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Khudgarz Episode 15-16 Review: will this beast turn into a prince?

Sana Mohsin . 3

Khudgarz Episode 15-16 review:

Intrigued, enthralled and anxious. Thats exactly how I felt after watching today’s episode; and with a million random questions buzzing in my brain, I was ever more confused about the upcoming journey. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying every bit of this unknown voyage because exploring the untraveled path gives me a kick and a rush of adrenaline. This slick flick has a narrative that has kept me enthralled from day one and today was no different, and the brilliant direction and state of the art visuals are cherry on the pie!

“Women empowerment” was the theme of today’s episode, with Salma, Ayera and Abeer all standing up to Mr. Munawar and Hassan. Mommy Salma, not only gathers courage to bring Ayera back home but also shows resilience with the way she stood up for Junaid and Ayera. Her altercation with her husband was the highlight of the show, and the dialogue “jis larke ne apne baap ko apni maan ki izzat karne naheen dekha who bahar ki aurat ki kya izzat karega” is still resonating in my mind. The scene between Junaid and Mr. Munawar was another delightful one, it was executed and performed very well, and its incense lingered long after the episode ended, despite it being a short scene, and perhaps supposed to be “insignificant” compared to the other ones. Syed Jibran’s acting was spot on during the scene, and his dialogue delivery was particularly exceptional.

We also see Hassan resorting to his old ways; he finds an alternative to Abeer in order to fill his empty heart and even buys a place where he could “execute” his relationship with her. I don’t think he has married this new “object” of his though. It was a pleasant change though, to not be given the vibe that we, as viewers, need to only ostracize the woman, and not blame the man who could come back home squeaky clean, without bearing the brunt of anything at all. Actually, it was quite the contrary, and I’m happy the writer made it crystal clear that the man is to blamed just as much as the woman, for any “illicit” relationships between them.

Ayera, unable to bear the stress took some additional sleeping pills, and was advised by the doctor that she should “handle herself,” otherwise she could lose her baby. But why couldn’t the doctor refer her for counseling? I’m wondering. Junaid on the other hand, demands answers from his mother for Hassan’s behavior, and as an audience we were given further insight into Hassan’s psyche. Hassan’s reaction to being thrown out of his own house after the insults was quite intriguing; he left without resistance, almost like a child who throws a tantrum when his favorite toy is taken away. He threatens to disappear forever, actually wanted his family to look for him, giving me an impression that he wants to be found. I also found it rather interesting that Hassan actually cared about how others viewed him; he did not want to sound like a failure in front of his peers, the accident made him feel “inferior” to others and is in reality quite insecure. This does not sound like a narcissistic to me, AT ALL. I’m still baffled by his personality though.

The introduction of the new character and the religion angle piqued my curiosity; perhaps this is Hassan’s transformation and opportunity to turn over a new leaf? I will be beyond delighted if that’s where the writer is headed. Because I absolutely believe that Allah, being the Turner of hearts, can turn your heart in any direction He chooses; He’s the One who gives life to the dead body, so why can He not give life to your dead heart as well? If you are a “good” person, it’s because of His Mercy and nothing else. Sometimes transformation begins with the worst fall ever; so was this fall the final straw that will make Hassan get up and rise? Only time will tell.

Acting wise, everyone was phenomenal, but yet again the star of the show was Sami Khan; the way he has enacted the character of Hassan, conveying the ferociousness of an injured tiger with a touch of vulnerability and susceptibility, is sheer brilliance and a delight to watch. Syed Jibran is also outstanding and he has made the character of Junaid unforgettable. The two ladies are pitch perfect too, but it’s the gentlemen who are ahead of their game this time around! The promo shows Hassan might be found “dead” which I don’t think will happen, ever. This drama is fast paced, and does not give us a moment to even slow down and take a breath. The OST too is growing on me and I find myself humming it every now and then. I’m enjoying this journey so far and the path is so beautiful that it really don’t matter where it leads, and all I want is to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Sadaf

    Excellent review Sana . My thoughts exactly . there were a few things I didnt like but overall this is great writing and a Yasir Nawaz may well have made the best drama of the year so far … Of course Rida Bilal’s brilliant writing is at the core of it .

    • Sana Mohsin

      What exactly did you not like?

    • Sana Mohsin

      Thanks for liking my review :-)

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