu, with his sudden and ridiculous decision,and that gave me the shivers.

    It seemed like an episode of everyones final faisla! And the scenes went on for too long with the music. (like Adeel finding Sila, or waiting to go to his room after the wedding,) Reminded me of the Hindi soaps here, and that can completely put me off.

    But like you said, the lead couple is sweet, so I will surely give it another attempt next week.

  • mahi

    Although it was a very filmy episode but still it was enjoyable. How much i adore Imran abbas and Sanam jang will be less. Acting, expressions, looks complete package. So so so cute and refreshing. I hope story will be interesting from next episode and as the promos ensure the play offers many many more. Cinematography is top notch in this play.

  • Mona S

    Thank you for the review.

    I loved the first episode of this play last week, but after watching the second episode I was ready to bang my head against the wall, but then realized, wait , this is the same writer who wrote MQMD, in which the supposedly highly educated girl after getting a divorce, instead of standing on her own two feet, decides to marry her jeeth, ( brother in law ) yuk, how disgusting is that?

    Imran A looks really good & the new girl also looks cute. Hopefully this play will be less filmy than MQMD, but even if it is, don't worry, Hum tv will give it an award next year, because apparently they loved MQMD more than Humsafar, DES & BK.

  • Fatima Awan

    I know Haseeb, in fact everything seemed rushed and it was only the second episode. You are so right about the dialogues…they did not fit in at all. And didn't the guard say she left early morning? Zaman's behaviour was very strange, he did not even bother talking to his daughter. They all seemed like a nice happy family in the first episode but God everyone is twisted!!

  • Haseeb

    and that bhag jana and mil jana was little too abrupt for my taste

  • Haseeb

    you voiced my thoughts fatima.this ep was definitely over the top.not only were situations loud but dialogues were also.the actor playing muneeb needs a crash course in acting and another misfit thing was dialogues given the social class of sila and her family.'aik ghair mard ke sath itnay ghantay guzar ke ayee hai' 'woh sila ko saray khandan mein badnaam karain ge'…excuse me…..and this is a prob of almost all our plays that they bring in middle class mentality,thinking and dilaogues in every setting.btw this is definitely looking like an aliya bukhari written drama now

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