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Haissem Hussain and Sadia Jabbar’s New Movie

Sadaf . 15

Everyone knows the Pakistani film industry is booming these days. One film deals are for losers ,as every other actor declares he is too busy to shoot for a drama because, forget his first film the second one is up for production. There is also a well-worn joke going around the industry that there are simply no actresses left to shoot dramas because every girl with any potential is busy becoming a “film ki heroine”.  In this new democratic phase of the Pakistani  entertainment industry (where everyone and their Mamu is making a movie) , drama fans were delighted to hear that the highly talented and proven director  Haissem Hussain was also joining the fray.Anyone who has watched the land mark , award-winning Dastan , Durr e Shahwar, AunZara, Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagal Pan, Aik Naeey Cinderella and Hum TV ‘s upcoming Magnum Opus Bin Roye Aansu  will be excited to see his collaboration with  producer Sadia Jabbar .



Earlier last year there were many rumours that Haissem was making a film, scripted by actress Nadia Jamil, starring the unparalleled combination of Sanam Baloch , Mahirah Khan and Fawad Khan . While that script has been put on the backburner speculation has been mounting since the announcement of his new film about who he will cast.



Drama Pakistani is always ahead of the game when it comes to pushing for our favourite stars, so we ask the question who is going to be Balu and who is going to be Mahi? The intriguing title of Balumahi suggests a light hearted, fun kind of vibe as opposed to serious and deep.  Haissem has directed most of the most the big names in The Pakistani Entertainment industry, From Humayoon Saeed to Fawad Khan to Mikaal Zulfikar to Osman Khalid Butt. Amongst the lad

1401387_10153346746470023_431002285_oies, Sanam Baloch has been in three of his serials while Amina Shaikh, Humaima Malik , Mahirah Khan and Maya Ali have all been leads in his serials.

A lot of people on Twitter have been suggesting Sanam and Mikaal Zulfikar because of their brilliant chemistry in Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagal Pan. Now that  would be a personal dream come true as I always wanted to see some kind of sequel using that fabulous rapport. Then again after the previous hopes of seeing Fawad and Mahirah together again in the Nadia Jamil project I would love to see them on screen, this time in a lighter story, w
ith the kind of laugh out loud comedy we saw in Akbari Asghari. Much as I always will love Asher and Khirad neither of them seemed to have much of a sense of humour and it would certainly be something novel and innovative to see that super hit Jodi in something that shakes up everyone’s expectations.images (77) From the director’s own comments on Sanam Baloch’s morning show some time back it seems as though BaluMahi is romantic comedy. So (even if it is probably blasphemy in some quarters) why not a new pairing of say Ali Zafar and Humaima Malik to liven things up? Humaima is a fabulous actress and Ali Zafar has an extraordinary talent for comedy as proven by his recent film Total Syapaa. I for one would love to see them on screen. As usual everyone has an opinion and my husband who has yet to move on from Akbari Asghari or Dastan has put in his vote for Imran Abbas and Humaima Malik or Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar.

download (33)ahsan_khan_and_saba_qamar_by_shattereddreamx-d4s4s78

Fun as these jodis would be I don’t know if they give that fresh, young vibe that some insiders from the production company have been hinting at . So why not Osmaya? After AunZara  and now Dayar e Dil, the Jodi number 1 on everyone’s lips seems to be Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali.

download (34)

That would certainly bring a young, modern feel to any production.  The same sources have suggested a surprising new Jodi might be on the cards. While an announcement seems to be coming soon its always fun to play the guessing game and whisper our favourites into the director and producer’s ears . I for one would love to know what our readers and all the fans out there think and who knows we might hit on a winning combination before anyone else? I was thinking of setting up a poll but I am guessing Sanam Mikaal and Osmaya would be fighting it out for the number one spot anyway .So lets see what you guys think .

  • Reshma

    Now that would be a dream come true!!!

  • Sadaf

    Ok dont hit me everyone but was just thinking if the world were perfect and all my wishes came true .. could have Fawad AND Osman in the movie ? and Mahirah and Maya as the female leads ??

    • Amna Ali

      Would love to see FK n OKB with Mahira in a movie, but not maya ali..she’s too cheap n gets very clingy with Osman…. Chipku Kahin ki….also Osman needs to be paired with some other young actress like Ushna

      • Sadaf

        Well she is acting that is her job .

        • Rads

          and she is doing a fabulous one, at that if I may add. Their onscreen chemistry is one for the ages and I find it cute when it spills over off screen as well. but gosh, Chipku, thora strong nahi hai? She comes across as someone friendly with everybody, no?

          Speaking of words and expressions describing OsmanKB and MA, the comments on both their social media platforms are a thing of absolute hilarity. From jinn to jejune, comments on all things OKB are so original and totally wacky. and cringe worthy on many many occasions. Its seriously funny when folks miss his sharp takes on things and his cleverly worded references and focus just on the ordinary. If fan wishes were to come true that would be one much married couple. It will be a rather interesting study on the psyche behind taking the personal lives of actors so seriously in this day and age. I mean hello, seriously?

