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Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile – Episode 15

hina . 2

To be completely straightforward right now, this episode was literally a drag. I mean, they just kept on repeating the Amna-Azim track and messing with Amna-Urooj’s relationship. On top of that, once Arifa is trying to get back to being her old self again, they show Junaid resorting to methods, that are just not that great to be honest. There wasn’t much ‘happening’ so this is going to be a short review. Regardless, here are my thoughts on the episode:

I feel like so many dramas on air in this season are simply dragging. MDKJZM is turning out to be one of them. I completely understand that you need time to show a development in a relationship, such as Amna and Azim’s (That feels so weird to say!), but seriously dragging it out to 42 minutes? Not fun. I did forward today near the end of the episode mostly because it was all just talking to be honest. Also, it’s ridiculous that once Arifa is getting normal again, Junaid chooses to become a totally different person which is leading to a not-so-happy story.

Why? Why after so many years of understanding and once Arifa is becoming human again, Junaid decides to leave her now? I don’t understand how after so many years of patience, could one month hurt? The way that Junaid’s character is being portrayed really saddens me because this may just be so many people in our society today. Resorting to drugs, nasha, and then giving up on life basically summarizes Junaid’s role in today’s episode. I wish he’d just have accepted Arifa and gone to live their happily ever after with her. But obviously, MDKJZM isn’t too fond of happy endings ;).

On the other hand, it was such a relief to actually see Arifa smile again! Shukar hai  she decided enough is enough and she needs to get her act together. Loved her today!

Meanwhile, Amna and Urooj’s relationship has diffused in this time frame. Amna is more focused on “taking care” of everyone but her. She has to take care of Urooj, Inam, Zakiya, Junaid, Arifa, and the office, etc. To be frank, I don’t think Amna is a bad character just because she is fascinated by Azim, or so it seems. Obviously, when your purpose in life seems to be taking care of people all the time, and a person comes to help you out, you’re going to intrigued by him. However, this aspect of the story annoyed me. Why couldn’t they leave Amna and Urooj alone and keep their relationship the way it really was previously? I miss them and how they used to be with one another so long ago and how they would talk to each other about everything. I love Amna, but hopefully she finds out soon about Azim’s reality.

That’s about all there was today. There wasn’t much to talk about which is why this review is quite short. Also, feeling a bit sick but still decided to watch the episode. Wasn’t up to my expectations really. Still, hoping for the best for MDKJZM and that it doesn’t turn me off. It needs to be wrapped up and given a happy ending soon in my opinion. Regardless, leave your thoughts in the comments! :)

Written by Hina :)

P.S. Sorry for the late review. School isn’t very fun these days -_-

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  • Ms

    @ Annie… well said about Ms. Writer

  • Annie

    didn't watch this week either but saw the preview and looks they are out kill Inaam now – boo! I think the only one sane that would be left in the drama is Ms. Writer herself.

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