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Mera Yakeen – Episode 1

Fatima Awan . 29

As far as I am concerned, Mera Yakeen already had an ace up its sleeve even before it started. Any play with a leading cast like this should be something to get excited about; Faisal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem and Nimra Bucha ALL in one play, now that is what I call a stellar-cast that is bound to knock you off of your feet. Savera Nadeem and Faisal Qureshi proved in “Qaid-e-Tanhai” that they share a palpable chemistry and there is no questioning the fact that they are absolutely brilliant performers. Apart from the cast there were many other reasons for looking forward to this show; Sarmad Khoosat, the director, a well-acclaimed writer Seema Munaf and the very promising promos in particular. A&B Productions and Faisal Qureshi seem to be teaming up more often now and every time they have something substantial to offer. Babar Javed did wonders as the director of “Qaid-e-Tanhai”; I was very eager to find out what he and his team had in store this time around. My excitement for “Mera Yakeen” aside each review will reflect how I felt about a particular episode.

Today’s episode introduced the viewers to the main characters and while there were some parts where I had the ‘that’s been done before’ feeling, overall this first episode was a complete package and I especially enjoyed the well-written, aptly delivered dialogues. Mera Yakeen is the story of Maha (Savera Nadeem) and her best friend Nazish (Nimra Bucha). Maha is happily married to Asfand (Faisal Qureshi) for more than seven years or so. Maha’s life is ideal in every way possible, so much so that she cannot help but question all of it being real. Asfand is the perfect husband, who remembers anniversaries that Maha forgets, showers her with compliments all the time and one could tell by their discussions that Maha shares every tiny detail (especially about Nazish) with her husband. I found that very relatable, I know so many “best friends” like these. Maha considers herself much prettier, luckier and superior in every way possible than Nazish. She almost enjoys belittling Nazish every chance she gets and it seems as if it is something that does not strike as odd to Nazish, probably because she accepts the fact that Maha indeed is better than her in every way possible. Savera Nadeem’s portrayal of an arrogant woman who thinks that the world revolves around her was extremely persuasive. I thoroughly enjoyed the tingling chemistry between Maha and Asfand as they went on and on about Nazish and the different ways in which the two saw her. All the scenes were extremely well-done, whether it was Maha brushing her hair or the kids playing in the background while the couple “gossiped” about Nazish, each scene was different from the other and apart from the dialogues, it was the direction that caught my attention. Needless to say, I have complete faith in Faisal Qureshi and I know that this versatile actor will deliver in terms of acting and get-up as well no matter what character he is playing. Maha’s obsession with Nazish is very understandable; she is an “aam shakal ki lrki” who would gladly accept the sari Maha thinks is not good enough for her, having a friend like that must be a big ego boost for a person like Maha.

Nazish’s circumstances and life is totally different from that of Maha’s. After years of waiting, she finally gets married but it turns out that her husband is not the least bit interested in her but was actually forced into getting married to her. I especially liked the way Nazish comes out with everything she wants to say to Ahmer( Farhan Ali Agha ) even though he does not make her feel welcomed in his life for a second even. The way she tells him to leave things on halaat and waqt and also when she tells him he should not have gotten married in the first place. Ahmer, who wants to marry an American, is not swayed by Nazish’s pleas and leaves for the US few days after getting married. A year passes by quickly enough (gladly) and Ahmer, just as expected marries Cathy and has no intentions of coming back. Nimra Bucha is another actress who is an all time favorite and she totally won my heart as Nazish. I especially liked the Mehndi scene, Nimra Bucha’s expressions were adorable and the scene where she tells Ahmer to leave things on wakt and hallat. Although, this role seemed somewhat similar to the one she played in Daam and Ik Nazar Meri Taraf but it is definitely different in more ways than one and I just can’t wait to see more of her.

Overall, I enjoyed every minute of this first episode and cherished every scene. I might just watch it one more time before the second episode goes on air, it proved to be a breath of fresh air and I am definitely looking forward to more.

Author: Fatima Awan.