          Was this how the Fawad Mahira fever was at the height of Humsafar days?

          • Sarah

            Yes Rads, this was how it was during and post Humsafar days even though both Fawad and Mahira were married. They weren’t really the best of friends though and apart from one ad and one fashion show, they didn’t really come together on the screen or social media.
            With Osman and Maya, the fandom is probably crazier because they are besties and prone to writing funny comments on each other’s social media posts. Plus, they have already done two fashion shows together, recorded one talk show together, and have a mega serial coming up. And as per Maya’s interview on a morning show, they’ve signed a film together with Saqib Malik.
            They have awesome chemistry i agree, but i find their fans’ comments a little creepy. They seem to forget that Osman/Maya are not Wali/Farah or Aun/Zara in real life.

    • Rads

      Hi Sadaf,

      Was pleasantly surprised to find this article – I dont know much about the Pakistani film industry and its workings but these names are so familiar that I had to comment. Can this wish really come true. How cool would this be? Lie you said elsewhere, why cant we eat cake everyday ?

      • Sadaf

        Ha ha … SIGH we can hope but its a big cake we are hoping for ..

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for reading guys ! I am waiting wit a lot of barely suppressed excitement too . I loved KPKPP thatw as one of the wittiest scripts ever . I think Aisha Khan and Fawad were not as bad as people say but yes they were not Jodi no1 either . I think I like Osman and Ushna .. I saw their ads and they look super cute but I also love Osmaya so too so what is a girl to do ? I think Maya works so much better with a strong director like Haissem Hussain so would love to see that . Hmm I am quite in favour of Fawad and Humaima or Ali Zafar and Humaima … Humaima is so beautiful plus a good actress . If we are going fro something new how about Shahryar and Mawra ? Trying to think of young and fresh but keep going back to old faves .. Sanam Baloch and Mikaal who are young and fresh for me .. or hey wait has any thought about Sanam Saeed and Mikaal ? I love Sanam Saeed and Mikaal in the Ufone ads !
    Meanwhile I agree with FaraZ Haissem Hussain is the Yasha Chopra of Pakistan …I know something fabulous and memorable is coming

  • Sarah

    I am a little wary of “new jori” – while Haissam Hussain has given us some great on-screen couples, there have been some which were terribly off (Daneez and Mujtaba in Kuch Pyaar Kaa Paagalpan). A film is not a drama serial that you think okay let me watch a couple of episodes and decide if I will continue. You invest time and effort (and money) into a film. Sanam B/Mikaal or Sanam B/Fawad or Osman/Maya are definitely joris that would make me buy a ticket in advance and go watch the film in the cinema. Anyone other than that and I’ll first read the reviews. :P

  • I will be looking forward to his movie! i strongly beleive that no one else can direct a romantic movie like him in pakistan .. you can actually see glimpse of his romantic direction in his dramas.. be it dastaan… kuch pyar ka pagal pan or even dur e shehwar.. Haissam is my favt in Pakistan Directors! and i am really hoping that he comes out with the best romantic pakistan movie! he will for sure do a much better job than momina and ilyas kashmiri!

  • Bina K

    Hmmm I like the suggestions you’ve made but these are all obvious hit joris. All these pairs have been used by Haissam’ in his tv dramas, so I feel he’s going to introduce a new couple. This director has introduced new faces so I feel maybe we will be seeing a new pair this time in the feature film, let’s see what happens. I’m waiting anxiously

  • Mona

    Nice article sadaf!. I always love these kind of articles DP puts up. So thank you.

    Haissam Hussain is a wonderful Director. Would love to see anything directed by him, on tv or big screen.

    Kya Baat ho, if it’s Fawad-Sanam or Fawad-Mahira, or Mikaal-Sanam or Mikaal-Mahira. I know these stars are busy doing other projects so it’s not them but a girl can wish, right?

    Also I would love to see Ali Zafar in a Pakistani project & Osman K Butt on big screen.

    Let the guessing games begin, may the best cast win!

  • Kiran

    I am partial towards OsMaya, always have been always will :). But if I have to consider someone else then Ali Rehman ( Sohaib from DED), Hamza Ali Abbasi or Mikaal Zulfikaar and for the female lead, I guess Laila from DED ( her name slipped my mind ), Sanam Baloch , Sanam Saeed, are all good options.

  • Anamika Roy

    Nice article Sadaf! What should I say, for me its OsMaya all the way :D ….. Would love to see them in a light romcom and that too directed by our own Haissam sir…. Now also AunnZara is a pleasure to binge watch whenever we feel down and i can see OsMaya recreating that magic with Haissam sir…. If OsMaya is there then it’s a blockbuster already. They have that potential to bring out the best out of each other. Be it romance, comedy or whatever. This jodi no 1 has some magic imo. Haha! They would nail it again if given a chance.
    So OsMaya all the way :D

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