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Humsafar Episode 9

Sarah (Noorie) . 35

Oh wow, we’re already at episode 9 of Humsafar. It seems like it just started, but that tends to happen with dramas that you can’t get enough of. I’ve been anxiously waiting for each new episode every week, and I haven’t been disappointed thus far. Episode 9 was no exception.

At the beginning of the episode, I was pretty pissed with Khizar’s (Noor Hassan) character. When he starts talking, he just doesn’t stop! And complimenting Khirad (Mahira Khan) seems to be his favorite thing to do. No wonder Ashar (Fawad Khan) was getting so ticked off. The guy wouldn’t shut up!

But after watching the scenes between him and Sarah (Naveen Waqar), I realized that it wasn’t the poor guy’s fault. He’s just naturally annoying. Sarah is outspoken and rude, so she tells him in clear terms, “I don’t like you,” whereas Khirad, being naive and sweet, doesn’t know how to tell him to leave her alone. As Baseerat Hussain (Behroz Sabzwari) said before he died, “Woh bahaut masoom hai. Mujhe darr hai ke koi uski masoomiyat ka faida na utha le.” And it seems that he never spoke truer words, because I’m thinking that Khirad’s innocence is what’s going to be the death of her.

But never fear guys! Khizar isn’t interested in Khirad, he’s interested in Sarah. I haven’t read the novel, so I have no idea what’s going to happen next. I was fearing that what was going to happen was that Khizar would become interested in Khirad, and Ashar would become jealous, causing their relationship to fall apart. I was hoping that this wouldn’t be the conflict, because it would be pretty predictable from the promos we’ve seen already. But luckily, as we found out today, Khizar already has his heart set on someone else. So the future of this story is still a mystery, which only adds to the excitement.

As well as all of this information about Khizar, we also got some insight on Ashar and Sarah’s characters too. Ashar gets jealous really quickly; that much is evident from how angry he got every time Khizar complimented his wife. And he seems to lack communication skills. Judging by the way he ignored Khirad in today’s episode, and from the way he is acting in the precap, Ashar doesn’t seem to be very good at sorting out problems. He just gets angry and expects the other person to sort them out for him. This trait of his is probably going to play a key role in the future when the real story between him and Khirad starts.

The insight we got on Sarah’s character has me confused though. She had only had two scenes this episode, but what I’ve managed to glean from them is that Sarah, while being madly in love with Ashar, is also a socialite who doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on the past. She is still angry about Ashar and Khirad’s relationship, but she’s not spending all day wallowing in self-pity. Her character is a stark contrast from the impulsive Sarah I had managed to think up after watching the promos. I’m not sure how her character is going to play out in the coming episodes.

The rain scene was beautifully directed. Hats off to Sarmad Khoosat for the incredible picturization. Fawad and Mahira’s expressions were spot-on, and the whole scene created such a romantic ambience that my cheeks literally hurt from smiling so wide!

Today I realized that all the romantic Ashar-Khirad scenes that we’ve seen from the promos have been shown. Does this mean that there’s no romance in store for the future? Say it isn’t so!

– Sarah AKA Noorie



  • Faraz

    annie: bus yehi tou baat hai ……. her week ek new comment … aur mazay ki baat mujhye pata hai kay agay kya hoga per i will just view it and comment on that week… :) abb tum logo kay pass kuch reh hi nahi gaya to comment now :D but i have got something to comment now !! hahaha.. wah bhai this is fun ……

  • annie

    haha Faraz better late than never! Glad you're enjoying the light hearted moments. This is the only drama my brother has ever watched in his life. He's usually the guy who if someone else is watching would make so much fun of it that the person would end up changing the channel. So there must have been something about humsafar that made a lot of non-drama watchers actually sit thru 23 episodes.

    hope you find your Khirad who can bake you some cake soon ;-)

