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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 5 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

“When men are opinionated- they are called ‘Leaders,’ but when a woman is opinionated, she is told that she is not a good wife.”

The fifth episode had some very strong performances but I believe that it was more of a filler since it did not really carry the drama further in terms of story development. Mahagul’s character is shown as someone who is practical as well as principled. She is seditious only when her principles are attacked. On the other hand, she is extremely kind hearted, we see her adopting a street child called Sona and she takes care of her with utmost sincerity yet she never stands down infront of the bullying behaviour that her mother-in-law shows. I did not have a hard time relating to Mahagul’s character because of her brilliant, jaw dropping acting.

Arshi got way more screen time than she should’ve been given in this episode, her character is not likeable at all, some viewers even referred to her as “a zombie” and most of her dialogues were somewhat repetitive. I was shocked to see Mahagul’s mother leave the hospital without even meeting or consoling her daughter, they should have shown an emotional outburst from her side because a mother is the closest to her daughter especially at such times. We see Zain and Mahagul giving their baby away to the Hijra Community and got to hear ultra bold dialogues from Zain’s family, “Aik dafa takleef sehh laina behter hai bajaaye is kay keh saari zindagi logon kay ajeeb o ghareeb sawaalon kay jawab diye jaayen.” These words depict perfectly that everyone in this society depend on short sighted opinions the people in this society behold before taking their decisions. Zain and Mahagul both are seen suffering in their own ways throughout the entire episode. “Main nay uski qabar banai hai, aik nanhi si choti si qabar hai.” I’m at a loss of words to explain what impact the following words uttered by Mahagul left on my heart.
While Aisha Khan’s acting was extremely impressive throughout the entire episode, her perfectly made hair and bold makeup disturbed the viewers a little. All the actors in the play, including Zain’s father were wearing too much makeup which wasn’t quite necessary in my opinion. There was generally too much to focus making all the actors look good although their lives are completely chaotic at the moment. Watching this entire family giving up on the baby just because it was not like them was exceptionally heart-wrenching and over whelming.

The preview of the next episode suggested that things will take a turn for the better in the next upcoming episodes. I am eagerly waiting for Mahagul to take a decision so we can see her fighting for her baby. Please share your thoughts with me about this episode.

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