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  • Fatima Awan

    @ SK I am glad you liked it, it is interesting what you think about Maha, finally someone whose opinion is different from me & everyone else's p& you maybe right. I thought Savera Nadeem was great as Maha, she Is such a talented actress. About stereotypes, I think stereotypes exist in every society & dramas depict what is going on around us so that the characters are relatable. So many girls can relate to Nazish's character I am sure, I personally know so many such girls.

  • SK

    @ Fatima, finally watched it, seems like an interesting story. It was a good start withthe actors doing a good job. As for the reference to stereotypes, it can be annoying but if the script and acting are good, we all seem to overlook it. Prime example Humsafar, Sara- rich,elitist,western clothes wearing, high status looking down on Khirad middle class, traditional, good values etc. Let's let the story develop, to me maha wasn't just pure bad, though she did make some remarks to her so called best friend which wasn't very decent, there are catty people like her who have to make remarks about everyone and everything, we all may have done it also. Now maybe Nazish is too good to be true, I think she is too innocent and nice to say anything back, which again there are people like that who are too nice for their own good.

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Pino, do comment after you are done watching it:) i totally agree with you, what is the point of coming up with an original script when the promos are going to give away the entire story even before it goes on air. But I am still looking forward to how the story unfolds and like I said no more precaps for me. I wish the production house will listen to us & at least keep the precaps brief from now on.

  • Pino

    Looking forward to watching it after your review :) I just wish promos didn't reveal the entire story, I think this is the main issue with this production house, they reveal the entire story so audience is not glued to the tv sets, they get bored along the way, I think we liked DES, Humsafer, etc because twists turns were not revealed in the promo, their promos were awesome, just enough to glue us ;)

  • Fatima Awan

    @howzzat absolutely agree with you, i would have enjoyed this first episode even if it was all Maha and Asfand…and yes when the show ended I definitely thought it ended too soon.

  • Sadaf H

    @Fatima Yes my Bechara Better half, is kind of forced into watching now and then, Mostly he sees them in passing but I have to say a lot of guys ended up watching Humsafer and Durr E Shehwar at least in our circle .

  • howzzat

    @Fatima: Thanks for reviewing this play! Ever since QeT went off air.. And we saw pics of the pre-production of this one, I've been excited for this one. And they have surely not disappointed us and the wait has been truly worthwhile. SN is such a seasoned actress that you just enjoy her brilliance while it lasts.. And before you know its over :( The cast is truly talented but then again since its an AnB show, we can just hope that they don't have us disappointed. But, so far so good :) Maha is the perfect ''grey''character who will have no choice but to go thru retribution at the end!

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Sadaf H thank you:) lol@ your husband… Does he watch the dramas with u out of choice or is he forced into doing so? since no one is allowed to change the channel lol they just end up watching the plays AND can't help but comment. My husband is always pointing out whenever he hears music in the background that is bollywood or hollywood and it annoys him so much! Well, here is to hoping that this play will deliver & even if it doesn't I hope we continue discussing it here on DP:)

  • Sadaf H

    I was excited about this even before I read your review, some of my favourite actors , Faysal,Savera and of course Sarmad directing , I wasn't going to miss this one. Your review was spot on.It is good but I have to agree with @Ash , especially about this being Falak's old age.

    Thanks @SZ you took the words right out of my mouth , this is looking like your typical arrogant rich lady gets her comeuppance from the undervalued middle class one . Oh and the other tiresome cliche, overly khushamati husband who grows tired of his vain wife.Well let's see what happens , perhaps the story will deepen with time.

    BTW, my husband was joking ; why is Sarmad after the lives of so many Husbands ? Asher made all the wives angry, Salman is going to make us more angry and Asfand looks like a train wreck waiting to happen lol : )))

  • SK

    Good review Fatima! Haven't even watched it yet, but from your review might give it a shot. I don't understand one thing though, how can you be bestfriends then and treat your best friend like crap and belittle them ?? , You said you' ve seen so many people like that?? then there must be a real problem in society if that is the case. Wow.

    • @SK thank you:) Yes, I came across many "best friends" like these in my college life , where one friend leads and the other one plays the second fiddle. Not all relationships are based on an equality. Do watch this episode and tell me what you think about it.

