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Pyare Afzal- Episode 5 Review

Maria . 21

…Ek shahanshah nay daulat ka sahaara laykar
humm gharibon ki mohabat ka uraya hai mazaaq…

(translation: An emperor on the strength of wealth, Has played with us a cruel joke. )

Afzal’s friend poetry readings always underline or indicate a shift or an important momentum in the story’s progression. It’s the second time, writer Khalil-ur-Rehman has employed Sahir Ludhianvi’s beautiful woven poetry and introduced it to the narrative. I am assuming the poetry has very symbolic undertones to the connections of events about to occur.

The Shiekh sisters, Lubna and Farah have found an amusement, a distraction of sort in Afazal from their current situation. He might be “lofar, lafanga and number one kamchoor,” so far removed from the image they both have of the perfect man they both deserve and should have. Still, he intrigues them and they watch him, anticipate his next move and almost tease themselves with ideas surrounding his sudden and important existence in their lives.

The latest episode picks off from where last one was left off. After the sister’s mother informs them of their father’s noble intensions of meeting Farah’s suitor, a name is demanded and Lubna seemingly under pressure breathes Afzal’s name. While Farah pretends to fake faint (the scene a bit too dramatic for my eyes), poor Lubna ends up suffering a theatrical slap from Farah for conjoining her name with “lofer lafanga Afzal.” The miscommunication is cleared soon after but the result is that; the phooljhari of praises and sound explanation Lubna provides to Farah about Afzal suddenly intrigues her. In almost a filmy manner, we are also shown, the sisters separately thinking about Afzal. The question still remains: did Lubna write those letters or there is another mysterious women out there?

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Hamza Ali Abassi continued on the path to impress me with his fantastic potrayl of Afzal. While the sisters are dealing with their created crisis, Afzal is undergoing his own identity cleansing. This time Afzal is adamant that he is going to continue being on the path of “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem.” I was pleasantly surprised to see that Afzal has been awarded a strong character certificate, but is it enough to get him a job without sifarish? Shiekh Sahab ridden with guilt after figuring out the scheme by Miss Rozi, offers an apology to Afzal as well as his job back. Afzal in good spirits refuses this offer. He is resolute in living up to his promise of becoming a better person through his own abilities. Soon Afzal learns that a common man in Pakistan, without big and mighty connections can be harassed in such humiliating manner.  Afzal refuses to give up however the poor guy’s lunch is interrupted by the crazy and lunatic Shiekh sisters. I am so intrigued to find out what do they want from the poor soul?

One of my favorite scenes from today’s episode was the short conversation between Afzal and his sister when she finds the key to his closet yet decides not to open the door and read all the letters. The trust that Afzal has over his sister and how she understands no matter what faltoo kartood her brother does, he does has a sense of self and will be loyal to her and her promise and in turn she doesn’t break his trust. It is heartwarming to see such a beautiful relationship played out on screen both in terms of chemistry and portrayal. Well done to both the wonderful actors.

Pyare Afzal is fast becoming a guilty pleasure. I don’t seek any hidden deep messages in it. It is testament of a entertaining story, told in a very Pakistani manner. The background music compliments the scenes, the editing is crisp and clear and the drama is moving at a pleasant pace. There isn’t much to complain as of yet, hope the momentum continues. Thanks Pyare Afzal team for hooking me and making me very intrigued till now.



  • Imran

    Brilliant Drama.Love the acting of Hamza Ali Abbasi.

  • Sadaf

    After a hectic week I finally got to see this 'guilty pleasure' and I am not guilty at all. Super episode ,enjoyed every moment of it bar those overacting sisters … sigh actually they were not so bad this week . You are so right Maria , this is pure entertainment but I don't find it superficial either. There is some depth ,just enough salt to let us taste the sweeter parts . I have a feeling Farah has hatched a plan and I am desperate to find out what it is too

    • Maria

      I am so glad you enjoyed it Sadaf :) Can't wait to find out what that whole 2 lakh ki baat kiya hai…bechara afzal pyar kay chakar main maar hi na kha jai :(

  • Sadaf

    thank you Maria .for covering :)

    • Maria

      you are welcome. It is an enjoyable break from the uhh intellectual ….

  • A musing Muslim

    Thanks for the great review Maria. You are right – this is such a guilty pleasure. =)
    Like the brother-sister track. I think now the role of the younger sisters is going to be to get the two love birds together and hopefully not two sisters one love etc

    • Maria

      At least the baywaqoof sisters have some personality, unlike our Allah miya ki gai *ahem ahem* : and our hero is far from being a hero. maybe not much eye candy but its entertaining :D so who do you think wrote the letters?

      • A musing Muslim

        I think he's eye candy! Though what is more impressive is his performance.

        • Sadaf

          hmmmmm I like his acting

    • Maria

      and yes guilty pleasure ;)

  • Hey Maria :)

    i think the original shair is

    Ek shahenshah ne bana ke haseen TajMahal saree duniya ko mohabbat ki nishani dee hai.

    and the one that was made after it was..

    Ek Shahenshah ne Banwa ke Taj mahal Hum Garibon ki Mohabbat ka udaya hai Mazaak.

