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Mann Mayal- Episode 10 & 11 Review

Kanwal Murtaza . 18

With everything that we’ve seen so far, the lack of consistency in Mann Mayal happens to top my list of things that annoy me. I can’t understand if Mannu’s family is conservative or confused- and I can’t blame Mannu for feeling torn between these two extremes. These people declared Mannu’s love for Salahuddin forbidden and rushed to arrange the mismatch of the century. Mikael is annoying me to no end- I can’t stand the sight of him! I can’t feel a thing for his character and the actor playing him has done nothing but grunt and howl leaving no impact whatsoever. If he has Daddy issues, he sure as hell isn’t doing a good job portraying that. All I see is a man who refuses to accept that he’s old now and needs to get his act together. Over the previous 2 episodes, Mikael got a reality check from his father who was more than willing to kick him out but I doubt a guy like Mikael has the ability to straighten up. Growing up sheltered by mummy dearest, Mikael knows only too well that he can pretty much get away with murder…

Mannu’s family realized that Mannu was suffering and decided that she was better off without Mikael. Why must her family rush every single decision? When it suited them. they rushed her into this marriage and now when they feel responsible for her misery, without having a discussion with Mikael or his parents, they decide that she needs to ditch him? Aur toh aur, Bia decides that this is perfect timing and urges Salahuddin to return and patch up with Mannu! Wow! For people hailing from supposedly conservative backgrounds, they sure have very forward thinking. Ifty finally realized what a terrible son he was after nearly losing his father- this also marked Salahuddin’s exit. It seems like just about everyone was caught up in the whirlpool of emotions so much so that even Jamil turned over a new leaf! I don’t see why he had a change of heart- he never had any emotional attachment to Ifty’s father or Salahuddin and I don’t think he matters enough but oh, well…

As sincere as he tried to appear, I kept imagining Salahuddin on a unicorn- how much more delusional can a man be? He doesn’t have the confidence to man up when Manu left her home and begged him to see beyond their class differences; he happily convinced Mikael to accept Mannu and now when he thinks Mannu is headed for a divorce, he’s stepping up and trying to play the role of her saviour? I mean, seriously? Not only does he look like he’s high, his behavior reflects the same! I was extremely repulsed by how casually Salahuddin was mentioning divorce and getting remarried- really?

To be honest, the only person who made any sense was Mannu- she decided that as miserable as she is, she won’t compromise anymore and would rather try to make her marriage work than choose some easy way out. I know she’s never going to be happy in her marriage- Mikael clearly has no feelings for her and she can jump through hoops but he won’t flinch. Still, she’s better off with a good-for-nothing man like Mikael than Salahuddin. poor girl is stuck between a rock and a hard place and the decision isn’t easy but really, what other choice does she have? I think Salahuddin and her family are underestimating the mental anguish they’ve put her through- I actually had a lump in my throat when she asked Salahuddin if he can turn back time. Maya Ali has truly given a remarkable performance as Mannu- I only wish some of her enthusiasm would rub off on Hamza Ali Abbassi and Gohar Rasheed.

Now that Mannu has given Salahuddin the cold shoulder and returned home, Salahuddin has a life of regret ahead of him. I don’t know if these two are destined to be together but for once, I’d actually like to see Mannu get her happy ending without either of these two losers in her life. Looking back at the previous episodes, I feel a lot of screen time was wasted on Ifty’s home- all those traumatic scenes of Kooki mistreating her father-in-law; Jamil plotting against Salahuddin; etc- what purpose did they really serve?

I think we’re almost at the halfway mark and it’s about time for Ayesha khan to make an appearance and maybe jolt some life into this serial…

Kanwal Murtaza




  • Desy

    LOL by time u’ve written the review u should’ve combined merge episode 12 in. Which actually is the worst episode yet. Nothing much to write for u there as it is too much of Mikael which has been given viewers migraine. Noyhing in the character as well as the actor. Jamil as character is small but still better than actor playing Mikael.

