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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 5

Faraz . 35

Are you kidding me?  We are already at episode 5? Gosh time passes quickly. Isn’t? Would you guys believe that Khuda Aur Mohabbat has already passed 5 episodes? Yup its true. And that’s because the story of Khuda Aur Mohabbat is so engrossing and the direction is so pacy that if  you lose one scene then you lose a major chunk of the story. For me that’s the reason why  Khuda aur mohabbat is working  in a big way despise the world cup matches, khuda aur mohabbat is perhaps  the most watched drama of this season.

I think episode 5 has been the best episode of Khuda aur mohabbat so far. If someone has missed it I suggest stop reading this review and watch it on youtube right away, cuz if you haven’t watched episodes 5th   then you have missed the best episode that highlighted the best performance of Imran Abbas so far.

As I had mentioned in the previous Review, with Khuda aur mohabbat , Imran has taken a giant leap  towards super stardom,  Imran has surpressed many of his peers and is now standing in the big league of Faisal Qureshi, Humayun Saeed, as well as Faisal Rehman.

If the 1st episode gave many of us goose bumps then episode 5 gave everyone electric shocks.Every sequence , right from the very beginning till the end was electrifying, Specially the confrontation between Imran and His Father Is worth mentioning.

Firdoos Jamal… where have you been all these years? Experience speaks for itself and this was proven in the sequence between him and Imran , The expressions, the command on the dialogues, the tone, everything was set to perfect. Note the variations of his voice when he confronts Imran . only an actor of his caliber is able to deliver such flawless performance, Bravo!!! any actor of lesser strength would have fallen straight flat.

And how well Imran Compliments it by delivering an electrifying performance,  “Mujhey Waqt nay Paidal Chalna sikhaya hai” , brilliant stuff , bravo mate! In all honesty, The arrogance, the ego and the stubbornness shown by Firdoos Jamal earlier could have been only matched by the retaliation and arrogance by Imran . The scene would have fallen straight flat, if imran would have shown less intensity, for me that was the high point of the drama. The tension rose to its highest peak!

Hatts off to Anjum Shehzad for extracting such brilliant performances  out of the best we have in our industry, We cannot stop admiring and praising Pakistan drama industry for the kind of talent it posses. In all honesty Khuda aur mohabbat is going to recreate the same aura of Pakistani drama industry we had long time ago, back in the days of un kahi, tanhaiya, jangloos, and many more. Thank you Anjum Shehzad for shaking everyone to the core and making everyone realize that our Viewers only want content and sincere story telling. Flashy models, with international locations cannot make people to watch a drama; it’s the wonderful script and the magical story telling art of  Anjum shehzad ,that has made Khuda Aur Mohabbat achieve super success despite the biggest opposition in the form of cricket recently

The real surprise of the episode was Shafaqat cheema’s entry :) yeah you got that right mateour very own shafqat cheema who is the lollywood version of gabbar singh , cheema brings in a pleasant surpise, however only time will tell  if his role will have any impact on the story or not. My instincts tells me that he is going  to play a very powerful role in the story, so let’s wait and watch

PS: Due to spam settings ,many of the previous comments were not able to get posted, I apologize for that , the settings have been adjusted and every comment will be postednow ,I understand that I am unable to write a review every week, it’s just that I have to manage my office as well as other works, I also encourage the readers to write reviews, if any one of you is interested  to review any episode do let me know and I will be more than happy to post it on dramapakistani..and yeah …. Congrates everyone :D We have beaten the Aussies!!!! 3 more matches to go!!!! lets pray for our team!

  • Annie

    wow I didn't realize KAM was this popular :)

    I agree with NK's comments about the drama. Imran Abbas has shown quite a bit of improvement over his past dramas and is acting well.

  • thanks for the awesome review :)

  • NK


    Just to clarify, my opinion/feedback was not in anyway undermining or even criticizing the original review – I was just posting my OWN thoughts! It was not meant to be in lieu of the original review, it was meant to be IN ADDITION to it. That's why there is no looking at both sides of the coin – I did not intend to write a review. It was simply my opinion, you don't have to agree or even like it – those are just my thoughts and you are more than welcome to ignore them! I silently read reviews in the past on a couple of shows on this website, and I enjoyed the writing styles, so I thought I'd share my thoughts as well – with very harmless intentions.