  • Drama Buff

    hey Fatima, thanks for the review.

    I somehow feel A&B dramas have the right ideas, but they are unable to project them properly. Mera Yaqeen seems to be going down the same road.

    My main issue is that Seema Munaf's characters are mostly either holier than thou or blacker than black. It is put offing to a very large degree because it makes the characters impossible to relate to. I cannot digest the fact that Maha derives her self-esteem from belittling Nazish. I mean, for crying out loud, has she nothing better to do? And Nazish is another Urwa (Moomal Shaikh in Aiteraaf) and Sadaf (Saba Qamar in Thakan). I can't imagine why we cannot go beyond this mazloom aurat characterization.

    This is also exactly what I mean when I say the factory production of A&B – Nimra and Faysal are playing the on-screen couple in SPLK and here they are again. There is no novelty about it.

    The only saving grace so far is that the scenes are short and the pace of the story is brisk. I am planning to follow it, but I am very disappointed.

    • @ DB I was hoping we would agree because we generally do but i totally understand where you are coming from. Faysal and Nimra's characters in SPLk are completely different from those in Mera Yakeen, so that ought to be novel enough, don't you think? The mazloom aurat charcterization if done well can do wonders, for example DeS and Hamsafar. Apart from the short scenes and the pace, I think the acting is impeccable and the dialogues are very refreshing lol the taaza hawa ka jhonka;)I thought Savera Nadeem was great as Maha, totally enjoyed her character. This was just an introductory episode I am sure the characters will develop further as the story progresses.

  • Fatima Awan

    @SZ, Thank you. i am glad you liked the review. hopefully there will be enough taaza hawa ke jhonke in the upcoming episodes for everyone:) Yes I agree the story is cliché-ridden but sometimes a good script, screenplay and acting can turn a cliché-ridden story into hamsafar…If you know what I mean.

    Yes Nimra Bucha is absolutely stunning and I am quite sure very enlightened too. We don’t know for sure that it is due to typecasting that she ends up taking up these roles, it might be that she chooses to play such characters out of her own free will. It would be nice if she reads all this and comes here and tells us herself why she opts for such roles. I am a huge fan of Nimra Bucha right from day one and something tells me there is more to her performing these roles than typecasting. But you or anyone else would be right in thinking that way, I mentioned it too.

    And as far as the age of the actors is concerned, if the directors/producers start considering the actors’ ages while casting them , a lot of actors will be total misfits in their characters. We have married women with children playing college girls. I think the convincing bit comes from the acting and not the age.

    Personally, like I said I thought it was a great first episode in terms of acting, script and direction. I would not want to be too critical of a play after only the first episode unless I find some serious flaws that can simply not be overlooked.

    Thanks a lot for the comment SZ.

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Ash, Lol @ Maha and Falak comparison….you are soooo right. But that would only be possible if Falak got married to Hamza and not Salman. Ash I hope some thandi hawa ke jhonaky come your way too next time, just make sure you keep the window open:) and whether they do or not, do keep commenting.

  • SZ

    Nice review Fatima :)

    But I have to say that I'm with Ash on this one — kahan hai woh thandi or taza hawa??

    To begin with, I too enjoyed the pacing, directing and acting – all spot on.

    My biggest disappointment was with the cliched story – yet once again we have two "best" friends, one evil and the other a sati savitri. Uff!! Are we still the 1960s?? Why can we not move away from these ghissa pitta stereotypes. The characters of the two women are once again starkly black and white. After having watched so many dramas we know that the rich/good looking/happily married friend has to be the evil one. And the bechari middleclass/mamooli shakal wali has to be to be pure hearted one. This ugly duckling will suffer all the gham till retribution comes around, probably half way through, or maybe a bit earlier, and then the rich/beautiful woman will suffer for her deeds and forced to reevaluate her shallowness. Hello, been there done that- a thousand times over!!