    Ayesha Khan has been on title promo since episode 1 and here we have 50% of Mann Mayal over without her making an appearance she and some movement of the story is much required for this drama to become interesting

    • Kanwal Murtaza

      I just caught up with the episodes. I was on vacation in Pakistan so didn’t get around to watching much. I think Jeena will make an appearance in the last few episodes… She’s in the promos to lure the audience.

      • Thats false advertising then…. or hathi kay dant khanay kay aur dikhanay kay aur…. or may be … khoda phara nikla choha :) or eid ka chanda hona or gosh there are soo many urdu proverbs for Aisha khan disappearance

        • Kanwal Murtaza

          Yes, false advertising indeed! Let’s see what her role is going to be like once she dies appear. Although I’m noticing that with dwindling interests, it really won’t matter very much…

        • Muhammad Hussain

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  • Sadaf

    Excellent review Kanwal . I could not agree more .I think it is incredibly disrespectful of Vasay ch in particular , at least he should have made an effort . Some things you do for the sake of your own self respect and the art rather than Money or whatever else he is bothered about . He is an incredibly talented script writer maybe , he should rethink his acting choices.
    I agree what the hell is wrong with this crazy family of Mannu’s ? What kind of a mother is Saba Hamid’s character ? Mannu comes from a big joint family but acts as if she just landed off a plane from the USA ,she is that insular .
    May Ali is the high light here and I am waiting for Aisha Khan . I think Hamza .. ok I am just not going to say anything more about Hamza .. …. I am sure he is great fun at parties ;)
    I am increasingly thinking that Haseeb hassan should have paid closer attention to the details , this is not as good as Dayar e dil .

    • Kanwal Murtaza

      This is no where near Diyar-e-Dil and the more I think about it, the greater my disappointment!
      LOL- apney baton hi baton mein kehdiya Hamza Bhai ke barey mein ;)
      I feel exhausted by the mere thought of sitting through an episode for the purpose of reviewing it- that’s how bored I am!

      • Sadaf

        SNAP! I have to sit through this drama every week and its torture . I feel absolutely nothing for any of the characters .

        • Kanwal Murtaza

          You and me both…

      • Imran Sethi

        Well you do a service to the rest of us by posting the reviews as we figure out whether to watch an episode or not . Takes 2 minutes as compared to the 35-40 minutes I would spend on watching an episode. I gave watching up an episode or two back . Hamza’s choice of drama selection is similar to his choice of words on social media recently i.e not very good …

        • Kanwal Murtaza

          Nothing exciting is happening in the drama. I think it was overhyped which is why viewers are disappointed. The expectations were sky high with Hamza’s return after Pyarey Afzal… Such a letdown

  • I watched it after couple
    Of episodes and for me
    The story moved further right where I left it. Waisey man mayal looks like a sequel to hum dil dey Chukay sonam ( the old Indian movie ) but with a twist. :). Hamza is more handsome than Salman khan I guess hahahaha. Well it’s about time Ayesha kham entry mar lay. Kya drama end honay Kay baad aye gi ;)

    • Kanwal Murtaza

      I am wondering the same, Faraz- When will Ayesha Khan be making an appearance? I imagined she would be getting a little more than a few episodes…

      • Per instagram per promotions tou aisey ker rahi thi kay shayed lead role hai :D hahahaha:) time time ki baat hai

        • Kanwal Murtaza

          Lol- exactly! She’s even on the poster so I assumed she actually had a significant role. These tactics to lure publicity is plain annoying.

  • Amber Hassan

    So rubbish.
    Also what was the point of showing ifty’s family? Because they added nothing to the overall sroryline? Was it just to show how amazing Salahudin is? Confused.
    Let Mannu stay with Mikael. She still wants to get some more baysti done since this much wasn’t enough.

    • I think man mayal is set in 1980 :)

    • Kanwal Murtaza

      No idea- I feel it was just done to stretch a few episodes and remind us of the pain Salahuddin was enduring!
      Mannu is a lost cause but her family and Salahuddin are responsible for pushing her.

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