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Man Jali – Episode 1

SZ . 25

Man Jali is the latest offering from Six Sigma Entertainment. With a strong cast, including a fresh pairing of Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mehwish Hayat, this serial has elicited quite a bit of interest from our readers, several of whom requested we review it. So here it goes…

Having watched the first episode, I’m at a loss as to what to review. I could talk about the parts that worked and/or didn’t work for me, but in terms of the story, there is nothing left to discuss. Not because I couldn’t understand it or follow it, but because Geo has very obligingly posted the whole story on its website, leaving nothing for me to engage with as a viewer. Read the paragraph below and judge for yourself:

“A story of a man named Wahab Ahmed who lives with his wife Zareena Ahmed and two daughters Tooba and Gurya. Wahab Ahmed is a corrupted man involved in illegal activities, interested in another woman named Meena but portrays himself as a very pious & religious person. His wife gives an impression that she is happy but in reality she is not. Tooba the elder daughter works in a call center while the younger one is in 12th grade. They are unaware about the real face of their father. Tooba’s cousin Ramis and Toobi seem to develop an interest in each other but Wahab Ahmed doesn’t seem to like Ramis. The story has some interesting twists and turns with Tooba getting forcibly acquainted with his drunk cousin Zavyar, Wahab marrying Meena, Ramis getting brutally beaten up by Wahab’s men. In the end tables will turn and things will be brought to justice and Wahab Ahmed and Zavyar would have to pay for their evil deeds and Tooba will get married to Ramis.”

After this excruciatingly detailed description, I’m not sure as to what the producers, Six Sigma, and Geo expect their viewers to follow for the next three plus months. All I can say is that if the serial fails to garner an adequate viewership then they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. The story might be much more nuanced and well-written than is very clumsily described here; Nadeem Baig’s direction might have managed to make the serial rise above what appears to be a very mediocre storyline; and the actors might have given the performance of their lives – it simply doesn’t matter. Given the number of quality serials on air these days, this bizarrely unattractive summary is not going to garner viewership.

My irritation and annoyance aside, I did watch the episode, and all I can say is that this was a very average opening. Sajid Hassan is such a fantastic actor but to see him wasted in similar roles serial after serial is really sad, and the same goes for Saba Hameed as well.  Mehwish Hayat is the big draw for most, after her very successful Mere Qatil Mere Dildar, but I have to say I was unimpressed. She might be good later as her role develops, but so far, sorry – couldn’t buy her act.

Basically, nothing excited me or piqued my interest  in this opening chapter. The only thing that did stand out was the three and half minute song in the rain sequence. Sung by Mehwish herself, it’s a beautiful song, and I have absolutely nothing against dancing or rain or some such, BUT, I failed to see the justification for putting this overlong scene in the first episode? Just because Khirad twirled in the rain (that too for only a few seconds!) and we loved it, does this mean that we are now to be subjected to Humsafar inspired sequences in every new serial that comes along??

P.S. I have copy- pasted the synopsis from the Geo site ( and bear no responsibility for the typos… 

Written by SZ~

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  • Sadaf

    I am sorry this colud have been a great drama but I cannot take Ramiz ,is he asleep or acting perhaps we shall never know. Putting him up against Mikaal who is already more alive than most only makes the difference more pronounced. Gave up wtaching…

  • Nosh

    Manjali is a beautiful Show …. each and every one doing amazing Job their …. No copy of Khirad there …. It's different kind of thing …. Singing part is the kind of twist of this show …. OMG … the Dailogues of this show are up to the mark man … I am done with 17th episodes those all were amazing >3 This is first show of my life where I could see Meekal's acting little bit … Tooba Ramis ng amazing there ..:D

  • dilkhush

    the acting is excellent and the dialogues are excellent. I'd love to see the drama even if geo has posted the entire story. I dont wach that many pakistani dramas to judge on how the actors performances have changed from their previous dramas, but thats the big problem with our tv industry, the repeptition of many actors in dramas with similar story lines. the genre of family dramas has been worked on so much that now its difficult to come up with an entirely unique storyline. however i do find this drama unique in that the acting is above average, the dialogues are'nt shallow and the story is somewhat interesting. and the relations between characters is not your average stereotypical evil saas, loving father, doting wife.



  • Sardonicallly irrele

    i was actually giving you my 'opinion' how you should write your name as you have an opinion on everything.

  • Aisha

    first of all sardonically irelevant you don't know how to spell my name and so many words when its right above ruma's comment and i didn't comment at your opinion so why are you coming in between. Every opinion should have some truth so don't think that every thing the reviewer says is correct!

  • Sardonicallly irrele

    @Ayesha bibi why don't you comment and praise Manjali where it is currently being reviewed by howwzat and sing its endless praises rather than getting annoyed with a reviewer here on shere zaat,indirectly on Satayam ma vajataya blog.If your new mission in life is to have a tiff with SZ on everything she has ever written on DP or ever character she criticized i can tell you that's a pretty hopeless scenario as she is a pretty credible writer.You cannot advice her what to write,she is doing a great job on her own.

  • Ruma

    SZ, I trust you with your reviews and decide to watch / not watch a drama based on yours and the others reviews on this website. I have even tested your opinions. You guys are doing a tremendous job when you share your honest opinions here.

    Thanks :)

  • Aisha

    i didn't ask a question, i agree that having a over 3 minute song made me forward scene, but instead of complaining about the song just forward it, at least the story is good right.

  • SZ

    @Aisha: Ok, then thank you for answering your own question about my problem with the song — there was no point to it!!

  • Aisha

    hey, just because the song was in the 1st ep, doesn't mean there has to be a connection to the drama.

