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Muqabil – Episode 4 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

The fourth episode of Muqabil unveiled topnotch performances by Asif Raza Mir and Mohsin Abbas Haider. For an actor who is just a beginner in the drama industry, Mohsin has gotten himself acknowledged through his performance by playing a character which doesn’t have to much to offer.

Arman’s character is quite plain but Mohsin has acted so well that the viewers feel an instant connection with his character and that right there speaks volumes about his potential. Asif Raza Mir is another actor who portrays characters so, so vivid that you can’t help but admire his acting skills. Every single scene is shot so well that it turns everything tremendously beautiful, so tons and tons of credits to the direction team.

The scene in which Mehmood Sahab slaps Armaan was so real that it just made me along with the viewers gasp! You instantly feel sorry for the misery Armaan was enduring. Kubra Khan’s acting and body language was on point but a few of her dialogues were somewhat rushed and they sounded a bit odd. The viewers cannot wait to see what happened to Pareesa in the past that turned her this sour which will finally be shown in the next episode. The fourth episode opened up with Mehmood Sahab confronting his son after his wife and daughter had slept, probably because he didn’t want to engage himself in more confusion. He makes him perform wudhu and keeps Arman’s hand on the Holy Book and makes him speak only and only the truth. Naturally Armaan did exactly as his father said and he brought him into assurance that there was nothing going on between Pareesa and him.

The chemistry between Armaan and Mehmood Sahab and their stellar performances made all the scenes a treat to watch. Armaan is a simple, decent guy who is educated and is most focused on finding himself a job. The conversation about marriage proposals between his mother and sister also focused on the fact that he is not interested in marriage or any girl for that matter.

Pareesa did not shy away from her statements, but instead took an even bolder move. When Armaan asked her to quit whatever plan she had cooked in her mind, and for once think about own her mother and Mehmood Sahab, Pareesa did not heed to it and instead said she is not sorry at all. This scene alone proved that she wanted to avenge her mother and was ready to go through every consequence.

It also turned out that Shahnaz married Aftab because she did not have a choice and she merely wanted to marry someone who she could dictate all her life. Aftab feels like a prisoner in his married life and he doesn’t really seem happy with the way things were going.

The preview of the next episode will show Pareesa’s reason behind her decision and will be depicting another side of Mehmood Sahab’s character. I loved tonight’s episode dearly and each and every scene was fabulously portrayed. All credits to the actors, the director and the cinematography for giving the drama an original feel.

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

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