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Khuda Aur Mohabbat: Season 1 OVER

Sarah (Noorie) . 30

I really don’t know what to say in this review. Khuda aur Mohabbat was a drama that touched the hearts of so many people. In one word: brilliant.

Emaan (Sadia Khan) and Hammad (Imran Abbas)…their story was amazing. Tragically, it ended before it even had a chance to start. Molvi Sahab’s ego was not the problem as most people think. Sure, it was part of it. But it wasn’t his ego, it was his mindset that killed Emaan. His belief that love was haram, that to feel love towards a na-mehram was a sin.

We seem to have extremists everywhere in Pakistan. No, I don’t mean terrorists and jihadists. I mean extremists in everyday things. There are some people out there think that interaction between men and women such as touching, wearing inappropriate clothing and a load of other things are a sign of being “modern.” Molvi Sahab was in a class of people who were the complete opposite. In his mindset, everything between women and men, whether it be showing your face or even talking to each other, is haram. And love? Love between a man and a woman before marriage doesn’t exist.

Dono hi aik hain khuda aur mohabbat. This line has been the subject of a lot of controversy. A lot of people have regarded that this is shirk, comparing love with god. But shirk is associating someone else with God. Mohabbat isn’t a person. It’s a feeling, an emotion, one that Allah has put no restriction on. Allah has made love halal; whether it be a child loving its parents, a man loving a woman, or even love towards Allah himself. Love is an emotion that Allah has created as a blessing for his bandey.

Molvi Sahab thought that love was wrong. But in reality, he was wrong. Hammad’s love towards Emaan was not only jaiz, but it was a beautiful thing as well. He loved her whole-heartedly, he gave up everything for her. Even when he realized that she couldn’t be his, he still didn’t waver in his love. He loved her so much that Emaan had no choice but to return it. But Molvi Sahab told her that love was a sin. Mohabbat tou gunha bhi hai, mohabbat tou khuda bhi hai. He gave Emaan so much emotional turmoil that she died in the belief that she was a sinner for falling in love with Hammad.

Love is not a sin. Islam teaches love. Islam is based on love for Allah. Islam allows a man and a woman to choose who they want to marry. Many times, love causes men and women to do things that Islam is against. But Hammad and Emaan’s love wasn’t like this. It was pure. It was inside the boundaries of love that Islam layed forth. But Molvi Sahab made them believe that their feelings were wrong.

Molvi Sahab isn’t at fault. His soch is. And unfortunately, his soch is shared by countless Muslims not only in Pakistan but all over the world. People do things in the name of Islam without even realizing that Islam doesn’t even teach them. Khuda aur Mohabbat is just one example.

I’ll miss this show dearly. There will be a season two. But Emaan won’t be in it. Hammad and Emaan’s love will still be alive, but Emaan won’t. She was killed in the name of Islam. An Islam that Molvi Sahab never even bothered to properly learn.

KAM had a lot of faults. The only good actors in it were Imran Abbas, Firdous Jamal, Shafqat Cheema and one or two more actors. The directing was terribly weak, and the show was horribly shot. But none of these faults matter, because KAM”s amazing and powerful storyline was enough to keep viewers entranced. Hashim Nadeem created a masterpiece. Every dialogue was beautifully written. Every dialogue carried enough weight to extract tears from the audience. Hat’s off!

I will watch KAM’s season 2 whenever it airs. But I won’t forget Emaan, and the sacrfices she made for her father, the father who never even realized that his daughter was in pain because of him.


  • Imaan

    I completely agree with you Noorie, the idea of religion usually gets mashed up into traditions. When instead they are two different things. Moulvi confused Islam with the conservatives of his family or pakistani traditions. Which is a sin, mixing anything into religion. Hammad and Emaans love was pure and certainly within the borders of religion. Islam does not disapprove of one choosing their life partner. Lastly, Sadia and Imraan’s acting superb! Bring them back!

  • Imaan

    Sadia Khan and Imran Abbas’s chemistry was beautiful. They need to return on screen again. Drama was mind-blowing <3

  • Emran abas bhai Salam to u And Sadia khan salam also to u.

    I m a big fan of ur both.

