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Sadaf . 16



 This episode seemed like a race to a climax. The web that Farida had woven around Asher was well and truly unraveling and funnily enough not due to any effort on Khirad’s part. I remember thinking how stupid Farida was ,because if the ultimate goal had been to marry Asher off to Sara ,well how was she going to deal with Khizar when he found out ? To me that was an obvious plot flaw, then I realised that Sara was being used too and that she really was just a foolish bystander in all of this . Farida really didn’t think anyone was good enough for her “shaandaar “beta …love that dialogue but I am jumping ahead of myself.

Khirad stands up to Farida’s intimidation tactics and I think the entire viewing audience must have clapped when she said “ Mein tab darti thi jab mein aap ke betey ke saath rehna chahti thi ab mein lanat behjtee hoon aap par ,aap ke iss ghar , aur aap ke betey par”. Twice Khirad reassures Farida that she has no interest in staying with Asher and there is a change in her demeanor. The Khirad sharing the house with Asher before Farida came had softened a little, making him; even offering to cook but the cold harsh reality of life was brought back by her mother in law’s constant threats. As to Farida, well I had always thought her character would soften especially with her sick granddaughter but as we know she will break but not bend.images (19)

I kind of felt sorry for Sara who is her own worst enemy. Yes I know she is proud, arrogant and conceited but still here was her last chance and she let it go. Again her mother Zarina could have one to Asher and fixed the situation but no she sides with her blood ties rather than the truth and the rest now seems inevitable.video_xmqnqh

Mahirah and Fawad were totally fabulous as worried parents .Those scenes still brought tears to my eyes .Asher and Khirad, united for their child. The child actor who plays Hareem was so sweet; her sad little gaze at her parents after Asher announces she is going for surgery the next day was heart breaking. Poor Asher was having a hard time understanding the situation. How could the loving, innocent wife he remembered become the adulteress? The photo albums remind him of what his anger never should have let him forget. The entire audience is holding their breath, counting the minutes , the hours till the the truth is revealed.images (52)

  • KhiAsh Fan

    Anyone noticed how Hareem says “Papa aap Hareem ko tang mat kare”. I think it is supposed to remind us of the scene with Khirad’s homework.

  • SK

    Lovely, such a poignant episode and review too! I have not had time to rewatch but still remember this one well, as at the time watched it a million times before the next weeks episode!!
    My absolute mist favorite scenes were when Ashar and Khirad tell Hareem about surgery, the expressions, the pauses , body language by all 3 were brilliant!! I also noticed when Ashar sits down next to Khirad, Khirad very slowly inches away, she may be raving about him as a father but she still does not respect him as her husband. Ashar also notices that she did that.
    Obviously the final scene was also very heartflt. I was in tears, who said Mahira couldn’t act!!! They conveyed the pain so well, loved it. Yes Ashar had fallen again, his whole body language was totally different this whole episode and those photo albums gave him such a lovely recap of their married life, I love how Sarmad had directed that scene, all the memories beautifully shown.
    And next episode even more awesome!

    • There is such feeling and detail behind each scene … I think Sarmad does this kind of thing so well

  • Mona S

    Brilliant review Sadaf, thanks.
    Best scenes for me were Khirad- Farida showdown number two & when Khirad is praying for Hareem before her surgery, it still managed to make me cry.

  • Roh

    And yay! Discus is back! :) Thanks Faraz!

  • Roh

    Sadaf, as always, brilliantly written. What an episode this was too, and you did full justice in your summary. Yet again.
    Another important episode, building up to the climax. I think, I can safely say, that this was the episode, that Ashar realized he still felt for Khirad, and he opened the taala of his emotions for her.
    Farida’s role as what we call “double dholki” was coming into play now very clearly. Thinking that she is still in full command of the ship, and that no one will come in the way of her plans, she reveals her true colours to Little Hareem too. Children are very perceptive and pick up signals of affection, or lack of very easily, Hareem innocently shares her fear and dislike of her Dadi with her dad. And suspicious Ashar straightaway asks if it is Hareem’s mother who is saying these things.
    Loved Khirad giving it back to Farida for the 2nd time and the 3rd time too. I was cheering for her even more and was very impressed with the way she handled it.
    When Hareem wanted to see the wedding photos, it seemed inadvertently, Khirad was trying to bail Ashar out of a sticky situation again, among other things. If you notice, despite all the contempt they felt for each other, they stuck up for each other at all given situations.
    My heart churned when Ashar remembered sweet moment of their life together. This kind of opened the gate for going down memory lane, only to let the flood of memories and feelings in, in a few days.
    Sara and her fear of Khizar’s decision to come back was so real. Loved that conversation between Zarina and Sara too. Zarina was now feeling real remorse and regret. And Sara was accepting that Ashar would never be his, but like a weak person, was refusing to accept it. Possibly her ego was going to take that as losing. Remember when she was distraught with the news of Ashar’s marriage, she kept dragging her feelings into the whole thing? Zarina OTOH, though was feeling repentant, again blamed Khirad’s bad dua. Again, another sign of weakness to blame someone/something else.
    There was so much truth in Farida’s words when she tells Ashar that his heart is melting. If you notice Ashar uses the same words as Baseerat while talking to Farida “mauke ki nazakat samjhe” hmmmm…pretty much his father’s son.
    Loved loved loved the scene when Ashar and Khirad speak to Hareem about her forthcoming surgery. That was so beautifully done.
    It was evident he had started feeling something for her again and was with her in feeling worried about their daughter’s health. When he went looking for her and found her praying, it was again most touching.
    These little bits just added to the beauty of this whole experience of watching HS. It was not in the face, but it was there. Emotions, feelings, just brought out by the way it was delivered. Not shouting out loud or telling me.
    There were quite a few flaws in the plot, I agree. Like what Sadaf mentioned about Farida and her plans for Sara or Khizar. Also if Khizar helped to throw Khirad out of Ashar’s life, how did he ever think that he was going to get Sara? Didn’t they have conversations earlier, as to how he would never be able to match up to Ashar? And then when Sara started playing games with him, he believed her completely? Oh well! Like all the others little bits here and there, this was also just taken with a pinch of salt by me.
    HS was not perfect, but I would like to look at it as an overall story, execution and performance. It was, by and large beautifully done, and touched my heart in many ways. So it still has a special place in my heart.