  • Faraz

    Okay… so call me a late lateef but here i am watching humsafar now when its all over.. why ? :)

    its a funny story actually…… humsafar used to air during 8 to 9 pm on sat… and thats exactly when we would have our load shedding hour… so me being a really lazy person could not go on to you tube and watch it… but guess what… I am watching it now because the timings are perfect for me on repeat mondays … well actually tuesday 3 am to 4 am :) thats the time when i can actually lay back and relax and watch the drama in my bed!!! yay!!! i love that feeling man ….

    so this is what i will do :) i will put my feedback on each episode review everyweek after i watch it…. its funny but its interesting :D

    I have always fancied the romance that comes with the arrange marriage package.. one of the reasons why i stayed away from love was. i wanted to have arrange marriage and thats what i will have now :) marrying someone whom i have never known.. i used to say it to my friends kay yaar arrange marriage ki kya hi baat hai … :P woh shuru shur ka sharmana… woh discover kerna ek dosrey ko… iss ki 2-3 sal nikal jatey hain…. get to know the other persons mood and grow with them.. its kinda cute at the same time very interesting….

    and thats what humsafar is all about.. .marriage and that too arrange marriage… i really enjoyed the scenes between Ashar and khirad.. specially they way she says to ashar…." ajj ghar jaldi ajyeye ga.. mein nay cake banaya hai" ayee hayee kya baat hai :D

    and the scene when he is actually dropping her off her friends house and admiring how beautiful she looks :) wah yaaar aaalaaa romance :D

    but beneath we can see the khizar act starting up… and wah yaar….. true love always have jealousy… and i agree to it 100% …… per yeh khizar wala role bohat hi annoying hai… hadh hai yaar painting lanay ki kya zaroorat thi.. nahi interested tou bhaiya move on…. per wohi purana waheeb murad wala style :)

    chalo mera comment to hogaya iss week ka :) now i am goona watch the next episode next week and comment :D

    i am already enjoying it :D

  • TMU

    @ Humna be ready for ***SPOILER ALERT****

    Sara was not a huge part in the novel as far as i can remember.

    she was spared less then 5 pages in the novel. i think there is a promo ( with ashar where he says to sara that he is sorry that he never could love her the way she loved him and sara asks or accuses him that he only ever loved khirad right? and he says he doesn't loves anyone anymore.

    sara later on in the novel tries her best to see ashar who ignores her and finds no interest in her whatsoever. then before hareem's (khirad and ashar's daughter) congenital heart surgery, ashar takes khirad and hareem out for dinner and there sara spots them and she RAISES hell, insults khirad and implies to ashar that hareem is illegitimate, a claim that ashar finds beyond insulting. he insults and bitches at sara right their in public and sara goes home infroms the family of the what the hell she saw and BAM her next suicide attempt comes (which is also shown in the promo and in the link i mentioned above). Ashar nevel liked sara in the novel (in the drama she is depecticed as his best friend) and he didnt care much about what happens to her.

    In the novel khizar goes to america and lives happily ever after (apparently he marries some rich old widow and has more moneyyyy) :O

  • humna

    does anyonw knows wat will happen to sarah and khizar in the end?

  • Sof

    Ashy which forum translated the whole story — please tell me i need to know. lol

  • Noorie

    @NK, LOL "Budha baba" is my nickname for Humayun Saeed :) I need to stop reading comments here otherwise I'm going to lose all the suspense from the drama! I'm actually happy that I can't read Urdu, otherwise I wouldnt be able to restrain myself from reading the novel. I actually did try to but only got through 2 pages before my eyes started to hurt ;)

  • Drama Buff

    NK – four years. That’s how old Hareem is when Ashar meets her finally.

    I don’t know – I just went ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ at Ashar-Hareem interaction in the novel, especially as Hareem talks in third person when she refers to herself.

  • NK

    Thanks, Annie! I'm shuddering just thinking about Adnan Siddique playing Ashar! Eeeeeeeekk. My mom and I have nicknamed him "buddah baba" in our house. Can't stand him and his monotonous acting. Total borefest!

