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Kankar – Episode 1

Drama Buff . 17


I will be honest. I do not have many grand expectations from Kankar. And the first episode has me sitting on the fence, uncertain which way to go. The entire aura of the serial positively reeks of Daam: the same middle class setting, the same elder-daughter-not-getting-a-suitable-proposal, the same second-daughter-about-to-graduate, and so on and on. I don’t know if anyone else also felt the same way, but somehow I did not find anything unique, especially in this first episode. Of course, first episodes can go either way, so let’s see if Kankar manages to attract as many viewers as its predecessors: Shehr-e-Zaat and Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

The story revolves around the families of two brothers and one sister. The elder brother is quite well-off and his family makes a great to-do in this episode about the fact that they have gotten their eldest son engaged in a very elite family. The younger brother’s (Behroze Sabzwari) and sister’s families belong to the middle class. It goes without saying that the rifts between the families are more related to status differences than anything else. It is interesting though that we never got to see the son being talked about so excessively in this episode. Maybe he will make a grand entrance later.

Kiran (Sanam Baloch), daughter of the younger brother, is the main protagonist of the story. Her phuppi’s son, Adnan (Hasan Niazi), seems to be interested in her, but is financially struggling. Kiran is shown as a typical daughter of the house, leading a care-free life in college but very much conscious of the issues affecting her family.

This is basically all that we found out in this episode.

The narrative was slow and the dialogues were extremely repetitive – honestly, there was  a “Shoaib kee baat pakki hogai” line in almost every scene. This kind of writing does seem to be Umera Ahmed’s forte though, which is why my interest remained intact. Direction-wise, it was a good effort, but there HAS to be more showing and less telling. It is good to note that the serial has an outdoorsy look, which kind of breaks the monotone. Production-wise, the episode had Six Sigma Entertainment written all over it. The picture and sound quality was lacking in many places, and the background music became quite loud at quite a few points. Technical aspects of any production have to be top notch for people to actually tune into their television sets – it is no use if you have the volume up and you still cannot make out what is being said.

Overall, it is a very slow start. Though it has given a pretty good insight into the characters, and the way they relate to each other, I do hope that the story picks up and we see a more fast-paced narrative. The promo for next week promises the entry of Fahd Mustafa – let’s see how that goes.

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  • Kez

    it was an ok start, not like ZGH but that was a firecracker that fizzled. I am not sure how Kankar is going to turn out, the story seems played out but I am going to follow it for Sanam Baloch and Uroosa Siddiqui. I have missed seeing sanam on screen since DeS and it seems like its been ages. She really needs a dhamakey daar project (not sure if Kankar will be that project. I got all excited when I heard she had signed on as saman on Bin Roe Anso with fawad and Mahira but such is not the case :(

  • Haseeb

    society mein aur bhee buhat kuch ho raha hai ussay dikhayain bajaye aik hee cheez ko bar bar ghisnay ke

  • Abiha

    Stop complaining about the topic, hamari society mein yeh hee ho reha hai tou UA Kia Kare, an Kia kisi doosri makhlook yan phir asmaanou ja ke drama banye.

  • @Anwer Suhail Oh no not Charlotte Bronte Hated all of them but her the most …miserable family … I am not sure how sincere that wish was ,it sounds a tad insincere but I will take it at face value and see how it develops …. :)

  • anwar.suhail


    I know it has Sanam Baloch in it. I'll prefer to miss even Fawad Khan and Mahira khan, simply to avoid yet another outdated story by UA(Charlotte Bronte of pakistani drama).

    One has to avoid overdose at all cost. I hope you thoroughly enjoy Kanker.