    @Faraz- I suppose you can thank me for attracting so much attention to your review! ;) I apologize if my comments came off as if I was undermining and/or mocking your review because I honestly was not. My opinion just seemed to differ, that's all.

    @Desigirl- Aahh, yes, concision was never my forte – I apologize for the intimidation due to the length of my posts! I write as much as I talk, so you can only imagine … hahha. My whole "true love" digression was really just a digression – not a critique of the novel or the show. And while I'm not exactly searching for Tom Cruise in Pakistan, I do think the acting can use some improvement. I understand that Imran Abbas is pretty young right now, but after watching primarily Faisal Qureshi dramas, the stark difference in acting abilities is very apparent. Just a thought.

    @Zainab- First of all hon, I was not writing a review and instead I was just posting my thoughts. Hence the thoughts were biased – because they were mere opinions! Second, I did not come here to show off my English or my writing skills, so you are more than welcome to ignore that. Third, if you are studying filming and you do not see any problems with editing and acting on the show, I would like to suggest that you start ignoring comments posted on this website, and instead concentrate more on your academics! ;)

    Enjoy tomorrow's episode everyone! Cheers! :)

  • Anamta Ali


    I'm sure, u'r gone,but just to tell u,i really enjoyed ur last comment. :-)

    it was so beautifull ;-) seriously,no kidding…

    i just want to answer you,what u asked.

    1)G nhi….mein,desi girl aur NK bilkul aik dosrey ko nhi jantey.

    2)it didn't buy me a lot of effort to think this much -ve,and yeah we three attacked one,but u alone attacked three of us??? kudos to you,,, :-):-):-)

    really,u have no parallel…

    4) Wa'alaikmussalam!!!

    5)Jealosuy??? hahaha…u must b and why to get jealoused???Applause!!!

    6) you had no intention,but we forced you to write in the directer's favour???don't u know,actions are judged by intentions.lolzzz…

    7) so-called HIRED 3 critics…again I'm laughing…ye bat to Mr.admin ko buri lag sakti hai…we aint hired dear…

    Last but not least,dost,,,mera koi irada nhi tha key mein kisi fan ko hurt karuu'n,ye jo mene uper likha,thats all a little nazrana in answer to your great sense of humor…mein in alfaaz ko wapis le rhi hun,ye sirf catharsis k lieay they,M done with it,so I'm taking them back,because you made my day.I enjoyed ur comments.

    (ab to nhi lag rha na mera comment Desi girl aur NK jesa???:-)

    wesey they both were good at their places.


    ye hui na admins wali baat… :-)

    Once again,I didn't like ur review,but yesss,i did like your last comment.


  • maria

    @chalo g nida to gai :) @zainab woh tees din, pehla chand, dile nadan, dead line and many more but i do not think they are available on any site :( arey haan you can find family front, he is the same BOBY :) hahahaha woh hum sab lar to nahi rahey dramey k review par…hahahahaha you know he won the best debut PTV award for boby, after that we never saw him acting: thanks admins for the great patience :

  • zainab

    oh sorry forget to write FILMI ;)

  • zainab

    @everyone; one important thing, you are all reviewing the tv play as this is a feature film except Faraz :) though it,s beautifully shot, like the frames, a little loud music & acting (larger than life) the sharp edit, like the pace, surely these are the things making this product different from others on tv…………i will try to find some other work of this director :) i have to rush to meet the model for my short film, take care and happy happy, B+ ;)

  • zainab

    @everyone, does anyone tell me the difference between a tv drama and a feature film, i am just working on a short film (my course assignment)and it is quite frustrating when you have to complete a task with minimum resources, i am sure this is what the trainers at college want us to experience, i appreciate Faraz for writing a well balanced review about a very well written, acted, and directed tv serial (made keeping in mind the target audience) not about a film, does anyone knows how many scenes are there in a normal 13 episode play and in a film, and what is the budget given to tv director and the team with technical equipment, lights, locations, Dop, actors, no of days to complete the projects, and in contrast for a film:) hahaha …….if this play,s team got an encouraging review, where he ignores little mistakes (which may be justified if we could have to listen the writer,producer and directors perception of the content) then one should not take this much personal k woh kehay k nahi bachu ab to mein nahi choroon ga ya gi ya hahahaha gay:))))) please do not fight all of you, be moderate…….let this page look beautiful, i forgot let me share with you all, i have two indian course mates i showed them KHUDA AUR MOHABAT,s episodes, you know what they said………kaya Pakistan mein bhi itana baria kam hota hai, i loved it :)and trust me they loved the girl and imran, story and appreciate the crafty skills of the director:i loved that too ;)

