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Kankar – Episode 2

Drama Buff . 23

I will be honest. Despite all its very glaring bloopers, Kankar is actually growing on me. I think once you actually stop thinking that this story is about Kiran and Sikander and will be an all-encompassing one, covering all the characters and all the nitty gritties that happen in their lives, you can stop gritting your teeth and stop thinking when the story will move forward.

Oh yes, in terms of the story, very little happened in the episode – unless you count:

  • Rishta aunty bringing a proposal for Iram.
  • Rishta ladies coming in, asking the typical irrelevant questions and then wanting to see the whole house.
  • Rishta aunty telling Iram’s mom that the rishta ladies liked Iram and she wanted her fees and a jora.
  • Shoaib making an entry – finally! But not speaking a word!
  • Shoaib’s wedding date being set.
  • Shoaib’s engagement photos being viewed over and over.
  • Kiran and Adnan’s fanfare over the parrot and the kittens.

Sikander (Fahd Mustafa) made his entry today – with not much of an impact. The couple of scenes with his mom only reflect that he shares a good relationship with his parents, but his mom is adamant on making Aarzoo (her neice) her daughter-in-law and will not take no for an answer. Let’s see what happens when Aarzoo and Sikander come face to face next week for their “meeting”. Moreover, although there was a lot of talking in this episode, I did enjoy Kiran and Adnan’s scenes – I must admit I didn’t have many hopes from Hasan Niazi, but he is doing a fairly good job. Three bloopers did stand out in today’s episode, though:

  • When Aarzoo shows her brother’s engagement photos to Kiran, she does so on an ipad. When Kiran takes the photos home, they have transformed into a large album with hard copy photos? Huh?
  • Secondly, when the Rishta aunty is talking to Iram’s mom, you can see the parrot’s cage in the courtyard. In the next scene, you see Adnan bringing a parrot’s cage and parrot for Kiran.
  • Likewise, Adnan tells Kiran that he is upset because of problems related to his sister Rukhsar’s (Uroosa Siddiqui) proposal. However, it is only shown in the next scene that Adnan and his mom are having a discussion about this proposal.

All three bloopers are mainly related to issues with editing, again a significant trait of serials produced by Six Sigma Entertainment. I had hoped they’d have learned their lesson from Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan days, but apparently not!

Overall, I like the way the characters are interacting with each other; it is natural and somehow, makes the look of the story more realisitc. As I wrote last week, Umera Ahmed can really nail the dialogues in such a setting and this week was no different. The entire Rishta scenario (on both sides of the city) may make the story move at a snail’s pace but the fact of the matter is, this is exactly what happens. And this is the main reason why I really enjoyed today’s episode. I know so many families who think exactly the way the characters are thinking on the screen – the whole don’t tell this to anyone, dont show the photos to everyone, sending the driver to deliver the Mithai because you will not bother yourself to make an effort with anyone from whom you do not expect some benefit in your time of need, and giving preference to relatives who are wealthy and have something you need, reflects the way most people in our society think. While I do hope the story picks up soon, I must commend Aabis Raza and his team for a good job this week!

Written by Drama Buff (

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  • Aiman

    @twinks wat u r saying again and again tht if hero is supposed to b of 20 yrs thn they shld cast accordingly…actully nvl starts with events when Saba,Irtaza,Saman were teenagers….Saba a school going girl, Irtaza clg going boy and Saman is elder sis of Saba…thts y u will find mst of ppl saying tht MK doesnt luk 18 yrs, HS dnt luk 20 etc…bt wat they r unable to understand is ''Bachpan us novel ka 'ek hissa' he 'pora novl' nai'' later yeh sab bare hote hain tab asal story shoro hoti he…keeping in mind tht drama script hamisha original novel se different hoti he…if drama makers hv casted MK as Saba and HS as Irtiza i m sure they gonna skip tht part in which they were kids….lets wait for sometime thn everything will b revealed tht hw they hv dramatised this nvl, flawless or flawfull (i hope not)…

  • Aiman

    @twinks in humsafar i knw Asher was even much elder thn Khirad but their age diff waz of no effect..i mean Khirad never used to call him Asher 'Bhai' neither the age diff was much addressed in show bt Saba calls Irtaza as Irtaza 'BHAI' how many ppl wants to see Mahira calling FK 'BHAI' despite of the fact that they luk of same age..

    HS is nt supposed to luk like 20 yrs man,I hv already said Irtaza is a 'Mature' man..ab main story to nai btana chahti and m sure aap bhi nai sunna chaho ge.

    I hv read novel so i m quite happy with casting but do have little reservations on 'Armeena Khan's' selection, to play Saman's role bcuz wat little i hv seen of her work, she is nt a gud actress bt i hope director sahab apni marzi ka kaam nikal wa lain (Hassaim plzz).

    Well lets wait for drama to b on-air, only thn it will b fair enough to draw conclusions bt before even watching smthng one shld nt 'JUDGE' it.

