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Sadaf . 5

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The story revolves around Aman (Ali Zafar) a Pakistani who is in love with an Indian girl Asha( Yami Gautam) . The original title I have heard was Aman ki Asha cute as that sounds I am glad they changed it because this isn’t really a romance just a great opportunity for slapstick and even a little satire at our sub continental hang-ups . Asha brings Amman home to meet her loud, crazy Punjabi (what else) family who are willing to put up with an Indian Muslim but a Pakistani ? Well that is going to be a problem for this (17)

Most of this film was laugh out loud hilarious and I would like to say just good fun despite the Alcohol, the prostitute and senior abuse  …yes you read right just good fun . As a kind of desi “Meet the Parents” it succeeds without being excruciatingly complicated or forced. I really enjoyed it and spent most of it laughing out loud Aman falls into one unintentionally ridiculous situation after another. Ali Zafar was the star of the show, despite looking exhausted he carries the entire film on his shoulders. He really knows how to do comedy, his timing, the intonations he gave his dialogues are simply brilliant. I can honestly say he was the best thing about this movie and I am not generally a big fan of his work. Kiran Kher was just average, she just went over the top for me and her constant repetition of the words Siyappa got annoying after a while.

Yami Gautham looked sweet but she and Ali Zafar had zero chemistry in fact I found myself wishing Sara Khan who plays the heroines slightly flirty sister was the heroine. She and Ali Zafar were fantastic in the song and dance sequence despite the awful clothes she was wearing. Whatever happened to the old fashioned Bollywood standby: “we were drunk and had a dream “sequence? Perhaps she could have borrowed Kiran Kher’s red dress we see floating around in the end credits? My favourite line had to be from Ali Zafar : after being discovered singing and dancing on an empty table with his tipsy,flirty sister in law to be by his angry girlfriend he puts the scar he had been gyrating to on Sara Khan’s head and says “appa tho fan hai”…nearly fell off my chair laughing !

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Some of the other highlights were the Kanjoos Jeeja who waits at a bakery till closing time for cheap cakes and Pakistan V India fight between neighbours . Anupam Kher was the better half of the Kher equation this time, quiet but effective in his role as the amnesiac father.The story could have done with a little more depth and a  lot more romance . having said that it kept me entertained through out .

Three and Half oh okay I give it Four  out of Five stars

By Sadaf


  • Kanwal

    I am completely on the same page with Rb. Everything was in poor taste- when will we break away from stereotypes! The promos looked better than the actual movie :/

  • Mona S

    Thanks for the review Sadaf. I watched Total Sayapa & enjoyed watching a Hindi movie after a long time, although I’m not a fan of Ali Zafar.
    Let me write what I felt about the movie,

    -Ali Zafar, he was the star of the show. He carried the entire movie on his shoulders. His comic timing was terrific & seemed to be the only one putting in some effort.
    -the slutty sister in law. She had a small role but was effective.
    -scenes were short & confusions did not prolong unnecessarily.
    -only 2 or 3 songs which were hummable if not great.
    -best part; movie finished in 1hr & 40 mins.

    -Not much of a screenplay. Do Hindi movies have no writers? Please, for Gods sake pay a writer some money.
    -Ali Zafar looks sick, literally. He looked jaundiced. He should get a complete blood work done.
    – no chemistry between the lead cast.
    – no glamour in the movie.
    – everyone looks washed out, were there no makeup men in the studios?
    -the bit with the prostitute, old grandfather in the washroom & the two office workers left a bad taste & was really unnecessary.

  • Sadaf

    RB what can I say I seem to be the only one who likes it …Ithought it was sooo funny and beleive me after L NY P which I could not watch …it hurt my brain …this was a pleasant change . As to Ali Zafar changing Bollywood etc..are you joking he is talented but not superman.
    BTW in all the other reviews everyone seems to adore Kiran Kher and this time (normally I love her) I hated her Punjabi Maa charicature and the constant Siyappa references … For once I liked Anupam better..he had the hardest job ,barely speaking
    let us put tghis into perspecyive this was atleast watchable …as in I could not watch Ra One …after paying for an expensive ticket I had to keep closing my eyes in case of early brain death ..
    @RJ yes you are right I do tend to be generous in my reviews ..the reason being ,If I dont like something I generally wont review it at all but I genuinely found this funny.. perhaps I was drunk on samosa’s and the diet coke went to my head …but as Aman says Appa tho fan hai …

  • RJ

    Thank u sadaf ap nay anjanay main mujhay ek favour di hai is film k teasers dekh ker main bohat excited thi (yes kafi arsay baad ek indian film k liay) aur be-sabry say intezaar tha is film ka lekin release k baad mujhay jitna feed back mila through different forums aur mere friends tou wo bohat hi negative tha bul k kisi nay kaha is fil ki ek hi positive cheez hai aut wo is ka trailer hai
    ab ap nay to kafi tareef ki hai jis per ek terf mera hosla berha hai infact 4/5 to bohat bari baat hai waisay ap han kafi generous ye main kai bar notice kia hai ok main ap per trust ker k film dekh leti hoon
    comment kernay say pehlay R.B k comment ki first line per nazer per gai aur main nay jaldi say ignore ker diya hahaha sometimes hum jo sunna chahtay han wo ho hi suntay han human nature naa..kher ab on ka comment bhi perti hoon

  • RB

    How did you sit throughout this snoozefest? I have to give it off to Ali Zafar, he’s the only one who seemed to be acting in the movie, none of the actors were cast well and Kiron Kher was such a waste (in a role that she’s actually rather good in). Here’s a perfect example of actors being wasted. As for the lead actress what’s up with her diction? Just because we’re in London we’ve forgotten to speak in Hindi/Urdu. I mean I get using mixed language but seriously with how she was talking?

    Ali Zafar can do so much better by bringing in a fresh perspective to Bollywood – good storyline, slow and well paced narrative and character development, good use of background score (which was okay here), and I could go on – yet he seems to be losng himself in Bollywood. After all not every movie can be a drama, right?!

    Such a waste of time. Reminds me London, Paris, New York which could have been a good movie had he cast a good actress to work with. Again diction, chemistry, ability to connect with your co-star are things that can make or break a movie. I mean Kron Kher and Ali Zafar had more chemistry than the lead actress. And what’s with all Punjabi’s being over-the-top caricatures? I don’t know any Punjabi mother that says “Kaminee” out loud (they might think it but they don’t say it!). Thoroughly disappointed. I’m sorry you had to sit through all of this.

    And really with sad, sad joke in the bathroom with an old man and Aman? Whatever happened to common sense and decency? What audience are we catering to? Is this what the masses like and enjoy?! On the plus side Total Siyappa is rather catchy as a soundtrack. It went on running playlist! Haha!

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