  • nida

    @desigirl good go on that shows from where you are coming ;) @faraz thanks for showing courage, keep it up :))) @anamta it,s your right……but right should be right….by the way you know each other anamta, desigirl and nk, same style of writing, just attack one person…..same, same, same:) hahahaha how much effort requires to think this much negative, and if one person has to play triple role for her or his special one or himself to let down his competitor:) salam to all or only one of you for thinking this much negative in jealousy :) …… Good work Im & Hai & Sar & Ba….you love yourself this much, unbelievable : my intentions were not to favor the director but i felt that these people are for no reason with intentions let the director down, so i started writing in favor of this brilliant director, but i think JISEY AALAH IZAT DEY wahan sirf jalney waley ka mun kala hota ha, God bless you mr dr & team and keep up doing good work, waiting for your another blockbuster… ……and the so called hired one or three critics, keep playing, i wont be able to part of this game….bye bye page:)God bless you too mr faraz;

  • Faraz

    Thank you Zainab as well as Anamta… in all honesty, critisim doesnt really matter to me, cuz i write what i feel like… some people would agree to it , some might not so it really doesnt matter,

    what matter is an open forum where everyone can speak their heart out,this is the beauty of dramapakistani… we never stop anyone to say anything….

    i dont want to get in to detail of whats a good review whats a bad review, its just one's way of looking at it….ignored the negetives cuz i dint feel like.. which in all honesty meri marzi :) nahi likhi negetive cheez cuz mera mood nahi tha :)

    baqi meri burai jitni khul ker kerni hai keroo :) mera koi bill nahi ata ….

  • Anamta Ali

    and about my re-review,,,yess i do agree with you…

    I gave a re-review of NK's review,because I liked it…can you tell me,y did u give ur Re-re-re-review… :-):-):-)

    chalo,atleast we agree somewhere,good for us.but i liked ur sense of humor,u showed at the end of ur re-re-re-review…. really it gave me a laughter that was out loud…

    infact i started my comment saying, "though I like seeing this drama,but….."

    and believe me,i had nothing against admin's review,untill I finished it,and found no costructive some places,he was true,but at others,he didn't fulfill the responsibility of a good reviewer.give me a single instance,that could show,he came up with the weak points as-well??? u won't b able to,because he didn't do that…Does that(admin's review) really mean,this drama is out-of-this-world and out of flaws???

    if u question ur senses and a bit sensible,ur answer would b a huge no……….try to accept things with an open heart.

    I might be admiring somewhere the same admin for his beautiful review and you would b saying "us forum pe to bara khilaaf bol rhi thi"….kher it depends on type of review one makes,if he would b just,i would always appreciate him.JazakALLAH…

    (No offence admin)

  • Desigirl

    @Nida: I am not the reviewer, Faraz is. I did not review this episode, simply pointed out a few things that struck my attention. Had I reviewed the entire episode I would have told you how much I hated the direction and disliked Sadia’s childish midocre acting! PERIOD!

  • Anamta Ali


    neutral review?????????????

    heck noooooooooooooo………………..admin's review was really a biased one,full of butter and cheese:-) [no offence]

    i didn't understand the prime purpose of his pat on the backs and on the heads…if he would have given a neutral review,he would have opted a mid-way,and not solely encompassing the kudos and pumping ups to good acters,he would surely have pointed the flaws too,alongwith the exquisiteness of the drama…please atleast be realistic…

  • nida

    @ desigirl he is looking wonderful in the play (looks & amazing performance) the question is why we only focus on him, why we do feel hesitant to appreciate others in the play and behind camera, unfortunate and sad : can we give a list of liking and disliking to the review writer so he can write separate review for every one :) @zainab i like the way you express :) using the technical knowledge :

  • zainab

    @desigirl very well oserved and realistic point of you :) i like it…….

