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Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W.W) – Review

Ghada Qaiser . 58

Peer-e-Kamil, our Prophet S.A.W.W, someone the whole Muslim Ummah loves. What can one do for that pure existence? It depends on how much one loves him S.A.W.W. The story, ‘Peer-e-Kamil’ is about a girl named ‘Imamah’ who went through many changes and many trials because of her love for Allah and His Messenger S.A.W.W.

Peer-e-Kamil is an extraordinary novel written by Umera Ahmed. It revolves around two main characters, Imamah and Salaar. Both are totally different people but their worlds cross when Salar tries to commit suicide and Imamah saves him and in return, Salar helps Imamah get out of a difficult situation and marries her when she asks him to. Okay, wait!what! How did all that happen?! I’m sure you’d love to read the book for details ;) I’ll only give an introduction so I don’t spoil a whole lot for people who haven’t read the novel. For now, let’s stick to the intro:

So, Imamah is a university/college student who belongs to a very rich and known family. But the problem is that her family is following a sect which believes that our Prophet S.A.W.W was not the last Prophet in the world (Nauuzubillah). Imamah, with the help of her friends (mainly Javeria and Sabiha) and a man named Jalal, finds her way  to the right path and becomes a Muslim. And of course there’s Salar. Salar is one of the smartest people ever with an IQ of 150+ and he exceeds at everything he does. But he’s into all kinds of bad habits that he doesn’t even bother hiding from anyone. He has tried to commit suicide a few times just because he wants to feel the frontier of pain. He’s a complicated personality and something is there that makes you want to know that person better.

That’s all I’m telling in this review :) I highly recommend this novel to everyone because it has got to be one of the most amazing novels ever! There’s a magic in the novel that can only be felt if it’s read. The changes in personality are shown so wonderfully and also how a person finds the right path and what difficulties are faced by those people. It also shows how things one feels are not important can make such a big impact on a person. There is a lot, a lot of things shown and a lot of different people too! Hypocrites to honest people, heartless to kind people, simple to complicated people and more.

I totally fell in love with this novel! A lot of my friends recommended it to me and I read it in less than 3 days. It’ s such a great story and it’s a page-turner for sure. It shows the people who love Allah and their Messenger and how people change by the will of Allah through other people. It’s spiritual and very relatable. I’m sure there are people who go through such phases in life, in fact I think everyone gets a chance at least once in their lives. It also depends on who want that change. Surely, Allah listens and knows what’s in our hearts.

Anyway, I’d like to say again that Peer-e-Kamil S.A.W.W is an amazing read! It’s definitely worth reading and I recommend it to everyone! If you like reading, you can’t miss this novel! And even if you’re not a fan of reading, you have to read it! ;) :D
I’m sure you will fall in love with it, everyone I know who’s read it did! :) I may not be able to express in words how amazing it is, that you’ll have to find out yourself ;) I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Umera Ahmed has done a wonderful job with this novel! This has got to be her best novel. I think that’s why she doesn’t want to make it into a drama; because reading this novel has it’s own magic and she probably doesn’t want that magic to disappear. I myself wouldn’t want it to go away. Hats off to Umera Ahmed for writing such a masterpiece! I really want her to write more novels with that magic in them!

Written By Ghada Qaiser~ Feel free to share your views :) Let’s have a good discussion on this novel! ;)

If you want to read the novel:



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  • AhtashamWarraich

    can you do the roman urdu version?

    • Faraz

      Yes!! :)

  • Sheran

    I’ve also started reading Peer-e-kamil and it’s incredible so far. I’m actually looking forward to it…
    Can anyone suggest any other urdu books translated in English

  • waleedraza

    i luv this novel i read it so many time SALAAAAR is the best character …………………… good work Ghada
    there r so many other novels but i hvnt seen so many reviews?????

