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Kahi Un Kahi – Episode 1

Ghada Qaiser . 7

So, the long awaited drama serial begins and I can say that I am not disappointed so far. I was looking forward to adult Sherry,Zoya and they didn’t come yet. But I still liked the first episode. It was a good beginning for me.

The drama serial is an MNM Production. Asim Ali is the director and it’s written by Nadia Akhtar. The cast includes Usman Peerzada, Shehryar Munawwar, Aiza Khan, Urwa Hocane, Zhalay Sarhadi, Hassan Ahmed, Irsa Ghazal,Rashid Mehmood and lots others.

The story revolves around the family of Kamal(Usman Peerzada). Kamal holds a high status in the society, but it wasn’t always like that. He comes from a poor family and is trying to cut all ties to the past and who he was. The past haunts him though. Kamal’s wife, Saira (Irsa Ghazal) is from Britain and is a very gentle woman. She has a lot of patience.She cares a lot about her servants as well. I feel bad for her because her husband is so picky about everything and she gets yelled at for no reason sometimes. Kamal wants his kids to be perfect in everything. Even though his kids are good at everything they do, they can’t even play because Kamal thinks that it’ll ruin them. In short, Kamal is one strict father and a complicated person.

This episode showed something I don’t think I have seen in drama serials yet and that is how people are not satisfied with what they have. It shows how Kamal wants his children to act like kids who have a high status in society even if it means they become ill-mannered in a way. While, Kamal’s friend likes Kamal’s kids since they are so well-mannered. They want the opposite. Goes to show a human being is never satisfied. I would definitely prefer Kamal’s kids the way they are now. I am totally with Saira here! I wonder how Kamal and Saira ended up getting married. They are both completely different people. It probably has something to do with Saira’s father helping Kamal succeed. I kind of understand why Kamal gets angry when he sees or hears anything that reminds him of his past but to such extent? I think there’s a guilt inside of him that’s killing him. Maybe we will find out more.

I really like Basheer and his daughter. The part where Basheer was worried that he would have to make his daughter wait was sweet and also when he asked Saira for permission to bring all the kids home together. I haven’t been in Pakistan long but I know some servants face such problems when they have strict masters. I am glad Saira is kind to them.

Anyway, I liked the first episode. I am looking forward to the next episodes. I really liked the kind of behavior that was shown(i.e how people react and live their lives according to the demands of society). I really like Saira’s character.I have high expectations for some reason.Everyone’s performance was really good. Let’s see what happens. I’m hoping for a good story.

Written By Ghada Qaiser ~ 

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  • SK

    My family were saying this is really good, I'm not sure how many episodes have gone…but I've dropped a couple of dramas so may start this one once Ashk is over…

  • misty

    Lovely review!

    Really like the first episode!

    Waiting for kids to grow up i guess they will grow up in 3rd or 4th episode :)

  • @Kiran- I agree ^^

    @Fatima Awan- Yes, I started this for Shahryar Munawwar too :) Mhm, Really? Haven't seen Mi Raqsam. Yes, I think it'll be really good :)

    @Sadaf- Thank you :) I believe he is her husband :)

    @Anney- I hope so :) High expectations for this one ;)

  • Anney

    i think its gonna be a rocking drama!

  • Sadaf

    Excellent review Ghada, you captured all the right notes. This looks to be another highly engrossing serial. Kamal saaheb ka inferiority complex is so well portrayed by Usman Peerzada. I have seen him in some old dramas and is he related to Sameena?

    I love the style of cinematography , this makes watching easy on the eyes. Nice to see servants portrayed as normal people too . Good first episode!

  • Fatima Awan

    Thank you for the review GQ. Watched this first episode primarily because of Shehryaar Munawar and Usman Peerzada. It was good to see some new child stars who can act and the story is interesting. The begining was somewhat the same as Mi Raqsam but I am sure it will be different.

  • kiran

    good story with a different touch! i really like the overall treatment given to the play. nice start!looking forward

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