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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Epsiode 3

Faraz . 13

There always been a perception that guys don’t watch Dramas. Or if they do they might be considered sissy, we are always considered emotion less with no feelings. So what it is that makes a guy watch a Pakistani drama? I am still clue less. I recently asked few of my friends if they watched Khuda aur Mohabbat and to my astonishment, every one of them is following it from the very 1st episode.  Is it the aggressive marketing? The billboards that we see on the roads? To be honest I dint see any billboard of Khuda aur mohabbat on Shah r Faisal… Every other billboard is filled with “ Lawn “ adds  J rest  are filled with Humayun Saeed’s Production.

Khuda aur mohabbat has this unexplainable sort of attraction in it. Which I am unable to understand.  May be it’s Imran Abbas, or maybe it’s the Title song which ,is in all honesty, has been sung beautifully by Ahmed jahanzeb. Or maybe it’s the new girl..But what I honestly think is working for khuda aur mohabbat is its wonderful story and direction.

Generally you don’t expect a drama to achieve this much success right from the 3rd episode , there is no Faisal Qureshi, no Humayun saeed, No sanam baloch., the drama isn’t from Mehreen Jabbar aur from Hiassam hussain but in all honesty it has become the most watched drama in recent times. And this makes me come to a conclusion that Pakistani viewership is intelligent, they don’t fall for flashy stuff, and they don’t want foreign location. They want a good story with sincere performance.

Khuda Aur mohabbat is a working well only because of the wonderful story and brilliant direction.

If we look at episode 3, there wasn’t much, but it kept us glued to the screen as if it was Pakistan Vs Canada match J . I think Anjum Shehzad Really deserves applause because of his treatment to the script and how wonderfully he has handled the sequences between Hammad and Emaan.

Episode 3 was all about Hammad’s 1st Interaction with Emaan. The way he looks at her at the wedding the way he explains about his situation to his friend over the phone simply makes the viewer feel sorry for him, he has fallen in love with the person he shouldn’t have. He is going crazy after a girl he knows he can not have. So what will happen now?

The scenes that are worth mentioning are the last 15 minutes. The way Imran looks at Emaan in the library, The way he gets nervous is something that leaves the viewers bedazzled., and right at that point the episode folds up … what a shame isn’t  J well all we have to do is wait for next Thursday and see what happens, and I can tell you that next week, it’s going to be a hella of an episode.. I think the drama will rise to new heights from the next episode…

Oh btw… the girl playing Imran’s sister is a complete waste… I mean come on , this much over acting??? Khuda khofi keroo yaar… why is she acting anyway? I know she is not reading it, but If she is.. Please do yourself a favour… stop acting and doing something constructive.

PS : Pray for Team Pakistan… I know  its too early to predict anything  and we should not keep any expectations.. but  the way Our team is playing…. “ Chance tou hai”

  • good review

  • Desigirl

    Excuse me ???

  • nida

    @desigirl i still think that you do not think beyond imran that,s why you do not like any others appreciation in any review or comments, fine but if we use some good words insulting someone,s effort just to let that person down, my be more acceptable for the reader of this very decent page…….:)

  • Desigirl

    @Nida… not minded it at all :) I still think direction needs work.. and so does Imran!

  • NK

    Oops, my above comment was made in haste. Obviously if a comment wasn't made here in the first place, it would not be deleted. Honest mistake – I apologize!

  • NK

    May I ask why my comment was deleted? Are criticism and honesty not appreciated here?

  • nida

    @desigirl and nimra………..i hope you wont mind :)

  • nida

    @nimra and desigirl……….very very baised opinion regarding the directors acheivements in this play, i am also a big fan of imran but only his looks before this project, but now i admit him as a good actor too, he did so many plays but the feed back he is getting this time he never could in the past, so the credit for this goes to the director to explore a very fine actor in imran which the other directors could not in the past, i will request you two that the love for imran is ok but please appreciate the good work of others too……………and remember there are so many people who involves in every successful project so if you cant praise their efforts for no reason then at least do not disgrace them by your rude comments : mr director and writer and the whole production team you all did a great job and thanks to all of you for presenting such a beautiful play……….thanks

  • Faraz

    Thank you all for commenting.

    @Nimra. I apologize for not having your comment being posted right away, I just checked the spam settings and your comments were going in the spam folder, its rectified now and you can continue to comment freely now…

  • The girl is not new!!! She is SADIA KHAN! She was in yariyan and a few other serials too…

  • Mahpara

    @ Desigirl I couldn't agree more

  • Nimra

    Thanks for writing the review! :)

    It's the best thing you can watch on TV nowadays. I thought it was only me who felt a strange attraction towards KAM. I'm not drooling over Imran (lol) but the small moments he shares with Imaan, his gazes, and the way he talks about her is beyond words. It's so beautiful and pure. Then ofcourse there's that very "sensitive" issue called "religion" which plays a big role in their lives and to most extent, this is one thing that has made the viewers curious about what is yet to come. People want to see the transformation in Hammad and how his world changes because of one girl. They want to know what brings him close to his God and his love and finally does he choose love or God? or maybe both.

    All said, this is truly a masterpiece. Don't mind the shoddy direction sometimes, as long as there's a proper storyline and the message is conveyed. Plus we have just seen the first 3 episodes, alot more is yet to come.

    Yes I also felt Hammad's sister is not a good actor but lets just give her some time and see what happens :)

  • Desigirl

    Oh yaar, drama dekhtay way soo rahay thay kya? j/k

    Direction is good? Direction is crappy!!! It needs improvement. There are shortcomings throughout episode 3 illustrating bad direction. The only reason why i watched episode 2 and 3 was because of Imran. His acting is like a 6er out of the stadium!!! :)

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