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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 2 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

It is refreshing to see producers address important topics like sexual harassment, and plight of transgenders, instead of sticking to featuring damsels in distress that guarantee ratings but not the critics’ approval. The show which is being aired on ARY Digital was praised profusely for it’s bold stance when it was announced and has made all of us curious to see the final product. In the second episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai we see friendship turning into romance, motherly love and some questionable dialogues immediately gaining our attention.

The second episode kicked off from where we left it last week, with Zain head over heels in love with Mahagul, which of course she has also started realizing. However, Zain’s mother Arshi despises Mahagul with all her heart and soul and leaves no stones upturned to keep her son away from her. We get a glimpse in the history of Zain’s parents and find the real reason for her hatred for Mahagul. Apparently, Zain’s father had loved Mahagul’s mother once and intended to marry her but later, he fell in love with Isra Ghazal’s character and betrothed her. To make matters worse, Zain goes ahead and decides to propose to the “love of his life” knowing fully well that his mother would never let him marry someone who, only an episode away, thrashed her infront of her high society friends.

Will Mahagul melt under his romantic gaze and agree to marry him? Will he accept all her strong views and her choices? We’ll have to wait and see. Although we were enjoying the drama upto this point, some bizarre dialogues left a very bad taste in our mouth. If we go by Zain’s father’s words, then apparently, “Mahagul aik aam larki nahi hai, usko har aadmi manage nahi kar sakta” and the worst of all, “mard ki soch kitni bhi different kyun na ho, mard mard he rehta hay” because of course, casual sexism is a must! While such dialogues did make us want to close our television sets then and there, we understand that our drama industry is still in progress and we hopefully won’t be seeing such stigmas in upcoming narratives. We later see Mahagul accepting Zain’s proposal, Arshi having a seemingly plotted change of mind and the return of Zain’s younger brother, Sahir, from abroad, Mahagul’s friend makes a comeback after trying to kill herself all the while trying to be happy go lucky.

Outlined by surprises, proposals and burgeoning romance, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai seems to be heading towards a jaw dropping story, we can’t help but be addicted to the drama. Share your thoughts about this drama with us!

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