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Goya Episode 21 Review

Sadaf . 12

Goya 31


Today’s episode of Goya was both disturbing and confusing. It is not uncommon for people to google their symptoms and self-diagnose and assume the worst, but what is incredible is their friends and family accepting this. Just like the lady doctor says, give the girl a sedative and take her to Karachi. Mohini’s mother is ridiculous at this point, I can hardly believe she is allowing her only child to literally pine away. Omar, Mr nice guy, is pretty cheerful about the whole situation and shrugs at the doctor saying “well that’s Mohini for you “ , he even has the lack of tact to call  Zara in Mohini’s earshot.

Omar Hashmi just doesn’t  seem to have matured at all. He is still accommodating to all and shows next to no initiative. Today’s episode reminded me of Appi’s words in Ullu Baray Furukht Nahi , “ Baaz Dafey Mard hona hee barri baat hothi Hai” .Sadly Mohini really bet on the wrong horse . Life is not easy and it simply isn’t enough to be pleasant or not to want to hurt anyone. At some point a person has to mean something or stand for something, which it seems Omar Hashmi is incapable of. I have to say Osman Khalid Butt has given a consistently good performance each week, portraying this rather weak character making him much more likable and accessible than he really is. Omar, it’s not Senior Hashmi you should be angry at, it’s you; but then Men in Pakistani dramas are not allowed, introspection that would be elitist.

Mohini’s is the most well thought out character in this entire serial and her actions and emotions are understandable. I am really impressed with Sana Javaid who has done this role complete justice. At this point I suppose poor Mohini seems to be fading fast but I wish it wasn’t so. Poetic as simply wasting away sounds, cancer is a horrible, excruciatingly painful death and I have heard that the opioid derived drugs which can combat this pain are unavailable in Pakistan. I hope by the next episode Mohini sees sense.

I am curious to know, how Omar Hashmi would deal with life if Mohini does survive. Are these three really going to live happily ever after? Would, thoroughly modern Zara be happy to live in such an arrangement? Omar would stand on his head if it kept everyone happy but I wonder if the fearless Mohini who worked as a reporter would put up with another woman in her husband’s life.

Meanwhile Rahat Hashmi and Zaib Un Nisa continue to torture me with their repetitive dialogues. I almost thought Rahat Hashmi might grow, or change after his stroke but just like his son the man is made of special stubborn miti.

This serial started off so well and for the most part it has been of much better quality than majority of the serials on ARY and Geo but the addition of this second wife track blunted the sharp edge somewhat. The Mohini and Omar we saw in the beginning were such a fabulous, fresh, modern young couple …I guess zamaney sey bardasht nahi huwa , they had to have this typical scond wife and Mazloom aurat stuff added.

By Sadaf

  • SK

    Great review Sadaf!! Again the drama has succumbed to dragging, I don’t think it’s the writers fault . The channels try to ruin whatever good drama they have! I also think they prob force the writer to add certain elements to add masala and to lengthen story ie doosri biwi etc
    The dragging was evident, multiple scenes trying to get mohini to Karachi was not required, one or 2 short scenes would have been enough. Anyways l ets see, praying mohini survives, depressing or what! Zara needs to stop being so needy, she’s annoying the heck outta me!!
    So did Zeb literally cause hashmi to have a stroke I mean must have been her damn smells which seem to be world famous, we hear about them in every scene, dragging again, she told hashmi about her mother a good 3 times and kept getting a stare! Now why didn’t he question her before?!?
    I guess its still better than other stuff so it’s still engaging, I liked Ali giving zara the truth as it is, he has really been awesome, wish there was more of him, he’s so sensible.
    Okb has been great as omar, a very mature performance! I just hope they don’t drag the end and give it a decent finish!

    • Oh wow SK , I had not thought of that …what if Zeb really is angry enough to give Rahat Hashmi a stroke ? Those fragrances all that music .. it definately has a psychological toll .
      Yes I think the whole Zeb track was a bit of a meandering walk …. I really dont like Zara at this point and now we are shown this telephone conversation between Zara and Mohini for next weeks promo and they are making nice and I am now Nauseous .

      • Vee

        Sadaf, where can I find next week’s Goya promo? Can’t seem to find the right one…


        • I will look for it

  • Thanks for reading guys , I have a feeling that all these plot lines are just what the channels demand in the name of commercialism . This was so well written in the beginning . Mohammad Ahmed Saheb is one of our foremost writers , he is a thinker I am pretty sure this is not his usual style..
    I wish Channels would think too , I have often said I have nothing against potboilers, No channel or indeed anyone else can survive without money and there is tough competition between channels . I only ask that on Saturdays and Fridays which are primetime they choose quality . That is a time the whole family is potentially watching . Yes Mazloom aurtein do get ratings , but what are these stories telling us about ourselves ? How many of us have been inspired by works of fiction both in film , books and dramas ? Why do people love Khirad , Kashaf , Bano etc? What will the next generation of women and Men say they were inspired by ? women weeping besides beds while the Men ignore them ? I think Pakistani writers are the best and one of the main reasons for the revival of the Pakistani drama industry … not the channels . I hope for more inspiring stories from all of them.
    This drama is still better than the other rhondi boothis and manipulating women we are forced to see

  • Sarah

    Goya may have gone a little off track but still better than all GEO & ARY dramas combined together.

  • Kanwal Murtaza

    Oh Sadaf, what’s happening here? The story is just slipping away just like Mohini. Why is everything falling apart after a fairly decent start? This dosri biwi and najaiz aulaad track ruined everything.

  • Vee

    Sadaf, your review is spot on. This drama has become a mish-mash of various bollywood movies and the English novel/movie Love Story. Didn’t expect this from Mohammed Ahmed saab.

    Omar’s character is a caricature and OKB has done his best to salvage this poorly written role. Even he sometimes looks like he is ready to parody this character – the lines he has been given are cringe-worthy. In particular, when he says things like “You never left me, Mohini”, it would’ve carried more weight if he hadn’t got married to Zara.

    Can’t believe the careless way they’ve dealt with something like cancer – Asma or Omar can’t convince this person they love the most to get herself treated – just plain unbelievable. It feels like Mohini’s character is dying because the people around her are useless.

    Disappointed big time.

  • afia

    Your’re so right Sadaf…this ep was disappointing in so many ways. Badly thought out stories with weird twists and situtaitons don’t deserve this much thought as you must have given it while writing the review.
    It’ll be an awful end if Mohini dies.

    • afia

      can’t believe this is coming out from M. Ahmad sahb…

  • Kiran

    Thanks for a wonderful review Sadaf.

    It would have been a very interesting story line if only there was no doosre biwi. I would have loved to see what would happen to Mohini eventually because now like you said, as sad as Omer might seem if Mohini dies he will not have to deal with having two wives. But if she survives, would he be able to handle having two wives ? Zara alone is a handful.

    But at the same time, the hopeless romantic in me is kind of hoping Mohini some how survives :). As for Zara, well I am sure the writer can come up with a last minute entry by ” a Bachpan ka Doost ” or something like that to save the day.

    • I pray you are right …I keep hoping she will recover too …

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