  • Desigirl

    @Zainab: you have me laughing out loud… so thank you for that :D

    @NK: I liked your reviewing style but the length of your responses were intimidating :P

    In response to your comment that Hammad left his home for Imaan without knowing that she would marry him or not… Hammad didn’t leave for Imaan. He left because of the injustice and the prejudice that he saw in his home. I don’t think this novel is at all realistic because NO one leaves anything for anyone. Hammad doesn’t exist in real life, so lets just take this as a drama and not a reflection of reality. And yes in TRUE love, it doesn’t matter if one loves you back or not. Love is not a 2 way journey… love has no expectations, no demands and no bounds. True love requires no return…

    And yeah, Abdullah has obvious feelings for Imaan… DUH! :P

    Imran Abbas is not an amazing actor. He is not as talented as some others but I think that the effort that he has put into this particular role is worthy of much praise. Firstly, stop expecting to get the level of performance from our Pakistani actors similar to that of Hollywood ones. Don’t compare Imran to Tom Hanks and D Washington. I’m not saying that you are but it seems that this is what is expected from them. Despite limitations in our country, I think actors like Imran have outshined in the role that he has been given. Imran had never caught my attention until KAM. Hammad’s role is a very difficult one to fill and I think he is doing an incredible job. So let’s appreciate him for that.

  • N

    This drama is indeed somethig. I want to note something from a different angle than anyone probably mentioned.

    I am what most pakistanis would call a maulvan =) but dangit man, where the heck in islam does it say women cannot go out for their needs, for fresh air, to see their father in the hospital. Pakistani 'religous' ppl do take it too far, its alot of culture mixed in with real islam.

    Anyway, I guess it does depict the 'pakistani' version of islam pretty accurately. Something that turned me away from islam so many years ago always this sense of 'women get the short end of the bargain' if you choose to be religous.

    Alhamdulillah i got a chance to study real islam when i went to the US and real islam is so freeing and so advantageous for the women.


  • admin

    @ Zainab, Anamta, NK, Nimra, Maria, Nida and Komal, thank you for commenting, keep the feedback coming and encourage your friends to share their views as well…

  • zainab

    just love the play ;

  • zainab

    @nk you wrote a good review as for the no of words and english is concern but not a balance review, nothing is clear and focused, and why you feel the importance to write a very lengthy thing on this page and over admins compact and intelligent review, oh ok admins just praised the production, actors and director, that probably you did not like, koi baat nahi but what happend to anamta, she wrote a re review over review on the main review, kaya baat hai, criticism should not be insulting, i just read the whole page, when peole like nida and maria criticised your review you both did not like that why, when you can criticized every one in the play for no reason and call it positive criticism and anamta even criticized the admin who has written so many un biased reviews on this page which is a very well read and popular review page among the media and face book for the admins purity and knowledge of the job. please show some patience and be un biased, i love the novel and play , and it is a completely directors play, i myself is studying film making here in US, i could not find any editing issues, great pase, good acting except for two three bad actors :) some times the music is loud, good lighting again except for few scenes (reflects the budget constraints) director used the minimum available resources very smartly, and very important after the first episode people stop discussing the song (very popular) but start discussing drama….these are all the directors acheivments :)so if in 100 things he is giving you 80 or 90 things then he should be praised…….clap for the director…….yea i also wrote a review over reiview and over re……:hahahaha thanks

  • NK

    @Anamta- Thank you for your kind words! I am a girl. :) And in no way was I trying to undermine the original author of the above blog post. It just so happened that my views happened to differ with the author's.

    @Amna – oh no!

