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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 1 Review

Faraz . 39

Ladies and gentleman! Pakistani Dramas are back.. Those of you who thought that we won’t be able to match the quality of Daastan, Daam Vasl, or Malaal, I hereby declare all of you (including myself) wrong.

After Daastan, and Daam ,to some extent, I had lost interest in Pakistani Dramas, Even though I own this website ( Dramapakistani) I wasn’t interested to write any review, simply because no drama in recent time made me put all my work to freeze and watch a entire episode. However this one is different, this really is.

Even though just one episode is hard to say anything about how the drama will shape up, let me be honest, I have never experienced such energy from any serial for a very long long time.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is a love story between 2 people from entire different background, different class and different society. The story revolves around the ages old conflict between religious ideology (Khuda) and human emotions (Mohabbat). Khuda aur Mohabbat is for everyone who has ever loved. Yup that’s the tag line right from the very start. Khuda Aur Mohabbat( Her Mohabbat Kernay waley kay naam).

Hammad aka Maddy ( Imran Abbas) is a son of a rich politician he belongs to a family of Rich , Elite and Rulers. He is a spoiled Brat who has always lived life like a king. But deep down beneath he is a rebel, he doesn’t want to follow the same routine as most of his elder brothers or family norms would want him to. Yet he is confused to the core. He belongs to the wealthiest of family. You know, as we karachite say.. “The other side of the bridge”.

So why is it that I am all WOW about this Story, doesn’t this sound like an everyday story? Well yes kind of, however what really elevates the story is the fact that He starts getting attracted towards a girl who belongs to a complete different class. The girl who doesn’t even show her face . And the only part of her body that is visible is her eyes. Interesting, isn’t it? Well yes for some of you it might sound just another story. But what made this drama standout the most is the terrific Direction of Anjum Shehzad.

I will have to be really really honest on this.When I watched Daam and Daastan I thought that, this is it. The only good serial that can be made would have to be by Either Mehreen or Hissam hussain. Because, in all honesty the other directors aren’t really up to the mark. Baber Javed tries really really hard however he just doesn’t have the grip .Atif hussain is just mediocre. But boy was I wrong.

How many of you remember the character “Bobby” from the serial “Family Front” . Yup here’s our director mate. Anjum Shehzad. What made me all wow about his direction was the fact that he doesn’t waste time and doesn’t drag the story, Narration is tight and the screenplay is really fast. Add the wonderful dialogues and we have a serial that is going to win all the awards this year.

This episode had some really terrific scenes. In fact right from the very beginning till the end , every scene is crisp and takes every breath away from the viewer. However I would like to mention the Scene when Hammad looks at Emaan for the very 1st time. All he could see was her eyes, but that very scene showed how brilliant of an actor Imran Abbas is. Okay, we’ve seen Imran pitching in a sincere act in his earlier serials, but Khuda Aur Mohabbat should catapult him to superstardom. Imran takes a really big leap with Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

The other scene which deserve brownie points is the entire sequence when The 2 girls want to pray in Imran’s house and no one knows where the direction of kiblah is and when Imran watches the girl praying, he is stunned, He is not accustomed to have seen such things in his house, he is surprised at the same time, is feeling the energy that is attracting him to a girl whom he doesn’t even know.

Khuda aur Mohabbat is going to be one hell of a serial, This Serial is only going to get popular with time,

The only thing however that might not work in its favor is the timing. All of us are caught in Cricket fever now and I think Khuda aur Mohabbat might not exactly get huge viewership right from the very start because of cricket matches being telecasted at the same time, however gradually and slowly it will emerge as victorious.

Do you self a favor, Watch Khuda aur Mohabbat..

If you have ever been in love, This Serial is for you.

  • Nawaaz Sakeeb

    really itz touch my heart & soul… Itz my 2nd Pakistani tv show, really itz fascinating me …

  • salam,just want to say that this drama is really very amaizing cuz before 3 to 4 months ago we just cant diffrenciate pakistani soap and indian ones it was just like the star plus ones but this is one of the best drama in pakistan and sadia has a terrific role in this soap.i am waiting impatiently that what will happen next.wasalam maya

  • I love for this drama very very like khuda aur mohabbat


    hur mohabbat karna wala ka name of Rizwan khan

  • I love this drama for khuda aur mohabbat picture for humad sand plz………..

