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Numm Episode 3 review

Sadaf . 31

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I am happy to say Numm is getting better and better. I was quite skeptical in the beginning but have been won over. I still say the ‘Fawad Khan Factor’ is a big attraction but this serial is nuanced, deep and well made enough to make me excited for it every week. My only reservations are that this does not turn into the two women fighting over a man scenario remains balanced.

Neelam seems to have accepted her marriage to Wali but not her situation in life. She was rude and dismissive towards Mahjabeen from the beginning but after Barey Saheb’s talk with her, like a spoiled child Neelam realizes she can get away with even more bad behavior than she thought. I think Kanza Wyne may have a little to learn in the acting department but she is doing a good job in front to heavyweights like Fawad Khan and Sanya Saeed. Kanza plays Neelam with such force and adds an element of much needed energy to the story. Compared to her, Wali Bakht and poor Mahjabeen are like sleepwalkers living their lives according to Sekander Bakht’s wishes as if they have no other choice.images (26)

I am so glad Fawad Khan has chosen to play a different kind of character to Zaroon ,Asher et al. Wali is so quiet and subdued , lulled to sleep by the luxury he lives in . It shows how much Mahjabeen has influenced his character, he even sounds a little like her when he tells Neelam off. I can just imagine Mahjabeen explaining life to him in exactly those controlled but kind tones. He is upset with Neelam’s attitude to Mahjabeen without openly acknowledging it which leads to a confrontation and the resounding slap we saw in the promos. I was fully expecting Neelam to slap him back.However, she stood there in shock, which is natural but there should have been more to her reactions.For me at least some of the energy was lost. Actually I wish Dramas did not have these scenes ,I did not like it in ZGH ether. It is almost as if these dramas are trying to make violence look attractive is most certainly NOT and should not be in  any relationship  which is in anyway happy or (4)

Fawad is perfect as Wali, his mannerisms, the body language even his short sentences are all working perfectly to define this character, avoiding that generic “hero” personality we see in so many plays. I really liked the bus ride to Lahore. Neelam is so excited to ride the bus and get away from Mahjabeen. She literally orders Wali to come with her, then falls asleep on his shoulder which irritates him .When she wakes up she is just as annoyed at finding herself in such a position. Neelam challenges Wali on every occasion and is not intimidated by him for a moment.  This is the charm of her character. Wali has been raised by Mahjabeen so is unlikely to be impressed by bad manners or headstrong behavior. Having said that there is certain chemistry between Neelam and Wali that is like a slow fuse, which may light up at some point if Neelam can keep her mouth shut.images (24)

Poor Mahjabeen, doomed to be the mazloom Aurat in this serial at least. When Neelam drags Wali off to a common bus to travel to Lahore, she is like a mother following her child at an enforced distance while he discovers the dangers of this world. When Neelam insults her for the umpteenth time she finally shows some sign of being a human being rather than the efficient robot. Finally, Mahjabeen remembers a time when she too had some status other than Wani, when she too had someone who loved her. Flashback, to show Sarmad Khoosat rocking a big Zamindar type tache and in full: lala Sudhir/ Punjabi hero mode.From one of the Numm Facebook pages I think (correct me if I am wrong) this MIGHT be Wali’s uncle whose death Wali’s father sets out to avenge leading to the blood feud and present situation. Sanya and Sarmad looked kind of sweet and actually quite adorable compared to the clashes between Neelam and Wali. At the moment I think Sanya Saeed is being wasted in this role but hopefully it gets more complex later.images (25)

This serial is become very interesting and is much better than the promos. Some of the scenes are a little long but and the interiors badly lit which I think has been done in the name of “atmosphere” but I am sure there are better ways of doing this. Will everyone hit me if I say I wish Sarmad Khoosat had directed this?  After having said that, full credit to Ahsan Talish for making this drama work really well. He has woven the scenes of such few characters in such a fascinating way it makes what seems to be a low production budget irrelevant in front of the high quality of this drama.  Ahsan Talish has managed to make a rather old story line both compelling and even a little mysterious. The script writer, Myra Sajid has done a commendable job with characters that are not all bad and certainly not all good. Though I may not like their behavior at times, each character’s motivations and personality are clear and well rounded. The best part is I can empathize with each one of them as people caught up in a situation which seems to be out of their control.