    @Nida- I believe that you need to go back and read all my posts above – especially the one where I mention how much I want to read this novel, but I can't! My posts are just a collection of my thoughts after watching the episode. If you don't like it or you cannot appreciate it, you are welcome to ignore it. From my end, I do feel that I have done my best to present the positive and negative aspects of the show. I only praise as much as I feel necessary – no more, no less. Peace out. :)

  • Nimra

    The first scene of episode 5 came out to be exactly the way I thought. Full of emotions, power, anger, and guilt. Hammad comes down raging with anger when he sees Maulvi Sahib being mistreated by his mother and bhabhi. His anger was perfectly portrayed when he yells "you'll all have to pay for this" and throws the money towards them. Notice how he pleads for an apology from Maulvi Sahib and then bows his head down when he begins to speak to him. He knows this man was his last hope, his only way to get to Imaan and after being insulted by his family, he might have lost the last ray of hope as well. It'll take him a long time now before he can convince him that it was his family who created the mess. "Kaash main tumhe bad'dua de sakta lekin nahi……Woh ooper wala sab kuch dekh raha hai…………..woh mera insaaf karega", the words that kept ringing in his ears. I loved the execution of the next scene where Hammad goes back home and yells at his mother and bhabhi to come speak to him. The bg score was apt for the scene! This whole incident has surely opened his eyes as he said "aaj aapne uss insaan ki baizti nahi ki balke khud apni izzat ka mazaq uraya hai aap logon ne". His family couldn't have done anything worst than this. He's gone forever.

    On his way back home, Maulvi Sahib falls unconscious and is taken to the hospital. I think Imaan could've acted much better when she came to know about the accident. I found the scene a bit OTT because of her. She completely failed to enact the emotions.

    Later that day, Hammad goes to Shakir chacha and tries his best to convince him to speak to Maulvi sahib regarding him and Imaan but fails once again.

    The highlight of the episode was definately the conversation between Hammad and his father. Firdous Jamal once again proved that he's one of the finest actors we have in the industry. The power, the demand in his words and equally demanding, straight forward answers from Hammad made the entire scene worth every second. He clearly asks them to respect the people who are somehow connected to him and his life and when he realises that they won't apologize he chooses to leave the house. His father reminds him that he wouldn't survive a single day without the privilages that he has been given all his life. "Aap ne bilkul theek kaha dad, bachon ko pedal chalna usske maa baap hi sikhatay hain…lekin mujhe pedal chalna aapne nahi, mujhe waqt ne pedal chalna sikha diya hai"……he throws his wallet and his wrist watch at his father before stepping out of his house to never come back again.

    Now alot of people thought that it's a very typical situation but I think there are alot of differences between this and the very usual situations we see all the time. Remember that he has not yet talked to Imaan. He doesn't even know if she'll agree to marry him which bothers me a bit. He leaving his family, his house, his belongings for a girl who doesn't have a clue about anything! She doesn't even know that his father is in the hospital because of Hammad's family and I'm thinking how would she react when she comes to know the truth. Whatever the matter, right now Hammad is the one at lose. We know that he'll continue to fight against all odds and try to convince Maulvi Sahib on his own but there is still a long way to go before this storm eases. I'm thinking will he ever go through that phase of regret that he left his everything behind? Normally we do see it, in all the stories, movies, TV shows that involve someone leaving his house for the love of his life. I still feel that this is not "just" about Hammad and Imaan, Hammad has promised Shakir chacha that he'll give everything back to Maulvi sahib which he onced owned. He has a huge responsibility on his shoulders and I'm sure he couldn't have done it while he is with his family.

    Hammad roams around on the streets recalling all that changed his life in an instance. He wakes up to the call of the Azaan and someone shaking him. He ends up at the railway station later that day not knowing what to do and where to go. I loved the way he stood near the slow moving train and we could see him through the gaps between the carts. He's not just standing there, he's there for a reason. A train symbolizes journey, new destination, and even new life for some people. Hammad is also about to start that new journey of his life and only time will tell where his journey will end. Great symbolization! We see a new character, Shafqat Cheema entring the show who I suppose will be the future support of Hammad.

    Imran and Firdous Jamal literally stole the show followed by Imaan's father.

    The precap looks interesting. Hammad goes out to the upper management of the railway to ask for a job and is offered a Coolie's position. I'm thinking he could've used his qualifications and gotten a better job instead but again he wants to start everything from a scratch hence it's all understandable.

