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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai Preview

Aamir . 8


Mujhe Khuda pe yakeen hai is an upcoming serial, starring Aisha Khan, Ahsan khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar airing on Humtv. It has been written by Seema Munafand directed by Barkat Siddiqui.

Ayesha khan is appearing after so long on any drama serial and i really like her , cant wait her to see on this drama plus name of the serial is also very catchy.

The drama is going to be start on HUMTV from 15 August, 2013. So dont forget to watch and give your valuable feedback  to us.

Written By:

Amir Basharat Butt



  • Sadaf

    @Sania yes there is please check out our main page

  • Sania

    what is the Gunah don by Ahsan khan in the drama "Mujhy khuda pay yaqeen hai" ?

  • Silent Reader

    Pity theres no review of episode 1 yet.Anyway great start and my high expectations were fulfilled.

    Actingwise Ahsan and Aysha both have taken the screen by storm especially Ahsan.Mikaal has yet to make a spot for himself.Momal is adorable

  • kiran malik

    aisha is the best looking n most talented t v star v hav here wd us…wd lov to see this new play of hers

  • mahi

    @deepika – yeah she is the same aisha. She is a very talented and one of the best Pakistani actresses. She might not be that good as Daneez but that was more because of her character and miss matched pairing with fawad khan otherwise she had given numerous outstanding performances. So I am also looking forward to this one for her and Meekal.

  • Deepika

    Is she the same Ayesha from Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha? And yeah thank you for the heads up Aamir, the cast seems interesting, gotta check out the promos.

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for the heads up Amir . I am a fan of Mr Heartstoppingly handsome Mikaaal :) …sigh …. I like Aisha Khan too she is beautiful and a great actress.I have been waiting for this serial and the promos look interesting . I hope it turns out well, looking forward to your reviews :)

  • Abdul

    Ahsan Khan chayaa hoa hai.. as would be apear in khoya khoya chand and now Mujhay Khuda Py Yaqeen hai..

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