I am covering for maria who will be back next week :)

Written By Sadaf 

  • zara


    yes yes how can i forget meri behan maya..annie was awesome in it..i wish she was neelam,, would have been more better..

  • Sadaf

    @Ambreen Good effort and analysis ! I look forward to reading and commenting on your reviews for dramas we are not already covering .

  • Sadaf

    totally agree about Annie Jaffry , in fact I like her and Mehr Bano in anything . But lets be fair Kanza may not be perfect but she is doing her best

  • Annie

    I personally like Annie Jaffrey as Burqa Avenger :D

  • Pino

    Oh yes Annie Jaffery would have been a good choice :) She looks like a school girl and is better looking too

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Zara I watched the first two episodes and then watched it in bits and pieces. It is interesting. Sorry, I won't be reviewing it. Yes Annie Jafrrey never comes across as annoying. I remember her character in Meri Behan Maya had a lot of potential to be annoying but she brought out the innocence and cuteness so well that you couldn't help but like Maya.

  • zara


    yes annie jaffry would have been the best choice for neelam's role..she is doing really well in aseer zadi..fatima are u watching aseer zadi if yes to kaisa lag rha hai and will you review it??

  • Fatima Awan

    There are so many actresses who could have done justice to Neelam's role. Annie Jafrrey would have been perfect.

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Hammu, There is some problem and it may take some time to get sorted. When the website is back to normal, You have to make a disqus account to comment.

  • Hammu

    Guys,or even Fatima if she's reading lol :p i've been searchig her all over internet.I even contacted the page on FB but got no reply.Just wanted to say that what happened to reviewit? It was much easier just putting your name and email.But it is a lot more complicated now.I don't even know how to comment there.Please help! Thanks.

  • Pino

    Maybe those sisters Urwa and Mawra or sajjal could have played the role of Neelum :)

  • Faraz

    Hi Guys

    a very good readers of our has sent us her own version of review of Numm Episode 3 VIA our Submitt a review tab… We as a team encourage all of you to submitt your reviews as well :) just a word of caution :) please submitt reviews on those dramas only which you see are not being covered on our website. this will help us understand if they should be reviewed as well.. Since Sadaf and Maria are our regular reviewer for Numm we can not post it as the main review.. however i am posting it under the comment :) good effort Ambreen

    Review by Ambreen


    The 3rd edition of Numm was interesting to say the least. It gave us an insight into Mahjabeen's past and presented her as a girl in love, a girl who not only had to live with unrequited love but also had spend her life "raising" her husband, Wali Bakht. Sarmad Khoosat I thought gave a good performance and I believe was the younger brother of Baray Saab and the one whose murder was avenged by Wali Bakht's father. The murder of a member of Mahjabeen's family seems to have led to the vani. This of course is just my take on the flashback scene introduced at the time when Mahjabeen is reflecting on her status as nothing more than an unwanted presence in the house as pointed out by Neelam.

    Baray Saab may have just given the power to Neelam by declaring her the one and only daughter-in-law of the family. It is due to this power that Neelam is subjecting everyone, including the audience, to her theatrics. While I should empathise with her character, her sentiments of being forced into a marriage, I am just not able to do so till now. Her insecurity over Mahjabeen's presence in the house is apparent and this is the only thing she can control, and hence, lashes out at everyone, especially Mahjabeen. I can't decide if her tantrums and the way she has acted is intentional or just lack of experience. The highlight for me in this episode was the much-deserved slap Neelam got in the end. Someone had to put a stop to the endless rants and shouting scenes she endured us to in this episode. Unknowingly it is this behaviour which will eventually push Wali in Mahjabeen's direction.

    Not only does Neelam's acting leaves a lot to be desired, her voice is giving me a headache. I pity the people who must have had to endure it on the sets day in and day out and now the audience is being subjected to it.

    A brooding Fawad Khan as Wali Bakht continues to impress me. Every time I feel he is going to blow up but controls himself and tries to accept the situation. The bus scene was a bit ridiculous but Wali Bakht surprises me with his capacity to endure Neelam and her push-you-to-the-limit antics.

    The scene where Baray Saab was leading what looked like a jirga didn't sit well with me. I suppose its the director's style whereby he draws out a scene that can be cut short so I will endure them for now. One character I could simply cut out is that of Neelam's sister Ammu. Neither can the girl act nor is given decent dialogues to make her presence somewhat bearable.