    Main kbhi drama dekh kr nhi roya main ne socha tha mera dil bhut sakht hy k main ak drama k 7 b nhi roya.

    Lqn khuda aur muhbat k drama ne mje itna rolaya hy itna rolaya hy k bayan nhi kr skta.

    Mera dik mom bathi ki trha pigal gaya.

    Andr se toot gaya mera dil.

    Emran aur sadia q itna acha drama banaya kia logo ko dil ka mariz banaogay.

    Main to smjo bn gaya ho.


  • Khuda aur muhabat is a zbrdast nice good amazing drama.

    Bhut acha drama hy Emran Abas aur Sadia Khan Ne to kamal kr dia hy is drama pa. Amazing Amazing Jitna tarif kro km hy.

    My best actr and acctres bn gae hy dono Emran Abas aur Sadia khan. I like u both.

    Gooood gooood salam to both.

  • Shoukat

    i always seen indian drama's and never seen the pakistani drama's

    coz not play attarctive drama's

    but on 1st may our cable operator play the drama"KUHDA AUR MOHABAT" when i seen this drama u can't belive i do,t getup my bed until finish the drama.drama play 10.00am and finsh 5.30pm.

    1. this iz awesome drama

    2. awesome cast

    3. awesome pictureization

    4. awesome lovestory

    5. many congrts 4 writer of drama's and write again and again this type of drama's coz mi point of view this iz super doper hit drama.

  • Zia


    That is a nonsense thing to say that we should do parda from Allah (s.w.t.). He is the Creator. He Sees all things and is not ashamed of the Truth. On the other hand, He specifically ordered us to veil from our na-mahrams. Don't you even know that much? Where does ignoring Allah (s) come into all this?

    The ultimate truth is that if a girl is so pure and modest who observed her veil from na-mahrams, she would rather die than to commit sin by appearing in front of na-mahrams. Imaan regretted committing sin in front of na-mahram, which ultimately led to her death.

    There is nothing wrong with loving someone for the right reasons if the love is pure and free from lust, and if your conduct is according to Islam with the one you love (no being together alone, no dating, no affair etc.)

    So it looks like it's you who can't face the Ultimate Truth from Allah (s.w.t.). You're using your human logic and crooked belief to make rules in Islam. But remember, Allah (s) said:

    "O ye who believe! follow not satan's footsteps: if any will follow the footsteps of satan, he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong: and were it not for the grace and mercy of allah on you, not one of you would ever have been pure: but allah doth purify whom he pleases: and allah is one who hears and knows (all things)." [Al-Noor:21]

  • revierwer345

    You people r impossible@zia.

    Live nd let live.

    I wish allah come to visit u someday and you ignore Him as a na-mehram.

    Allah bless u @noorie.

    And @zia the ultimate truth is iman loved hammad but was burning inside which eventually lead to her death.

    Face it

  • Zia

    Khuda Aur Mohabbat


    Karun sajda ek khuda ko.

    Parhun kalma ya mein dua dun.

    Donun hi ek – khuda aur mohabbat.

    Khuda ke naam pe sajde mein sar jhukna ibadat hai.

    Wo dil ALLAH ka ghar hai ke jis dil mein mohabbat hai.

    Parhun Ayat koi Surat sanam ke naam ka kalma.

    Wafa ke do daanun par Tasbeeh to mukammal hai.

    Wo Jannat ho ya ye duniya.

    Inhi lafzon ki chahat hai.

    Mohabbat hai khuda jaisi.

    Khuda hi to mohabbat hai.

    Mere mehboob ki surat mein Rabb dekhoon to kya samjoon.

    Yeh Iman hai, baghawat hai, junoon hai ya haqiqat hai?

    Mera Qibla tu Kaba hai mera taveez mannat hai.

    Khuda ke roop mein pinhan mere dil mein muhabbat hai.


    Yeh dil mein kaisi uljhan hai

    Mein kya mangoon khuda jaane

    Muhabbat to gunnah bhi hai, Muhabbat hi khuda bhi hai

    Mein mar jaoon na is gham main na keh paoon ke chahat hai

    Mera jeena ibadat hai, mera marna muhabbat hai

    My translation:


    Whether I prostrate to one God.

    Or repeat the name and pray for (beloved).

