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Dramapakistani Radio Azaad show: Hum TV Awards, Ratings , Path breaking Dramas.

Faraz . 13

Hey Guys

So here we go… our Radio show  on radio Azaad  . It was an extended version of our previous show and this time we had a very special Guest , Faysal Manzoor  from our Media Industry who walked us through the rating, TRP systems, however his information was more focused on how our industry does try to break the normal path and try something different yet they still making sure about the ROI.

We Also Spoke about HUM TV Awards and they had compared with our Yearly awards…


Radio Azad: Drama Pakistani: Faysal Manzoor and Hum Awards by Radioazad on Mixcloud

  • Aisha

    Salaams Drama Pakistani, great show, I would want to request if a show can be done simply on dramas that have been loved by many people such as Lahasil, Mera Saeein, Mera Naseeb, Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Meri zaat zarre e benishaan, Mata e jaan, doraha, vasl, Parsa and many more and the show can be about the special scenes and dialogues in those dramas.

  • Roh

    Thanks for a very interesting and fun show. Was so nice to hear you all.
    Was laughing my sides off when the HUM TV awards were being discussed. Superb!
    I had a question about these “in-house patting self on the back” awards. lol I’m expecting no answers, but I have to ask….
    If ZGH swept off all the awards this year, why wasn’t it put in the “phenomenal drama serial” category or whatever that Humsafar was put into the previous year? And just given one big award so that everyone else stood a chance? huh? huh? huh? lol

    • DONT get me started !!! just lets not go there because I can feel a rant coming on ….. khair thanks for listening and always giving positive feedback Roh ..this show takes up a lot of our time and much effort ..but because it is live sometimes things go here and there ..your good will and ability to appreciate us always makes our day :)

    • Mona S

      Very valid point Roh. I can only agree.

      I remember last year Humsafar, DeS & Bilquis Kaur were not nominated, & when asked why, reason given by Hum TV was they they will sweep all the awards & competition will not be fair.

      This year ZGH swept all the awards,( as was expected,) so why was it nominated with other dramas, when they had no chance of winning?

  • Annie

    Very informative show once again ladies. job well done! It is great to see the show gaining so much traction in a short amt of time with the likes of FQ Raamis and FM coming on. Loved your q’s MM to FM. You voiced a lot concerns I have and I am sure other viewers do too. And thank you Sadaf for handling the show so well and not letting the serious stuff sound dry :-) you are improving show by show.
    Really enjoyed the Hum friend and family discount award show discussion. It was A LoT of fun to listen to you all rant on ;) looking forward to another fab show next and maybe some other industry wala will join to talk about their side of the creative process or stifling of it :)

    • A musing Muslim

      Thank you Annie! We try to be the voice of the readers (at least the ones on DP!) so its good to know that we are channeling our inner Annie….=)

      LOL on the HUM friend and family discount show! It was a lot of fun to rant and keep your fingers crossed that we may get more industry folks to chime in and perhaps even listen to our pov!

    • Sarah

      Hahaha, ‘Hum friends n family discount award show’ is the best term for these awards…look who got the awards….mother in law…daughter in law…best friend=UA…fav hero n fav heroine