    I read in some reviews that the background score has been relatively loud drowning out the dialogues and this was evident in this episode too. I could barely make out Wali Bakht's words in the scene where he tries to talk sense into Neelam. I am all for a soft spoken Fawad Khan, but really someone does need to give the producers this feedback.

    I can't wait for Wali Bakht to develop a relationship with Mahjabeen which is based on more than a caretaker.

    Written by Ambreen~

  • Annie

    @Pino – it is not Neelum's character that we have a problem with, it's the acting bit :) She's supposed to be rude, brash and shake everyone out of their drunken stupor by disturbing the status quo set by Baray Sahab. We just needed a bit more polished actress to play the part – someone who has done a couple of dramas which require control of dialogue delivery and histrionics. I always complain about the fact that we have so many Fab stage actors that we don't get to see on the tele-screen because the producers are always trying to find the pretty VJ on the music channels. I would have liked to even see that girl from Daag that Sarmad found to play the lead in his play. She could have played the badtameez 18 year old with a lot of fervor.

  • Sadaf

    @Fawad Fan Thanks for commenting , glad we can help :)

  • Fawwad_fan

    Oh yeah and did I mention what an amazing review this is

    Your reviews always help me understand the bits i misinterpret at times :D


  • Fawwad_fan

    An amazing episode I must say .

    I guess kanza's acting is the most hot topic here .

    Well tbh I get a bit confused in her annoying acting or is

    it just the way her role has to be .

    Any ways I think for a beginner acting in front

    of matured actors like fawwad and saniya wouldn't

    have been easy and yet she does a pretty ok job :)

  • Sadaf

    @Mona I second that … I still managed to re watch Ashk .. I agree about the background music … message to the sound editor or who ever it is with this Job …those dialogues the actors are saying are there for a reason ..the soaring music is supposed to enhance the scene not take it over.

    @Pino you are not alone I actually agree with you and have mentioned it in my reviews Neelam's character is meant to be annoying and batamees but at least she seems alive and part of this century. The others seem to be living in the 80's.I can understand that with Mahjabeen who is stuck in the past but Wali just supposedly got back from Oxford …again confirming my opinion that Oxford is a place where rich people send their children to impress other rich people …..There seems to be no intellectual curiosity in Wali at all. He . I know I am going to get bricks thrown at me and maybe it is just my thinking but I see no merit in Mazlloom aurtein they perpetuate misery with their acquiescence oops I meant nobility . I HATE women that keep looking at Men for answers …those googly eyes and pleading looks are annoying . .

  • Pino

    You all will disagree with me but I love the way Neelum is :) She is bold, brash and full of life. The poor girl is locked in a cage and she will not compromise like Mahajabeen.

    The first 2 episodes I found this new girl's acting of neelum super annoying but this episode I liked her. As a newcomer pitted against Fawad is no joke.

    Mahajabeen on the other hand is annoying me. Her mumbles with barey sahib or Wali and the bechari looks are frustrating. Woman at least talk, stop whispering like a ghost.

    Fawad as usual acted great! Woah – the slap….I'm against physical abuse but that slap was like woah, sorry but the best scene in the episode. She did provoke him and made a point that Mahajabeen does have a special place in his heart and at the end of the day the Oxford grad is a typical jagidaar….can't wait for next episode… Loving it…

  • Mona S

    Wonderful review as always Sadaf. Thank you.

    I'm begining to like this play. Maybe I did not have any expectations from it because of an unknown writer & unknown director. But, of course, there was FK in it so I had to watch it. If I can sit through Ashk & ZGH because of him, I can sit through anything.

    So we find out that Mahjabeen raised Wali. No wonder they are carbon copies of each other. They both seem to be sleep walking throughout the haveli or is it throughout the play, I'm not still sure.

    Kanza, seems to add glamour & energy to the play, but this girl really needs to brush up on her acting skills, asap. She was better in the first 2 episode, but annoyed the hell out of me in this one. Needless to say, that for a first acting job, she's not that bad.

    Could someone from the production team lower down the background score please? I really want to hear when FK is talking because the poor guy doesn't have many dialogues in the play.

    So glad there are other people, like me, who enjoyed the tight slap on Neelum's face. I think she deserved it, lol.

    Waiting for next week already to see how the story unfolds.

