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Neeyat Episode 2

Faraz . 4

It’s always the hardest to actually choose a word or a line to start. And that’s what’s happening with me right now. I don’t know from where to start. It’s been a while since I stopped writing regularly. So I am finding it difficult to be in complete flow. Is it natural? Who knows? Anyway so we are talking about Neeyat’s 2nd episode.  As mentioned in the 1st review.Neeyat is a very simple story that has been handled with brilliant care by MJ. What disappoints me the most is the fact that It does resemble with many Indian movies. Remember the movie chori choru chupke chupke (salman khan. Rani and preity starrer)  or the very old shabana azmi movie in which she gets a surrogate mother for his husband. In this case, deepti is the surrogate mother for humyun’s green card. Wah kya line mari hai meiney :)

Episode 2 was to establish the characters and their relationship, what I liked about it was the fact that It was fast paced and went straight into the development of the story. Deepti moves in with humyun saeed so that they could start their paper marriage process.

For some very odd reasons neeyat hasn’t created the kind of buzz that is always expected from Mehreen jabbar’s serial and I really think that the story is the real culprit here. Neeyat lies on a water thin story line. I was really disappointed to see that in an MJ Serial but I guess let it be. Jab hum her bar tareef kar saktey hain tou burai bhi ker saktey hain J I am really not impressed by Neeyat so far.

However the saving grace of this drama is turning out to be deepti’s acting . Deepit gets the best role of her drama career and she does complete justice to it. She is natural, oozes confidence and brings energy in her every scene; she is the real show stealer.

Humyun saeed doest get much scope, I hope he gets to have a meatier role later, but in all honesty I don’t think that will be the case. I am not being judgmental but sometimes I feel that MJ will always make serials that are woman oriented. And the male characters are merely there to just add on to the story, or to put it this way, I always felt that mard ka character bus isi liye hota hai key end mein everyone should say kay “men are dogs” I might be wrong but that’s what I felt when I was watching neeyat and specially the scene in which deepti talks to humyun in his terrace. The dialogues, the attitude all focus on making the viewers feel negative about man.

Mahira :) what can I say about her.. She is too sweet to be said anything, however … is she the candy floss of this serial or what? Her acting is still amateurish bohat time chahey ussey.especially when she is acting in the likes of deepti and humyun saeed. May be her role doesn’t demand that much or I guess since deepti is acting so well, she makes everyone else’s acting, look below par.

Or reh gaye humarey becharey Ahsun miya :) yaar kasam say I feel so bad for him.he has actually started to think that he has a chance now. Again another male bashing. Why MJ ? just why man? So now we  know that mahira and humyun haven’t broken up but everytime ahsun will try to do something sweet we will say, bechara, apni taraf say bohat khush hai key chalo mera chance laga :)  lets see how it goes.

I would like to end the review on a question. What does a woman really want? Okay now dont start thinking kay yeh ek dum say kidher say agaya sawal?  Remember the scene between marium and farah?

Yaar wohi wala scene in which farah tells Marium that she has gotten the role of her life time and this can be the biggest break in her career however what made me surprise was the fact that farah starts getting jealous when marium tells her that she is getting married. So what is it that a woman values more?

A great career? Or a blissful married life?




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  • samira

    yes u are right.. very very slow….. i can not believe that this is an MJ drama

  • Aishy

    very slow drama

    not catcing my interest

  • Zainab irshad

    interesting, loving Ismail… but cant forget his bad role/image created by the drama "pani jesa pyar ":)

  • Batool Zehra

    Mehreen…!! You always bring the issues tat depicts reality….Matured story,selective cast, brilliant concept and awesome acting…..!!!….& poor u Mahira!!!:(…it seems like u'll hv a tough time aftrwards….:(

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