    BTW its Farhat Ishtiaq's one of the best of my fav one…its full of emotions..agar directr,actors,DOP,editor etc will wrk with same spirit as in which nvl was written..for sure it will b worth watching bt..if not..then who knws future..i hope they all put their best (InshaAllah)bcuz i dnt want to see this beautiful novel to b ruined by any1…

  • twinks

    @Aiman, glad I made you laugh, :) And thanks for correcting me if I got the info wrong, ha! ha!

    Interesting about the age difference of 7 years between the characters. I understand in the novel of Humsafar there was an even bigger difference in age between Khirad and Asher (I think she was supposed to be around 19 and he in his 30s, which is what led to a lot of the issues later on in the novel from Asher's mind frame), but when casting obviously there is not such a huge age gap between MK and FK. The basic story still worked though, with whatever adjustments needed to be made.

    As for HS to be in the lead of Bin Roye Ansoo, well, he looks to me like he's got to be in his 40s. I have not read the book so I have no idea what his age is supposed to be in the story. But if the character is supposed to be in his 20s and behave like someone who is in his 20s, well, it's still a mismatch in terms of casting. I do think that there have to be better actors that fit that age group, if indeed that is the age group required for the part.

    I do not like sloppy work, whether it is casting, story continuity, or just poor acting. So I do hope the production company makes something that is worth our time, otherwise I will not be watching, whether HS is in it or not.

  • Aiman

    @twinks lolz…no u hv misunderstood it…actully male lead character (Irtaza) is of quite a mature man who is 7 yrs elder thn female lead (Saba)…Saba is bieng played by Mahira Khan so drama makers hv casted Humayun Saeed as Irtiza, who to me, seems most suitable man in whole drama industry of ours, to play Irtaza's role, only if Mahira Khan is playing Saba (atleast one cn observe age diff)…majority of ppl r opposing it bcuz they want to see FK as Irtiza…bt the ones (including me) who hv already read the novel , majority of thm r satisfied with the decision of HS playing Irtaza…but ya even some of those r also nt satisfied with decision of HS playing Irtaza bcuz everybdy hv their own 'Image' of characters, in their mind…infact some r opposing Mahira's selection aswell…i thnk we shld better leave it to casting director & 'WRITER' tht who suits which character bcuz casting is done with writers consult…no1 can imagine a writers creation better than writer herself..

    Well shooting start ho gai he so lets hope fr the bst..

  • twinks

    Well, epi 2 was better than 1 for me. I like what I have seen of Fahad (what's his last name so I can use initials here please?)

    The rishta aunties made me so mad, I wanted to throw something at them for going into the girls' rooms.

    As far as bin roye ansoo, well, from what I understand the guy that is the lead is about 20 yrs older than the character is supposed to be? what? in that case, I won't be watching. Too big of a miscast and my time is too valuable to waste on a show that they can't even honor casting basics, puh-lease!

  • Rabia

    @ehsan@ sani…yes everybody has their likes and dislikes..I do not think much of Fahad's acting or his looks( especially the grating on the nerves silly antics on the morning show). I definitely think Fawad, Mikaal and Adeel are not just eye candy but genuinely good actors..FK has proved himself so has Mikaai in Des, shehrezaat & Adeel in Daam/ Silvatein….I do not like Fahd's dramas….I am entitled to my opinion!!!

  • Ehsan

    @Rabia: I believe everyone has their own preferences in terms of likes and dislikes. But as you mentioned earlier it is not necessary for one to be eye candy to do a specific role. If this is a criteria then there would be a shortage of good actors. It is as if saying that one should not write because his/her style or expression of writing is bad. If Fahad plays his role the way Sanam is playing hers, there is no need to compare him with others. Fahad is already an established actor and is more experienced than Adeel, Meekal and Fawad.

  • Rabia

    How does anyone feel Fahad looks better than Mikaal and Adeel!!!!!!!!! hope Fahads admirers don't say he is better looking than Fawad Khan too !!!!?!

  • Drama Buff

    @ Sani

    Don't get me started on Bin Roe Aansoo's cast… Honestly, I had a steamed post planned had Fawad and Sanam B been cast as Irtiza and Saman, respectively. Thankfully, they are replaced.

    What I am surprised at is that the team did not realize the actual miscast was Mahira as Saba. Put Mahira as Saman, and Sanam B as Saba and the whole thing would be a blockbuster (if Fawad K was playing Irtiza). But then I am not a casting director and Mahira might just pull it off, especially since HH is directing it…

  • sani

    I too have read the novel and m glad that fahad is choosen as sikander.The role suits him.As far as looks are concerned i am not bothered infact fahad is better than adeel and mikaal both in terms of looks as well as acting.He is a versatile actor and has played many challenging roles,feel sorry for him that he is so underrated due to his looks and his work gets overshadowed coz of this.The sole reason for watching this play is fahad and sanam.Hope they move the story now.

    @DB Mahira and adeel were really a bad choice.She looks too old for this role and m surprised at the casting of bin roye aansu.Saba was a teenage girl and irtiza in his late 20s.How come they choose mahira and humayun.Really bad casting.

  • Drama Buff

    You know, I read this a long, long time back on one of the Facebook pages that Kankar was starring Mahira Khan and Adeel Hussain. I am totally glad the cast is changed because I cannot imagine Mahira doing a college girl role.