  • zainab

    @nk, nida, maria, and anamta…………please do not spoil a very sensable review of admins about a must watched beautiful play KHUDA AUR MOHABBAT just because of your personal liking and disliking, NK you write well but you also need some improvement, and no harm to improve one,s skill :).i am not a critic but a normal viewer and i read the novel too, believe me the play is very much close to that, that is the only reason i am loving it while watching each episode, i am collecting every thing related to this play and that is why i found this review, really thankful to the admin for writting an encouraging review and ignoring the little mistakes done by every one, also thanks for providing people to read a neutral and intelligent review about different plays andddddddddd do share their personal liking and disliking on this page, every body used to praise actors and forget the other important people but you do not, I also would like to thanks Hashim Nadeem for writing novel & play Khuda aur Mohabbat and Anjum Shahzad for directing it beautfully and sincerely, PLEASE KEEP WRITTING FOR US……

  • maria

    @nida i nthink nk and anamata took your criyicism on thier review very personal…..nk you wrote v well review but what probably maria is trying to tell you do not watch the play only from IMRAN ABASS,s point of view…………imran,s acting also in different scenes is not up to the mark but over all is super that,s why one can ignore that…. sadia is perfect for the role and also performing v well…….if you will start comparing a very new commer with the seasoned old super stars it would be unfair with her………the scenes you were explaining and praising were just the imran….somebody was acting with him and some one directed those also you do not bother even to discuss their efforts……film making or drama making is a team work so if you have a desire to be a critic then you should have the comlete knowledge of that too……it cant be a one man show that in a hit and much appreciated play like khuda aur mohabbat the good thing is only IMRAN….but with him the whole team….i really appreciate the admins effort not because he praised the whole team but to wrote a very balance and compact review…… about nighat he said very boldly that she should not act in his last review………… please………. with all the little mistakes from actors,writer, Dop, producer and the director still the over all impact of the play is unblieveable…..again thanks to the whole team of khuda aur mohabbat for presenting such a impavtful and entertaining play……….

  • nida

    @nk ; we know it,s an independent industry…….it is said because every body just look upon india in our country and if you read your first review you did not said any good thing about any one but for imran, please if the first time every one is praising his skills of acting not looks then there must be some efforts put behind that from the director,….i would request you that when you review any thing please try to just to look upon that what impact you got in the end, not only foro ne bad performance or one badly edited shot, jo aur bohat si achi cheezien hein un ki be tareef kar dein to acha lagey….you are saying the story seems to you is predictable, nk it is based on the best seller novel and i read it…..and we heard the comments on geo from the writer that he is very happy that his novel is in safe hands………i am very much surprise that you are agreeing with sitwat,i do not know what were her intentions, at the end i do respect your comments but wanted to tell you that review writers do not impose their own perceptions but discuss the point of view of that particular play or film and watch that thing not as a critic but as a common viewer…….aur behtari ki gunjaish her cheez mein hoti hai,chahey woh hollywood ho ya bollywood ya phir hamari tv industry…….thanks

  • NK


    If you respected our opinions, you would not be saying all that you have said above. I do not "just want to write this" for no rhyme or reason. What I have posted above is my sincere opinion. I will not unnecessarily praise any work of art or any performance just because it belongs to my country. Not only is that dishonest, it also undermines the potential talent that is present in Pakistan.

    I have not undermined or negated anyone's efforts. While I see the effort that has been put into this drama, I also see that it can use some improvement. All I have said above is constructive criticism. I am watching this show because I do feel that it has the potential to be great, and I would really want them to achieve this greatness.

    And why do you feel that our industry needs to compete with India? On the other hand, I think the Pakistani industry is independent of India – it is self-sufficient, praiseworthy, and appreciated for its own efforts and talent and not comparatively to any other nation's. It is not me who has the inferiority complex, but rather people like yourself who feel the need to overpraise average performances just in order to convince yourself that you are good enough.

    I think even the actors, director, and producers would appreciate honest criticism and feedback more than unnecessary praise about their work. And even if they do not appreciate the criticism, it is better for them in the long run because it will only compel them to improve and better their work.

    Speaking of the director's work – I do appreciate the direction of the show, but I do feel the editing could use some serious work.

  • Anamta Ali

    I agree with NK and sitwat nazeer.Though I like seeing this play,but I liked u both's reviews as well.sitwat gave the most succinct present condition of drama lighting,which i didn't like aswell,and NK's view is as much appreciated as much it has gained length.

