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Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Milay – Episode 13

hina . 6

I was so apprehensive on watching today’s episode because of the whole discussion last week about whether or not Urooj will die on the forum and it made me so nervous, BUT I shall not spoil it for all of you that have not yet watched the episode. Anyhow, I felt as if though today’s episode was pretty slow, but only because they had to capture the entire scene of the tragedy and show the consequences which might have slowed it down a bit. As tragedies come and go, happiness comes up often too. They say that when one door closes, another one opens. It’s the same with MDKJZM to be honest. I feel like people criticize the story for being too tragic, and I DEFINITELY agree with that, but they also show some amazing scenes that leave you going “Awwww….”. And frankly, calamities are part of reality. They happen so often and these types of dramas are kind of there to show us that everything in life is really unexpected, and not knowing the future can affect us positively and negatively.

Arifa is expecting, and she doesn’t seem too happy about it. It’s sad that something that horrible is still haunting her after all this time. Junaid’s unconditional love, Ahmed Ali’s hopes, Shameem’s pleas, nothing is getting to Arifa, and she remains lost in her thoughts of the past and how horribly it has affected her. Let’s hope something changes her life for the better and actually makes her into the old, fun but mature Arifa she used to be. Missing that so badly!

Amna and Urooj on the other hand – where to begin? Firstly, they leave on their trip to Bangkok for his art festival, which is such a happy moment, especially when they’re saying goodbye to Zakiya. That scene literally was just so heartfelt and exhilarating. But, afterwards ASDFGHJKL;. WHY. Just why? I don’t want to spoil though, but anyways, it was really sad :(. However, glad to see the aftermath of it, even though it wasn’t the best thing ever.

I will say this for Zakiya though, she is a really strong woman, and I just don’t understand where all this courage comes from. She’s been so vulnerable, yet remains strong and always tries to be positive. Though she may have her “breaking down” moments here and there, she still stays standing. Her courage is very admiring!

In conclusion, I loved loved loved the final scene of this episode! That really is what you need at the end of the day, your family’s support – and no matter what, they have to support you. After all they are your family and they feel for you. MDKJZM leaves with a fantastic episode every week and gives me a chance to look forward to Tuesdays! Waiting for yet another turning point/twist to come which somehow just never seem to end. Though it may be a bit too repetitive at times, the stirring scenes make it worthwhile to watch the episode, and the chemistry between everyone is just wonderful! Everyone has done an amazing job and looking forward to next week! Signing off now, but will leave you all with this – Whose grave do you guys think is Junaid making duaa at in the preview?

Written by Hina :)

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  • Thanks for all the comments guys! :)

    Agreed! The only thing that keeps me watching is the cast, acting, and just the story. Not enjoying the tragedies and stuff either. Hopefully it seems to wrap up soon. I feel like Mr. Salaar is the last element of this story and then it'll finish up. Let's see :)

  • SK

    How heart wrenching, I bawled my eyes out when Aamna heard about arooj and her reaction. Sarwat was fabulous and so are all the characters , some fine acting a.d a lot of effort from everyone. But, have to agree with Annie, it is more like a soap, with many different tragic events happening.g one after another. The preview shows another death, I mean seriously too much gham! There was enough existing issues that could have been resolved without adding more incidences and events at this stage. If they were going this route, why concentrate on 8 episodes of razia and her daughter and husband if they now have nothing to do with anything. Zakiyas husband could have been killed off some other way. I think too many issues are trying to be addresses in a single drama, this would be perfect for a soap. I just don't really know where this is heading,.bit the acting is keeping me glued.

  • aa

    an oppurtunity wasted by bushra ansari.i think she shud stick to acting she cant of the worst dramas by hum tv

    this drama shud have been a soap not a drama…just like akbari asghari…

    silly drama.ajeeb si khichdi ban gai hai

    bushra ansari cant write to save her life…..first adha din puri raat and now this crap…

    her kuch dil ne kaha and dil hai chota sa were great but after these two dramas she has lost her charm in writing.plz bushra dont write. ye aap ke bas ki baat nai ..she has no sense of script writing

  • Annie

    thanks for reviewing Hina.

    For me the play has lost its charm because there is one tragedy per episode….that's not how a writer should write a story. Logo ko marnay aur paralyze karnay se story nahi baanti. Just when you think the play is going to end, they come up with a new death or tragedy! Frankly, I would call that soap writing and not really Pakistani drama writing. Usually in soaps they will have prolonged successive tragedies to keep the viewers glued on "aab kya ho ga?" Our play writers should be above that mediocrity. I compare this to how our comedies have now become slapstick rather than actual comedy and satire. How I wish Bushra Ansari knew how to wrap this story up. She's got some great characters sketched out but "color bharnay mein maar khaa gaaye" :(

  • It was very good in the beginning with Bushra Ansari in main role but later on it looks like the writer has no idea where to end. There is no story only day to day matters without any strong dialogues.

  • Hammu

    Excellent review.If it was not the characters or the brilliant acting by the wonderful cast in this play,i would have left MDKJZM a long time ago.Well that grave was *SPOILER ALERT* of Arifa's child ( i suppose it was a girl ? ).Really looking forward to the new twist ! Cannot wait to find out till when they're going to keep the suspense !

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