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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai -Episode 1 Review

Aamir . 18














Episode 1 of Mujhay Khudape Yakeen hai started in a very un-usual way because for the very first time we are going to see a compelled and helpless Character playing by male. In the past we have seen female playing such kind of role but this time it is male character Arham played by Ahsan khan which made serial unique like his name Mujhay Khuda Pe Yakeen hai.

Arham is in the state of depression, anger & annoyed from the all family members. His mother played by Sajida Syed being mother tries her best to keep Arham calm but in no Vain. No body is paying attention to Arham behavior specially his father played by shakeel who is claiming that he has seen everything from his eyes whatever has been done by Arham.

On the other hand is in the state of anger and trying to convince his family thats whztever they have seen is not true at all but no body is ready to believe him which is making him feel alone and stranger at his own home.













Later on episodes moves  to wedding  Scene of Namreen played by Ayesha Khan and Shaiq played by Meekal Zulfiqar. Every body is ready to join wedding except Arham who refuses to join his own brother wedding . His mother asked him to join but he refuses completely even Arham father also came and told him to attend wedding . Even during the wedding Arham shouts at a guest & there must be some reason behind her behaviour which will definately reveal in later episodes of the serial.














Shaiq told Namreen that he needs to take some time to accept this sudden wedding . Namreen agrees gracefully and further adds that it was not easy decision for her too. because some bad incident happen between her and Arham in the past which is yet to reveal but i must say the portion between Arham and Namreen will be highlight of the drama.

Areeba played by Momal Shiekh who happens to be Shakeel friend’s daughter came to stay at their home.  As we all seen in the promos, she will help Arham to come out of the situation in which he has been terribly caught.

I found Mujhay Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai very interesting and different because of Strong character played by Ahsan Khan and also for the very first time Ayesha Khan is playing grey character.

As far as performances are concerned Ahsan Khan has played his character very well because it is very difficult to play such kind of character for male specially in a society where we are living . Hatss off to Ahsan Khan

Ayesha Khan is looking simply stunning and playing her charcter very well too. Meekal is doing regular acting as he has played such kind of charcters in the past as well so i am expecting something different from him in his upcoming plays because indeed Meekal is extremely talented and handsome as well.

Momal Sheikh is truely wonderful actress and i am wondering why she is not coming in centreal role in any drama. She deserves some major character and better roles.

As a whole amazing drama with amazing start.

Excited to see what comes next


Written By:

Amir Basharat Butt



  • Silent Reader

    wheres episode 2 review??????

  • kiran malik

    review of episode 2?

  • Aiman

    Kher i jst love watever she do whether -ve or +ve character…but aaj kal tv per roona dhona bht machaya howa hai dosri actresses ne to in this 1 i want k Aisha dosron ko rolai na k khud roi…like in kpkpbt starting ki epi main jo fun loving, Badtameez (no rona dhona) daneez thi…as far as this drama is concerned i think Ahson aur Aisha k frame main Ahson victm hoga & Mekal aur Aisha k relation main Aisha…lets see

  • Aiman

    @kiran wat abt 'Haron to piya teri' (starring aisha & sami khan) mene drama ki 3,4 epi dekhi hain bt novel poora perha hai…and Gul ka character pori tarhan -ve to nai but grey shaded zaror tha..aur iski tarhan aur bhi hain dramas jinme Aisha wz in -ve role..

  • Sadaf

    @kiran I watched Parsa ,and Bol meri Machli and quite a few others ..

  • kiran malik

    @SADAF..well that i am…love her in all her roles…i also lke daneez n mujtaba's couple the most…i wsh someone frm drama fraternity reads it…n ths dream of kuch par ka…'s sequel turns into a reality….hav u watched rest of aisha's serials…blv me thy r a treat to watch…go for vasl,ijazat n parsa whenever u get time…u ll lov them n wd agree wd me that aisha is the most profound t v star v hav…

  • Sadaf

    Kiran you really are Aisha's greatest fan . I have to say I watched quite a bit of Massi and malika but it got unbelievably stupid towards the end which is typical of soaps …. however I liked Aisha in it .I really liked Aisha as Danis in KPKPP but she looked a little out of it in some of the scenes with Fawad.. having said that Danis and Muju are still one of my fave drama couples…being an English/American/Pakistani hybrid myself ..I know those characters were very true to life …wish we could have a sequel which Kiran and the bad but cute Shamrais made it legit ….would love to see Danees coping with life in Pakistan and ofcourse MY Muju …ha ha ha …if we say it enough times perhaps it will happen ???