    I didn't like admin's view from the critical point of view,that contained more praises and talked less of defaults present in the drama.Appreciating drama on positive note,I liked some dialogues,but the dialogue delivery and interpretation by the leading girl emaan questions ones senses,either she's suitable enough to match the quality of the character???Personally,I didn't like her acting,and NK gave such a beautiful review that it could b seen at both sides of the coin,highligting positives and negatives.If i had to choose b/w the review by admin and by NK,I would surely would have opted NK's review.reading the admin's review,I thought of wasting my time as he completely turned blind to the poor acting by emaan and did a blunder of comparing it with un-kahi and tanhaai as these dramas were undoubtedly matchless,and concentrated his appreciation more on firdos' work(undoubtedly commendable),as firdos even being a well played acter of all the times isn't the kernel of the story,but eman really is,but NK was so well in pointing the real flaws and other facts and figures of drama.I liked his point of what would happen with the relation of Abdullah and emaan.

    And maria and nida…u both don't appreciate NK for his/her long review,even talkin bout the despairs and tragedies of our nation not to appreciate someone???duhh…

    the positive things should b appreciated on positve note,and negative aspects should b criticised even on positve note…y should we appreciate a bad actress spoiling the charm of roohi bano,sakeena sammo,tallat hussain…??? she would be appreciated,but she would have to show her guts first…she cant b presented with everything being put in a plate for her…it would b unjust to call her a good actress,if we have seen the operas of roohi,bushra ansari etc.yeah,if she proves to b a good actress in future,I would surely b appreciatind her.

    JazakALLAH NK for making a beautiful and commendable review.

  • nida

    i completely agree with maria…..i do not understand what Sitwat,s intentions are, writing these comments making n0 sense @nk at least trying to give her detailed review appreciate that………..LOVE THE PLAY………..anjum shahzad should make a film.his style of shooting is filmi, beautiful, calculated and thoughtful shooting……….i like your review admin………

  • maria

    @sitwat & nk; that,s why we do not grow, i respect your opinion but what opinion:) it seems that you just wanted to write this and that,s all…… i do not understand how easily we just negate the efforts being made by these actors, writers and directors who are at least trying to make our tv industry bigger and competeable with india……… these may be our inferiority complex that we do not respect our own talent or just try to look different we let them down by writing biased and unrealistic comments and reviews…..we should read the market and try to understand the concept first………I THINK THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND APPROPRIATE PLAY ACCORDING TO THE SITUATION OF PAKISTAN, EXCELLENT WRITING, ACTING AND VERY INTELLIGENTLY DIRECTED…….SALAM TO GEO AND MR ANJUM SHEHZAD FOR PRESENTING THIS BOLD PLAY WHICH REFLECTS THE DOUBLE STANDARD OF OUR SOCIETY BEAUTIFULLY: FOR ME YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED DIRECTOR WITH MEHREEN JABBAR AT THE MOMENT PRODUCED BY PAKISTAN AFTER SHOAIB MANSOOR ……..

  • I just love the drama..

    The gal is fittt in her character n dis is first time i like imran abbas as a n actor

    story is goingg very goood

  • Sitwat Nazeer

    too predictable storyline, chessy dialogues, over acting, average direction, bad lighting.

    i dont agree with the review AT ALL

  • Amna

    @ NK: i dnt want to disclose what actually would b happening next but trust me,there is no "post-marriage" struggle bcozthem two never get married :-(

  • NK

    I am so very confused! I made the above comment under Episode 3, and somehow it has ended up here! I have a separate review for Episode 5, so I would much rather share those thoughts here:

    To be honest, I thought this episode was very predictable and somewhat disappointing. Nothing that we couldn't see coming (even without having read the book) happened in this episode. I don't have these channels, and I watch this show on Youtube, and I just realized today that this show is airing on Geo TV! Usually, that means that this is going to be one of those dragged out shows that are oh-so-characteristic of all dramas on Geo TV. Judging from today's episode, I can see that they are going to give us very little week after week to watch.

    The fact that Imran Abbas is trying to act well is apparent, but I definitely think he could use a lot more work. The scene at the beginning of the episode when he comes back inside after talking to Maulvi Saab could use some serious improvements- his facial expressions don't match his body language. Sometimes he's too focused on his dialogue delivery that he forgets to make sure his body language/gestures are also aligned with the tone of his words. That really bothers me. The scene towards the end of the show, with his father, had a strong script and nice dialogues, but I felt that his dialogue delivery was poor there. The words were strong, but they failed to leave an impact on me as a member of the audience, when he said them.