    @Ashy: It's okay to be a little obsessive about something in life – it makes life a little exciting, right? ;-) Or that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Haha.

    How long are Ashar and Khirad separated in the book? A few years?

  • Ashy

    Here has been pics posted of hareem and khirad. Is there a way we can post pics here. ?

    Beig I haven't read the novel I have no clue what to expect but seems a lot more excitement is on its way! Can't wait to see it! :)

  • M

    i am just soo surprised that they have not released a single promo with hareem in it, i mean now they really need to since they already revealed in the drama that she is expecting. she was not a secondary character in the novel (sara and khizar were) and she was vital to the whole story. i did find her being constantly called "princess" a little bit annoying but that was only ashar who referred to her that way, khirad rarely did though (as far as i can remember)!!!!

    anyway the little cute girl thats playing hareem looks a lot older then what she is suppose to be in the novel.i saw one of the ads she was in

    with mahnoor balooch, she looks fine but i guess the ad was a long time ago and she looks very small, and another one

    (she is right at the beginning, the girl who is dressed up as a fairy). i really hope she does justice to hareem :)

  • Annie

    DB – did you not find her constantly talking and being called Princess annoying? I hope they don't make her talk so much otherwise it's going to make my head hurt. And her constantly being called Princess got on my nerves.

    I am looking forward to the serious scenes between Khirad and Fawad. I want to see if they can deliver that intensity ;-)

  • Drama Buff

    Call me crazy but I am so impatient for Hareem to come :):):). Loved all her scenes in the novel!!!!

  • Annie

    LOL enjoyed your review NK :)

    I know we gotta get rid of this obssession w/ Humsafar somehow. It is SO NOT healthy :)

    I do know that if they had Faisal Qureshi or an Adnan Siddique playing Asher opposite Mahira, we wouldn't be this crazy ;-)

  • Ashy

    Haha I must agree with the obsession part., for me as well… :))))….

    And I hate the fact that I cannot read Urdu either but I've gotten someone to tell me the entire story on another forum. :))… And so far the main details are similar to the novel lets see what happens in the coming episodes. :-/. Anxiously waiting. !!..:)

  • NK

    [Why isn't my comment being posted? :-(]

    Hey, everyone!

    Loved everyone's input on the episode here. I thought I was the only one who was overtly obsessed with the show and constantly attempted to decipher meaning and significance behind every action/dialogue on the show. Lol.

    I loved this week's episode as well! The rain scene, the romancing sequence in front of the mirror, the I-have-no-one-but-you conversation — aaaaaah! Total cheesefest, but I was literally melting in each of those scenes. I always have this HUGE smile on my face when I'm watching the show. (Such a cheeseball, I know!)

    Although this episode was great, it made me really sad. As pointed out earlier, I've memorized every single romantic scene shown on the title song video, and I'm pretty sure we've seen each and everyone of it by now, which now means that the story is going to progress into the more depressing scenes in the coming episodes. Ashar's rude behavior in the precap for next week's episode broke my heart, but I also cannot wait to see what all is going to happen. I've been wallowing over the fact that I can't read Urdu, hence can't read the book to find out what will happen in the coming weeks – but now I read here that the show isn't following in the book's path anyway. Oh, great! The suspense will literally kill me. My mom told me on Saturday that this first-degree torture, and I am never again to convince her to watch a show until it has completely aired on television in Pakistan. Hah!

    I have to say that I absolutely cannot stand the actor that plays Khizar. I don't know who he is, but he (and the character he's playing) is unimaginably irksome! I want to smack him every time he's shown on screen. (That could also have a lot to do with how smitten I am over Fawad Khan and his eyes, but let's not get into that. ;-))

    I like how we are seeing more character development over the weeks, and we can see the personalities of our protagonists. They really are setting us up for the future storyline. I like that Khirad is emerging from the damsel-in-distress to a strong-willed individual who knows where she stands in life. I wish the actress was able to showcase more than that one expression that is permanently glued on her face, but I suppose any actress would fall short next to Fawad Khan. His eyes emote so much that sometimes dialogues seem unnecessary.

