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Pani Jaisa Pyar Episode 12

Sarah (Noorie) . 1

I don’t think I can translate into words how angry I am after watching episode 13 of this drama. What’s happening in it is really pissing me off, and yet, I can’t stop watching.

Let me rewind a little bit and focus on episode 12. I thought, personally, that the episode was a bit slow, or maybe it was just the fact that it was pretty depressing overall. What happened was pretty much what we were expecting, except maybe the death of Sana’s mother (Samina Ahmed). Her brother Hassan (Babrik Shah) was sentenced to death, which we all saw coming, Adarsh (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and Sasha (Juggan Kazim) went off and romanced and whatnot, and Dua (Nausheen Shah) and Arfa (Samina Peerzada) had a heart-to-heart.

And now onto episode 13. How can Adarsh and Sasha be such brats? Okay, I get it, they loved each other and were separated, blah blah blah. But that’s no excuse for acting like this. Adarsh is just like “I love Sasha, and I think that Sana is a horrible person even though there’s pretty much no explanation for this assumption of mine,” whereas Sasha is all “I love Adarsh and I don’t really give a crap whether he’s married, or the fact that I’m ruining the lives of a bunch of different people.” I think Sasha’s mother said it best when she said “Afreen hai tum par Sasha. Jinn logon ko tumne mujhse se zyada ahmiyat di, aaj tum unhi ka ghar barbad kar rahi ho?”

And this Adarsh. I mean, what the hell is wrong with him? He hates Sana (Saba Qamar) because he thinks that there may be a small little chance that she’s not as innocent as she lets on. So, apparently, that’s a perfectly good excuse for treating her like crap. And if Sana’s such a sinner, what does that make Sasha?

Besides the fact that Sasha and Adarsh are horrible human beings, they’re horrible children as well. It’s really hard to believe that somebody would treat their parents like these two have, but it probably does happen in real life. If I had been Sasha’s mother, I would have slapped the heck out of her for speaking to me like that. When Sasha’s comes back home begging for forgiveness, which she undoubtedly will, her mother better kick her out. And then there’s Adarsh, who pretty much doesn’t have even an ounce of respect for his mom and dad (Firdous Jamal). Who in their right mind would emotionally blackmail their mother? I feel bad for Sana even more than before, because Sasha and Adarsh obviously don’t have any humanity in them, so she can’t expect any pity from them.

And she obviously knows this. Now, usually, I hate it when people go off and commit suicide in dramas, because

1. It’s cliche; it happens in pretty much every drama
2. There’s usually not much of a problem; the character is sad and decides that suicide is an easy solution
3. It’s unrealistic; nobody really commits suicide for every problem in their life

However, I must say that I didn’t find it stupid at all in this situation. If you put yourself in Sana’s shoes, that really does seem like the only answer. She was depressed because of her rape, then because her husband hated her, then because her brother was sentenced to death, then because her mother died, and now because she’s pregnant and her husband wants her to kill the baby. In this situation, I don’t blame her character for doing what she did.

And Adarsh pissed me off AGAIN at the end of the episode. He and his mom come into the room to find Sana unconscious on the floor with a bottle of pills next to her. It’s pretty obvious that she was trying to kill herself. And while his mother is screaming and telling him to pick her up and take her to the hospital, he’s wearing this expression like “Oh great, now she’s gone and fainted all over my floor and I have to pick her up.” I really hate this guy.

I can’t stand watching poor Sana’s suffering right now. I could go on and on about how much I feel for her right now, but unfortunately the review would be the size of a novel if I did so. I’m hoping not much will happen in the next episode and that I;ll just be able to have a tirade of a review in which I call Sasha and Adarsh a bunch of bad words.

Before I end, I’d like to mention the directing once again.  The first scene I’d like to point out is from episode 12, when Dua and Arfa are talking and Sana is watching from the stairs. The second is from this episode, when Arfa calls Adarsh and you see her silhouette against the sunset. Sarmad Khoosat has really won me over. I hope we see more directors like him in the future.

I’d also like to point out the acting we’ve been seeing so far. The little montage after Sana hears Adarsh and Arfa arguing really had me in tears. You could see the pain etched across Saba Qamar’s face. Pretty much all the actors are doing a tremendous job, except for Mikaal Zulfiqar. I’m not just saying this because I hate his character. I really don’t think that he’s expressing the emotions of his character very well, but maybe that’s just me.

Anxiously waiting for next week,


  • Roza

    Great review noorie! I hate adarsh too rite now :@

    BTW, do the reviewers post the review or is there 1 admin who does it? Bcuz the reviews are posted l8 sometimes…im saying it bcuz people usually don't read the review when it's l8 bcuz they forget.

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