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Dillagi Episode 5 Review

Sadaf . 3


What a surprising episode! I have called Anmol’s character ‘dabang’ and this episode is proof that Anmol is the new Salman Khan! Courageous, bold, decisive actions and nerves of steel are usually reserved for males in our culture. Seeing a woman do what Men are routinely applauded for was both exhilarating and frightening. The marriage between Anmol and Mohid was given from episode 1 , but I fully expected it to be the usual “halaat sey Majboor” compromise so beloved of our drama serials , there was no way I expected Anmol to meet Mohid head on . We women are taught from day one not to meet anything head on ; the standard advice is” be patient” , “work your way around it” or “ accept the inevitable”, but Anmol quite rightly comes to the conclusion that Mohid is just not going away so why not stand up and face him as an equal ?

The beginning of the episode was all about Mohid’s so called ‘step back’ which really wasn’t a step back because our love sick Romeo was found sleeping in his car under Anmol’s window . I actually felt bad for the guy last week thinking, he was just lacking emotional intelligence or just was so clumsy around women that he had no idea how frightening his style of courtship was for Anmol or any woman for that matter. I kept waiting for him to warn Dastagir off, but it just did not happen. Dastagir wreaks havoc on his prospective Bhabie’s wedding plans by frightening the caterers , threatening the wedding hall owners and  cutting off the electricity to Anmol’s household. It’s only then that Mohid tells him to get off their backs and go fix things. Too little too late, I say. If Mohid was ever on the ‘cute’ list he just lost his place and was back on the, “what the hell is wrong with this man list? Sorry, Mohabbat main Goondagardi nahee chalti. I am not buying that ‘dukhi premnagari ‘ deal that he is selling either.

Meanwhile Anmol doesn’t seem too enamored of soon to be husband Farid either because he is a just an average young idiot. He is obviously too besotted by Anmol to even ask questions and is taking her at face value on everything , perhaps he deserves better than a wife who can barely stand to sit next to him . I was glad that Mishaal pointed out some of Anmol’s hypocrisy about choosing a malleable husband, which is all fine in theory but not so much in actual practice .  What I didn’t like was Mishaal’s assertion that women secretly want to be told what to do, err no. Just, no. Women and Men want partners who balance and compliment them in a relationship of mutual love and respect. Why feed into this silly popular narrative?

Apart from that, this was a fabulous episode .While, It is true that Anmol is an unlikely, unique, perhaps “fiction only” personality, but it was fantastic to see a woman stand up to a Man like Mohid. Mehwish Hayat was like a tigress or a lioness, slowly coming to the conclusion that there was no way out. When the news comes that Farid is in hospital, Anmol grabs the molvi and heads to Mohid’s house. Now here is the shocker, why not go to Farid’s bedside and marry him to upset Mohid’s plans? Well I have a feeling that the idea of marrying Farid was getting more and more distasteful by the minute anyway .This was a totally brilliant role reversal, where the bride brings the Qazi and tells the groom to get ready. A stand out performance by Mehwish Hayat made this episode so worth watching. She has never stopped impressing since the first episode. Only Nadeem Baig could have made this outrageous story so much fun, without veering to the ridiculous. He is an amazing director who has kept the pace so fast we don’t have time to think while enjoying the ride. Faiza Iftikhar has provided one of the most unique heroines in a long time and a story that gives a fresh twist to the usual obsessed lover trope and given us a heroine to balance all the wet lettuce type heroines we are often forced to endure in the name of femininity. Well done Team Dillagi, another great episode where all the viewer has to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the entertainment.

written By Sadaf 

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  • rumi52

    Hey Sadaf great review. Yes I loved the scene where Anmol’s sister tells her that “dekha maine kaha tai” Although its not always nice to be told by someone ‘I told you so’ Anmol needed telling. But then I was really disturbed by her next line. My Urdu is not 100% but didn’t Anmol’s sister basically say that deep down all women want to be controlled or told what to do? No no no no!

    We did laugh out loud when Anmol took the maulvi in the rickshaw. OMG whats the maulvi doing sitting with a non-mehram who is the dulhan in the rickshaw. Its times like this where Urdu and not English best expresses the scene ‘yaar maulvisaab kiya kara hai larki ke saat batigya rickshaw mei!

    • Aayushi Sinha

      well dear can i ask u a question aap hee batayiye agar mohid ki jagah koi aur hoota toh anmol ka kya haal hoota vo use pehle hee din ya toh uski auqat yaad dila deta ya phir usse talaq deke rafa dafa karta so all i wanna say ki in a relationship we all want a boss who is mohid in this relation ek zyada dariya dil chahiye hoota hai samajdar chahiye hoota hai jo zyada mature hoon warna rlation nahi chalte if both are in equal place look anmol ki pagle wali harkatte kitne bhi strong women ko define kyu na kar de ye strong isliye rahi aur lagi kyoki sammne mohid jaisa samjhdar tha warna aise harkato par mard kya kya kar sakta hai hum jante hai that too when she is with him at his house so in a relationship we all want an owner one person who is stronger example mohid cares for anmol like a parent care for their daughter so is that balance no simply no its only mohid who is giving his hundred percent

  • Kanwal Murtaza

    I’m liking the filminess so far. Humayoun is surprising performing really well as is Mehwish Hayat. Predictions???

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