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Humsafar – 1st and 2nd episode

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I fell in love with the story of Humsafar barely five pages into the novel – I strongly believe it has a lot to do with the way writer, Farhat Ishtiaq, started the story and threw her readers into a deep suspense. The whole ‘story’ of the main characters was only later revealed in the form of flashbacks and no one could have actually ‘guessed’ the culprit right till the end.

The drama serial that has now been made upon that novel is featuring events in a ‘chronological’ order. After Qaid-e-Tanhai’s horribly-flawed way of doing that, I am glad about it in one way. On the other hand, this means absolutely no suspense at all for those who have not read the novel and a very straightforward sequence of events.

For those of you who have not had a chance to watch it yet, Humsafar is the story of Khirad (Mahira Khan) and Ashar (Fawwad Khan), two very different individuals who are about to get married mainly as a result of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

The first two episodes of Humsafar have been a little on the slower side; however, it is very heartening to note that director Sarmad Salman Khoosat and producer Momina Duraid have not messed up the story and it is going pretty much along the same lines as the novel. We have gotten a detailed glimpse into the life and perceptions of the main characters, which are the same as they were in the novel.

I am a little put off by Ashar and Sarah’s friendship – in the novel, Ashar was never Sarah’s best friend. There are also quite a few extra scenes of Ashar and Sarah which I wish would be clipped because after two episodes, I really want to see the story pick up. Naveen Waqar, who is playing Sarah, is doing a wonderful job – I haven’t seen her in any other drama serial so if she is new, then hats off to her for a great effort.

The OST of the drama serial is beautiful. Sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, the composition is by Waqar Ali, who has once again (after KPKPBT) given us a reason to watch the promos again and again.

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