    Both God and Love are the same.

    To bow your head in prostration in God's name is worship.

    That heart is ALLAH's house in which there is Love.

    Whether I recite a verse or a chapter (of Holy Qur'an).

    Or recite the name of my beloved.

    (Reciting) two beads with sincerity completes the Tasbeeh (prayer beads).

    Whether it is that Paradise or this world.

    It is the desire of these words.

    Love is like God.

    God Himself is Love.

    If I see the Lord in my beloved's face,then what should I interpret?

    Is it faith, deception, madness or is it the truth?

    You are my Qibla (direction of prayer), my Ka'ba (in Mecca), my Taweez (Amulet), my Mannat (Vow).

    In the form of God is concealed the love in my heart.


    What kind of confusion is this in my heart?

    God knows what I want.

    Love is a sin but love is also God.

    I hope I do not die in this grief that I may not be able to say that I love you.

    My living is worship (in God), my dying is love (for beloved)

    I do not agree with the lyrics of Khuda Aur Muhabbat song written by Javeria and sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb. Loving a girl cannot be equal to worshipping Allah (s.w.t.) or reciting the Qur'an. Those lyrics can only be true for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

    However, the story of the drama itself has many beautiful messages for youngsters in today's society. I hope they will learn a message from it on how to love someone with pure heart and modesty, and also how to respect parents and stay focus on the path of Islam.

    The role which Sadia Khan played as Imaan is so pure and beautiful that every girl should try to attain it. Always in parda (veil) in front of na-mahram men (strangers). She did not disobey her parents and always stayed on the path of righteousness, shame and haya (modesty).

    She committed one mistake of seeing a na-mahram man alone because she was compelled to do so to save him from death, but she repented for this sin with deep regret and grief in her heart which led her to death.

    She lived in worship of Allah (s.w.t.) and she died because of her love ("Mera jeena ibadat hai, mera marna muhabbat hai"). What a beautiful way to die in honor, haya (modesty) and Imaan (faith). She reached the status of shuhada (the martyrs).

    Khuda Aur Muhabbat changed my life because of Sadia Khan. Seeing her purity and modesty increased my Imaan (faith) in Allah (s.w.t.) and instilled a deep desire in my heart to follow Islam more closely and to stay away from evil and immodest behaviour. I am more focussed in trying to live in the way portrayed by Sadia Khan in the drama.

    May Allah bless you Sadia Khan and protect you from evil eyes and against the power of Shaitan who will try to mislead you into doing roles which are vulgar, immodest and shameful (do not do those roles at any cost or loss). Ameen.


  • Zed

    @ Noorie

    I just watched this drama and came across your review. I disagree with everything you said. It doesn't sound like you are a Muslim. You sound like one of those characters from the wealthy household in the drama who actually who despised and insulted the Molvi sahib.

    Love between mother and child, husband and wife and between man and God, which you mentioned, are a different category which are not forbidden and in fact Islam encourages that type of love. Romantic or lustful love, on the other hand, is categorically forbidden in Islam before marriage. It's forbidden to even give a 2nd look at a na-mahram. Romantic love before marriage between to na-mahrams is forbidden.

    There is nothing wrong to love or like someone before marriage for the sake of Allah. For instance, you can love someone for their good character, their piety, their truthfulness etc. In such cases, if one likes or loves someone, they should tell their parents and get married.

    The kind of love that was shown in the drama was romantic lustful love. Hammad wasn't even a Muslim at the start of the drama. He was shown as drunk and dancing with girls in nightclub while Adhan (call to prayer) was happening.

    His love was based on one glance at the Molvi's daughter and he did not take his eyes off her. He should have lowered his gaze when he saw the Molvi's daughter. But he continued following her and then desired to meet her in private, which is all forbidden.

    The only real and Islamic portrayal of characters were the Molvi sahib and his family, who followed Islam, the rest were all un-islamic. I'm not saying those out of personal feeling but through Islamic knowledge.

    However, the female character Imaan did commit one error, and that was to go and meet the na-mahram boy. The story did show that she asked for forgiveness though for this act and she died in grief from this action of hers. So in the end, she was a good person.

