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Humsafar – The Finale

SZ . 82

Whoa! Wow! OK! Where do I begin? How do I sum up the finale and not end up sounding like a blithering idiot?! Can I do it  justice? I ran out of superlatives a while ago and now my thesaurus has given up on me as well…. So, bear with me and here we go …..

The uncharted safar we all embarked on way back when in September finally reached its destination today … and Wow! What a safar it’s been …

I initially began watching Humsafar thinking it would be a good time-pass. I had read the story a while back and enjoyed it. On hearing that it would be turned into a drama I thought to myself, alright, I am a huge fan of Sarmad’s work, I have drooled over Fawad Khan in the past, and am used to giving plays by MD Productions at least one serious “dekho,” so all in all not bad – I remember telling myself that if nothing else at least one of these factors would come through and that one Saturday would not be a complete waste… and MAN, was I wrong!!!

Rather than one element or another working, Humsafar was a complete package in that EVERYTHING came together, and HOW! For me, the last episode epitomized everything that was exceptional about this serial. Direction, dialogues, camerawork, acting, editing, all surpassed the benchmarks set by the previous episodes. FINALLY Khirad’s character endeared itself to me. I loved the way she showed maternal concern and began to doubt the wisdom of her emotional decision to leave Hareem in Karachi. The way she hurriedly brushed past Ashar in her concern to get to her daughter as soon as possible was beautifully done. The heart-to-heart between Ashar and Khirad was just what the doctor ordered; both of them finally verbalizing feelings, thoughts, and questions that had previously remained unsaid, even in happier times. Finally they had learnt the value of communicating; egos were put aside and souls were bared. The long-awaited confrontation between Ashar and Fareeda was nothing less than explosive. All those dialogues I had read long ago took on a life of their own– every line from Ashar felt like a whiplash. After the novel, I had always wondered about what had happened to Fareeda, and the tender moment between the mother and son was a perfect wrap up to that thread. He knew her reality but, being the dutiful son he was, he couldn’t turn his back on his now mentally ill mother. Another extension to the original story, Khizar and Zareena’s cameo, didn’t add much to the story, but I liked the way it brought closure to Zareena’s character. Last night I had wondered what the last scene would look like – would it be worthy of drawing the curtains on this epic serial? And, YES! what a scene it was – Ashar and Khirad, still clearly adjusting to their renewed relationship, watching their daughter play in the rain; Ashar tacitly asking if he’d been forgiven and at Khirad’s subtle acknowledgment taking the pin out of her hair; a much happier Ashar dragging a now smiling Khirad to join their daughter and rejoice in the rain.  All ghosts of the past had finally been laid to rest – a new safar had begun.

This was one of the very few final episodes where I did not walk away thinking, oh this question was not answered, or that didn’t one thing didn’t make sense. Story-wise all loose ends were beautifully tied up. Every shot was meaningful and justified its being there in the finale. The editing was very crisply done and the OST placement was beautifully accomplished. The final scene, for me, has to be one of the best last scenes in Pakistan TV drama history. The juxtapositioning of the past and the present was absolutely inspired. Kudos to Sarmad Khoosat.

Any review of Humsafar would be incomplete without acknowledging all the people that contributed to its success; the final product is indeed a rich tribute to their talents. Farhat Ishtiaq’s fantastic story, Sarmad Khoosat’s cinematic vision and his keen understanding of the characters and their motivations, Shahzad Kashmiri’s exceptional lighting and camerawork, the haunting OST, Fawad Khan’s beyond brilliant acting, Atiqa Odho’s superb performance in the final confrontation and her later appearance as a lost soul, Naveen Waqar’s excellent portrayal of the lovelorn Sarah, Hina Bayat as the heartbroken Zareena, Mahira Khan as the stoic Khirad, and finally Behroze Sabzwari as the man responsible for kicking off the drama, all chipped in equally to make Humsafar a masterpiece.

Thank you Momina Duraid, MD Productions, and HUM TV for inviting us along on this epic safar; I, for one, am certainly glad that I became a humsafar ….

Written by SZ ~

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  • Sof

    Wow how amazing it is to have Mahira Khan respond to the forum!

    First off congratulations to all of you to for making this drama truly memorable. Saturday i was so sad, yet so happy that the drama ended AND that on a happy note. Never in my 28 years of life have I been hooked to tv serial like this one. It has given me every emotion and truly enveloped me into the emotions that were put forth in the drama. As for Mahira — I loved your acting through out the serial and I feel like you truly grew into the role of Khirad, and after watching Pakistani dramas I don't think I can see anyone play Khirad the way you did. As for Fawad Khan, I am just so sad I will not get to see him on tv every Saturday, he is truly one of the finest actors Pakistan has made. Thanks Humsafar — thanks DramaPakistan as well for giving me something to look forward to on Monday mornings at work, when I sign on and read your analysis and critiques of the episodes. Can't wait to see some more amazing work!

  • Rain

    SK and Anam – I read somewhere (from someone that was at the live screening) that they aired the original ending which was the gardening scene. Not sure what to believe though… there are so many different things I'm hearing and reading. Either way, I would love for the original DVD to be released with any missing/cut scenes, original ending, bloopers, etc.