  • RJ

    excellent show … DP nay jo high standerd set kia hai osay qaim rakha ..bohat enjoy kia :) I think previous show say bhi behter tha aur ziada khushi is liay hoi kiunk mere “matlab” ki kafi batein thin …ab “mere matlab ki batein” kon si han obviously jin ka ilm mujhay pehlay say naa ho :)…isi liay khushi kuch ziada ho rahi hai
    faisal manzoor …bus itna kahoon gi ager “zip” k ilawa koi aur kaam na kertay tab bhi meri nazer main inki wohi respect rehni thi jo ab itnay serials k baad hai aur ap k show say pta chala ye oos project main involved thay uff it was brilliant ..I loved it aur kia kahoon meri nazer main tou wo bhi master piece tha aur waqai kuch “different” kernay ki koshish thi
    1-Karachi culture: be-hud khushi hai kisi nay tou ye bat ki mujhay hamesha say ye complaint rahi hai k ziada ter dramas main sirf ek city/province ka culture kiun show kia jata hai aur khaas oos “city”k culture per based dramas ek do dafa nahi bulk her season main chal rahay hotay han..thik hai ye bhi interesting lagta hai lekin ek hud tak oos k baad bus irritating ho jata hai aur hum jaisay viewers k liay bohat si cheezon ko understand kerna bhi difficult hai…dramas like YZH QSKB MBMJ behkawa aur is kism k dosray dramas main typical Karachi culture hai …ye rural urban difference ka problem nahi hai even urban life bhi different cities main different hoti hai
    chalo ye bhi acceptable hai ager dosray provinces/areas ko bhi cover kia jye main kuch disappoint hoi jab ye pta chala Mol ko peshawar Islamabad say change ker k again Karachi interior Sindh ki story bana di hai jo pta nahi hum kitni baar dekh chukay han:( aur ye kehna “peshawar Islamabad won’t get any ‘visual beauty’ mujhay bilkul samajh nahi aye obviously main bilkul agree nahi kisi cheez main honay ziada dekhnay walay ki ankh main hoti hai depend kerta hai aap oos ko kis present kertay han aur metaphors tou yaar her jaga mil jati han ….. lekin is ka theme jis per story construct ki gai hai mujhay bohat pasand aya hai
    2-Sadaf ye aap nay kya kia faisal fawad k baray main baat ker rahay thay wo bhi kitni achi achi aur aap nay beech main hi kaat dia:( ..plz don’t do this again acha…kafi dil dukha mera
    3-mantooo oho “it’s a master piece” yahoo….aur mujhay lag raha hai MM isay review kren gi great phir tou bohat maza anay wala hai :)
    4-Hum awards: I think last year say kafi behter tha viewer’s choice aur jury do seperate categories k honay say kafi ferq para ..I agree ager sultana ma’am apna award kisi junior director ko deti ziada acha gesture hota UA k best writer honay per bhi objection hai amina mufti ko hona chahiay tha phir shayed ye viewer choice award tha tou wo popularity ki base per hotay han na k aap k kaam ki bunyaad per.. isi tra samina in zgh koi exceptional nahi thin bulk dur e shewaar aur sher e zaat ki naani hi yaad ati rahi oon ko dekh ker.. irsa ghazal kahiiiiin ziada deserving thi pta nahi lekin jury awards sirf 4 categories main kun thay jahan tak in house awards ka taluq hai I think her jaga aisa hi hota hai dosray channels ko credit kon day ga jub trp’s aur competition itna zoron per hai even india main bhi star plus zee tv sab k apnay apnay awards hotay han aur ekta kapoor aur balagi ko hi awards miltay han
    5-i think fawad sab say acha lag raha tha kiunk oon say acha koi hai hi nahi.. simple :)
    aur mahira decent saba attractive lag rahi thi aur serwat :( bus aur kuch nahi kehna lekin meri fav sanam saeed han ek aisay hi article per last month bhi hamari ye hi discussion ho rahi thi k sanam western dressing tou bohat achi tra carry kerti han lekin eastern dressing in per bilkul suit nahi kerti na hi in ko carry kerna ata hai lekin first time mujhay achin lagin jump suit k ilawa dosra outfit aur hairstyle bhi suit ker raha tha
    baqi tou dekhan gay tou pta chalay gaa abhi tou andazay han jo pics dekh ker lagai han :) ok ji bohat shukria bara acha mazay ka show tha..full “time” wasool type:)

    • A musing Muslim

      Shukriya RJ-ji, hame pata tha loi sune ya na sune aap zarror bhaut gor se suneigi…

      Thank you for your kind comments and honest feedback and sometimes since we are time bound, it is unfortunate but we have to speed our guests along.