    All in all, I don't think I have loved and obsessed over any Pakistani show this way before. I don't watch a lot of Pakistani shows, but after seeing this one, I'll just say that my obsession is anything but healthy.

  • Annie

    just a comment on the head covering in college only. I have met girls who do the same. I personally do not completely understand it but they cover their heads like Khirad when they go to college or to shopping malls but when they are at parties/weddings etc. they do not. As Noorie said it might be that you have more weirdo guys looking at you when in college/malls vs. when you are amongst friends/family.

  • Sof

    p.s. lol is that mole on Khizr's face always there — cuz i swear in another drama it was NOT there.

  • Sof

    HA Says:

    "Overall, Ashar is the embodiment of what most men are – they do not talk about their problems. They choose to remain silent and they think this is the best way to solve their issues. Farhat Ishtiaq has highlighted a very pertinent issue which I hope all husbands/husbands to-be will learn from. Communication is a very important factor in any marriage and a lack of it can destroy it."

    ^i agree with you HA your right about the whole "lack of communication" can be an essential role in any marriage. I love this show — i watched the whole episode at least 3x. I think all the romantic scenes came already and now we are headed for the "downfall" between Ashar and Khirat. Let's hope it's nothing that makes us want to scream at the television lol.

  • Ashy

    Noor Hassan the weirdo ….

    And the hijab thing I think noorie explained it pretty well…usually when she goes out to parties and stuff she's with her husband so she doesn't cover. However when she goes to univ and such she covers only because that's how she was before marriage. They're just showing that even after her marriage in such a high class family she's still humble and Hasnt forgt her culture or the way she used to carry herself before.

    I think it's nice.

  • Noorie

    I don't think Khirad's covering her head has to do with "haya" or Islam at all. I think it's really more of a cultural thing. Khirad used to have her head covered all the time before, but now that she's married she doesn't do that anymore. As far as covering her head at university, I think that it's just because she would feel more comfortable when she's surrounded by all these na-mehram guys.

    @MK, I saw that post on the fan page too and I didn't agree with it at all. I mean yeah, Ashar is being pretty dumb about everything, but his personality is just that way. Like everyone else said, he's a real person, not some fairy-tale hero.

    When Khizar first made his entry last episode I was like "Damn! Sarah faltu bethi huyi hai aur yeh Khirad k peeche pada huwa hai." Looks like my prediction was right :D. I'm thinking that Sarah is going to use him to mess around with Ashar and Khirad's lives.

    @Annie, I KNOW, I don't like Khizar's wardrobe at all, but Noor Hassan dresses like that in just about every drama he's in LOL

  • Annie

    Agreed MK that Khirad came off as more mature in this episode when she readily apologized for something that wasn't completely her fault and voiced her commitment to him as her soulmate and only relation. Added a realism to the situation which I liked.

  • Annie

    SZ I liked your analysis of Asher's behavior! I have been trying to figure out why he would behave in such a way and I had the same question when I was reading the novel. I think we had all placed him on a pedestal when he was able to figure out what was going on with Khirad after listening to the convo w/ Mamu and change things around for the better. We were expecting the same kind of maturity with the Khizer situation – alas :)

    I had to get my husband's opinion after he watched it, and surprise surprise he blamed Khirad for not understanding her husband's behavior. Which sealed the deal for me that I know very little about men and they are definitely from Mars! lol

    I do think Mahira did well in the rain scene and the green dress and car scenes. She was quite natural and spontaneous there. But yes in the scene where Asher says I love you, she has that casual smile on her face and I am literally going "emote girl emote!!" She had the same exact look in the coral scene where Asher was professing his love on the sofa.

    anyways, I hope in the intense scenes later on, she's able to do a better job.