    When do we find out about the DVD?! Those of you in Pakistan/Drama Pakistani peeps – do look into it for us?! Please and thank you! :)

  • Shoaib

    I have seen a lot of dramas and films in my past..but I have never ever seen such a great drama( HUMSAFAR) in my whole life that I am not able to explain in words what to praise and accolde…its been fantastic,excellent,adorable words can describe this wonderful drama I ever watched I am speechless to describe here…I have been seeing reviews on it on different forums but here I found that ""MAHIRAH KHAN"" herself comments on reviews so I felt that I should write something I felt about Humsafar…My whole family love Humsafar…they all like it too much that it can not be explained…I myself is doing masters in Canada and I do not have much time for any entrainment but really I watched Humsafar each episode more than 10 times and I am still into this drama…I could not stop till now…I felt this all real…I really learnt a lot from this drama…true emotions, love,respect and beautiful feelings…FAWAD & MAHIRAH has done great work to play role of Asher & Khirad… excellent chemistry between them I have never seen this chemistry between any couple I have ever watch in any drama or film…its so true and full of emotions beginning from first episode to last( and specially last rain scene )…Hats off…mind blowing performance…and Mahirah as Khirad role its been great performance no words to explain it too and Khirad is such a adorable character her innocences,love and simplicity and after all a brave women who stands and lives only for her daughter its been great to watch all of it…khirad is perfect in all roles(wife,daughter,mother) …really love this I am speechless…I have read the novel too and I think nobody can do better role of Khirad than Mahirah did…Hats of performance Mahirah….Fawad as Asher did too great role with awes um acting he is been too great too watch with Mahirah no doubt about his superb acting with face expressions and its for Mahirah as well….So I cant stop myself writing here…I never write comments for any drama or film..this is the first time and my feeling are from heart…I also give credit to Farhat Istiaq writer what a writer she is excellent…great dialogues that created chemistry between Asher & Khirad…and Sarmad the director done great job too…At the end I hope that this team will work hard and bring this type of play more to us with hopefully Fawad & Mahirah together in another great play in future..Humsafar will remain a benchmark in the art of story telling for years to come….Wish you best of luck all in future projects..God Bless you All….lots of love….Shoaib

  • Anam

    But won't that be kind of abrupt? I'm sure they must have planned out somehow to work with it.

  • Anam

    @SK I heard that they didn't show any last scene during that exclusive screening. It just ended with the part where khizar says bye to zarina.

  • SK

    I saw some pics on fb with alll the humsafar stars in Bahria auditorium and loads of other people gathered for the final episode, it was two days before the finale aired. But Mahira said they filmed the final scene Friday. I know it doesn't matter, was wondering too much, enjoyed the pics though. They were all looking so nice:)

  • Qudsia

    After seeing Mahira Khan comments in this review, I could not stop myself writing few words about Humsafar and her acting. Mahira you have acted brilliently, no doubt, your acting after being accused of infidelity, was perfect specially in scenes like thrown out of house, walking alone on road, in fact one of my anti praying so seriously about your safety with tears flowing on her face, another scene in Batool Khala house, (also your favorite one as shown in Live cast on 3rd March), that was really awesome, your acting just so good, can't stop crying out. I tell you no one else can play Khirad role so perfectly except you, I have read this novel long time ago and now whenever imagine Khirad, your face perfectly fit on. I can say your first confrontation scene with Fareeda anti, came to your room was another big shot, you done great in this one. I can't list down all of your scenes, which I love most. Your pair with Fawad is amazing, specially the last scene, which you disclosed actually recorded a day before last episode aired on, that will remain in our mind don't know how long. Until now I have watched last episode may be 10 times on Web, also keep watching our favorite romantic scenes, while I really hate to watch those scenes where you thrown out, Khizar flat. Now just praying to see you again in other plays, specially it will be treat for me before going to Canada permanently, if come with Fawad again.

    Yes today we are so happy to see your Aquafina adv. with Fawad, you can't imagine, how happy I am to see this ad. even still watching on Youtube. You made our 2011 end and 2012 start so good, keep us happy and waiting anxiously for Saturdays just to watch Humsafar, no other drama on any channel really appeal us during whole week. Love you Mahira, I feel proud of you belong to us, you are ours, Pakistani, our Mahira Khan, God bless you many success always, keep going up and up with your wonderful performance in coming dramas, but wish to see with Fawad Afzal may be even lovely. Qudsia

  • S Z


    Welcome to DP – glad to see you here! Thanks for appreciating our reviews and the intense discussions – as you can see we do take our dramas very seriously :)

    Yes, some of our commentators have posted your review links here on the various Humsafar threads and we have enjoyed reading and discussing them.

    Do keep visiting and commenting – we'd love to hear your thoughts on other dramas that are currently on air. We do weekly reviews for quite a few serials, so please do go though them. Perhaps we can get you to try some of them after reading our reviews? :D

  • Neeraja Unni

    Hi SZ,

    Loved what you have written about Humsafar and the last episode. I agree it is a complete package with excellent direction, dialogues, talented cast, and the story telling is simply outstanding. Am going to miss the show. Having said that, it ended where it should thereby leaving us only with fond memories we will cherish for a long time to come.

    I have been writing reviews for Humsafar since the 5th episode on our Indian website It has been a pleasure to voice my thoughts on a wonderful show such as Humsafar and introduce it to our readers who have equally loved the show. My reference point for Pakistani shows has only been Dhoop Kinaray and am glad i could add a top notch show of the recent times to it.

    I would like to add that you have an informative site here and will drop in from time to time to read your articles and did i mention i love reading your extensive discussions :-)

    All the very best!

    Neeraja Unni

  • Rehana Kazi

    I still can't believe i have no saturday to look forward to anymore…. anyway, waiting for a good show with mahira & fawad together, till then i shall keep watching the khishar scenes :D … the way, it's high time that humtv releases the deleted scenes of humsafar, especially the plant scene with khishar & hareem….was impatiently looking forward to that scene but found myself disappointed…. :(( …..I MISS HUMSAFAR :((



  • Hafsa

    A great end to a wonderful drama! I was not expecting this episode to be that great after episode 22 but this episode was one of the best last episodes to a drama ever! all loose ends were tied and the last scene left a big smile on my face! i had wanted a last scene where we would know that asher and khirad would be all right and that is exactly what they delivered but the way they showed that scene along with the flashbacks and the music was absolutely perfect. rona aa gaya dhek kar!

