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Khuda Aur Muhabbat – Episode 7 Review

Rida Abeeha . 1

This episode disappointed me a big time. Episodes like this make me understand why we say drama, a “drama”. The story seems far off from reality. When I sit down to watch and review this drama, I try really hard to find something anything that works in its favor, I can’t think of anything. Acting has been a good point but even the best actors can not save a poorly written script that has repetitive dialogues and flashback scenes. Maulvi saahb is oblivious to the whole situation cooking at Maddy’ place. It was heartbreaking to see Maulvi saahb suffering because of the mess and chaos created by Hammad’s mother and Abrina. I don’t think I would have anything nice to say about them. Both are extremely selfish, self-centered, and badtameez. Now we have to wait and see what will become of poor Hammad, whose only key was to please Maulvi saahb. Imran Abbas was again superb. His expressions said a thousand words.

Hammad made that big announcement in front of his parents that he’s leaving the house. He knew how much he was attached to Imaan and that he would be utterly heart-broken without her. The easy going, carefree, non serious guy is so blinded by love that he decided to their his house. He knew that his parents aren’t going to take his rishta to Maulvi’s place after this storm so he choses Shakir chacha for help. It showed how far off from reality this drama is. I mean who chooses his driver to take his rishta and what was even funnier that he started working as a coolie. Where on earth does it happen that a guy belonging to an extremely rich family leaves every comfort and becomes a coolie just for the sake of love. Some people may find it cute but for me it was idiotic and it disappointed me. He is living in a fantasy world, where his love will overcome their class difference, social status, different family backgrounds.

Abdullah is still being the helping and supporting hand of Maulvi saahb. It’s lovely to see how much he cares Imaan but is hesitant to show. The director has focused on the simple acts that emphasize his love for Imaan, while keeping in mind their personalities. His expressions and dialogue delivery were effortless and so amusing.

Despite being presented unrealistically, I am still hooked to this show because of Imran Abbas. The strongest aspects of this play so far have been the characterisation and casting. His family is full of interesting character. Now the show has grabbed the attention of the viewers, it would be interesting to see how the story progresses. Share your thoughts about it.

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