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Interview with Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Sadaf . 26

  • Psychedelic


  • Binte Mohammad

    Can anybody please share the postal address of Khalil ur rehman qamar?
    for feedback purpose i’m looking for his address.

  • HAJ

    Not playing! :(

  • lilly

    Thanks Sadaf and MM for this awesome interview, you guys did a brilliant job!

  • lilly

    Khalil Ur Rehman rocks… m even a bigger fan of his after hearing this interview.. he’s got such great values and everything… can’t wait for his film.. May Allah bless him even more..

  • Farah

    I havent heard the interview yet… but by reading some of the comments here… did he say.. Shano is going to die..or some character is going to die? and since hes alive.. so ppl r assuming tht Shano will die? Also i read his interview in khawateen digest where he said tht his wife is his mamoo ki beti and tht he loved i thought shano was his wife? if shano is not his wife…then his current wife wont be liking this serial at all..i am sure

    • lilly

      LOL.. he didn’t say anything about anyone dying… he only said he wanted to give some tribute to that girl… so he wrote this play…

      • Actually he swore not a single word is made up and this serial is the absolute truth

        • linni

          Well in his own interview Before sadqay tumharay hes said hes Had a love marriage and he was 19 when he fell in love wid her and shes his maamus beti… So its obvious its not based on his life no matter what he says…

          • Linni

            Also you can tell its not a real story its a good play but thats all it is…

    • km

      Can you please tell me which Khawateen digest that was in which you read KRQ’s interview. I just watched Sadqay Tumharay last episode and even I am confused ’cause I also remember reading his interview in khawateen where he said that he married his cousin after a very strong love relationship. So i thought he meant Shano by that but now that shano has died in the drama I am confused if the drama actually is based on true story or not. So it would be great if you could tell me which month and year that inteview was published in khawateen ’cause I am constantly looking for it. Thanx

      • sss

        cmoooooon.. shano was her khala ki beti n he got married to mamu ki beti Rubina .. in the drama too…u can watch that his wife litrelly asked forgiveness from shano after she died at the last episode..
        and she knew each story n she was so supportive.. she is respectfull about their love…

        • linni

          no i read the interview he said he was 19 and fell in love witgh his maamu beti and married her so this play is made up its not based on real life sorry

      • linni

        just type in google khawateen digest september 2014 its in that one

      • linni

        it says he liked her at 19 sadqay tumharay is made up its obvious hes just said that to get more views and win award which he has…

  • angelwithglasses

    absolutely brilliant Sadaf and MM. Loved it. You both have asked such intelligent questions.

    • A musing Muslima

      Thanks for listening! Khalil sahib was really wonderful to talk to.

  • Mona

    Thank you guys for this wonderful interview. Very intelligent questions answered with complete honesty by Mr. KRQ.

    Normally in all of KRQ’s plays the hero dies in the end, but in this one Shano is definately going to take the bullet. If she was alive the writer would not have presented her parents & his in laws as villains & cartoonish ones at that.

    • A musing Muslim

      Thank you as always for your wonderful support Mona. Khalil sahib was incredibly honest and we couldn’t have asked for more. As for Shanno he got a little wistful, fingers crossed just at the turn of events, and hopefully not for her taking the bullet. Fingers crossed!

  • Annie

    Haaye Shano ne mar Jana hai :( thank you ladies for this very passionate interview

    • thanks for listening

    • Maria

      I know this one has tragedy written all over it :(

    • SK

      I heard the interview, Sadaf and MM you guys asked good questions , very well done!! But yes looks like another tragedy. And obviously he is still alive , poor shano that will be so sad:(

      • A musing Muslim

        Hai SK where have you been?! Thanks for the vote of confidence but honestly we (at least me) were fawning! Can’t help it what with him giving us quotable quotes in mellifluous Urdu….

        As for Shanno, like I said, fingers crossed

      • lilly

        Perhaps shano is also alive and they got seperated somehow… like she got married… (dil ko aasraaz :| )

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