  • marvi

    dont feel bad mahira ….you did ur best….just read the reviews of kuch pyar ka pagalpan n i assure u that u will feel much better

  • I think that all those who are fans of Humsafar (including me, of course) should request the production team to make a sequel. We can do this through various websites all over the internet! Who's in?

  • Ira


    Whereas I usually just read comments on this site and move on, seeing your post here has compelled me to say something. I really enjoyed humsafar though I completely cannot identify with that life – I could identify a tiny bit more with your character in Neeyat since I live pretty close to where you filmed that drama.

    So here is a well-deserved acknowledgment:

    I love your acting as Khirad! It was the core character of the drama and you played it really very well. In fact, after watching humsafar for a while, I ended up looking up Neeyat on youtube and watched the whole of it whenever I had free time….as the only other show you have starred in. Many, many of your scenes in humsafar were truly brilliant and extremely moving – many of them were held together by you alone and you were without any supporting actors. For instance, the one at Batul Khala's house where you're in a black kameez, had everything from perfectly timed, reactions, modulation, timely movement, expressiveness….it was so well done, I thought it could've stood the test of theater…! In theater we frequently do exercises to become attuned to spontaneous physical movement – really, you got it down to a hilt in many scenes. And not to go overboard flattering, as people do Fawad Khan (who is undoubtedly a decent actor), your character held the drama together and was the spotlight of it. I can think of countless scenes that I thought were brilliantly acted and moved me and many others to tears. Perhaps, only one or two not so well done, like your conversation with Sarah in the very beginning.

    Much luck on further projects – I hope you chose fastidiously and remain humble and self-critical. You are one of the best actresses Pakistan has right now, if not the best. Most other actresses with multiple years' experience cannot hold one poignant expression together and overdo their own stereotypes so don't let people's cynicism about this only being your second drama get you down! You were excellent mashallah.

    Allah keep you! All the best…

  • Mahira, you are the most amazing actress that I have ever known! In my opinion you had no down falls in your acting. I will remember Humsafar forever in my life. I just wish I could meet the cast and I would have but I do not live in Pakistan.

    The last scene was amazing!! The theme song was used very appropriately to create a beautiful sense of emotions. The pin removal from the hair was just sensational. I loved it!!!!!

  • @M, I read the article though did not understand parts of it as I am not familiar with other Pakistani shows but my take on HS is the 'art of story telling'…..

    Old stories are also being remade, but does that mean since it is not in our times we should not appreciate those characters…Yes HS is set in our times, maybe a bit of cliche too in showing the way of dressing and mother-in-law-daughter-in-law problem, but the real attraction lay the way the story was told, the writer of the article missed that point…at the end of the day we want to relax and watch something nice, what better than a simple story told interestingly, well acted and a cast whom you can ogle?

  • Syed Mohsin Hassan

    Mahira Khan

    welcome to this site and u done fantastic job as a khirad which is apriciated by so many people. We all love u and looking forward for ur future project. Humsafar is very close to our heart and we will remember this whole life and its our proude to be as a pakistani. you are so beautiful and full of style, elegance, every thing no words for u.

    ALLAH bless u and ur family. We all love u and the people who commented on this site all very nice and we all humsafar lover. love u khirad and ashar

  • M

    Did anyone see the article in Dawn newspaper? I was absolutely, completely taken aback by the criticism. I mean, calling Humsafar an example of Pakistan's "endemic regressiveness???" That is absolutely, completely and totally absurd!

    If anyone wishes to burn with indignation and righteous anger, check out the article above :p

  • Ash

    Our honest critiqued reviews and comments, brings yet another Celeb on this forum, so nice to see a comment from Mahirah Khan aka Khirad.

    like many others mentioned countless amounts of time, there is no one in showbiz who could have played Khirad as well as you have. in fact its really hard to imagine anyone else in that role. it was for sure a difficult one and this being your second drama, you did an amazing job as the episodes progressed.

    usually harsh comments motivates a person to do better in the future and not hurt them in any way. looking forward to your future plays as a more polished actress! =)

    in addition, that was really nice of you to share that insider with us. that last scene was a perfect ending and we are so glad you guys went ahead and took that extra step. that is true dedication and it was appreciated all over, any other scene would just not be the same, your last outfit (green) was really nice and the colors went so well together , and also as SZ said, your after show grey outfit was also very very elegant.

  • Rain

    Another reason (of many!) I deeply love this drama is the way the influence of Islam is prevalent throughout – that the characters remember Allah (SWT) during their times of pain and even during their times of happiness.

    For example, in episode 19, Khirad was making du'a for Hareem; in episode 20, after the success of Hareem's surgery, Khirad realized it was time to thank Allah; and in episode 21, she was reading the Qur'an in the hospital room – they didn't have to include these scenes, but they did… and how powerful these little nuances were! It just added another level of simplicity and character to the story.

    And even the constant "Assalamu 'Alaikum" when greeting each other was really beautiful to see, masha'Allah!

    I loved these positive messages that were portrayed, and how much Islam was so much a part of their life. Really, all credit to Farhat Ishtiaque for crafting such a beautifully wholesome story, masha'Allah! May Allah (SWT) bless every single person involved in this project, and continue to shower success on them all.

