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Pani Jaisa Pyar FINALE

Sarah (Noorie) . 2

So that’s it. One of the best on air serials is officially off air. BUT, not before leaving us with a spectacular last episode!

Sasha (Juggan Kazim) and Adarsh (Mikaal Zulfiqar) are married, Arfa (Samina Peerzada) comes to Sasha’s house brining mithai for the birth of her grandson, and finds that her son has gotten married without her. As expected, she’s completely outraged that he would do this, and leaves the house without another word. Adarsh comes the next day to beg his mother to forgive him and accept him and Sasha. However, Arfa tells him that he is now a father, and that Sana (Saba Qamar) has had a baby. Adarsh doesn’t believe this, and even after Arfa shows him the DNA report, leaves with the same resolve: he’s going to divorce Sana.

Arfa goes to Sasha’s house once again, tells her the whole story, and begs her to tell Adarsh not to divorce Sana. Sasha is, at first, angry, and doesn’t agree to this. However, we later see Sasha and Adarsh fighting the issue out. Sasha goes on, rightfully so, about how Adarsh tricked her and lied to her in order to make his actions seem excusable. She’s completely outraged that he would lie to her in order to stay close to her and marry her, and Adarsh, seeing how angry she is, says that he’s willing to accept Sana’s baby if that is what Sasha wants. I love her next dialogues: “Woh tumhara beta hai! Tum usse accept kar ke koi ehsaan nahin karo ge!”

Sasha finally sees in Adarsh what the audience has been seeing for a while now. He’s selfish. He doesn’t care that his son is going to grow up without a father, and is only willing to take care of him if that is what Sasha wants. When he says “Yeh duniya ka pehla divorce case toh nahin hai. Maa baap aleda ho jaate hain aur bache pal hi jaate hain,” Sasha completely flips out. These words hit home for her because she herself is from a broken family. Suddenly, she can’t imagine herself living with Adarsh anymore, after everything he’s done.

And then she goes to Sana’s house to beg her for forgiveness. As she should. No matter the fact Sasha was unaware of the real truth, she still stole Sana’s husband away from her, and for that she just had to apologize. She tells Sana that she’s seen what happens when children grow up in a broken family. And that’s really the best thing she could say to her. “If you let your son grow up without a father, he’ll be selfish just like me!” :P

She tells Sana to accept Adarsh for the sake of her child, and then leaves. Where is she going? She’s living the country of course. I don’t understand why someone always ends up leaving the country. Why can’t the character keep living in their homes, but just stay out of the other character’s lives? Regardless, Sasha leaves, leaving Sana to contemplate what she’s said.

And then we fast forward to one year later. The baby, Sana, Dua (Nausheen Shah) and Arham (Rizwan Ali) visit Sana’s saas and sussar (Firdous Jamal), and Dua’s mother’s house for Eid, implying that Dua and Arham have gotten married over the course of the year. The baby actually looks like he is a year old. It’s not the same newborn baby from a year ago, it’s a actually a more grown one. I was so happy when I saw this. Most dramas will call a child a newborn even though it’s obviously not, or vice versa. However, PJP broke this horrid tradition, which is just another reason to love it.

Sana doesn’t want to go in and see everybody, stays outside, Adarsh shows up, Sana forgives him, and the show’s over.

Now, maybe I’m being too harsh. I liked the ending, I really did, but I think that Sana gave in too fast. No words were really exchanged between her and Adarsh. She just forgave him and that was it. Perhaps because it had been a year, and the couple had gotten to forgive and forget over this time. Perhaps it was because there was nothing left to say. However, I still think that the ending would have been more enjoyable if Adarsh had asked Sana for forgiveness in a more…heartfelt way. I mean, he did ruin her life. He should at least have to bend his head and be ashamed, right?

I also don’t like how the only reason Adarsh got back together with Sana was because Sasha left him. If she hadn’t, Sana would still be raising her son all alone. However, I suppose that with Adarsh’s previous personality, it would be completely out-of-character for him to just accept Sana and leave Sasha. In this perspective, I suppose his revert to Sana was alright.

Overall, a great ending to a marvelous drama! I’m sure I might have sounded a little cynical in this review, but endings are really the type of things that depend on the eye of the beholder. The ending was pretty decent in my opinion. A wonderful ending to me might be horrible to another, so a decent ending is a nice compromise. Everybody has their own viewpoint, and this is just mine.

Moomal Shunaid: You’ve written a fantastic serial! The best types of stories are the ones that are subtle. The different messages and morals in this drama were very under-stated, and didn’t jump out in our face. You managed to give us realistic characters and scenarios, beautiful dialogues, and give us lessons to apply in our own lives all at the same time. You represented both bad people in the characters of Adarsh and Saad, and good people in the characters of Arfa and her husband, and managed to tell us that all different kinds of people can have effects on someone’s life. You’ve written a masterpiece!

Sarmad Khoosat: Brilliant direction! I have to say that after this serial, you have made it onto my list of favorite directors! You managed to get all of the actors to perform the best they possibly could perform, and gave us beautifully directed scenes that only someone with real vision could have created. The direction of the ending scene itself was brilliant. A fantastic job, all in all!

And finally, to all the actors, cast and crew of PJP: This is a stupendous drama serial you all have helped create! Thank you for giving us the pleasure of watching such a great piece of television. Saba Qamar, Babrik Shah, Ahsan Khan, Juggan Kazim, Mikaal Zulfiqar and all of the other wonderful actors have done a great job. There were some improvements that could have been made, but nobody’s perfect, and all of the effot put into PJP definitely got the job done. I’m sad to see such a wonderful drama go, but am happy that I got to enjoy the 17 weeks it spent on air. A salute to the entire PJP team: A job well done!


  • Red Mirchee

    I for one, was not pleased with the ending. I would have wanted some major grovelling from Adarsh. At the end, he did not even look remorseful, he still looked like a spoiled child !

  • Mahreen

    I agree with you Noorie. I really enjoyed the episode, however, the ending… Honestly, I liked the fact that Sana was so forgiving. Although, is this really realistic? After all Adarsh did to her? I think he should have gotten down on his knees, begged and cried.

    I guess the ending really was a testament to the love Sana had for him since childhood. But overall, great drama!

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