    My other huge problem is with the way conventional and problematic stereotypes are being once again reinforced. In a society where we hear of so many women causing themselves physical injury by trying on all these gora karne wali creams, why do we still keep showing such polarized characters. Nimra is a beautiful woman, just for once I would like producers and casting ppl to look beyond these seriously outdated standards of beauty and cast Nimra in a role that allows her to shine through as the gorgeous person she is. Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat may have tons of problems, but we have to applaud them for the way Sukhi and the rest of her family and in-laws were shown as embracing her plus size figure – two thumbs up for the Annie team!

    Also, have to say that yes, agree with Kiran, that they all looked like they were in their late thirties /early forties.. when Farhan Ali Agha's mom alludes to him being around thirty my jaw almost dropped – seriously??

    So yeah, for me nothing new here, but I'll probably follow off an on b/c of the cast and the director.

  • Ash

    nice review however for some reason the fresh air skipped my city and went directly towards yours! =

    It was a good first episode as the story moved along at a quick pace but for me the character of Maha is Falak 20 years later.

    there is no way they can be best friends when Maha passes such snarky remarks towards her. one can clearly tell that Nazish totally gets what she is saying but says nothing in her defense. i guess she has no self esteem but i liked the part where she openly says everything to Ahmer about leaving things on time and not to jump into divorcing. However that hard headed guy totally ignored her. Asai larkon ko sirf apni Maa ki baat samaj aati hai – good for nothing!

    Nimra Bucha always plays the tired shakal roles but i think she's a great actress so lets see how her character evolves. and love Faisal Qureshi, after their [savera nadeem and faisal qureshi] pairing in Qaid E Tanhai i was looking forward to watching them together once again in two totally different characters.

    For me the story wasn't really any different from other dramas currently on air or from what we've seen in the past but I will keep watching to see if there is in fact something new about this story

  • Fatima Awan

    Yae Annie that was the one.

  • Annie

    I think it was Diya jaale.

  • @ Haseeb, I don't remember the title but Asif Raza Mir was playing the lead with her.

  • haseeb


    which play went on air after qaaid e tanhai???

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Zahra thanks. Its great to be finally reviewing a play here on DP that some of my regular readers will be following:) I am looking forward to your comments & our discussions.

    @ Afia I agree unfortunately they gave way too much away in the promos although I requested someone in A&B productions to keep the promos & precaps short and sweet:( it does kill half of the fun but hey let's start on a positive note since the play has so much more to its credit than these spoilers. I have decided no more precaps for me, it works out better that way.

    @ Annie Yes please do watch the play after Ramzan and keep us updated on what you think about it.

    @ Hammu Savera Nadeem is a natural, She was born to perform. I did not follow her play that went on air after qaid e tanhai, could not sit through it . So have not seen her perform for a while.

    @ Najia I am glad you did.. Yes a lot to look forward to:)

  • Hammu

    I also loved it very much.You know it wasn't the usual ARY drama.Yes i am talking about casting Sami Khan,Aiza Khan,Saba Qamar,Saba Hameed,Sajjal Ali and many more in every drama.The first episode looked promising and i am definitely looking forward.Was awesome to see Savera Nadeem.I just love her presence on TV.

  • Afia Qazi

    my comment gone :(

  • Afia Qazi

    I started seeing the show without having seen the promos at all and I liked that feeling of not knowing anything about what was to happen. Enjoyed the 1st ep. Later I saw the promos and as expected- they gave away the twist in the tail – was disappointed by that!

    Anyway, great cast and director – good performances all around – look forward to what's in store…

  • Najia

    I watched after reading ur reviews. Like it. Let's see how the story unfolds.

  • zahra

    why my comments are not publishing??

  • zahra

    good to see that u are reviewing this show, i like your writing style but here on this site u wrote reviews for dramas (maseeha, sabz pari lal kabotar) which i dont watch.

    i have watched last 30 mins episode and it was good, as u mentioned nicely directed, faisal qureshi and savera nadeem definitely share great chemistry, story moves in fast pace up till now, but one can not guarantee the same pace as it is AB production's show and they are expert in dragging the show and make u feel bore. They have given out all the story in promos so i was not much excited about this show, but i think it is better option for wednesday, before i used to watch yahan pyar nahi hai.

  • Annie

    Thanks for reviewing this one Fatima! I am looking forward to it as well and will probably catch up with it after Ramadan :)

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