  • Annie

    @Rain – yep I agree with you that the flower planting scene was supposed to be the last one as it was to signify "rebirth, reunion, a new beginning" Shall we say, we are glad they changed it literally LAST MINUTE!! Thank you Humsafar team – talk about dedication and appreciating the fans to do this for US! :-)

  • Annie

    Sorry Mahirah if we were harsh on you but I seriously cannot imagine anyone else in Khirad's role as well as Asher and Sara's. You guys really owned those characters. Your growth as an actress was certainly evident as the episodes rolled forward and you did your voiceovers. Thanks for the insider info on the last scene that we all LOVED so much!! Beautiful :)

    @Nadia – yes I saw the 2 months/3months note when I was watching it at my mom's house w/out the annoying ticker at the bottom :-) And yes the disappearing act that Asher's scar was pulling was quite funny but like Ash said that we overlooked the bloopers in this one because we were so absorbed in the acting and dialogues.

  • Jazz


    What a treat to have u here! Mubarak ho..

    I could never imagine anyone else but u as Khirad.. You honestly grew so much throughout the serial. Hats off..

    as all over the in the good ole USA we all held various humsafar finale parties all over the country….and thanks to the stars aligning as u put it…u really have been part of a revival ofnthe days of yore when my mom and i wud wait for the one desi store to get two or three episodes of thanhayein on our thank u thank u thank u for the treat.. Today I shared the magic with my 9 year old abcd daughter who loose understands Urdu…her favorite episode was episode 18. Aka Khirad strikes back! I loved that episode..u did such a great job with the could have ended for me right there..(but I'm glad u r playing in the rain with Asher)

    Thanks for the last scene.. It was sheer perfection! was convinced it was the gardening scene!

    Btw..I really loved your outfit last night…


    Can't wait to see your next project!

  • @Mahirah, it is so nice of you to come and make a post here in DP. Thank you for being our Humsafar !! This is what I wanted to see for a long time, the unspoken words, the understanding…in this era of SMS and email etc etc., the subtle romance is dying away. Thank you for bringing it back! All the best to you and your team for all your future projects!

    I am from India, we don't get Pakistani Channels there and I have seen HS over net, do keep us informed about your future projects. Looking forward to watching future a good drama!

  • zka

    @Mahirah. Congratulations on Humsafar. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this drama. I especially loved Khirad's character as she was so upright and you played it to perfection, mashallah. Only you could have played Ashar's Khirad. Keep up your amazing work and God bless you.

    PS: Could you please ask whoever is in charge of the DVD production to release it as soon as they can. I would love to see it on the television, without the ads at the bottom and all the extras, please.

  • Asra

    @Mahirah Khan – we loved you as did an amazing job!The story of Humsafar will live with us forever..beautiful drama and thanks to all of you for bringing us such a quality production….now we are all anxiously waiting for the DVD!!! Also can I please ask what the original ending was? Was it the planting scene that we never got to see??

  • saraah

    @Mahirah khan

    omg. its you!! Yaaye!!

    Finally our very own Khirad is here for us!

    thank you, thankyou again for giving us humsafar, i think we all might have being harsh initially, but as you said when khirad grew over you, so did your acting, and by the mid of serial it was ROCKING, i v being regularly tweeting you too:) seriously, now i dont want to imagine any other khirad.

    and haha, just today after watching the last scene for the sixth time, i was discussing this my mom that they discussed this shot recently, thankyou for letting us know :)

    May Allah bless you always with lot of sucess and please keep giving us more shows like HUMSAFAR!! many congrats!!

  • Rain

    I think these scenes were initially scripted for the ending?

    These are the same clothes Ashar and Hareem were wearing in the second-last scene (where mentally ill Fareeda calls Hareem a "pari"). So I'm guessing after that scene, this scene was meant for the ending…

  • Sophee

    And yes thank you for this little tidbit of info. The last scene has to be one of the most beautiful scenes ever shot. Thank you for giving us the pin-bun scene….yes SZ our local brand of subtle but beautiful romance:) So yes please do tell us what was the original ending:)))

  • Sophee

    Wow Mahira! What a pleasant surprise!!! Glad you've been part of this crazy bunch of viewers who used to get together every Saturday after watching Humsafar. The weekly review and the comments that followed was an essential part of every Saturday night:)

    Thank you for giving us Khiraad….a character you did full justice to. Thank you for re-instating my faith in our local dramas. Like Sarmad commented, you guys did take me back into the 80's, transporting me back to the good old world of Shehzad Khalil, Sahira Kazmi and Hasina Moin. Kudos to all of you. You were the quintessential Khiraad…I can't imagine anyone else carrying off the role with quite the grace and innocence the way you did.

    Look forward to your next project with Sarmad. Go girl go!!!

  • SZ

    Hey Mahirah!

    Welcome to DP!

    Fantabulous to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to read our reviews :) Sorry, we were harsh critics :( But please know that it was were never mean-spirited and NEVER personal. We were equally lavish with our praise when we felt moved. I know that it was a unanimous feeling that your performance had improved by leaps and bounds since the ill-fated Neeyat — where everything was so wrong ke really …. khair ….

    I think if it were any other serial, all the things that we have been critiquing here would have been easily overlooked, but its just that with Humsafar the bar was raised so high that we were totally spoilt as viewers. We came to expect nothing less than perfection – this was TV at its best – and for that the entire Humsafar team deserves applause – so give yourself a huge pat on the back girl !! Looking forward to bigger and better things from you. Shehr-e zaat (if the news is true) promises to be an interesting project, as does Kankar.

    And yes, cheezy as it was – aww come on – the taking-the-pin-out-of-the bun thing totally worked on screen :) So much better than the Bollywod romantic scenes – our own Pakistani brand of romance…

    Love the insider info – I did wonder about that final scene, wouldn't have questioned it otherwise, but when I saw Sara with her missing tooth in after the finale show and matched it up with the missing tooth in the last scene, thought it was shot later. And btw, totally loved your outfit on the after the finale show!