    There was very little of Imaan in this week's episode, but whatever little there was left me thinking that this was a good thing! The girl that plays Imaan is so expressionless! She gets news that her father is injured and in the hospital, and although her words convey her fear, her tone, her dialogue delivery and her facial expressions all fall short! I really hope this girl is able to carry her half of the bargain in the coming episodes. Haya and Nighat were practically absent in this episode, although I do think a Hammad-Nighat scene would have been nice. Also, I wish they would spend some time on Imaan and her interactions with her father, Haya, Nighat, and Abdullah. They need to show us more about Imaan's personality and develop her character further before we see Imaan and Hammad together. Granted Maulvi Saab's daughters do not go out much in public for pleasure, but could they not have gone to the hospital to see their father!?!

    Hammad's character is shown as one that denounces all the arrogance, greed, and selfishness that comes with wealth and high status, but what Hammad fails to realize is that, in a way, his desire for Imaan is a product of that society as well. Hammad is so stubborn that he almost seems spoiled by the very upper class society that he criticizes – he wants Imaan, so he's going to get her at all costs. He threatens his family that he will leave their house and he does. He goes to Shakir Chacha and asks him to do his bidding – when he hesitates, he leaves with him an ultimatum as well. At this rate, it will be interesting to see if/when Maulvi Saab refuses to give his daughter to Hammad – to what extent will Hammad go then? Hammad left his house for Imaan without even knowing whether Imaan would be willing to marry him in the first place. True love or youthful haste?

    Next episode will be interesting if Imaan learns of how Hammad's family treated her father. If she does get to know that, how will she react to Hammad standing at her door?

    P.S. The relationship that makes me most curious is Abdullah and Imaan's. Will this turn out to be another love triangle? The way Abdullah looks at Imaan is definitely not as a sister.

  • NK


    I’ll start with Imran Abbas saying that I have watched a couple of his serials, and he always just seems like a pretty face. I think the one show that I appreciated his acting in was Malaal, but I feel like this show is providing him with a nice chance to showcase his talent. Imran Abbas is a pretty boy, but I think his acting could definitely use some work. I think he has definitely improved since the last few shows that I have watched of his, and I do feel that he is truly apt for Hammad’s character in this show, but I think the reason he stands out is not only because he’s acting well, but also because the actors around him are pretty bad actors. The girl who plays Imaan has not impressed me at all thus far! She has a pretty face, but that is not going to carry her through this serial. Her expressions, dialogue delivery, voice modulation and all that jazz could seriously use a lot more work! I really hope that her performance will improve as the focus of the show moves more and more towards her and away from those around of her. Characters like Nighat, Haya, Hammad’s bhabhi (Ambreenah?), Hammad’s brothers, Hammad’s mother, etc. I do like the actor that is playing Maulvi Sahab though – his performance is worth watching!


    I haven’t been to Pakistan since I was very little, and the stark differences between the different classes in society in Pakistan are just jaw-dropping to watch. I think the show does a beautiful job capturing the difference between Hammad’s family and Imaan’s family and their different ways of life. But what really left me amazed was the way Hammad’s family behaves in terms of their status, etc. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t ever lived in Pakistan nor have I visited for a very long time, but the fact that someone can take offense to a humble request of praying in a small room in their house just because they are from the upper class leaves me extremely disgusted actually. Does that actually happen in Pakistan or is the show exaggerating these events? I really like how Hammad’s character portrays a striking contrast to the rest of his family, but even his humility and his modesty is mocked by the rest of his family.


    I am really curious to know what course this serial will take. I can’t read Urdu, or I would honestly go and read the novel right now! I am really curious to see if the majority of the serial will be devoted to Hammad’s attempts to marry Imaan, or if it will also focus on their post-marriage life and how they have to face the struggles between the two families. If they do get married, how will Hammad’s family treat Imaan? Let’s just say curiosity is repeatedly killing the cat.

  • Komal

    yar such a superb drama.i luv hammad so much….his style,his acting every thing

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