  • ArMy MaN

    i luv this novel bcz it chnge my life

  • May nay yeh novel…one night n two days may read kya n musalsal read krthy wqth may ek min k liye b nahe soi ;) ….truely amazing novel..hatts off to humaira ahmad for give us sch a incredible novel (y)

    • Tasawer Mahmood

      me in 1 night start and next day finish

  • Arsal

    I need this novel in hard form. plz help me.

    • I can send it to you … you mean you need the hard copy right? where do you live ?

  • waseem

    kindly add alive english translation link, above link is dead.

  • amna khan

    can u upload the character sketch of salaar sikandar

  • za

    I saw a drama on peer-e-kamil S.A.W.W novel in TV ONE drama channel in 2010.

  • viniza

    When my friends suggested me this novel i was reluctant at first. I thought who is gonna read a novel that has 500+ pages and is in Urdu. But after a lot of recommendations and out of sheer boredom i finally started this novel.

    And the magic began! Once you start reading this novel you cant help yourself. Its definitely a page turner. You get tears, goosebumps, laughter, fast heartbeat, satisfaction (being a Muslim) There are a number of emotions you go through while reading this novel. Initially i was bummed as to why didn't they convert it into a drama but I am kind of glad they didn't. I don't think anyone can do justice to the characters of Imama and Salar. You simply fall in love with the characters.


  • Laiba

    Thnku so much for introducing me to this book… I ve read quite a few but this has to be the best book I have ever read !!!…. This novel is magic …truly… Bt y did u guyz stop doing book reviews… Plz start doing them again :)

  • Nadia Sabri

    Please don't dont wanna see anyone playing salaar role. This novel is perfect the way it is now. Please dont loose a charm for reading this novel. As I loved Humsafar and whenever I felt I used to take out that novel and read few pages. Now we have drama don't really need to read the novel.

    But I always wanna read Peer e Kamil. No one can justify with cast. No one can justify with what we went through while reading this novel. We dont wanna see any change. It is perfect the way it is. Few things should always be in mistery. Let them be.

  • aaniia

    yrr plzz… dnt make drama on this novel peer e kamil.. no one can play salar role… plzz.. changings will nt be tolerated in this novel.. it is so perfectly written.. plzzzz

  • Annabe

    Bhut Khubsurat Novel , bhut Khubsurat!

    Mashaa'a ALLAH

  • Iqra

    I have read Peer-e-Kamil twice in urdu as well in english and totally fell in love with the story, the concept , the characters , the dialouges every single thing was amazing its truly Umera Ahmed's best work , undoubtedly MESMERIZING!!! The character of Salar Sikander left me totally mesmerized i loved the transition of his characters the way he changed is quite interesting. Is novel ko parh kr bandey key ronghtey kharey ho jatey hain specially the scenes when Salar was in front of Khana Kaba asking Allah for Imama and the other when Salar went into sajda in front of a prostitute they were amazing and out of this world!!! and Ghada thanks for the review its really good specially i love ur efforts for promoting this beautiful piece of work among the people… Peer-e-Kamil for me is undoubtedly a Gem Stone!!! :)

  • @maiyan arif- True, I don't have exact words either, to describe what this novel means to me :) But yes! Everyone should read this amazing novel!

  • maiyan arif

    seriously i was not the novel reader at all.n first of all in my life i read PEER.E.KAMIL(S.A.W.W) ,n fall in love with it.mmmnh actually i dunt have words to tek my feelings about this novel n all..its superb. .i my self recommend everyone in my friend list to read this novel neceesarliy :)

  • @zka- My pleasure :) I am already enjoying book reviewing :) Thanks a lot :) And please do read the novel, it's amazing! It's <3!!! Tell me how you like Saalar throughout the story :)

  • zka

    Ghada: Thank you so much for the book review. I am definitely going to read this inshallah when I get the time. I never realized that there were English translations for Urdu novels, so thanks for the link. Keep up the good work!

  • Kiran

    :)nae bs chal ja'ay…doray na bi to khair hay:)thankx..