    Also, do tell me more about Khirad. I think part of my frustration with her was that I just couldn't relate to her at all. Waisey, yaar kiya kismat Khirad ki, gets to live happily ever after with Ashar! Any chance I can cut a deal with her? ;)

    Anyways, thank you again for being a regular visitor. Loved hearing your side of the story – sorry again for being harsh and breaking your heart :( Hopefully we can put it back together again when your next serial's on air.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your future projects :)

  • hoorean

    Loving the fact that the very last scene of humsafar was shot the day before it ended.It was like a treat for all humsafar fans.Really really loved that scene n the whole drama of course. It was so lovely to have such a beautifull ending.

    @ Mahirah khan Thanks for sharing.Loved the way you played khirad.There would be none other perfect khirad for us.Just as Fawad khan was a perfect Ashar you was the perfect khirad.I loved your each n every scene. Thanks for giving us such a lovely khirad <3.

    This one for both our very own Fawad khan and Mahira khan ,as Sarmad said this in the ending show————————-My name is khan n i am a super star—————-

  • Rain

    Dear Mahirah,

    No, thank YOU! Thank you for giving us Khirad – for letting us smile, laugh, cry, and fall deeply in love with such a beautiful character. And I truly believe the grace, elegance, and class needed to pull off Khirad, nobody could have done with such brilliance as you did! Your portrayal of Khirad as a headstrong and self-respecting woman, while still maintaining her beautiful innocence and simplicity, was done to perfection! Khirad, Ashar, and Humsafar will always have a special place in my heart. :)

    P.S. Ah! I KNEW the last scene had been recently shot! I was telling a friend yesterday that in that scene, Hareem had a missing tooth. And during the live show, her tooth was still missing. And everything about the scene just seemed so fresh – the lighting, colouring, picturization… even the location!

  • Rain

    Dear Mahirah,

    No, thank YOU! Thank you for giving us Khirad – for letting us smile, laugh, cry, and fall deeply in love with such a beautiful character. And I truly believe the grace, elegance, and class needed to pull off Khirad, nobody could have done with such brilliance as you did! Your portrayal of Khirad as a headstrong and self-respecting woman, while still maintaining her beautiful innocence and simplicity, was done to perfection! Khirad, Ashar, and Humsafar will always have a special place in my heart. :)

    P.S. Ah! I KNEW the last scene had been recently shot! I was telling my friend yesterday that in that scene, Hareem had a missing tooth. And during the live show, her tooth was still missing. And everything about the scene just seemed so fresh – the lighting, colouring, picturization… even the location!

  • SK

    @ Mahirah.Wow you've been reading the reviews!!! And the finale was shot the day before??? How was it supposed to end-not a happy ending?Omg is that why they changed the n.o of episodes?? You've played Khirad beautifully, I've personally cried so many times when you've cried, you did thr emotional scenes so well!!! Good Job, we will never forget Ashar and Khirad! You guys had amazing chemistry! I hope we see you soon in another amazing role. Thank you for your hard work. It was a beautiful safar and we are so sad it has ended:((

  • Nadia

    Mahirah! First of all congratulations!! You did an amazing job in humsafar.

    Secondly, do you mind me asking what was originally shot as the ending? I had read online that the last episode was being modified but now you confirmed it. The last scene was so perfect and beautifully edited that no one can tell that it put together last minute.

  • Mahirah Khan

    Hello my humsafars,

    Even after promising myself that i would not come back to the site to read the reviews, I have come back week after week.. forcing myself to open the page and read whatever dramabuff and sz had to say. Most of the time I would leave with a broken heart, waiting for them to see a scene I thought I loved of my own or enjoyed performing. Slowly I gave up, I enjoyed the reviews and I focused on what everyone had to say – the good and the bad. Sometimes I smiled when I read I had improved as the serial went on, many of the time lapse scenes were shot much earlier.

    Life has a strange way of working out, Humsafar came to me when work was not a priority, it was a commitment I was fulfilling. I remember when I started reading the script after the first 5 episodes I called Neena and said 'are you sure Khirad has some role in the story?'. As I read further I almost felt like Ashar did, she slowly grew on me. I won't go into the details of the character, you all know it all too well. I can tell you what I enjoyed about Khirad as a character…. her silence around Ashar when she wasn't in love, her silence when she was in love, her silence when she comes back, her ability to tell Ashar that she loves him and only him, there is no one else she has in this world besides him (which we all are so scared to say to our husband/wives)..i could go on, so I won't bore you all.

    Khirad has been a great escape for me, I will always and forever be grateful to have played her.

    For all of you on this site who have given Humsafar so much love, a sorry and a bunch of thank yous. Sorry for falling short where ever I did, will work harder next time. Thank you for appreciating my work, thank you for encouraging us all, thank you for waiting for saturdays, thank you for making it what it is, you are all part of the magic.

    Lots of love,

    Mahirah Khan.

    p.s Just a fun fact, we shot the last scene on Friday evening the day before the finale aired. Farhat wrote that scene quickly, sprinklers were brought in and it was decided lets have Ashar open Khirad's bun. Cheesy, but had to be done!

  • maha

    please my friends…i need short summery in english for the scene between ashar and fareeda…please


  • Jazz

    Supposed to read..the team took an ordinary story and colored it extraordinarily. I hate auto correct :)

  • Jazz

    Rain… We are the same person when it comes to the drama…no more magic occuring on my screen saturday mornings…what a journey….and i thought the exact same thing re the live show and looking like a happy family…. But was it just me. Or did FK don't seem so happy and chipper as he was in jpj… Mahira carried herself way better in this interview..

    Not enuf words re the last scene the way khirads kameez played off the color off the grass..the flowers etc..It was the most beautiful way to end it.. The team took an ordinary story and looked it extraordinarily…

    Only thing i wish I saw was Ashar reacting to Sara's death… But it wasn't a necessity., I dint even expect to see Zareena aunty as much as we did..Bichari..