      Hopefully we will be able to bring more shows that enlighten and inform all of us about the creative and commercial process and Faysal Manzoor sahib was very generous with this time and views!

      As for Manto, you might be pleasantly surprised as to who ends up reviewing it!

      • RJ

        LOL@ koi aur sunay na sunay aap zaroor sunein gi …well ye tou zoo-maani(dual meaning) jumla hai hmm…chalo terfayn (both sides) ki sahoolat k liay main acha matlab hi samjhoon gi …kiunk main khush-gumaan hoon aur husn e zun per strictly belief hay mera :)
        ji bilkul faisal sahib nay bohat sari cheezon per bohat achay say roshini dali specially pk k ilawa indian industry k baray main bhi oon ki information qabil e deed thi isi liay ziada maza aya ok ek baar phir kahoon gi bohaaat maza aya :)
        sorry ek baat kehna bhool gai thi jo annie nay apnay comment main mention ki hai …aap ka be-hud shukria aap k sawal mujhay bohat pasand aye specially literature wala hehe..jab aap nay poocha tou main nay kaha oh geo khush raho ….I mean ye bhi hum readers ko acha lagta hai jab aap humaray comments ya humaray concerns ko kisi aisi jaga pohn-chan dan jahan oon ki kuch shun-wai ho sakay kiunk humari access tou nahi hai lekin sakoon milta hai k chalo yaar itna baknay jhuknay ka baad kuch tou faida hoa :) kisi nay sun hi li humari baat
        P.S yaad hai ek baar main nay kaha tha hum dono same wavelength per sochtay han baad main mujhay khayal aya sirf ek show per in k kuch comments sun ker itni bari baat kehna thik tha?….lekin gahay baa-gahay mujhay ahsaas hota raha meri andaza thik tha aur aaj tou is taaboot main samjho k akhiri keel thonk dee..bhala kon si baat per…..”romper aur jumpsuit wali baat” hahaha ya khudaya mere expressions kia thay feelings kia thin main words main nahi likh sakti bus meri life k hairan-kun tareen lamhaat main say definitely ye ek tha I mean do log kis tra…..wo bhi aisi baat per LOL….bus meri bolti bund ho gai hai

    • RJ aap ka point noted . Bas Live show ko handle kartey waqt sometimes iss type ki ghalti ho jaati hai .. but with everyone’s good wishes we will get even better ..Just a reminder hum log amateur professionals hain . we are not showbiz personalities just very enthusiastic fans and writers

      • RJ

        ji bilkul aap “amateur professionals” han but better than “showbiz personalities”….ye fact hai jis ko jhut-laa nahi saktay..main bus ye clear kernna chahti hoon main nay ye baat bohat light mood main kahi thi meri aisi koi intention nahi thi k kisi ki koi mistake point out karoon bilkul bhi nahi

        bus dil ko zara dhuch-kaa laga ;) k “sadaf” nay ye kia kya FAWAD ki baat ho rahi thi aur main expect ker rahi thi shayed ap oos ko kisi tra prolong kren gi ;) “kuch” mazeed niklay gaa fans k liay…lekin oos ki bjaiy ek dum say ap nay cut kia bari casually tou main shocked reh gai k han ye kia hoa ..bus itni si baat thi koi aur kerta tou main koi attention na deti mager aap ki waja say mujhay ziada feel hoa ab ye tou sab jantay han k ap fawad ki bohat bari fan han:) aur ap kaisa kaam ker rahi han is ka sabot aur kia ho ga k chahay kuch bhi ho main radio show zaroor sunti hoon:)

        • I personally appreciate how much time you take to listen and analyse our shows ..which are long , thank you for doing that …aap ji bhar key mazzaq karey you are among friends :) aur jaha tak Fawad ki baat hai ..kaisey ho sakta hai key OON ki baat ho tho main katoo …no Faysal was not going to say anything new as we had already had discussions prior to the actual interview and some of our editing was hasty plus and this is the real reason we were coming up to a commercial break if my memory serves me correctly ..But again point taken no worries :)

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