    Knowing how the story will go, it is probably apt for Fahd Mustafa to play Sikander rather than Adeel Hussain or Fawad Khan LOL! Won't post any spoilers here…

  • Samina

    yes adeel hussain was best for this role,,fahad mustafa looks forced and artificial

  • Rabia

    I wish they had a better( good looking!!) hero than Fahd.Maybe Mikaal, Adeel Hussain ( if wishes were horses Fawad Khan !!! :)) would have suited this character better. Fahd does not have that glamour quotient…not eye candy !!! Not that typical , handsome rich boy looks…….in the drama someone tells Kiran' dekhogi to dekhte hi rehjaogi" definitely does not describe Fahd Mustafa for me!! Would not see the drama for the heros looks, although he is an ok actor….I definitely adore Sanam..she is such a fine actress,loaded with talent and with her cuteness suits Kirans character well. All the actors have done a good job…would have preferred Mohib to least it would then have been one good looking hero to make the drama worth watching…

  • Drama Buff

    Thanks for your comments, guys!

    @ Imama

    This serial is based on a short story of Umera Ahmed's titled: Wohi Dil Kay Thehar Janay Ka Mosam. If interested, you can read it on her page.

    @ Sadaf and Muskaan

    Nooooo! I am really glad Mohib is NOT playing this role. He has already done a similar role in SeZ…

  • Imama

    Is this based on a novel?

  • Imama

    Hey thanks for the review.Good that you can extract so much out of a not so happening episode.Umeras play are slow coz she first builds the character,besides the leads story there are other stories going it might take time but once it picks up am damn sure the character of kiran will be forever remembered.Sanam breathes soul to the character of kiran.she is so natural and effortlsss.Love to see her in a positive role.I loved the scene where she is noting down the recipe,it just shows its an attitude of the person that matters not the money to be happy.As you said there were many things that looked actually real like the rishta scene,mithai scene,i know many would not have enjoyed them but these things happen in our society..

  • muskaan

    Oh why was mohib replaced.He is my fav,would have loved to see him with sanam.

    I hope they do a show together.

  • simi

    There was nothing new in the episode,it was like same introduction wala episode..

    Shoaibs engagement hangover was still there.Oh come on now move on,wahi rona.

    I was waiting for fahad but he too had a few scenes..only sanam is the saving grace

    of the show with her positive character else everyone is crying…please move on now.

  • sani

    Hey thanks for the review..great that you could extract something out of a not so happening episode…i saw the epi after reading your review and i must say your eyes

    are microscope for catching the bloppers that one could easily miss…i think sanam is the soul of the show..she is a treat to watch in the all so sad and thanda episode.SHe is potraying kiran very well..had it not been sanam i am sure i wouldnt have watched it…Great to see a positive character kiran who isnt cribbing over the same gharelu

    issues instead moves on in life..has something or the other activity to keep oneself busy in life…no expectations and a happy go lucky girl…i loved the scene where she is noting down an italian recipe,it shows khwab dekhne ko paise nahi lagte..u are

    happy with what you have instead of crying and crying…

    Its good that there was no hype for this show else expectations would have been high..the background score is loud but i love it…the direction is good and acting fine…hope it picks up next week..

  • hf

    Yes initially mohib was selected for the role as sanam herself mentioned it on her

    fb page…i was surprised to see hasan in place of mohib infact i was searching mohib

    in the ost…well but hasan is also good as adnan… bechara wala role suits him.

  • Sadaf

    Is that really true , that Mohib was replaced by Hassan? Damn Mohib would have been fantastic in this role ….. I remember him from SEZ :(((

  • hf

    To be honest…i was scared to read your review today,coz i thought you

    would complain about the slow pace and the same old story and scenes…

    But am glad u too liked the epi and highlighted the events with the message

    really well….

    Though the episode was not engaging but still had much to offer..The rishta

    wali aunties i would say are the ones that i hate the most…they stare the

    already nervous girls so much so as if absorbing her… no one even cares to

    think what the girl might be going through answering their silly questions…

    The scene where irum is tensed and playing with her fingers waz beautifully


    I love kiran..her character is beautiful…despite all the tension she is busy in

    her own little world…her chemistry with adnan is cute…i was sad when i came

    to know mohib was replaced by this guy hasan…but hasan is doing well…

    Whether the pace is slow or whatsoever i will be following it and will be waiting

    for your insightful reviews DB.

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for a great review DB .I think this episode is much better than last week and I was totally lost in this little khandaan's world . It was all so nicely done. I think we can thank the director for this . Umera Ahmed is a much better at this kind of serial than romance and the difference between this and ZGH is Zameen Asmaan ka faraq.. In ZGH I was hanging in there for Fawad and the odd good episode but this seems to be more of a complete package . I really want to know what will happen to everyone not just Sanam's character. Just one point I would like to make ,I wish dramas would stop showing people desperate to marry into their wealthy relatives.. this is rarely a good idea (I think this is something we are about see clearly illustrated) and very demeaning to all parties . So far so good for this episode then :)

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