  • Rain

    I don't have much to say after all that I said in last week's review thread. Words cannot describe how much I miss Humsafar. Sounds strange, I know… to feel so attached to a drama. But I woke up this morning with a lump in my heart, as the realization that Humsafar is no more slowly settled in. No more anticipation for a new episode. No more of the beauty that is Ashar and Khirad. No more of the drama that tugged at our heartstrings; made us cry, laugh, feel angry, sad, happy, fall in love, dream, believe…

    Everything I feel about the last episode has already been said, so to avoid sounding redundant, I won't add much to it. It really was the perfect ending. How beautifully everything was concluded – Ashar's kiss on Fareeda's forehead makes me bawl like a baby every time… a truly beautiful portrayal of a son's love for his mother. And of course, the last scene – I have watched it already countless times, and I still tear up every single time, without fail. The transition from past to present… from the old safar to the beginning of a new one… to the renewal of true love. Sigh. 'Twas artistic vision at its finest.

    Also, I love the colours in the last scene! Khirad wearing a beautiful kameez, the colours of the grass and background… everything! Such a beautiful and colourful ending to a new beginning…

    I'm tearing up writing this comment and going through serious withdrawal. Humsafar is a true masterpiece and definitely a Classic of our times… how I miss this beautiful journey so much already!

    P.S. For fear of sounding really weird, how "picture perfect" did Fawad, Mahira, and Sarah (Hareem) look in the live show?! I kept imagining them as the real Hussain family, haha. :$

  • Rain

    Ash: I agree with you. I love that even after Ashar clearly took Khirad's side during his confrontation with Fareeda, Khirad was still battling with her feelings of whether or not to go back with him. If it were any other woman, they would have fallen back madly in love and gone happily back to Ashar. But Khirad stood her ground… and communicated to him exactly how she felt and why it was so difficult to let go of four long years of pain and suffering so easily. This was portrayed really well.

    Neenzoo: Yes! When Ashar takes Khirad's hand and walks away… the way he does it, the way she looks at him, the way he takes her away… beautiful!

  • SK

    @Nadia…I did not see the two month or three month later. Thx for pointing that out! I figured some time must have passes as K hirad was forgiving him, so now itmakes sense!

  • Nadia

    I didnt watch it. I just remember watching the promos and deciding never to watch that drama. Lol.

  • Faraz

    @Nadia : acha ? was it the same story as the name?

  • Nadia

    A random aside…

    -Did anyone notice the scar on Ashar's forehead when he's having the heart to heart with Khirad? But the scar wasn't there when he had the confrontation with Fareeda. In the previous episode, the chokidaar told Farida that Ashar had a chot on his head before he left.

    -Did anyone noticed the "three months later" subtitle right before the last scene? I only caught it on my fourth time watching the episode. It was hidden by the hum tv tickers/banners on the bottom. I did catch the "two months later" subtitle when they showed the Zareena/Khizr scene.

    -And my weirdest comment to date…did you know that Indus Tv had a drama named Humsafar as well? It was some random low budget project years ago. Sarmad's next project Bandhan is also repeating the name of an old drama.

  • zka

    I had been eagerly awaiting for this final episode, wanting to know exactly how they would wrap up everything. A part of me was afraid they would leave a few unanswered questions. It ended up exceeding all my expectations. Sarmat, Momina, Attiqa, Fawad, Mahira, Naveen and the rest of the team, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! We all applaud your efforts. It was magnificent. This was as good as any Emmy/Oscar winning production for me. I have seen innumerable dramas/movies and read countless books but Humsafar has touched my soul. I just cannot stop thinking about its brilliance.

    In this episode, Attiqa Odho and Fawad Khan's performances were stellar. I do not believe there is anyone out there in the Pakistan television industry who could have done justice to Ashar's role, Fawad Khan was just extraordinary (mashallah). For me, one of the most memorable scenes has to be the one between Ashar and Fareeda, after she loses her sanity, when they are sitting in the garden. His compassion for his mother was so moving. He is truly a magnanimous man!

    This drama is a true masterpiece as it is modern but one in which our Eastern culture and values have been maintained. I agree with Annie and Nadia that there is no need to be vulgar when showing love. The depth of emotion between Ashar and Khirad was so intense that it was spellbinding. What an ending, how fortunate they are to have been given a second chance. This drama has brought out so many positive messages to its audiences: trust, respect, communication, truthfulness, humility, faith in God (but oh so subtly) and the list goes on.

    A word about the Live show after the episode. I was struck by the humility of the cast, Sarmad, Momina and Farhat! For a group of people who are at the top right now they were so unpretentious and so eager to share their praise. Amazing!

    God bless all the Humsafar team for their stupendous efforts. Thank you for inviting us on a captivating and memorable voyage. And last but not least, thank you SZ and Drama Buff for your reviews.

  • Sophee

    A beautiful end to a memorable safar! SZ thank you for a fantabulous review. You've penned everything so perfectly. Everything came together beautifully. LOVED LOVED Ashaar and Fareeda's confrontation. Was overjoyed when all the important dialogues from the novel were retained. LOVED LOVED Ashaar and Khirad's heart to heart. Long overdue. Acche logon ke saath yaqeenan accha hi hota hai! The penultimate last scene was the cherry on the perfect cake.

    Yes Sarmad thank you for this amazing package that has set new standards for story telling. Thank you Farhat for a perfect script that empowered the entire drama. Thank you Fawad for an impeccable performance. You just go on surpassing yourself every time. Thank you Mahira for giving us a character like Khiraad to cherish forever. Thank you Naveen for giving us a vamp that we could feel sorry for. And thank you Atiqa for showing us the dark side of our makeup. Hats off to you guys!!! You deserve all the accolades and more.