    Good point on Sara and Khizer's age. I was enjoying their scenes so much where Sara was totally telling that idiot off that I forgot about the age difference :)

    And boy someone needs to tell this guy to stop wearing TIGHT shirts. Ewww….if you can't act well, at least try to look half decent.

  • HA

    Ashy – I read on Facebook that Khirad's wardrobe is by Feeha Jamshed at Teejays. Her contact details are here:

  • HA

    Overall, Ashar is the embodiment of what most men are – they do not talk about their problems. They choose to remain silent and they think this is the best way to solve their issues. Farhat Ishtiaq has highlighted a very pertinent issue which I hope all husbands/husbands to-be will learn from. Communication is a very important factor in any marriage and a lack of it can destroy it.

  • HA

    @ S Z

    I am so glad someone else also feels that the jumping on the bed scene was destroyed by Mahira's acting.

    @ TMU

    Yes, I can see Mahira is not comfortable during romantic scenes and that is what gives Sanam a BIG edge over her (with Fawwad). Mahira's expressions most of the time are totally blank. She cannot alter her facial expressions to look surprised or taken aback, etc.

  • S Z

    TMU, I'm not sure how covering one's head selectively is any kind of haya… just points to the hypocrisy of our society. True, that Khirad does later think that it was good that she did not become hi-fi like Sarah, etc, but it was also more about not falling for the trappings of an elitist lifestyle, hence she is shown as cooking, etc. But, still this on-off dupatta is beyond my comprehension and an insult to all those who do cover their heads with a dupatta all the time when outside the house or around namahrams, not just selectively….

  • S Z

    MK, I agree that AShar is not a romantic, whitewashed, cardboard hero in the typical sense, he's more human with definite shades of gray – although I must admit Fawad's killer looks and the nuanced characterization (Sarmad and Fawad take a bow!) does raise Ashar above the level of mere mortals :)

    Also, while the drama has diverged a bit from the original, Sarah is there in the novel, but not in her full glory and Khizar is in love with a random girl, I think we were given hints of Ashar's thougts when he tells Khirad that har insaan andar se ek baccha hi hota hai, and something to the effect that he likes it that she caters to his every whim and makes him feel special. And it is this special attention that he is now starting to miss as she starts going to college, ignoring him as she studies, has new friends, has things to talk about – in short, she has a life outside of her identity as Ashar's wife, and it is this shift, that he is no longer the center of her world, that shakes him up. Remember how quickly he melts when Khirad reassures him that he is still the only thing that matters to her. This is the only assurance he wants from her. There is an acknowledgement that he wants to be needed and looked up to, and it is in this moment, to put it in Greek tragedy terms, he falls from the heavens and becomes a mere mortal. He is humanized and no longer a doodh main dhula hua apna desi hero.

  • TMU


    i found that a little bit strange too that she as her head covered most of the time at university, but i think that it shows, that khirad has not forgotten her roots and maybe she did that when she went to school before. maybe it is to show that she has "haya" and as far as i can remember from the novel, khirad later on is glad that she did not went and became a typical first class background girl and was all out "liberal and fashionable" and as long as she was living with ashar, she kept herself in line (by covering her head in university, etc) or i am just bluttering, maybe someone else can explain this better

    i want to comment on Mahira Khan's acting. her acting was superb until the 4th episode. i was really surprised after that. i think she is not that comfortable during romantic scenes (or maybe thats my personal opinion). but i blame this on the director. they could have brought the best of mahira (khirad). BUT she makes a beautiful jodi with fawad, as beautiful as saman did in dastaan. :)

  • M

    Just in addition, I think that part of the reason why Ashar cannot communicate his frustrations to Khirad is partly because it seems that he, himself, is surprised by the depth of his feelings for her.

    Such a modern elitist-type would probably never expect to fall head over heels for such a simple (yet beautiful) girl and I believe that compounds his jealousy.