    So it's not the Molvi sahib's soch (thinking) that is the fault as you falsely claimed. It is your soch and your way of thinking because you are an un-islamic person with western boundaries.

  • Yasir

    Oh good grief where do I start? Firstly I have to say thank you (Noori) for the time you take to write reviews and I hope the few negative comments dont discourage you.

    In regards to this drama though I bought the series after reading the positive comments but seriously I think i've just watched a completely different drama to you guys- KAM is absolutely terrible! XD

    Aside from one or two performances the acting is so bad. Every time Nighat appeared on screen (to invariably cry most annoyingly) I just felt like sticking forks in my eyes! :D

    The story itself started out ok but just became so far fetched and implausible, every new development just made us groan more and more.

    Very very disappointing! =[


    khuda our muhabat is the best serial in my life but the last episode was not good because he don't succes in his love we want that you add the heroin in the next season too and the sadia khan is the best choise for you and plz plz plz in the next season meet the two lovers i again request you that add the sadia khan and imran abbas in the next serial plz plz………………………!

  • Faraz

    Thank you Zaynab.

    not sure about it yet… lets see,, thanks for liking the review…

  • Zaynab

    i loved the review when is season 2 coming

  • Faraz

    aur lobby nahi hai koi ….. bus jis bhi review writer ko jo drama pasand aya likh diya, anyone can write on this page… lets say if u wana review uran then please do let me know and i will post it on the site…..

    and we are volunteers. we dont get any money to keep this website online.. apni jaib say kertey hian sab :) kash koi TV channel humey paisey dey 1 -2 lakh monthly phir lobbying bhi ker lein gay :D

  • Faraz


    chakker yeh hai key uraan, ya tum ho kay chup jis timings per ata hai uss waqt koi dekhta hi nahi….

    abb akbari ashgari is new and its on sat. plus zyada ter dramas weekend per jo atey hain hum tv per woh kafi set hotey hain….. hum tv ki koi lobby nahi haim, itefaq keh saktey hain …

  • Rida

    While I do not really like Khuda aur Mohabbat, I agree with Maria on one thing. This blog is highly biased. There have been some really good shows on other channels. Uraan and Tum Ho ki Chup on Geo TV. Also Lamha Lamha Zindagi on ARY. But no, this blog has nothing good to say about any shows other than those of Hum TV.

  • Reviewer

    With due respect, I feel the writer here is "terribly weak". I don't know if you've read the novel but they are doing justice to the novel. This is one of the fewer novels where they stick to the novel, instead of adding extra twists and turns just for TRP's.

  • Abdullah

    Another thing read the novel before abusing that Maulana sahab. Maine last episode abhi dekhi hai novel aur dramay main kafi ziyada farq krdia hai. Zara ek baar novel bhi parh lo.

    (Sorry for consecutive posts)

  • Abdullah

    Your review sound like the you hate Ulema and Maulana's(read the actual definition of those before commenting next time).

    Please let me know where you heard/read that Love before marriage is allowed/Halaal in Islam. (Please give me any fatwa/Hadith reference from any well known book written by any Sunni Muslim)


    Anti-Extremist but Muslim

  • maria

    thank you & beside all the arguments with Noorie i love this page and whatever i said was for the betterment of the page: thanks again

  • maria

    where is my comments Faraz saab, it was very important for Noorie and every HONEST CRITIC …..

  • maria

    thank you Faraz :) @ Noorie i still have the same point of view about your review, it,s not a joke you are publishing your review publically on facebook, it should not be your own point of view (oh g mera dil chaa raha tha) it should be very much of a proffessional's review who should also know the ground realities of Pakistan Drama Industry and have the complete proffesional knowledge of the subject, please try to understand the difference between the personal p/v & proffessional p/v, any one can give his or her personal comment on any show(like the people give on any drama page about any show) but reviewing the same show for any Paper or Review Page, he or she must ignore the personal like or dislike and be proffessional :) i hope you wont mind and Faraz sab you too, very soon i will send you my review on the current drama industry of Pakistan : thanks :)

  • Noorie

    Maria, everybody has different opinions. The first 3 reviews were not written by me. If they had been written by me, they would mention the bad acting and directing. Dramapakistani is a place for everyone to share their views about the drama. Please don't accuse people of being biased just because their views don't match yours.