  • Yes for sure :) I use some Urdu words in my reviews too :)

  • Kiran

    @nm…bilcul yaar hm free style ma datay hain review…it will be alot of fun;))

    q bhae GQ??:)

  • nm

    GQ OR FARAZ free style me chaly ga review??? i mean urdu english ma own style:))???????

    do rply

    • Faraz

      Doreyy ga :) mujhye nahi dekha kya? english kam urdu zyada hoti hai :) go for it..

  • Ghada Qaiser

    @veslam- It's okay :) I should also apologize for getting emotional. The thing is, even though it was Faraz's idea for book reviews, I am the one who chose Peer-e-Kamil SAWW. And it was purely because I love this novel so much :) I would have chosen another book instead if I liked a book more than this one y'know what I mean? :) Anyway, no hard feelings, k? ;)

    @Annie-Really? Why not? Oh I would so love to read about Salar's life afterwards!

  • Ghada Qaiser

    @hoorean- So true! I have never been so mesmerized about a novel before! It definitely is magic! And yes, I love Saalar so much!

  • Annie

    Aab-e-Hayat has been coming out since 2010. It has been written and is in the hands of the publishers who for some reason do not want to release it to the public. No idea why!

    Looking forward to more reviews from you guys!

  • veslam

    @ Ghada Qaiser

    When one is wrong then one is wrong! My comments were out of line and Ghada I want to extend a personal apology to you publicly because I made those comments in a public forum.

    I believe, while they may have come from a place of loyalty and passion, they were wrong. Please accept my sincere apology..

  • hoorean

    Great review Ghada. This book is in my hand from last 2 days and i am actually forget everything else. It is so magical. Salar sikandar is no doubt to be the best character crafted by Umera Ahmed. Loving him so much. I am never to be so in love with some fiction but this story has completely mesmerized me. Speechless.

    And no one can do justice with this story and the characters so its a good decision by Umera Ahmed not to dramatize it.

  • Ghada Qaiser

    Hey everyone! :) I just found out Umera ji is writing a sequel on Peer-e-Kamil S.A.W.W called "Aab-e-Hayat" I'm so happy to hear that! It will probably be released in December! :)

  • Ghada Qaiser

    @Sadaf- Thank you for encouraging us :) We'll do more. my next one will be "The Kite Runner" by Khalid Hosseini. It's a really good novel :)

    @Hanzla- I so agree :) It's amazing! Hope she writes more amazing novels with that magic!

  • Hanzla

    My most fav novel..the story and the characters are just amazing Salar and Immama specially Salar Sikandar i m in love with the story of Peer e Kamil a perfect way of life…u r rite Qhada Qaiser this novel is recommended to everyone because it has got to be one of the most amazing story ever! There’s a magic in the novel that can only be felt if it’s read…

    Hatts off to umera Ahmad!

  • Sadaf

    I for one am looking forward to the book reviews in particular. My father has always loved Naseem Hejazi but being Urdu challenged I never got to read any. This kind of opens doors for me. so thanks!

  • @veslam- This is not about getting for readers, this is about encouraging others to read!

    @Fatima- Thank you so much! :) I'm very happy!

    @Aisha- Thanks Aisha :)I'm glad you understand :)

  • Faraz

    Thank you Aisha. everyone has their own opinion and we respect everyone. veslaam is having her own opinion which anyone can have. we will for sure review more books. i will review couple of Paulo coelho novels. and yes naseem hijazi is my fav till date :) we will review Shaheen, Aur talwar toot gai, akhri chatan etc.. i just love Naseem hijazi..

    book review is just an effort to encourage people to read books. :) thats all

  • Aisha

    Haters will remain haters. it seems that some people can not see this website progressing. dramapakistani & co , keep up the good work and don't even listen to people like veslam, book reading is a very good habit and i find your book review an effort to promote the habit of book reading. keep up the good work and review more books.

    can you review naseem hijazi novels?