    I too have not read the novel but I sincerely hope that Ashar gets his act together! He had no right being so angry with her, especially since he was so rude whilst moping the office.

    Ending on a positive note here, I absolutely LOVE how Khirad has a certain streak of pride. Stereotypically, such simply portrayed girls are generally down-trodden and never raise their voices, even when sorely oppressed. However, hats off to Khirad for actually taking some sort of stand against his anger! Better yet, she was able to effectively let her hubby know exactly why she was mad – which was the best indicator of her maturity as yet.

  • MK

    First of all I loved todays episode of Humsafar. i loved how beautifully the rain scene was shot but i felt a little bit disappointed at the green scene (the one where ashar and khirad are upset at each other), the dialogues felt incomplete (there was a lot more in the novel that should have been included or was required {in my opinion}).

    -the drama is now completely different from the novel. There was no Sara and khizar triangle, which i feel makes the drama more suspenseful and interesting. In my theory, It seems like khizar will try to take revenge from ashar as a obstruction to his and sara’s realishonship and what better innocent goat to sacrifice and use then khirad (the more ashar is hurt from something or someone he immensely loves, the more it will satisfy khizar). What do you guys think?

    -i was looking at some extremely heated discussion on the Humsafar fan page about Ashar being a hypocritical character would like to add my own personal comment,

    -Ashar is NOT A HERO. yes he is shown to be a more mature character then most men portrayed on TV channels/ dramas/movies these days but at the end of the day he is a HUMAN BEING. he also feels all the typical human emotions. i also find it a little bit frustrating that in the novel, his frustration with confronting khizar was written really well and he was shown not to doubt khirad but he hated khizar. But in the drama all we see is a mad jealous and angry ashar without much conscious reasons to why he is giving cold shoulders to khirad and yet in the novel khirad never confronts him directly or asks him whats wrong, BUT in the drama khirad DOES!!!! i think this makes the drama more realistic than anything else, because that's where most relationships fall apart or start to have tremendous problems when one partner does not know how to communicate their frustrations. No matter how educated or mature you are, as SZ pointed that “the reason he can’t confront Khirad about it is because then in his mind he would no longer be an open-minded, modern, liberal, man of the world, rather he would be no better than the ordinary man on the street, who is insecure, conservative.

  • S Z

    Addendum to my comments on my peeve with the director:

    Whats up with Khirad covering her head? Why? Clearly she does not do so in her house. She does not take public transport, Ashar drops her and the driver picks her. When she sees Khizar socially, goes to the hospital to visit him, her head is not covered. Neither is it covered when she goes to the engagement party. Neither of her friends do it? Could someone please enlighten me? Whats the point? Before her marriage, she had her head covered 24/7, and it was in keeping with her characterization, but now–why?

    Ashy, I meant Nadia Jamil of 10-12 years ago, as an example of an actress who could have done true justice here. Mahira is strictly okay, she looks the part and looks beautiful with Fawad, and that caries her through a lot. The way she murdered Ashar's jumping on the bed wala scene is absolutely unforgivable …

  • Ashy

    Forgot to add, it should have been ashar apologizing and not khirad. He was the one who was sulking in the office the entire evening , she had the right to be mad yet she apologized.

    P.S..IF ANYONE knows Where I can get KHIRADS wardrobe please PLEASE TELL ME….her outfits are so gorgeous. The greens are really nice. …..simple yet elegant. Love emm!!:).

  • Ashy

    Great reviews. I am So in love with this drama. I watched each eps like numerous times. Ok eps 6 till now. Hehehe

    Khizar needs to go mess w Sarah and shutup for two seconds , the Girl he likes and leave khirad alone …

    I don't get ashar , it can be said the same bout him and Sarah and how they were. Khirad was never irritated by that. However its not the same with Khizar and khirad and ashar has become so insecure all of a sudden.

    How hard is it to just talk to her. My God. And she asked numerous times that oh what's wrong…

    Also I wish ashar had went to get wet in the rain w khirad as well and went to The engagement party as well..

