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Mera Naam Yousuf hai Episode 10 Review

Falak . 4

I really enjoyed the 10th episode of Mera Naam Yousaf Hai. It was a beautiful episode with some very interesting scenes, some new and interesting revelations and some extremely thought provoking dialogues. Yousaf receives an unexpected call from Zulekha which leaves him totally dumbfounded. He seems to be on cloud nine when Zulekha asks him to meet her the following day. They meet in the restaurant as planned and for me this was the cutest scene of Mera Naam Yousaf Hai so far.

Finally, Zulekha has started to reciprocate Yousaf’s love to some extent but she is still not ready to take a deep plunge into the relationship and risk everything like Yousaf.. She is KRQ typical heroine. I have always liked KRQ’S depiction of strong and level headed female protagonists. In fact I find them much more sensible and mature than his heroes. His leading females always walk with their heads held high as they never sacrifice their self- respect or self- esteem for love, which in my opinion is huge.

Her love is much more practical than Youssef’s and she is moving cautiously, weighing all pros and cons simultaneously. Yousaf’s nervousness while talking to Zulekha and that too in front of Hajra was extremely adorable. Imran Abbas has performed exceptionally well in this serial so far. I couldn’t help laughing at the innocence and purity of Yousaf’s emotions. He is a love struck Romeo who is ready to put everything at stake for his beloved. For KRQ, love is the most powerful emotion which lends an immense power and strength to the lovers and this is clearly seen in Youssef’s character. Upon Zulekha’s insistence, Yousaf asks his parents to go to Zulekha’s house with his proposal and clearly states the consequences as well. I really like his step mother because despite knowing that they might be insulted, she is ready to go to Zulekha’s house for yousaf’s happiness. Thank God she is not portrayed as a typical vicious step mom.

The most surprising revelation was Afia begum’s real intention behind opposing Imran Mughees’s proposal. Till now, like Nur Muhamamd, she also appeared to be driven by her own selfish motives and seemed ready to sacrifice her daughter’s happiness for her ego but in this episode we saw a totally new side to her personality. She was against Imran Mughee’s proposal because she did not want Zulekha to marry someone she did not love. Through some very strong dialogues and Afia’s character, KRQ has drawn our attention towards the concept of forced arranged marriages in our society where girls are forced into marrying guys they are not even slightly attracted to and are expected to sacrifice their whole life to make that unwanted relationship work. Afia Begum herself is a victim of that and is doing everything in her power to save her daughters. What a commendable portrayal of a strong mother! There could be no better Afia than Hina Bayyat for sure. This is undoubtedly one of her very best performance so far. I found her treatment of Ali Hamza and his mother really hilarious. It was no doubt little selfish but nonetheless extremely funny. They surely deserved it for being so shallow and superficial. Similarly, Imran Mughees’s panic attacks and Noor Muhamamd’s reaction to the whole scenario evoked a considerable laughter.

Great acting by Wasim Abbas too. Daaji , Hajra and Madiha are extremely essential for Yousaf and Zulekha. Mera Naam yousaf hai is surely incomplete without these three. In today’s episode, Maya Ali acted exceptionally well as Zulekha, however, Imran Abbass and Hina Bayyat stole the show with their perfect acting. All in all, it was a great episode and now I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode which would surely bring some new unexpected twist in the story.


Written by Humaira

  • Wajiha Butt

    Mera Naam Yousuf Hai is a forbidden love story. It revolves around the lives of hero Yousuf and heroine Zulaikha. Its a romantic Pakistani Drama by Imran Abbas.
    Yousuf sees Zulaikha on a train and falls in love with her at first sight. Zulaikha considers this all the s attraction of moment only. Zulaikha’s father wants her to marry her cousin.

  • aneeqa

    I love this drama, but is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are unconvinced of zuleikhas love for yousif? Like in one episode shes laughing hes in jail and in the next scene shes crying…and they barely know eachother and yousef is going through all this turmoil?? I honestly would rather have him end up with Madiha.

  • This review is so good Humaira ! I will have to catch up :)

    • Humaira Falak

      Thankyou Sadaf .. Yes do watch it as it has become very interesting now

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