  • samana

    hmmmm good story,,,but total episodes kitni hain is serial ki….

  • Asma

    OMG….. Imran Abbas looks sooo hot in this drama…..btw does anyone know his birthdate, and when does the tenth episode come out?????i really need to watch it

  • nice review

  • Anamta Ali


    I'm amazed to read your comment,as I am forced by all means to abide by what you said.All in all,I don't disagree with a single point laid down by you.Well,you and your comment reminded me of a fellow girl Mehreen on some page…"sorry to mention her name"…but i couldn't stop myself thinking of her,as she talked the same way.Very few people,I have met on some platforms who atleast put some meaningful points and discussions on the forum,otherwise, lamentably,I had to face a scrap and dysfunctional criticism by most of the people.

  • zainab

    if someone has any doubt then mail and ask hashim himself at

  • zainab

    and please read the england portion of khuda aur Mohabbat novel you will get a surprise that from where Babar javed took the story, situations even the dialouges of Mein abdul Qadir hoon : Hashim Nadeem made a request to all of his fans when they asked him about this that please help him by discuss this thing in public, very sad….mixture of Abdullah very fanous novel of Hashim and Khuda aur Mohabbat…… what a director

  • zainab

    @anonymous and maya………how much babar javed or haisam hussain payed you for this……it,s not a criticism but a baised opinion for the love of your own choice directors, please if you never seen this directors work earlier then go and watch Woh Tees Din from where haisam inspired in dastan… is very sad that you both even do not know that this play is based on the best seller novei khuda aur mohabbat by hashim nadeem and the director did a complete justice to it, congrats to anjum shehzad who works less and achieve more than the other photo copier directors of the market……..lovely play and excellent direction……….jalney waley ka munh kala….a person who says himself anonymous, what will you say about him:))))

  • nabila

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM bohat acxha ja raha hia drama

    kiya kaho words nahi mil rahay bohat acha hia ya drama

  • athal

    beautiful ,,,,show im desperately waitin for da 4 episode


    yaar meri life ka yeh pehla serial hai jiska mene w8 kiya hai just loven it…and ya ofcourse imran is such a nice personality!!!!!

  • i think song is just soo perfect with da title..its lyrics r so soulful but the biggest flaw of drama is its cast…i liked imran abaas n molvi sahab bs..they embodied that characters so well but the other ones uff they r just ruining da drama n its script…poor direction n cast choice..i wish it was directed by baber javed n produced by mehreen jabbar …uskay baad nobody can stop it to becum a superhit…..

  • Anonymous

    I am not the one getting touchy. I like Dastaan for its morals and direction as well. But what I notice is that people talk more about Hassan Bano romance OR Fawad's looks than its lesson. And it seems that the makers of "Khuda and Mohabbat" have decided to buy this "jodi" trend. Worse, they are cashing in on the religious sentiments of the masses by portraying the elite as "godless" people. How can a Muslim not know the meaning of "Kabah"?

    As for the comparison you have drawn between Qaid-e-Tanhai and Dastaan, I am no huge fan of Qaid-e-Tanhai as well……but I have noticed that QET is watched by kids, teens and adults – be it men or women. On the other hand, Dastaan was mostly watched by young girls – teenagers and young adults. (there may be guys. But I am talking about the majority).

    QET may be slow, but it is a far mature story which does not have unnecessary Indian filmy gibberish or lavish sets and clothing you see in an Ekta Kapoor show. Dastaan had all that.

  • Anonymous

    Dastaan was praised because of it's morals, directing and actings, not because of Hassan and Bano. Qaid-E-Tanhai is not praised as much because the story hasn't developed yet and the directing is poor. Look at the facts before criticizing.

  • Faraz

    Dear Anonymous ,

    Thank you for visiting the blog, i think you have raised a very strong point, however everyone in this blog has their own opinion.. just like you expressed yours…

    its just 1st episode so really we would need to see if the drama is all about hot jodi and a touch of religion… if its all about that. trust me…. u will find me 1st in criticizing it.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that people can actually like this show!!!???

    It seems people will watch any show if there is a "hot jodi" with "romantic scenes". Add a little religious touch and voila, you have a superhit!

