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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 3 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

Alright so. The third episode has been aired and won our hearts once again. This was a fascinating episode, which kept me glued to the screen. You don’t expect any drama to achieve a great viewership and such high TRP just by three episodes but Khuda Aur Mohabbat has never failed to prove its awesomeness! I think now the story is going to take a serious turn. Today’s episode was somewhat predictable as compared to the last two episodes we have seen so far.

So, let me start with Sunny miyan. By persuading Molvi sahab through his cuteness, he somehow managed to convince him to send Haya and Imaan api to the party which was arranged in the honor of completion of first sipara. Considering the fact that his daughters has never stepped out of home ever before, Molvi sahab agreed but with a heavy heart as the party had mixed gatherings. I love one thing about Sunny, as being a little kid, social class etc doesn’t matter for him unlike his grandmother.

Yes, the moment we all had been waiting for has finally arrived. Hammad and Imaan finally together in the scene. Imaan’s mysteriously attractive eyes caught Hammad’s attention and he couldn’t stop looking at her and the background music was like cherry on the top. Honestly, its the best OST of all time, years old but still strums the right heartstrings. What touched my heart and I am sure, yours too was the scene where Haya and Imaan were offering namaz and Hammad was looking at them in awe. As if he has felt something he had never felt before, as he describes perfectly; ‘Mene husn ko hamesha be-hijab dekha hai‘. This lovely moment surely melted our collective hearts.

While on the other hand, Molvi sahab seems to be ill and Abdullah has been looking after almost all of Molvi sahab’s matters. Not only this, he also goes for tableegh behalf of him. I like Abdullah’s character. So pure and simple and I love how he does whatever makes Imaan smile and happy. Meanwhile, something is cooking between Abrina and her sister Narmeen. Abrina wants Hammad to marry her sister as she has been seen trying to make hammad spend some time with her to build friendship but Hammad clearly refuses. And at the same time Hammad has found himself a huge admirer of Imaan as according to him he has never seen a woman who’d carry herself better than her.

Tonight’s episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat has finally made the audience happy. The drama has reached to its turning point now, lets see how things turn out to be in the upcoming episodes, all in all, the audience seems delighted with the new turn. Overall, this episode was really up to the mark and well paced, it was wonderfully directed and the acting was superb as usual. Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan’s delightful performance makes this drama stand out in the crowd. The preview of next episode has already got us all anticipated. Share your predictions for the next episode with us.

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