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Mera Saeein 2- Episode 2

hina . 6

The second episode of this series most definitely kept me enthralled just as much as the first one had. The mere fact that everything is being kept in order and no story has just thrust itself in the ongoing serial of Mera Saeein is proof that Season 2 was well thought out.

This episode was kept on mainly one track, which was what had happened between Naina and Shazmeen. Naina is trying so hard, and failing errenously in trying to reconcile with Shazmeen and live together with her. Shazmeen, on the other hand, has revealed that she
hated Naina since the time she found out that her and Malik Wajahat had married. Naina is astounded that after everything she and Shazmeen have gone through, Shazmeen still has grown negative feelings towards her. Shazmeen kicks Naina out of her house, and Naina seeks help from Wajahat’s cousin.

On the other hand, we see extremely polite gestures between Shazmeen and Iftikhar. We don’t yet know whether he is truly helping her or simply trying to secretly take her down.

Naina continues to try to meet Shazmeen, and after many tries, Shazmeen agrees into meeting her, not knowing she was in for a surprise. We’re not sure if the misfortune that affected her was from Naina, or someone else.  After all the hatred in Shazmeen that Naina finally sees, she announces, which can be briefly summed up in 3 words: This is war.

The story aside, I normally feel that sequels ruin a drama, as opposed to keeping it on the same track. However, with Mera Saeein 2, that has definitely been proved wrong. At points, Shazmeen truly reminded me of Malik Wajahat. Naina, as naive and vulnerable, has not seen to have developed thus far. The dialogues are simply amazing. The various “sayings” given throughout the drama were truly meaningful. Such as “Nafrat bohat soch samaj key karni chahiye. Kyun ke nafrat ki inteha main hum wohi cheez ban jatay hain jis cheez say hum nafrat kartay hain.” Parisa Siddiqui has to be given some credit here – wonderfully done!

All in all, we still have not been given a glimpse at Wajahat’s son, his motives, etc…. Regardless, this episode was superbly done, and I would love to see how this serial unfolds next week.

  • jk

    fahad mustafa acha actor hai…. but he cnt beat nauman ejaz : ) he was brutal…. when he wanted to…..he knew wht game card to play with: ) n with his cruel intentions…. he was a perfect charmer

  • Ghada Qaiser

    Loving it! <3 I 'm sorta sad Shazmeen has become so evil Naina and her used to be such great friends I'm sad they can't be that way anymore. I can't wait for ShahZaman to come. Fahad Sir said it'll probably be the 4th or the 5th episode. I think that's when the REAL show will start. Right now too it's going great. It shows how a person can change completely for power. Iftikhar is planning something against Shazmeen he is probably helping her for a reason.

  • Annie

    Good review Hina! :)

    I just fail to understand why Shazmeen has gone all EVIL on us? Is it simply that power and money corrupts? I am having a hard time swallowing the fact that the person who wanted to help people in the last season has all of a sudden turned into a complete B-word. Just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

  • Hina

    Thank you to both!

    @ DB: I think it's mainly because, like I said, she's so naive and vulnerable, so anything can manipulate her.

  • Drama Buff

    Nice review, Hina!

    I again had goosebumps throughout the episode. Man, Shazmeen was right when she said she has surpassed Malik Wajahat in evilness. Naina is about to trust the wrong man. I have a feeling he will use her also. Why is she so silly? And why couldn't Shazmeen just keep on sending her money and keep her abroad? Khair, magar aisa hota to story aagay kaisay barhti?

  • howzzat

    I'm surprised that they didnt show a preview for the next episode.. But like you said, hina it was a brilliant episode, i just wish they would pace up the story with compact episodes. But i now have a feeling that Chota Saeein will enter in episode 6 or so…

    Very good review hina.. Now waiting to read the review of Bilqees Kaur. Both these shows kinda make my sunday evenings awesome!! Mazaa aa gaya. :)

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