  • Fatima Awan

    Congrats Ghada, Umera Ahmed official shared your review , that is awesome because I know they are very selective about what they share on their page:)

  • veslam

    When all else fails, let's turn to Peer-e-Kamil and Umera Ahmed. Always a winning formula.

    How very disappointing it is that this website callled "" finding itself in sinking readership suddenly decided toi become a site that reviews novels. And not just any novel but the novel that has been reviewed and translated and is known the world over.

    How many different ways are there to sell one's soul. You guys just provided yet another example of sinking so deep that it is pathetic and pitiful.

    Just don't do it to Peer-e-Kamil and Umera Ahmed. Surely there are other ways to get your viewership back.

  • Hania

    its an awesome novel !

  • @Kiran-Walaikum Assalam :) I know right! Yes he is more interesting. I felt like I want to get to know him better right from the beginning :) I know! I picture him as Fahad Mustafa Sir lol

    And yes I do get emotional when it comes to this book ;)

    @hurria javed- I think woh uss larki k khatir nahi, uss ki waja se change hota hai :) lots of difference there ;) True that it was a bit romantic but I still feel that the main 'maqsad' of the story was religion and how people change by Allah's will through other people. he was asking for what he doesn't have :)

    @K1- Yes I agree :) Yes but don't worry :) I don't think Umera Ahmed ji will make a drama on this :)

    @Sabah- You so should! It's an amazing read. You'll be lost in the novel and not think of anything else ;)

  • Sabah

    My dad read this novel in one night. I will also start to read this novel soon.

  • K1

    I love this novel. Its one of the best out there to read. But one request, plz NEVER MAKE A DRAMA OR FILM ON THIS! in my opinion, any drama or movie made on this novel will ruin its' magic.

  • hurria javed

    i really love the novel alkin yakkeen kran yeah ak love story ha jis main ak lurka salar ak lurky ky khatir budulta ha hazoor ka zikur bhy ha lakin itna nai ka huk uda ho skay novel main romance ko power danay kay lya muzhub ka husun dala gya ha sary khany main to ak lurka ak lurky ko dhonta rahta ha khana kab aja k yeah thory kahta ha k mujay rasool ky muhaabat day dan wohyy kafy ho gy nai bulkay umaama ko mangta ha…………….per i like the novel

    ap upnay dil say pochan kya yeah ak uchy love story nai thy than comment

    • Black beauty

      i dont agree with you but i thought that,salar aik aisa lurka tha jise muzhab se koi lagao nahi tha or uske naseeb mein allah ne hadayat likhi thi (BAISHUK ALLAH JO CHAHTA HAI WO KARTA HY) or umama jo islam or rasool e pak ki mohabbat sachche dil se qabool karti hy,allah pak use raaega nahi jane deta (IN SHORT WORDING,ITS NOT A LUV STORI B,COZ' IT IS A magically & truth love BETWEEN allah & his worshippers)

  • Kiran

    Aoa frndz!!…i m vry glad to see the review on my Favouriteeeee novel:)..When i read ths novel literally i couldn't come back from the trance of ths novel..Amazing amazing it is indeed..nd i am a die hard fan of Umera:D

    here i will specially highlight the part where Salaar was standing in KHANA KABA and he was bitterly weeping for Imamah…..uff uff i m jst speechless:)

    truly speaking Saalar's character is more interesting than Imamah,and basically his character obligates to a reader.his personality mesmarised u;)

    Anyhow its really a masterpiece of Umera…and no doubt,it has a magic spell..although it is totally a fiction novel but after reading ths u jst thnk that may be saalaar sikandar exists or imamah exists…if it is so thn how they look??how are they now and bla bla;)

    may be u disagree with me bt i always draw pic on my mind's canvas:D

    well…u also did a great.everyone who reads ths masterpiece become a lill bit emotional jst like u …… jst like me nd others frndz………:p and its a fact……

    anyhow i was feeling so good after reading it and now on revewing on it:)

  • @Annie- Thanks :) I know right! It ws amazing! And yes! One of my fav parts as well. Even us, we didn't know the truth and while I was reading, I was just as shocked as Salaar was,' her name is Sanober,(relief) but her real name is 'Imama' and I was like "No!" and his reaction was indeed fabulous!!!