  • Yaar maria app tou bohat zyada serious hogai hoo :)

    Every reviewer has their own way of reviewing the drama… you also need to keep in mind that i have a different way of reviewing something which in all honesty is way lot different then noorie the 1st 3 reviews were written by me while noorie wrote the last one so thats why the views are different which is okay because both of us had different views about this drama… so difference of opinion is a good thing.

    when someone writes a review there are so many things that effects his/her writing ability , the mood, the attitude , or the environment that person was at the time of writing, for example i can review the same episode differently at different times and thats just because of surroundings.

    anyway… something that i would like to point out is .. for the last couple of weeks i have noticed that our readers have started commenting on the review.. rather then the particular week's episode , dramapakistani is not about commenting on review … its about sharing your thoughts about the particular episode,,, and an important thing … we never stop anyone to say anything , the reviewers who review the episodes have their own valid points and i as an admin will never discourage them…. so app baqi sab log review ka review na karein :) drama ki episode ka feedback dein… aur agar review pasand nahi, then be positive and tell me that you would like to write your review as well and i can post it on dramapakistani….

    Thank you maria for participating…

  • maria

    double standards :

  • maria

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :) read the first 3 reviews, it is becoming quite un believable page, kabi tolla kabi masha, please give chance at least 10 people to review one serial, (agar mazeed bara gharaq karna hai to) may be at the first three reviews the quality of shooting and acting was excellent, and Director was outstanding now suddenly some thing happened and every thing becomes so bad, oh my GOD admin what is this ??????????????

  • Noorie

    Maria, I'm not a paid employee and nor am I, in my opinion, biased. To tell you the truth, I don't even pay attention to who is producing the drama. I'm a drama viewer, and I write about what I feel while watching dramas. One of the director's jobs is to get actors to into their character. And I've heard from countless people who watched this drama that most of the acting was horrible. The technical aspects weren't up to spot either as it was shot terribly and the quality wasn't very good. I don't know whether this was a low-budget show or not. All I know is that I am a drama viewer, and I like to view dramas with good acting, good camera work and good quality. If the dramas I have been giving good reviews about are from Moomal Productions, then that means that Moomal Productions make good dramas. It's not my fault that their dramas are the only good ones. I just write what I see.

  • maria

    sorry to write this but this is my observation about Noorie,s reveiws in the past too that she only writes good review for momal productions, what i know about journalism that a journalist should have the complete knowlege and vision about the subject he or she is writing on and must not be yellow. it,s a great responsibility, in Noorie,s case i feel sorry to say that she does not even know about the genere she is talking about, please ask her if she knows any genere of story telling or the technical aspects of direction….. please review writting ko mazaq na banaien k her woh banda ya bandi who can write good english is a critic, and it is not a part time job, if you Admin really wants to groom new writers (critic) then please create a separate page for them and trained them there, not on this page……..on air dramas or shows being made by professionals and it should be reviewed by professionals. these are my suggestions to make this page more authentic. thanks

  • maria

    Noorie, i think you are a paid employee, and your duty is only to write against every director except for few your own favorite directors, you started the review very well explaining the point of view of Emaan but finishes very poorly. i think the best thing in the play was direction that makes it huge success with having the limited budget and the choice of actors, one who has the knowledge can easily understand this. Salam to Anjum Shahzad creating such a beautiful play, it was really really very well directed play. i will request admin that please do not spoil the class of this page by giving chance to write reviews to such baised people who even does not has the proper knowledge of this work…….

  • Noorie,

    Thats a brilliant review, i would really like to thank you for the efforts you have been putting in drama pakistani..

    the best part i like about your review is you don't write for the sake of writing something you write because you want to give an honest opnion.. i never find any laziness or laid back reviews from your side… brilliant job.

    Khuda aur mohabbat started of brilliantly but it lost the track somewhere in between, i think it was the wrong choice of actors….. The story was very very powerful and so as the OST, i wouldn't call direction that weak as you mentioned. but do think that the dram was made on a very limited budget… low cost drama that did yield maximum returns for the producers.. this is my personal opinion….

    keep writing the wonderful review Noorie!!!!! shabash larki :)

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