  • kiran malik

    masi malka ws the only negative charactrer she did…thr ws none else….n ppl generally like to see her positive whch goes more with sith her sweet nature n humble personality…

  • Aiman

    @kiran Aisha had done -ve characters..woh bhi thore se 'grey shaded' nai bulkeh full time -ve eg: Masi aur Malka (soap serial) etc.. infact thts what make her MOST VERSATILE ACTRESS from rest of the 'Heroins' of our drama industry…i m hoping k yeh role bhi acha khasa -ve will b a treat to watch her….

  • kiran malik

    gud to read u sadaf…i had bn waiting…..agree with every single word u ve written….aisha is a superb star…she knows hw to play'' strong resilient woman''…but that happens qte rare…v usually see her as an understanding n submissive woman like in bari apa,ijazat,mulaqat n more more…n in my viewpoint those roles suit her sweet n subtle persona even more…..i hope her role in this play is not entirely dark …

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for the review Amir . I had been waiting for this drama for sometime and I think it was worth it so far . Some of the scenes were a bit long and the Uncles multicolored hairstyle was weird but otherwise its got me hooked . I really liked Narmeen's character even though I think she is not exactly an innocent one . She seems a little outspoken but then that is a characteristic of people brought up in England like me .I have to say i love Aisha Khan ,she knows how to play strong resilient women so well.Not yet too enamored of Ahsan Khan's character yet which seems annoying rather than sad and wrongly accused. Mikaal is good as Shaiq , it's nice to see him playing a more sensible, controlled character instead of those dreadful player types he was doing in recent times . Though I have to say no matter how bad Salman Anser was he made for great scenery ;).

    @Pino could not agree more …My nerves cannot take too many episodes too find out what the fuss is about ….looking forward to next week :)

  • Ms

    @PINO the same feelings of mine as urs.. suspense hona hi nahi chahye.. at least next episode preview main hi kuch hint dena chahye..

  • kiran malik


  • Silent Reader

    I had high expectations of this drama after watching the promos and I must say I wasnt dissapointed at all.I liked how the story started and we were introduced to all the character personalities within few minutes.At no point was the episode dragging or boring,in fact the suspense had me at the edge of my seat.

    Coming to the performances: It is evident that most of the drama will revolve around Ahsan (Arham) and Aysha (Narmeen).And both Protagonist have immidiately made their presence felt on screen.It is great to have Aysha back on the screen and playing a grey character.Mikaal Zulfiqar is replaceable and currently hasnt made an impression yet.I sincerely hope we will get to see a new side of his acting in this play.Momal is looking beautiful,fresh and doing very pleasant acting.Ahsan Khan is deffinately the star of the show.He did a comendable job in his introduction scene and set the tone of his character.He has shown some angry expressions in some of his previous plays but here he is topping his own performances.So far all senior artists are doing an excellent job.

    After watching many "mazloom Aurat" stories,finally we will see a "mazloom mard".I´m deffinately looking forward watching how the story will b dealt.The pace is just perfect and the camera work is good. The house shots are beautiful. However It would have been even better if the colours were more sharp.

    Usually i dont say much about the OST,but i have to mention MKPY OST is hauntingly beautiful.The Ost is perfect with this drama.Pity its very short.I would have preferred if we had a full version.

    Tuesdays please come soon

  • @kiran thanks for correcting me..keep it up and i will try my level best to improve myself.

    @pino yes i am also wondering what happened:)

    @ayesha thats okay its part of game and i take critisizm as positive

  • Ayesha

    wonderful play in all aspects and guys despite of being critisizing we should appreciate reviewers who are reviewing it dont be typical Pakistani.

  • Pino

    I watched the first episode and the suspense is killing me haha. I wonder what happened? I hope they reveal soon and not right at the end.

  • kiran malik

    nice review but it's not mamreen,but narmeen …n shahid is actually shaiq…. wonderful play with a unique theme…for the frst time ever in pak dramas…v see a man suffering….most probably coz of a woman whom he loved dearly at one time in his life n who is nw his bhabi….aisha ofcourse looks incredible…shes the bckbone of any play n her presence attracts a huge no of audience…shes one of the most beautiful,refined n talented woman on t.v….so far her character doesnt show anything negative but the promos suggests otherwise…aisha has always played super positive super sacrificing n super compromising roles….this is the first time she llb doing such a role with a tinge of grey…lets see how turns out to b…i hope its not completely dark…..shes too gud to act bad…

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