  • Farah

    I just can't stand Fahad Mustafa….he is so annoying, grating on your nerves with his silly comments …… on the morning show.I wish they had another hero…would watch the drama just for Sanam and b'cos it's U.Ahmed script. After 26 Fridays watching Fawad , wish there had been more of a eye candy hero…Seeing Fahad makes me yawn…:(

  • hm

    DB….I always agree with your reviews.They are always to the point and am glad you

    are reviewing it.I too found the epi slow yet it was engaging.I admit it might be repititive but still with umera,sanam,fahad you can always look forward to it as it would be better than most of the plays having a good story,message,mindblowing dialogues,powerful acting.And i really loved the opening scene ,all the early morning hungama of siblings and the kiran and abba scene,beautifully directed…Hope it gets better next week…..

    And this is for you DB, while i was going through fb comments,a guy commented that

    "mera naam shoaib hai,shoaib ki baat tai ho gayi hai maine 8 times suna to i started

    feeling myself commited…lol!!!

  • Sammo

    Agreed that it was a slow start, however I will give it another try for the cast. Behroz sabzwari / Shakeel! / Sanam / Fahad. I'm really curious to find out who shoaib is.

  • Drama Buff

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @ Annie

    I am still around. Didn't you catch my reviews of Tanhai? LOL!

    Yes, I am watching Aunn Zara too! :)

    Well, strictly speaking, and I am stating this because I have read the short story on which this serial is based, it is not really a Mazloom Aurat saga. But then I am not sure if the serial will stay true to the story so let's see..

    @ Sadaf

    I am HOPING the cast and the direction will do justice to Umera Ahmed's story!

  • Haseeb

    umera ahmed has given us many quality serials but here she's just repeating herself,an abusive husband (we have already seen in her doraha and uraan) and loads and loads of in-laws probs in durr-e-shehwar and class differences in daam and zindagi gulzar hai so nothing unique or different about's time to move on and explore some new themes rather than getting stuck on same old…

  • afia qazi

    Admittedly I watched this but with ten other people talking in the room so just got the gist of story- thankfully not all the repetitive dialogues you mentioned. Your review had the de ja vu quality- seems I've heard those comments before…from ZGh days….long lectures, repetition, less showing, more telling! Let's see how things progress!

  • Sadaf

    @anwer Suhail BUT it has Sanam Baloch in it …….

  • Sadaf

    Nice to have you back DB :) Great review ,you always manage to catch stuff I miss !! The family may look a little like Daam but the feel of this drama is very different. I think we can give credit to the director here, so long as they cut down on the repetition and soaring background music ( a specialty of HUM TV or Six Sigma can someone tell me ?) I am going to watch it . I think Umera Ahmed is more suited to social message oriented stories and this looks like one. I really like Kiran's character and not just because I love Sanam Baloch …….well alright maybe it is because I just love Sanam Baloch :). I liked the conversation between Kiran and her teacher it was a disturbing reminder of attitudes towards Domestic violence . That idiot teacher I thought , then I remembered he isn't supposed to be an idiot .This is an educated man holding some form of position in society, yet he speaks this way.

  • anwar.suhail

    I shall not be watching Kanker. I had had enough of UA and her repetitive, stereotypical

    "Khawateen Digest" stories. If I watch one more in near future, I'll need a psychologist.

  • Pino

    I like Sanam so may catch it for her sake. She has so much potential I really think she needs a nice hit after that crAp roshan sitar a

  • Faraz

    You are right DB… it has the whole feel of Daam.. however atleast the family is a bit better then the Daam family..

    the 1st episode went well.. I like the direction of the new guy.. .. it was also nice to see Sanam baloch after the crap roshan sitara.. as in any case.. the 1st episode is always there to unfold the characters so lets wait and see how it shapes up later..after all it has sanam baloch. fahad mustafa. behroz sabzwari, shakeel, in it..

    PS: i think Sanam's friend is the same girl from the drama Mangoes ( the Canadian show)

  • Annie

    Welcome back DB!!!! Kahan ghayab thi itne din we :) we missed your comments and insights on ZGH ;) lol

    I won't be following Kankar because if I watch another mazloom aurat zaalim Samaj Story I shall puke so for my own health I am staying away from this nausea inducing topic :) I'll catch your reviews off and on.

    I hope you are watching Aun Zara?

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