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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 6 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is certainly one of the most extraordinary plays to hit the airwaves with it’s phenomenal plot and stellar performances, a complete package of awareness that will be marked as an epitome of hope and change. The sixth and the most talked of episode has indeed left all of us in utter awe which yet again hooked the viewers to their television sets.

We see Mahagul meeting a woman who very willingly accepted the fate of her handicapped child and how she has been taking caring of him with all her might. This scenario proved to hit Mahagul with undying motherly love and she then decides to take the bold, tremendous step of bringing up her transgender baby all by her own self. This was nowhere near an easy decision which was completely in line with Mahagul’s character in the serial. The most emotionally captivating moment in the entire serial was when Mahagul decided to go meet her baby and embrace it. “Main ussay zinda karnay jaa rahi hoon jo sab kay liye mar gaya hay” these words were enough to bring tears in our eyes. We feel contentment, sorrow, sentimental and touchy- all at once. The way she asked for her baby and when she held it in her arms were phenomenally touchy and left the viewers in sheer amazement.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way Syed Jibran performed, the character he is playing is not easy to translate on screen but he pulled it off amazingly. He asks Mahagul whether their baby is a boy or a girl, a question everyone asks on the birth of a baby. Answering this question would be the first most difficult situation that she would have to face. I was wondering how much time had passed when they showed a much bigger baby in the picture which caused confusion. It left me to wonder how much time had passed. This scene somewhat ruined the episode for me and broke the emotional connection thereof. While Mahagul thinks that she can raise her child on her own, Zain’s unwillingness to do so was shown in a few scenes as well, both Mahagul and Zain are in the opposite state of mind. Another worth noting point is Mahagul’s calm composure throughout the episode, it looks like she’s ready to face whatever consequences she’ll be left with in order to protect her child. The baby under discussion is definitely lucky to have Mahagul as a mother, we see her telling Sanam, “Main sab kay baghair rehh loongi lekin iss bachay ko baghair ghalti ki saza nahi dungi,” the strongest point of this play is shown brilliantly through the mesmerising dialogues.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Mahagul will ultimately have to make a decision and will be seen choosing her baby over her husband. Fingers crossed for the next episode.

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