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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 11 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

The eleventh episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, like the previous episodes yet again hit the emotions of the viewers.The highlight of the episode was Noor, his mental state and his struggles. Two new characters have been introduced in the lives of Mahagul and Zain and we can’t help but anxiously wait to see how they affect their lives. I sensed an attraction for Mahagul in Mikael’s eyes more than once in the episode and the preview of the next episode made it vivid that he isn’t being so generously helpful only because of Noor and there is definitely something else being cooked.

I wasn’t really impressed with Kashmala’s character because Hira Tareen is a talented actress and it’s quite bland to see her play a similar role again. In this episode, we see Noor asking his mother all the questions that have now started revolving in his head that is pretty natural for a child his age. He wondered who his father is and questioned why he, unlike every other child, doesn’t possess a surname. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed when Noor tried giving himself a surname! Although his mother constantly showered him with love and affection, but he just couldn’t stop sensing the absence of a father in his life.

Mikael comes off as a sensible, decent, gentlemanly person and we believe that Aly Khan was a perfect choice for this character. We yet again witnessed Aisha Khan’s extraordinarily effortless performance and that just further proves what a great, talent she is.

Hasan Sahab’s conversation with Mahagul cleared a lot to the viewers, he explained how he couldn’t be there for her because of Arshi and the overall atmosphere in his household. Mahagul appreciated him and said she was glad he had her back. However, it would be pleasant to see him visit Noor every now and then and develop a bond with him. Sanam, Bubble Mian and every other being who offer Mahagul their utmost support leave you teary eyed and you sense a perfect embodiment of humanity in them.

We saw Zain’s state of mind in the episode through a flashback scene which felt quite odd because Mahagul was wearing the same outfit in the present scene that got a little perplexing. We see that Zain has not moved on with his life, is still in love with Mahagul but at the same time can’t accept the mere existence of his own child.

I feel that in the forthcoming episodes, we will get to see more of Noor’s struggles and the story getting more interesting. The preview of the next episode suggested that Mikael will be opening up to Mahagul about his attraction towards her and Kashmala taking Zain as a challenge for herself.

The drama has an undoubtedly solid screenplay and every single actor is doing complete justice to their respective characters.
How many of you watched this episode? Do share your opinions.

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