  • Sammo

    Loved Sarmad's cameo! I really wish they would tone down the background score. Neelum still cannot enunciate :/

  • AND THE GOOD NEWS IS : we are all on the same page about Sarmad and his tache certainly made my day …


  • @Fatima Thanks coming from such a good reviewer that is a great compliment :) I think you are so right she is possessive about him probably like say a new toy . I think he sees her as this annoying bee buzzing around him and ruining his life .

    @Annie messed up relationship indeed but possible …na? I so agree about those awful clothes …this is the problem with the stylists. If they had put less makeup on Kanza we would see the child/girl that she is with those tomboy clothes and sassy attitude. Could they have put her in two outfits at least …I see a need for a washing machine ON SET !

    The whacking Wali gives her should do the trick from the promo she sruns away and if we look at the OST we can see she is dressed in a salwar kamees and has learned how to cook later ..perhaps she is trying to copy Mahjabeen to win Walli's good opinion ……AND who can blame her is all I can say ..?

    @Musing Muslim

    Ha ha ha ah her acting does need work but either she is growing on me or she is improving but I think she really might be getting better ? You are quite right Wali is AWFUL . It is Fawad Khan playing him varna I would not touch such a character with a ten foot barge pole . I really dislike Wali at times exceot when he is kind of vulnerable via the Mahjabeen connection …I know where you live and I have google maps lady we will find you …actually , it is ok REALLY opposing Opinions and viewsa ARE always welcome because having a conversation is the purpose of our reviews etc… Again I always prefer comments to my own reviews .. why , well I know my opinion and I want to read yours…:)

    Tinni now that was some scholarly analysis . I am always impressed with your thinking it always brings up something New. Hmmm I can see your point about Wali ,he does look more patient than Neelam and maybe he is waiting for a an appropriate chance but then again he is old enough now to take that chance . He could get a job , he could even take MJ with him. I think he really , really likes MJ but because of their situation he cannot articulate his feelings . I don't think he is in the least bit interested in Neelam's Neelam who is sort of interested in him . The feeling Neelam has of insecurity is quite right she is never going to be anything more than someone Wali puts up with .His affections are centered on MJ .I think that is essentially the plot .

  • @Maryam Yaay glad to have you on board ! The comparison with Zaibu /zabu is very apt .The comparison to ASHK is pretty obvious …but two things:

    1.Neelam's character is shown to have a more vulnerable ,softer side ,she seems to connect with Amtul and Ammo.

    2.Ashk was beautifully shot it just got crazy in Istanbul.

    @Sara I agree and thanks for putting it so eloquently . Great analysis MJ is Wali's constant in a changing Sea . I think all of Neelam's goading may go in the opposite direction by reminding Wali and MJ what their actual relationship is .You are so right that she may think she is living as her lovers widow taking care of his brother's son .

    @SK This is the great thing about Neelam's character which stops me from throwing her over the nearest bridge ..a lot of what she says makes sens but then she turns into this screeching harpy and I think no, the bridge idea is not so bad after all.

  • Sadaf thank you for the wonderful review. Somewhere I feel Wali is on the cross roads of all sorts, he has been raised to follow certain customs and obey certain orders, unlike Neelum he does not misbehave but waiting for the right day to strike. Wali is a contradiction of all sorts, he respects Mahjabeen, feels for her but accepts he should move on with a younger bride who is not the bride of his choice. Maybe given a choice he may have got married the 2nd time but with someone very different than neelum. Mehjabeen is shadow of her real self, she lives like a robot, the servants obey her as they need to obey someone, even in her robot state, she earns respect from Wali, somewhere she must have done some good. The scene where she is sitting all sad and defeated, Wali comes home and stops by her just for a second to make her feel his presence. Neelum is someone I hate and love at the same time. She is like a breath of fresh air at times breaking her way from the confines of feudalism but at the same time she is someone who can be very cranky to the point of being rude and irritating. She is a rebellion which I accept under the circumstances in which she got married and I don't want her to accept Wali just like that. Her behaviour towards Mehjabeen is cold but her unnecessary shouting is what I do not like. Wali slapped her under her provocation as she very well knew it will be the outcome, she did say your mardangi will come out if I utter those words and it did. Many viewers are objecting the fact for showing violence against women, I would say they showed what is real. While many of us are fighting to stop this violence, it is still there and yes in this case it only showed Wali is also a human and he does get provoked, not a robot like Mahjabeen has turned into.

  • I agree – Sarmad totally rocked the muchi. Nice surprise cameo role to prepare us pre-Manto.

