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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 10 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

No words will ever be enough to describe the sheer delight I, along with many other viewers, feel to see Khuda Mera Bhi Hai breaking tremendous social stigmas and stereotypes.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a divorced woman happily married again after being a sorry victim of an abusive marriage. Sanam is now happily satisfied with what she has and is finally back on track with her life. The society we live in believes that a woman can never marry again once she’s divorced and is somewhat “badbakht and badkirdaar,” so kudos to KMBH for showing that Sanam and Zahir’s marriage was a product of love which is truly wonderful.

We see an extreme despisableness against children who aren’t gender-specified, on the other hand there is Bubble Mian who is ready to offer his utmost support, helping out and being accepted. There is an LGBT community in Pakistan that fights for its survival every single day because they are considered lesser humans, therefore this topic is most relevant. Mahagul’s dialogues are always on point and leaves the viewers in wonderment. One cannot help but admire her way of thinking and the bigger goal she is trying to achieve. Mahagul’s views are those of an enlightened individual and educated woman but sadly, the lady who actually heads a school says, “Aisay bachon ko kahan hona chahiye ye baat aap bohat achi tarha say jaanti hain.”

Arshi’s character is negative as always, her dialogues in the episode once again proved that she is the most ignorant and has superficial views regarding relationships. It has been six years since Zain and Mahagul were separated and I must say that it is difficult to relate to this particular situation since they meet in the office daily and there is no progress in their relationship whatsoever. Another positive character in the drama is Aly Khan’s, the character he is playing is quite new for him and he fits perfectly in it. His thoughts about what Mahagul told him and his viewpoints were covered exceptionally well in the episode. I am very much looking forward to see how he manages to influence Noor’s character in the forthcoming episodes.

Both the meetings between Mahagul and Mikael were quite emotional and left the viewers in awe. It is very refreshing to see an independent woman like Mahagul taking such steps for herself and equally pleasant to see men like Zahir, his father and Mikael who break stereotypes in more ways than one. Hira Tareen plays the role of Kashmala who is a beautiful, intelligent, modern woman from an affluent family who’s desperate and is after a man who still loves his wife and has a kid!

So far all the tracks of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai have been handled quite well, so I hope that this too will be free of platitude.
I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode, how many of you watched this latest installment? Do share your thoughts.

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