    I completely agree. I didn't know why but I liked Salar from the beginning even though he wasn't a good guy. I guess cuz his character was so interesting and in a way, mysterious. Whatever the reason was, I totally love him! True, Umera Ahmed has done an amazing job crafting the characters,especially Salar as he has made such a big impact on us :)

    I guess so. The magic will probably disappear. But if they make it really good with excellent cast and everything in place, they might succeed in keeping that magic. I seriously doubt it though.

  • Annie

    LOL @ Sadaf and the tweet ;)

    great job Ghada! I agree def. one of Umera's best work. It was for sure a page turner. I read it first when it was being published in the digest but then read it again in book form which made it more enjoyable.

    One of my favorite parts was when Salaar is in a "fishy" area and hears the name Imama and the way Umera described his reaction was FABULOUS!! I could totally picture him running out and tripping over stuff as he did while feeling what he felt. What great characterization. Your heart totally went out for Salaar even when you knew he wasn't a good guy – what a great way to craft a character :)

    I am glad it won't be made into a drama. That would RUIN it for me :)

  • @nm- I know right?! Same here! Love Salar! Loved him from the beginning!

    @Sadaf- Thanks :) Yes, for sure, English Urdu both are fine :) And as Faraz said, you can write book reviews as well :) Lol I never had a Fawad Khan craze for some reason :)

  • Sadaf

    I love you Ghaida ! I'm so glad you guys are doing this. Can we review English language books? there's lots of South Asian related Fiction and Non Fiction which should be promoted. The subcontinent has a vast and rich heritage of literature and philosophy which I think needs to be supported and passed along. I have had enough of the media images of angry Muslims flashing at me from every screen. That is not us .

    When a Fawad Khan Drama isn't as good as Humsafer # MUSLIM RAGE ….my tweet : ))

  • Faraz

    Hey NM … thanks for the encourgment… yes the book review will be regular now.. and its not only our team that can do a review… if you or anyone else have read a book and would want to give us a review then do it ..because there are lots of books which we might not know about….book reviewing will never get over :) book review will be not a schedule affair like drama review… kabhi bhi koi bhi ker sakta hai :)

    so any one of you who want to share a book with us.. do tell us….and you guys can write a review of it as well

  • nm

    shukr he kisi ko books review krny ka khayal b aya:)

    awessssssssssssssssssssssm nvl yaara:)

    mind blowing charctrx:)

    perfct romanc timing:)

    and salar sikandr!!! man kya cheez ho tum:) u imprsd me wn u r nt a GOOD MAN and i fall in lv with u wn u are in TRANSITION state but i wana die for wt u turnd out at the end:)))

    umer ahmed aevien to me inki fan nai bni thi na.:)


  • @Sadaf- There's a link on this post where you can read the english version :) It's EXACTLY the same as the Urdu version it's just in English. I read most of the novel in English too :) It's amazing!It's a must-read! I loved it! You have to read it! :D

  • Sadaf

    I wish I could read Urdu well enough to enjoy it

  • @Faraz- I so agree with you! He's one of my favs. I so fell in love with Salar Sikandar! He was a very complicated person and I couldn't understand him and I wanted to understand him, later on, we got to know him and loved how he changed! :) <3

    Thanks Faraz :) Really enjoyed doing it :)

  • Faraz

    this is the only novel of Umera Ahmed that i enjoyed the most.. i couldnt stand Man o salwa because of the depressing story.. however this one is special.. the moment you start reading it . you start feeling sensation and the more you discover salar you bewitched by his character.. one of the best characters i have read in any novel…

    a must read i say :) we will do more book reviews insha Allah…. urdu and english both!! :)

    good job GQ!

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