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Khuda aur Mohabbat S2 Episode 2 Review

Rida Abeeha . 1

So the second episode of the play Khuda Aur Mohabbat is on screens now. but this one time, far below the expectation. Not only me but the other viewers are disappointed too. Some say that the intensity, that smooth and sleek feeling is totally missing in this season by choosing the glamour element over shadowed the core elements of drama which included love, passion and emotions but unfortunately all these ingredients are thoroughly lacking. Or are we too quick to judge? Hold down, there’s a lot more to come.

Alright so, Episode 2 was to establish the characters and their relationship. Until now it is easy to understand the motives and personalities of all the characters. The drama starts off with an adorable head to head conversation between the cutest kid Sunny and Molvi Sahab. In this episode, we also see an addition; Abdullah. Upon Molvi Sahab’s request, he has decided to live with them. Anyways. Episode 2 made it evident that Abdullah likes Imaan. How she stuns Abdullah into silence with her simplicity, elegance and beauty. The lovely moment surely melted our collective hearts when he was reading her books and caught smiling by Haya.

While we see no change in Hammad aka Maddy, he’s still the same irresponsible guy abroad but this time he has finally came back to Pakistan upon his mother and father’s request. One thing I found funny in episode 2 was how Hammad was making fun of cupid myth and at the same moment Imaan’s room door was opened due to heavy storm, well this is 21st century we are living in. Duh. So, yeah. Maddy can be labelled as the guy with no sense of love, emotions, or what we call it; muhabbat. And he hasn’t changed at all even after coming back to Pakistan, he’s still partying in clubs just like he was in America.

In a nutshell, nothing special but it was a well-directed episode. The promo of next episode looks promising with Imran Abbas being charismatic in his character Hammad and Sadia Khan, the leading actress, taking the spot light with her elegance. Fingers crossed for the third episode!

  • Syed Imran Jillani


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