    I read the slap as pay back for K's bad acting. ;)

    I don't think it was shock that registered on Neelam's face, it was more like I-dare-you-and-look-you-did-it smirk.

    Ok no I don't condone violence for bad acting but I do think it is the feudal lord rising in our merc loving-phoren-educated Wali sahib who is also quick to put down them toiling minions in his garden as he is to be goaded into slapping the wife.

    Despite everything I don't really like Wali's character – he strikes (hee!) me as spineless and not willing to change status quo and will happily accept feudal life and luxury. I'll stop now for the sake of my life and limb.

    As it is you have me on the run. In case you were wondering I am writing this from a secret undisclosed heavily guarded location….

  • Annie

    Awesome review Sadaf! this week's epi was a bit on the slower side for me. I wish it had been edited better. I think we'll see this good editing/bad editing over the next 20+ weeks (or whatever the current magic # is).

    Neelum finally changed her clothes after a week (or was it more??). I literally wanted to take her to the bathroom and tell her to take a shower PLEASE!! Her acting remained as bad as her clothing choice (or lack there of). I wish her mom would have given a good whacking when she was little or at least taught her some manners. She really seems like a psychotic 13 year old who has escaped out of a horror movie. I don't know how the cast and crew filmed with her – I would have gotten a headache and would have asked for a paper bag to do some breathing exercises.

    I really liked Sarmad's surprise cameo :) that was pretty awesome! So now it's clear that Sania who would have been Wali's Chachi ended up being his wife – that is one messed up relationship. I like what @Sara said above about her taking care of her "would be lover's nephew".

    Hoping the editing guys come back from break next week.

  • SK

    Your review is excellent. I am enjoying this very much, except for the slap part which I agree with you. Why do they have to show that? Otherwise, I loved the Neelum and wali scene. She actually had some sensible things to say in the previous bedroom scene questioning how everyone just accepts everything. I like her to a certain extent, but then when she gets rude and screeches gritting her teeth. Not so much!

    Loving FK as wali and was great to see sarmad too!

    Totally into this now and how slowly the secrets are being revealed! Loving not knowing what's gonna happen next!

  • Fatima Awan

    Sadaf, I am truly impressed with your analytical and writing skills. It is always a treat to read your reviews but this one is really very good. I agree with you Numm is getting better, Thank God:) Agree with you about the Fawad factor. Neelam and Wali do share good chemistry and Kanza Wyne was much better in this episode. I felt like Neelam was actually being possessive about her husband. i could be very wrong of course! or maybe she wanted to enjoy the queen status!

  • sara

    @Maryam I agree he did get to slap her though lol. Getting Sarmad on board was a brilliant idea.. it sure has raised the bar.

  • sara

    wonderful review. in today's episode was it just me or wali seem to not like when everyone reminded him that mahajaben didn't have any status. he doesn't know what to do with neelum but we know what effects him the most is his unusual relationship with mahajabeen so neelum disrespecting it doesn't go down well with him. I am curious to know what would melt his heart towards neelum. To me strangely his relationship with mahajabeen is his only security n comfort due to lack of pressure or demand. mahajabeen's flashback confirmed that she loved the life she had (it makes sense that wali uncle was the guy she loved) but after being vani she is reduced to being just a vani n has accepted it so doesn't expect or desires anything from anyone including wali or in her head she might be living there as a widow of her lover taking care of the son of the man who avenged the death of the guy she loved. the dynamics of relationships between characters r so interesting n mysterious .. cant wait to learn more about their lives. so far loving this show.

  • Maryam

    Amazing review Sadaf,

    I must say too that every episode is better then the previous one. Things are getting clear. NEELUM Is as annoying as ZAIBU. Cant stand her attitude and the way she acts and speaks. Im sure the expressions FAWAD is giving in his scenes with KANZA are his own not WALI'S.. :P I can literally see FAWAD (Not Wali) wanting to punch her face!!

    Khair Coming back to WALI, Im just loving his stiffed and rigid body language. SO PERFECTLY THAT MAN CARRIES HIM SELF <3

    That say anything but WOW FAWAD <3 SANIA SAEED, Never really liked that woman and not even in this 'Sati Sawitri' Role. i hate the way she speaks so politely with Neelum even after that much of insult :/

    Over all loved it, SARMAD raised the bar for me in this particular episode.. Going GOOD.. I Hope it gets better!

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