    • Sadaf

      I seem to remember a song with those lyrics ….Ok googled it its a Dilip Kumar Movie LEADER …ahem before my time of course but the songs nice

      • Maria

        Yes Sadaf i think what Faraz is stating is the line from the movie's song Ek Shahanshah ne Banwaake haseen Taj Mahal not the original poem :)

        • wah wah :) maria tum tou pura dewaan khol ker beth gai :D

    • Maria

      Faraz, I think the one you are stating is the derivative. The original poem was something like this. The last paragraph of it was read in the drama,

      "ye chamanzaar ye jamunaa kaa kinaaraa ye mahalye munaqqash dar-o-deevaar, ye mehraab ye taaq
      ik shahanshaah ne daulat ka sahaaraa le kar ham GhariiboN kii muhabbat kaa uraayaa hai mazaaq"

      I think people did not remember the whole poem, so this derivative that you stated became a common idiom :)

      Here is the full original version :) Nevertheless the poetry is beautiful and thought provoking. Are you also following the dramas as well?

      Taj Mahal:

      aaj tere liye ik mazhar-e-ulfat hi sahii
      tujh ko is vaadii-e-rangeeN se aqeedat hii sahii
      merii mehboob kahiiN aur milaa kar mujh se!

      bazm-e-shaahii meiN GhariiboN kaa guzar kyaa ma’anii
      sabt jis raah pe hoN satwat-e-shaahii ke nishaaN
      us pe ulfat bharii ruuhoN kaa safar kyaa ma’anii

      merii mehboob pas-e-pardaa-e-tash_heer-e-vafaa
      tu ne satwat ke nishaanoN ko to dekhaa hotaa
      murdaa shaahoN ke maqaabir se behalne vaalii
      apne taareek makaanoN ko to dekhaa hotaa

      anginat logoN ne duniyaa meiN muhabbat kii hai
      kaun kahtaa hai ki saadiq na the jazbe un ke
      lekin un ke liye tash_heer kaa saamaan nahiiN
      kyuuN ke vo log bhii apnii hii tarah muflis the

      ye imaaraat-o-maqaabir ye faseeleN, ye hisaar
      mutla-qulhukm shahanshaahoN kii azmat ke sutuuN
      daaman-e-dahar pe us rang kii gulkaarii hai
      jis meN shaamil hai tire aur mire ajdaad kaa KhuuN

      merii mehboob! uNheiN bhii to muhabbat hogii
      jinakii sannaa_ii ne baKhshii hai ise shakl-e-jameel
      un ke pyaaroN ke maqaabir rahe benaam-o-namuud
      aaj tak un pe jalaa_ii na kisii ne qaNdeel

      ye chamanzaar ye jamunaa kaa kinaaraa ye mahal
      ye munaqqash dar-o-deevaar, ye mehraab ye taaq
      ik shahanshaah ne daulat ka sahaaraa le kar
      ham GhariiboN kii muhabbat kaa uRaayaa hai mazaaq

      meri mehboob kahiiN aur milaa kar mujh se!

      • Anwar.suhail

        You are absolutely right. That's the original poem, and it's brilliant.

        • Maria

          Thank you. it is very well put together and says a lot about equating love to materialistic objects in a very short space :)

  • Amna Salam

    True to the last word.. Thanks for sharing the poetry.. I didn't catch it clearly.. But now that you have written it, I can see the connection you highlighted… Such an interesting way to let the viewers guess how the story will unfold.. I'm getting a little bit tires of the "twitches".. Lolzz.. Their constant agitation heavy make up and chorian while sleeping is putting me off a lot. Comparatively I like the simple bro-sis more..

    • Maria

      Thanks Amna for dropping by. The poetry both times have foreshadowed one thing or another and interestingly from the same poet.
      This particular was is titled "Taj Mahal" and it resonates well with the story. I found a wonderful translation of it online as well which i have attached below. I also found it a bit unrealistic that the sisters were sleeping with all chooriyan and full makeup. and the simple brother and sister are soo sweet. Reminds me a bit of Sirat-e-mustaqeem. i think you should definitely check that drama as well. It was entertaining but the story was a bit more profound.

      Taj Mahal

      The Taj, mayhap, to you may seem, a mark of love supreme
      You may hold this beauteous vale in great esteem;
      Yet, my love, meet me hence at some other place!
      How odd for the poor folk to frequent royal resorts;
      ‘Tis strange that the amorous souls should tread the regal paths
      Trodden once by mighty kings and their proud consorts.
      Behind the facade of love my dear, you had better seen,
      The marks of imperial might that herein lie screen

      You who take delight in tombs of kings deceased,
      Should have seen the hutments dark where you and I did wean.
      Countless men in this world must have loved and gone,
      Who would say their loves weren’t truthful or strong?
      But in the name of their loves, no memorial is raised
      For they too, like you and me, belonged to the common throng.

      These structures and sepulchres, these ramparts and forts,
      These relics of the mighty dead are, in fact, no more
      Than the cancerous tumours on the face of earth,
      Fattened on our ancestor’s very blood and bones.
      They too must have loved, my love, whose hands had made,

      This marble monument, nicely chiselled and shaped
      But their dear ones lived and died, unhonoured, unknown,
      None burnt even a taper on their lowly graves.
      This bank of Jamuna, this edifice, these groves and lawns,

      These carved walls and doors, arches and alcoves,
      An emperor on the strength of wealth, Has played with us a cruel joke.
      Meet me hence, my love, at some other place.

      • Amna Salam

        Thank you so much… Actually there was some chaos in the house while the poor fella was doing the poetry.. And so I missed it.. and didn't find the time to watch it again.. So thanks again.. And awesome poetry.
        Yup, the whole dress up is killing me.. In my sister's words "khwab mai kis sai milnay jarai ho".. Definently suits these two sisters.. Or are they part of the 12 dancing princess gangs ??!! Lolzz

        • Maria

          hahahahh 12 dancing princess gangs.. I am glad you are enjoying this drama :)

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