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Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar – Episode 3

hina . 6

To be honest, Mera Pehla Pyar is pretty interesting – and I’m not one to say that after watching three episodes of a drama. Usually it takes about 4-5 episodes for a drama to really “click” with me. And so far, I’ve got to admit, my initial anxiousness while awaiting this drama has not been disappointed yet! I like the way that the storyline has been established, and I have a feeling that MPP is going to get more exciting after a few more episodes.

This week, we got to delve more into the whole Ayesha-doesn’t-pay-attention-to-her-daughter-and-is-too-focused-on-her-work problem and to be honest, I’m kind of really on Tahaa’s side on this one. I mean, if I see it from Ayesha’s point of view, I can see how she might feel as if though she’s being “grilled” in a way. But at the same time, she has to realize that her priorities have changed. Hira is getting older now, and she kind of really needs her mother. Even if Ayesha wants to continue her career, go for it, but she needs to balance her career out with her personal life. And I think that’s where she’s really lacking. She can’t find a balance, or a norm.

On top of that, it must have really stinked for Hira when her mother didn’t get to go wish her a Happy Birthday. I know I would’ve reacted MUCH worse than she did, and I kind of feel for her to be honest. No matter what, a birthday is a special day, and just giving a child her gift the next day and kissing her on the cheek isn’t going to make up for ditching her. It’s not fair to Hira or Tahaa.

Speaking of Tahaa, man, I feel bad for him. This guy can’t seem to even have a decent talk with his wife before it turning into a huge argument. On top of that, seeing her with another man in a mall without reason or explanation is quite the instigating situation. Hoping he ends up taking a stand in front of her. I still love his scenes with Hira! They’re so sweet and innocent in a cute way!

Personally, what I think Ayesha needs to do is to sit back for a while, establish her house, and then continue her career in a reasonable fashion. I mean, it seems to me as if though Tahaa makes enough money for their home and they don’t need much more, but if it is Ayesha’s passion to model, she should go for it! However, she needs to find that balance between taking care of Hira, building her relationship with the two, and at the same time, working. My mother herself is a working woman, but she never failed to take care of everything else that was going on at home. One of the many reasons why I love her :)

Another reason besides the storyline as to why this drama clicks with me is because of the crisp clean scenes, along with the bit of humor added here and there. Even though there are some serious scenes, I like those moments where everyone is just sitting around, talking, laughing, and just being cute in a way. Mera Pehla Pyar is more of the “Sit back, relax, and enjoy” kind of a drama, which is much needed in this season quite frankly. I like that.

One pet peeve however, is the child artist’s role. NOW, DON’T get me wrong, Arisha Razi is an amazing actor for her age. I just think that we need a fresh child face in the new dramas. Besides that, the rest of the actors are performing really well, along with Arisha! :)

So that’s basically what I thought of this week’s episode. The pace is perfect, the scenes are well edited, and the story is pretty gripping.  I’m liking Mera Pehla Pyar! :D

Written by Hina :)

P.S. Sorry for not putting up a review last week! Was a hectic day!

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  • Jewairia

    Thanks for the brilliant review! It was a delight to read. Yes there will be some very exciting episodes coming up. We hope to keep you entertained. Again, great review. I enjoyed your writing style. It was very refreshing. I agree with you that we need to invest more into more child stars to bring new faces to the screen.

    Ps. Its Mera Pehla Pyar not Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar (as the review title suggests) ;)


  • I'm really liking this drama these days. One of my absolute favorites on Saturday. :) Kudos to the team for coming up with something new and fresh!

  • Amna

    I started following this play coz of Zain & Jaweeria, but now I'm hooked. Congrats guys: MPPP is at number 5 position of the top rated shows.

    Too bad all the good shows are on Saturdays. Why don't the channels spread some love around?.

  • @Afia: True, but I don't think that Taha's secretary is his pehla pyar, mostly because in the promos, etc…they show a different girl. I guess we'll see :)

    @Zain Raza: Thank you for visiting again :) I completely forgot to put the rating so I will start doing that next time inshallah! And no problem! :D

  • Thanks for the wonderful review Hina :) I'm glad that you're liking the serial so far, and I hope that the reviews remain this positive in the future episodes… Everything is perfect but please try including a rating out of 10 (this once again my request) as that makes it better to understand how much the serial was liked (or not liked)… Nonetheless, it was an amazing review! Thanks for reviewing our serial… :))

  • Afia Qazi

    Thanks for the review Hina. If Ayesha starts balancing her life right now, this drama would not be made :) Looking forward to the going ons in the future. I guess Taha's secretary must be his pehla pyar and he'll go to her post this marriage?

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