    This blog is full of people who praise Dastaan endlessly mainly because of "Hassan and Bano" – the so-called epic lovers. But they dislike such wonderful shows like Qaid-e-Tanhai and Meri Zaat which have such wonderful actors and revolutionary topics. Of course, they do not have a lead couple staring at each other for silly young girls to sigh at.

    This is not a good sign. The quality of Indian dramas dropped because of no storyline and scenes of main leads staring at each other. Target the young generation and the serial is a superhit. Please Pakistani directors, do not fall prey to this trend.

    As for the scene in which the rich women were angry at the two young girls for praying, it is nothing but pure EXAGGERATION!!!!

    Muslims can NEVER stop others from praying, be it the elite or poor. In fact, the elite is more open-minded than the so-called "Ulema". It is the Mullahs who are preaching hatred in the name of religion and not the elite class.

    Who are these people to judge who are good and bad Muslims? Who are they to say that rich people cannot be good Muslims?

    It is the Mullahs who are molesting young kids. It is the Mullahs who are telling people to hate the elite, America, Jews, Ahmedis………………..the list is endless. And they claim to be true followers of Islam!!!!?????????

    We have enough intolerance in our society. Do we really need such shows to boost our self-righteousness? This "us against them" mindset is destroying the Muslim Ummah. Please writers and directors, do not make such shows to increase the following of these so-called "Ulema" who have nothing to offer to the world other than hatred.

  • aisha

    hey u all forgot the title track sung by our very talented Ahmed jehanzeb,it was the OST that pulled me towards the drama,what a beautiful song..Well done Ahmed

  • Zyba Arif

    Im In love with dis drama..da songs amazing n da story is so interesting..But the bessttttt part about it iz Imran Abbas!!his jussttt Amaazziiinngg!!I lovee him he makes da dramaz as amazing as him!!n InshAllah it will rock all around da world!Im 4m kenya n i knw so many peopl dat watch it just coz of IMRAN!Hes awsomee!!:)

  • momna

    beautiful Drama … im just Lov'in this. Imran and Hassan Both have done a Great Job MASHALLAH . All the Best

  • Sarah

    very nice start. it has been just one episode n a very gud response

    as imran abbas said that its just the beginning n there is alot more cuming up for the audience soo waiting 4 the next episode of khuda aur mohabbat

    imran is just awesome in this serial :)

    n u r correct world cup might effect the viewership as m also a big cricket but but will not miss Khuda aur Mohabbat INSHALLAH n if missed bcz of Pakistan's match then will surely watch it in repeat telecast

  • alisa

    the drama is awesome.. imran abbas and sadia khan looks gr8 together !!

  • aasia

    interesting observation, per zuleqa mein nay high society dekhi hai..jaha per bus quran wagera perhna is like just festival thing…

  • zuleqa

    Salaams, Thanks for the introduction to this new drama. However, I must say that even with those two scenes of Imran Abbas capturing us with his attraction 'energy' for the niqaab-posh girl, the dichotomy in the rich household regarding 'religiosity' was a little too much to handle. Where have you ever seen a family who hires a Maulvi to teach their child to read the Quran but at the same time, are completely abhorred by the fact that someone wants to pray namaz in their house. This just does not happen. And if this was meant to stereotype, then the episode moved from drama levels to a sitcom.

  • love the 1st episode…………hey i wana share a link.

  • Taha

    loved it ….!!! where can I get the the full song of this drama ?

  • Taha

    Awesome Show…!! Imran Is looking so nice…

    Great show…!!

  • buhat ala drama ha…i like it…

  • aiman

    yes asma its a great story, u know its actually based on a novel.. and that novel won the writer pride of performance….

  • Asma Farooq

    such a gud story; it will be great hit.. Inshallah.. :)

  • Rubeeh Maqsood

    It has very gud story line but some of it don't happen in reality like te molvi daughters going to the party! And shame on the ladies in pink and black ( dont know their name) but how can u stop someone worshipping Allah?!

  • Uroojiet L'&Egr

    i cannot believe the molvi sahb let his daughters go to the party! aisai to bilkul nahi hota,aur woh jan tai hai kaisai logh tai

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Its gonna be a big hit as the story line seems awesome.

  • farah yousuf

    I m loving this drama :)

  • ayshea mansoor

    awesme novel,soul tuchng.. i just lve it :P

  • samreen

    yaar first episode mein hi hila ker rakh diya… imran is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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