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Humsafar- Roman Urdu Novel PART 16 Pages 118-122

Faraz . 17

118 119 120 121 122

  • Dona

    Thank you so much for the translation. We r eager to res the full novel. Please try to update the rest of it. Take ur own time but give us a little dose of it regularly. But do it soooon. Pleeeeaaassseee!!!!

    • Dear Dona,

      Unfortunately , we dont have anyone who can translate the novel anymore :( so sorry!

      • Shallu

        Hi Faraz,

        Could you please continue the English transliteration of this novel… I visit this site very few months hoping to read the remaining part of the novel…. regards, Shallu

        • Faraz

          Hi shallu

          Okay I will for sure get it restarted :)

          On your special request though !! :)

  • SR

    Hi Sadaf, is it possible to get this novel in English? I cannot read or speak Urdu. And I am really big fan of Humsafar. I have read all of your blogs. I only saw the show this year and have watched 3 times already…. …best show I have ever watched. Thanks

  • Shallu

    Hi Sadaf, we have been waiting to finish this wonderful novel… Since I don’t know Urdu, this is the only way I will ever get to read it… Please please don’t give it hal way through.. We are really hooked to it…

  • Shallu

    It’s been 4 months since we read the story ahead…. Please Sadaf… Request you to continue the transliteration of the novel…

  • Shallu

    Have still not given up hope! I am sure you will post soon & We will get to read & complete the novel someday…. :))

  • rin ahmed

    Wish you would continue! Please!

  • Shallu

    Have been waiting…. :((

  • N Mani

    What happened to the next part of the novel translation. Please do so.sadaf pinky roh please do the needful.thanks

  • rin ahmed

    Yeah,please do so, every start of month I have started visiting this page!! Thank you for all the hard work you put in!

  • N.Mani

    Please translate the next part.we are eagerly waiting. Pinky ,Roh please do the needful.thanks

  • Shallu

    The wait is getting too long…. Please upload the next part….

  • rin ahmed

    Oh my God!! What a wonderful jumah gift!! Thanks for writing this!!Loved reading each and every scene!! Could totally visualize mahira/fawad emoting each of these lines!! I am definitely going to watch episode 9 :D :D

  • Pinky ?

  • N mani

    Thanks a lot Sadaf,PInky,and Roh for the lovely translation.Usually you will translate at least eight to ten pages.But this time only four pages. Pleaseeeee give us the usual quota. thanks once again DP.

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