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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 3 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

Although the last two episodes of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai couldn’t hit us with the power it promised, one couldn’t help but praise the entire team of KMBH for the topic it has quite vehemently brought up at a time when other stories cannot stop talking about Saas-Bahu dramas.

The third episode made an impact without a single dull moment. Jibran and Ayesha’s onscreen chemistry has made Mahagul’s and Zain’s characters more interesting. Zain and his brother Sahir (Imran Ashraf) both do not agree with the way their mother looks at things and so does their father but they’re shown loving and respecting her nevertheless how mean, ill opinionated and dual faced she is. The episode was fast-paced with Zain and Mahagul not just getting married but also having their first child. The way Zain took care of Mahagul during her pregnancy went to show how special the baby is for him and certainly how difficult it would be for him to lose the baby at later stages due to social pressure. The timeline was slightly confusing in this episode but overall it was an impact with no filler scenes and kept the viewers hooked right through the end. We’re also told that it was not an easy birth and she underwent a lot of pain and emotions while bringing the baby into this world naturally like any other woman. We find Zain and Mahagul in the middle of a dilemma after the birth of their child, the society’s harsh reactions, especially Arshi’s, has made the lives of the new parents a terrible disaster.

Showing us the intolerance that keeps this society at the back burner of freedom, the show very perfectly displayed all that is wrong with people’s mindsets. The decision that stands infront of the new parents is whether to accept the reality of their newborn child and to give it everything a normal parent would or to hand the baby over to the trans community. Without leaking too many spoilers, one can just say while the decision is forced upon Mahagul and Zain, they do not seem to be okay with the decision they’re made t take and neither are we. Will we see Mahagul finally taking a step towards what she thinks is right or the taboos are going to keep her shunned? Whereas, the drama keeps it quite obvious as to what will happen in near future, we hope there was a strong script to keep the show interesting even in its weakest parts. So far this drama is completely free of clichés. The writer has very sensibly managed to avoid the class difference issue between Zain and Mahagul which would have been quite mainstream. The production values of the serial are impressive and so is the direction. I also love how the director has kept all the scenes short and to-the-point. Will the emotions get the best of Mahagul, will we see her taking actions in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’s next episode? We guess the next episode will tell us.

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