  • Thank you SZ for the wonderful review! Me being an Indian fedup with Indian TV serials at the moment would like to take few of our directors and production houses to see what it takes to make a be loved by all, simple story but what a beautiful story telling, powerful dialogues and wonderful acting.

    I have not read the story since I do not read Urdu, though I apprehend the ending was a bit different in the book, nevertheless in the drama they gave a meaningful ending which I loved as maybe many were saying that they gave into the demands of viewers, if so, why not for it is the viewers who make or break a show hit…

    Fareeda was awesome, I loved it when Ashar said that I loved you the most and given an option between you and Khirad I would have chosen you, why did you need to do this….and then when Khirad tells Ashar in last four years she has changed…so much to she is no longer the girl who to love to love him….so true and so realistic..though they showed everything was fine at the end but this was a hard lesson to learn and definitely not to be forgotten…being married is not so easy as it sounds for being married you have to undergo many emotions, ups and downs, specially in this sub-continent you don't get married to a person but to a family….

    What I missed was Ashar remembering Sara!! His best friend, she needed some remeberence specially I would loved to see instead of Khizer, Ashar going to meet Zareena, maybe seeing her doctor's report, coaxing her to take her medecines on time…for Zareena never really blamed Ashar for what happened to her daughter..she knew it was her daughter's obsession with Ashar ….Fareeda of course only fanned her obsession….Ashar lost his mother somewhere (not physically) I would have loved to see Zareena becoming a mother to Ashar and Ashar becoming a son to her…otherwise a superb episode!! The Production House alongwith its cast and crew a standing ovation!!!

  • neenzoo

    Yes Sadz..I agree..Atiqa is one fabulous actress….pity she didnt come for the after show program…Her role was pivotal to the story and she carried it to the end beautifully till the end…not giving an inch till she breaks down….wow!!

  • sadz

    Atiqa O owned the episode. I cried at the confrontation scene and afterwards when they are showing she's got a mental illness it was so well done/acted looked real. The rain scene was wow and what a great way to end it !!!

  • neenzoo

    OMG…what an episode!! What a fitting finale to one of the finest serial I have seen in recent times…Explosive dialogues…the confrontation between Asher and Fareeda was so beautifully done…Fawad you rock!!!!!! every word, every sentence he uttered to his mother was too good….the way he said 'if you had asked me to choose between you and my wife I may have chosen you'….what was nice was that, his innocence in this whole mess was revealed to Khirrad also during the confrontation…the way he takes her hand and walks away was amazing….I watched that part so many times….

    The other scenes were necessary to tie loose ends and it was done so well….It was a really awww moment when he pulled out the pin from her hair…I fainted…

    Thanks a lot Hum TV….its been a super journey for me…

  • Ash

    What an amazing journey or an emotional roller coaster of 23 weeks! a drama that had everyone on their feet, finally comes to an end, and that too with a bang! Saturdays will never be the same =(

    However what better way to end this safar, then reading the most complete review of the final episode. simply Amazing!

    last episodes usually leave this disappointment with the viewers, because they one way or another are left incomplete with unanswered questions.

    we finally witness a complete drama with the most perfect ending.

    of course every drama/episode has their fair share of bloopers but with this episode they were all overlooked because of the quality of each scene and how intense they were.

    Getting to the episode, the beginning scene in which Zareena is still mourning her daughters death was a bit too long, we didn't need to see five minutes of flashbacks and her crying away. it was done with in the last episode so there was no need to stretch it into the last one as well.

    Even after Fareeda finds the letter, reads it, she is still saying that "Ashar, i am right and your wife is wrong, the letter is a fake." the woman had no plans of giving up until her son totally snapped. that scene was done brilliantly. both Fawad khan and Atiqa odho did an amazing job. i really dont know what Khirad was doing standing back there, crying on and on and on. She looked dumbfounded.

    However after that powerful confrontation, Fareeda finally realized she was the cause of Sarah's death, when the scene of Sarah, Baseerat, and Khirad was shown. after that, she completely lost it.

    I have to say , seeing Khirad not give in so easily even after her husband finally took a stand for her in front of his mother was different. Most dramas would show the woman right back in love with their husband/guy after something like that but she still was a bit hesitant, however willing to work on their relationship. that was done nicely.

    why didn't Khizer get shoes thrown at him for doing what he did, is it just me or did he get away with ruining someones life and being the cause of someone's death [partially] but if he never agreed to do the plan with fareeda aunty, maybe sarah would have still been alive. [now dont tell me phir drama kaise banta, but i am just saying =) ]

    the mother – son scene towards the end was really emotional and another great scene of todays episode. i love how they didn't send her off to a mental asylum but showed Ashar being such a dutiful son, and taking care of his mother when she had reached such stage, even though she was the cause of his misery for 4.5 years, at the end of the day she is still his mother and his responsibility. it sends out a great positive message. i actually felt bad for Fareeda at this point. =

    my favorite scene, the last rain scene [sure rains a lot in this drama] was a perfect way to end the drama. showing flashbacks from the previous rain scenes and the current rain scene were done so well. it was a treat to watch a drama end so nicely and in such a complete way! =)

    all in all, a perfect ending to a drama that has created history in pakistan. the credit goes to the entire team and to the viewers for making it sooo big! =)

    it has been really enjoyable to read each humsafar review and comments after each episode, hopefully the trend remains for the future dramas as well.

    now the wait for DVD [hopefully with extras] officially begins!

    Humsafar, you shall be missed!!

  • Anni

    Perfect ending to a perfect drama! I think the closure was fantastic and it doesn't leave you with a zillion unanswered questions!