  • SZ

    @Aisha: Thanks for taking the time to read the review and comment.

    This review was for Episode 1 only– so your comment about Mehwish's lines to Mikaal is invalid here, because Mikaal hadn't even made his entry in the first episode. How could I mention or not mention something that hadn't even happened. My comments were based ONLY on the first episode. Not for later ones, so I'm not sure why you would say I keep giving it bad reviews. I have nothing against this particular serial, I haven't even been following it, so not sure how or where I was saying bad things about it.

    Moreover, if you read my review carefully, I do say that the story and all could later turn out to be good, but that for me the first episode was strictly ok. I never get around to reviewing the later episodes so again not sure why would you get the impression that I had written negative reviews about later episode.

    My larger point was to question why the producers put out the whole story beforehand and kill the entire suspense, and why give the end away. I did not call the story bad, I called the synopsis bizarrely unattractive — two very different things.

    Also, in my review I did mention that Mehwish herself sang the song, and did it beautifully. I was questioning the logic of putting a 3.5 minute song in the very first episode (which is only approx 37 mins long). The song did not help the story progress or tell us anything about Mehwish's character. It was purely a filler. Even now after 9 episodes we see no connection being made to that song, so why put it in? I would question such a sequence no matter what serial it was, who was acting it out or who the heroine was. In fact, please read again, I said Mehwish might get good later, but I was unconvinced by her in the FIRST episode.

    Finally, I'm not sure as to where the comparison with Mahira Khan comes in, 'cause she has nothing to do with anything, I review each serial on its own merit. If you go back and see my older reviews on Humsafar you will see me being equally harsh on Mahira as well…

    That said, Im glad youre enjoying the serial and finding the dialogues inspiring. Howzzat will be reviewing the serial on a weekly basis now, so I hope you will continue sharing your thoughts regularly.

  • Aisha

    hey, just because Khirad in Humsafar did the dance in the rain doesn't mean that the Man jali team have copied it, and she sang the beautiful song," paani barsa" unlike the Khirad scene where she just swirls around. Another thing, Mehwish has done great acting especially where she says, " hat jayo netho mein tumhara mu tor key jayonge" to Mikaal just by her bold lines make me inspired that yes, when a guy flirts or teases u, u should give a bold reply like Tooba! Would you buy Mehwish's acting if Mahira khan would have played her role?

  • Sadaf H

    This is a pretty good drama, why so few reviews?

  • Aisha

    i agree that having the story online in such detail was a waste but the drama is excellent- Mikaal Zulfiqar's mysterious role makes me really want to know about how he'll interact with Tooba. All actors have done great acting and the funny lines between Saba Hameed and Ramis are great to watch.

  • SZ

    @Faysal Mazoor: As I noted above, yes indeed the Ashk synopsis does not give out the ending, and we thank you for maintaining the suspense. When I said detailed, I was referring to the summary on Geo site, which explains that Resham's character is like a surrogate mother to Neelam, why Rohail comes to Pakistan, how Neelam's character makes a plan, how Rohail falls for her plan …. those kinds of details …. :)

  • faysal Manzoor

    well I am sorry The one line of ASHK does not give out the whole story… IT says Rohail falls in love but with who? Madiha, mehru or zaibu a big question??? go and read it again and u will know it does not give out much info. It beautifully explains Love and then the theory of Rumi, sweetness of love on the other hand Shams tabriaz's stance love can only be perfected through pain.. then simply who is who and that Roahil is coming to marry Mehru. Nothing beyond this!!

  • Fatima Awan

    @ SZ i agree, i was just kidding! It is not just geo but other channels also give summaries of plays that are so 'unattractive' or irrelevant. I remember Des plot outline was totally irrelevant, did not even mention the leading lady and what exactly the play was about. But giving away the entire story is madness. Geo really needs to work on its plays in general too.

  • I can't believe they just told the whole story to us! We know the story, what's the point of watching?! I hope Geo doesn't do that again. I have not seen the drama but I won't now :/

  • SZ

    @Fatima: and nobody would be happier if it does well :) But at this point Six Sigma and Geo have done their own project much disservice … a little more time spent at the editor's desk, trimming the overlong scenes, and a bit more effort put into writing a creative description, and proofreading it, would have gone a long way in convincing me to stick around for a bit longer….

    My larger point was to question the rationale behind putting out these really descriptive summaries, which tell you pretty much everything, including the ending!! Perhaps somebody in charge could help me understand the utility of doing this ???

  • Fatima Awan

    SZ you never know it may turn out to be a great play;)

  • LOL @ bear no responsibility for the typos.

    Are you serious about the rain scene? Gahhh!

  • The whole time during her dancing and singing in the rain, all I was wondering was “Is she in a bollywood movie or something?” It was so useless. I watched the first episode but probably not gonna keep up with it.

  • SZ

    @Annie: Agree with you 100% :-)

    Re: Ashk, I went back and read that summary again, yes its pretty detailed as well.. BUT they do mercifully leave the end a question mark .. not so in this case… they clearly need new summary/synopsis writers!!

  • Annie

    LOL!!! Geo ALWAYS does that with their dramas. They post the "summary" in really bad English and Grammar on their website and it makes me laugh every single time. They have done something similar with Ashk LOL!!

    You are right about Sajid Hassan being absolutely wasted time and time again in these roles. Frankly I think he needs to take a break and take a long hard look at what roles are being offered to him.

    Mehvish has yet to impress me in ANY role she has played. Sorry to say her face is always so powdered up that even when she tries to be expressive, it doesn't work due to the thick layer of makeup. Usually her face is extremely expressionless.

    No plans on watching this drama. The promos did not pique my interest at all.

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