    The scene where Sarah calls ashar to ask him if he is going to the party is to clearly show that she is still obsessed w him.

    I think mahira khan is doing a great job as this is only her second drama. Them two make am adorable couple. YES , better then sanam-fawad as Hassan-bano..

    Also I am sure Nadia jamil is older then both fawad and mahira khan …

    PS WHERE ARE ALL THE HUMSAFAR FANS. comments choro yaar!! :).

  • S Z

    Noorie, I agree – Ep 9 was fabulous! And yes, it seems to be going by too fast!!!

    The highllights of this episode for me were the two scenes between Khirad and Ashar – the rain scene and the conversation between the couple in the bedroom. The shots of the rain drops dripping from the door frame, the (Sarmad's) outstreched hand with the dupatta, the flowing aanchal, Mahira enjoying the rain with her arms spread out, the background music rising to an ecstatic crescendo …. sheer poetry on screen. Similarly, the exchange between the couple, as Khirad dresses for the engagement, was beautifully directed. Watching Khirad's expressions through the mirror as Ashar romances her, wow! As a viewer, I felt like an intruder in the intimacy between the couple. Kudos to SArmad!!

    RE: Khizar's character, I agree, his non-stop bak bak would give any sane person a headache! but I think this is important for establishing his immaturity versus Ashar's maturity, who seems to weigh everything and obsess over every minor detail. I dont think Ashar is jealous per se of Khizar. To me, the issue is more about his own frustrations with his insecurities. AS a succesful businessman he cannot fathom his own response to Khizar, much less verbalize it. He's very conscious of the age difference b/w him and Khirad. He's afraid that Khirad might be attracted to Khizar, b/c of his relative youth and zinda dili (the references to Ashar being a buddhi rooh in this and an earlier episode). And the reason he can't confront Khirad about it is because then in his mind he would no longer be an open-minded, modern, liberal, man of the world, rather he would be no better than the ordinary man on the street, who is insecure, conservative. Also, Khizar keeps complimenting her, and keeps telling everybody about how well Khirad is doing in her studies and all these things also worry Ashar that now she's getting a taste of her own self-worth and socializing with other people her own age, would she also feel confined by him, his age, his idiosycracies and traped by hhe responsibilities of her marriage.

    Re Sarah: I dont think she ever gave up on her idea of getting married to Ashar. If you think back to the scene where Sarah is standing in front of the mirror (what up with this fascination that Sarmad has with mirrors?! :) ) after her birthday party, where she insults Khirad, you know that she is just biding her time …

    Okay now, to my peeves with the director, SArmad. What's up with the "miyan Khizar" dialogue??? Did we just see Hasan from Dastan being teleported from 1947 to 2011?? Considering the fact that we've been told ad nauseum from day one that Ashar is bahar ka parha likha, and so spohisticated, and such a elitist, etc, It is to surprising to see that in this episode one sees Ashar speaking in a completely different register. Infact, now it looks like he's from Hyderabad and Khirad's from the US? He barely speaks a word of English? And the contrast is made more stark when one sees Khizar talking to SArah, or to Atiqa, or to Khirad….

    Given that now the age difference b/w Khirad and AShar is the core issue here, its surpising that no one seems to care about the same b/w SArah and Khizar? If Sarah is AShar ki bachpan ki dost, surely she's his age, and since Khizar is Khirad's age, the age difference b/w SArah and Khizar should be commented upon as well. Rather, it seems like Sarah's mother is encouraging her to meet with Khizar? Perhaps SArah, will just play on Khizar's puppy love for her and encourage him so that she can get him to mess around with AShar and Khirad's life …

    These irritants aside, there is no question that Humsafar is the best drama now playing on TV and the credit for that must be given to SAramd, the production team and the entire cast (even though, I'm not a Mahira fan- somebody like a younger Nadia Jamil would have fit this character like a dream, but chalo khair hai).

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