  • Nadia

    ^ Agreed with Annie. The romance between Ashar and Khirad proves that there is no need to show love physically. Due to their brilliant performance the audience was able to grasp the intensity of their love. I absolutely despise intimate wahiyat scenes in pakistani dramas as there is absolutely no need for them!

    Humsafar was also distinct from other dramas as it was clean and family friendly. What I also liked was that there were no "bigray huway log" in the drama. Many times in dramas they associate being rich with being completely out of touch with religious/cultural values.

  • Annie

    Wonderful review SZ! You're right it is tough to write a review that sums everything up. The Ashar-Fareeda confrontation was Amazing! Then the scene where the ghosts from the past visit Fareeda was SO well done! I like others thought it was great that they did not send Fareeda to some insane asylum and showed Asher taking care of her mother. It sends out a HUGE positive message. Which unfortunately was lost in Dastaan where Bano was sent to some sort of a mental hospital.

    Glad Asher and Khirad had a long awaited heart to heart :) Loved Loved Loved the last scene where Asher and Khirad just LOOK at each other – uff so beautiful!! Sarwat Gilani recently said on JPJ that you don't have to show love physically you can just act it out w/ your eyes and Fahad was making fun of her. But I completely Agree with her! I am so glad there weren't hugging scenes which have become oh so common in our dramas followed by a kiss on the forehead by the couple. Thank God we were spared those shaninigans in this drama which I also think attributed to its success. Hats off to the whole team! I am glad they did a much needed post-show (still have to watch it :))

    And I echo Nadia's comments that I also waited for your and DB's reviews after each episode :-) Thank you ladies for keeping us glued to dramapakistani through Humsafar. It's been a GREAT journey!

  • SK

    Good bye Humsafar and what a beautiful safari it has been! The final scene summed it all up for me, how beautifully acted and executed. The chemistry of Ashar and Khirad has been amazing and that final scene left my heart racing and left a huge goofy smile on my face. Oh how I wish there had been some more happy scenes! The whole finale was beautifully donee, with Ashars dialogues to his mother another powetful performance by Fawad. ThankYou SZ for your Awesome reviews and again this was no exception. I have a lump in my throat as next Saturday will be so empty and we will be list without it. I guess we will just have to watch it from the beginning again, one things for sure I will never get sick of watching this masterpiece the humsafar team created!

  • S Z


    here's the link for the after show :)

  • Jazz

    Great reviews..what a journey it's been..The cinematography of the last scene was amazing..director has a great eye..not gonna heart is a little heavy the journey is over…

    Last week was the climax for me..but they were all great! Such a great drama..good job Pakistani..keep em coming…

  • sfk

    Has anyone uploaded the aftershow?

  • mazhar

    Beautiful drama well written and well made but I only have one objection , why are these dramas promoting" COUSIN" love stories and romances all the time every story has to have these relationships, nine out of ten dramas have to have one cousin eyeing another and a third cousin trying to get his or her attention or create complications. it ias cousin vs cousin vs cousin all the time like that is the only possible relationship that is feasable in pakistaani society ,come on folks look outside your cage

  • Nadia

    It was truly a great experience watching Humsfar. After watching a bajillion dramas, this drama was such a nice, refreshing treat. And like saraah mentioned above, the best part is that it is OUR drama.

    P.S. I wait to read the reviews posted here as much as I used to wait for humsafar episodes. Great job you guys!

  • Hina

    This episode was beautiful. There weren't many scenes, but the last scene was just amazing! How they were playing both scenes at basically the same time. How everything was pulled apart rather nicely. Normally, in the last episodes of dramas, there is always one thing that leaves you wondering what happened to that problem or point? But, in Humsafar, it answered all of our questions. Khirad, Ashar, and Hareem enjoying their lives, Fareeda going crazy and eventually liking Hareem due to the fact that she forgets who Hareem is, Khizar leaving for America showing some remorse, and finally, Zareena, living the rest of her life, waiting for death. I think everything was just great, and the aftershow was well deserved and needed. Overall, Humsafar was amazing.

    In the after show, I love how they played TheLivingPicture's parody. Their expressions were hillarious! :)

  • saraah

    i wud also add,

    i had being a very harsh critic of fawad and mahira romantic chemistry in their initial episodes, but today in the last scene, without saying a word,the looks they exchanged were EXCELLENT!! HOT!

    I love when ppl just act through eyes. sometimes, you need words to say things!

    p.s Thank you drama buff and SZ for these amazing reviews, you guys were great :)

    keep them coming

  • saraah

    WOW! One of the greatest drama in the Hisotry of Pakistan television, comes to an end today and indeed it was a beautiful finale, the acting, direction , camerawork, all SUPERB. no wonder humsafar is what it is!!

    today after watching the finale and later their special show, i for one of a very regular pakistani drama's viewer felt Immensly PROUD of the fact, that yes!! this is MY belongs to the nation,

    humsafar had being an incredible journey, as much as i found it over rated at times, i was still GLUED TO MY T.V every saturday since 24 sept 11, and then the never ending discussions which followed!! amazing saturday's!!

    now i have HAVE HAVE to praise FAWAD KHAN again, thou he doest really need it now, but seriously, i just love the fact that the man acts with his eyes.body and soul. he is par excellence, again the man has killer looks. the very last scene of humsafar was just so so BEAUTIFUL. one coudnt stop awwing!

    and secondly Naveen , wow. i am officially her fan now, and this was ATIQA'S episode. she was superb!

    i still wanted to see ashar's reaction on sara's death. didnt u ppl felt that it was missing,

    anyway..just CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE TEAM OF HUMSAFAR!!esp Fawad khan ( <3) ,mahira,naveen.atiqa,sarmad and momal productions!!

    looking forward to drama's as good as this!!

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