    • wow Roh you always open my eyes to something new. How right you are ..That was weakness blaming Khirad (again) for Sara’s failure to launch as it were… hmm that is why they could never fix things or take that giant step towards self awareness …they were weak.
      As to plot flaws well yes there were , there always are becuase most plots are based on certain actions which in the cold light of reality seem foolish but if they are plausible we get on the ride . I think I read somewhere that sarmad et al had to rework some of the script.. as with most things the translation from written to visual medium requires work and vision . Which is why People respect directors so much .

    • Roh

      P.S. And did you also notice that Ashar addressed Khirad by her name for the 1st time since she came back into his life. Yes, the melting has begun. :)

      • Roh you are amazing !! yes indeed a turning point.

  • RB

    I kid you not I was waiting for the second Farida-Khirad showdown. Oh how the mighty have fallen! What does Farida have other than empty threats?! And Khirad had me at “Mein aap par lanat bhaijti noon.” I don’t about anyone else but I was patiently waiting for Khirad to take a stand and this episode was the lifesaver. I think (and I know some of you will agree with me) that the reason we love Humsafar was because eve though Khirad was mazloom at the beginning, the second time around she was not scared to stand up against lies and injustice, which is not the typical role for a woman in our dramas (remember Meri Zaat and now MSKSH – where the female leads just give up and then end up, for lack of a better word, wasting away). Khirad did not go down that route and she stood up to her ma-in-law. Kudos!

    As for Sara, I did feel bad for her. She just feel in love with wrong man and I guess there are far greater sins on earth than that. Redemption could have come from telling him the truth but that wasn’t an option was it. See this is where HS is complicated – I love parts of it and then other places I think they resort to the typical and thus hate it. It was a tad bit convenient to kill Sara off and push Farida to madness because then we don’t have to see the consequences of their actions. Oh well, still an amazing episode!

    • RB I could not agree more and I think RJ has it right there was a certain Khumar which alowed the plot flaws to pass us by becuase we were so obsessed with the Asher /Khirad chemistry. Now MZZB was superb but I hated the end …I guess I really am an optimist or perhaps just contrary I know Saba and Arfeen could never get together Arfeen FAILED at the most basic level etc but I wanted some consolation for Saba ..something ,..what I realised afterwards was that Khirad had Batool Khala and people like her friend who beleived in her whereas Saba was abandoned by her WHOLE family which could make you lose ALL faith in humanity ..and yet she sends her daughter to Arfeen and stays nearby him working in his factory …I think Haider actually remebers her in one scene … As Farhat Ishtiaq saya there was never a question of Asher and Khirad recconciling ….

    • Roh

      Both the scenes where Khirad gives it to Farida, have to be in my most watched ones.
      I think Khirad was even more effective because she was a person of few words. She was honest and upfront, and it was that honesty that was scaring Farida and Sara so much.

  • RJ

    very nice review sadaf per ye kon si nai baat hai :) bilkul yahan say plot main kai flaws han per humsafer dekhnay wala koi bhi viewer is stage tak “humsafer khumaar” ka is had tak shikaar ho chukka hota hai k is waqt in bohat obvious flaws ko dekh ker bhi un-dekha ker deta hai aur bus characters k baray main sochta rehta hai ye sirf humsafer ka credit hai atleast main nay ye special treatment kahin aur nahi dekha :)
    well jab main nay first comment kia tha tab socha tha k weekly comment kia karoon gi per bus zindagi aur karobaar e zindagi itni fursat nahi deti aur ab main itnay peechay reh gai hoon k chah k bhi discussion main participate nahi ker sakti :( bus ab reviews aur comments perr laity hoon lekin main perhti zaroor hoon :)

    • It is ok RJ your comments are welcome so long as you do me the favour of breaking them up into shorter paragraphs :) you always have something interesting to say so join in when ever you want …I love the “khumar” yes indeed.

      • RJ

        Oops sorry but it wasn’t my fault previous set up main itna nanha munna saa column tha comment kernay k liay. type kertay kuch pta nahi chalta tha post kernay k baad nazer ata tha kia gitch mitch maari hai per edit ka option bhi nahi tha k thik hi ker loon
        but thank God ab “disquss” phir say bahaal ho gaya hai tou hopefully ab aap ko shikayet nahi ho gi aur jo pehlay hoi oos k liay maazrat
        P.S: I saw your pic on face book and u r very pretty masha allah :)

        • RJ you are sweet but that is a Cartoon ;)

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