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Qudusi Sahab Ki Bewa : A roller Coaster Ride

Omair Ahmed . 12

Let me tell you one thing straight !This one is the worst drama to write a review for!!!!!!

It is very tough to be objective in reviewing this Production Since it is just so extraordinary one can not be biased one way or the other, But to try my hand on it,I will present both the sides distinctively

First Opinion


This drama proves one thing for the fact( and it is the only uncontroversial thing) Hina Dilpazeer comes out to be the most talented and powerful actress on paksitan television by far. She has a lot to her credit previously but this one certainly puts her in another league

  1. This drama is devoid of everything that is the usual fall of a drama nowadays
  2. The acting is a a spot on match, Hina dilpazeer is abley supported by Uroosa siddiqui while badar khalil has pulled out yet       another top notch performance.
  3. Language,oh My God finally we have a drama where we can listen to some decent urdu after all these years. Strangely it is the only show where we don’t have the urdu english  mix that we usually hear in a lot of Dramas what a superb feel it is to listen to the hyderabadi language once again. I would certainly declare the language to be truly match less
  4. Dialogues! Again the drama is way ahead of all the others. The comic sentences actually have the punch while the lines are never flat. The magic is spread evenly here and there every now and then we see one of the characters pull off a real mind blwing sentence.
  5. Culture, This drama is a true remorse of a typical immigrant family culture.The dehli walla culture is on screen and it is so delightful. while the tenants family is bengali and relativley frsh to screen. one falls in love immediately to both of them…
  6. No Palagarism! This is again a very unique distinction in paksitani plays now a days. The theme of QSKB is certainly unique and original

Characterization! the characters are totally wonderful again. the central characters are so lively they just flare up your screen whenever they are on it Khajista, Badrqa and Aqila in particular(the name selecetion is another minute detail which is picture perfect)

Editing ! i think the editor has certainly done a marvellous job. Is is specially evident by all the scenes where Hina Dil Pazeer is alone playing the two conversant and the one in first episode between badriqa and her mother talking about rishta was probably the best of them


QSKB is perhaps the worst debacle that paksitani Tv screens have ever seen

Technically this drama is good but is the technique all that matters. It used to be a bit more for media productions. The Content matters too and in this domain this drama blows you sixes and sevens.
This is by far the most cheap content ever produced. It seems like a propaganda drive in paksitni TV channels to directly attack our values and culture and portray us  as a nation without morals.
Suddenly The issue of Womanly men has become so popular in our drama writers that it seems to be the biggest problem we have(Even Indian movies are better in this regard! atleast they do it sporadically)

Extra Marital Affairs have been super hit now a days but this drama takes them to another level The whole chahracter of ROOH AFZA is a slap on paksitani family system and the worst portrayal of a wife ever seen

And if this all this was not enough This play brings another tradition on paksitani TV channels.  Direct Hitting on other media personalities to produce some funny moments

Umera Ahmed! SAhir Lodhi ! PTV Dramas ! Hum TV ! are the only few victims that has been used to dig out some Humour on their expanse

Hina Dilpazeer’s all characters are abnormal( actually this is a very famous acting technique by Stanislavsky ! if you want to portray more than one character portray them in such physically distinct way that they can not be related and best way to do this is to physically deform them in different ways. Hina has followed it to perfection) no matter how well acted they are, The question is what impact they have on society..

I dont know what this play is aimed at!!! but it certainly looks like a Kamikazee bomber heading towards paksitani society

I think this is the neon sign that paksitani dramas have gone too far and in an islamic state this sort of immoral and unethical content is simply unbearable ! people stopped Maya Khan through on line petitions and i think this play deserves one



  • Sana

    Geez, you guys are review nazis lol.

    Give the guy a break, please. I felt bad reading sarah the 6th's and ash's comments.

  • Jazz

    Omair I applaud ure efforts, however like Sara said, perhaps someone can edit your reviews. Its almost as if though u are thinking in Urdu and writing it out in English. It does not translate into a grammatically correct review.

    What i really appreciate about this site is the gramatically correct, well thought, although at times redundant reviews. . Reviews like this can actually turn people off from the site..

    That being said Omair…i applaud your effort but u have to be able to take critiscm if you are putting yourself out there.

    I write for a newspaper in the u.s. so I know a thing or two about editors ripping apart writing. You only grow from it.

    The fact is Faraz the bar is high on this site and this sub par material doesn't cut it. Those in charge of this site should edit & filter reviews..I'm just sayin..

  • Sara

    Hey Omair,

    I think you did a great job in editing this and this is a vast improvement. It's much better and I truly appreciate your taking the time to do this. I especially liked the numbered lists, they're always a concise, clear way to get the message across. In the future, just have someone else proofread for you, you might not catch the small errors that drive readers like us a little too crazy! It'll just take some time to finesse your written style.


    (Not Sarah, the 6th poster)

    P.S. If you need someone to look over your reviews, shoot me an email!

    • Faraz

      @ Sara the 9th: wah yeh ki hai aalaa baat app nay :)

  • Omair Ahmed

    @ Ash and Sara, thanks for your input. I guess both of you must have heard the story but i will repeat it for you,

    Shiekh Saadi wrote, Once a young painter made a picture and hanged it in the street. he pasted a note on it that "any one who sees a mistake on it put a dot". The next day the whole painting was full of dots. he was dihearted beyond belief. he went back to his home gut wrentched. then his father saw his grief and gave him an advice. next day he made the same painting again and puts the note "any one seeing a mistake please correct it" . next day he saw the painting there un tarnished.

    P.S: the aim is not to say that i dont want your feedback. i totally respect your view all i am trying to say is that never be so harsh on anyone regarding his work. unless you can yourself show something better

  • Faraz

    @ Omair : I think its a wonderful Effort from your end and i like the fact that you have taken initiative towards writing reviews for dramas from your point of view ….. you have started of much better than i had so its a very good start in terms of taking the initiative.

    @ ASH and Sarah: I am really Glad that our readers have raised the bar associated with dramapaksitani….. werna agar tum logo nay meray earlier reviews perh liye hotey tou mein tou review hi na likhta kabhi :)

    on a serious note… Dramapakistani is about expressing how you felt about a particular episode and its solely a reviwers point of view…. some people will agree to it. some will not… having said that everyone has the right to disagree…… so omair looks at the drama from his point of view which may differ from everyone.however keep the feedback coming… because dramapakistani is about interaction and engagement of its readers….so keep that going…

    remember Chef Gusteau's famous motto from ratatouille…. " any one cook" i would say … anyone can write as long as they have passion in what they write….

  • Sarah

    Ash, thanx! You wrote exactly what I feel.

  • Ash

    oh jee! thanks for doing that favor! guess what, i see not a single sign of improvement. there are still many grammatical as well as spelling errors. the over use of !!!!s is so annoying and gets in the way of the actual sentence/word. basically your sentences dont make any sense at all and dont flow.

    i am sorry but people will run away when they read such reviews and thats never a good thing.

    you should take a time out and really think about how you want to write and edit it over n over again until it sounds almost perfect. until then, maybe you should re consider and take a break from review writing because i dont think its working out for you . = and i dont think you understand the drama that well either to be able to write about it.

  • Omair Ahmed

    Ok !!!! i have re written it please let me know now that of it is acceptable

  • Ash

    ah man! i so agree with you! i thought it was just me, but glad to see someone else had just as much trouble reading! and No, i didn't even bother reading this review. the other two were enough for me to drive me away, just from the first para. sorry but this is the reason i dont go to sites like Tvkahani or random facebook pages, because i cannot stand poor spelling and grammer. its such a pet peeve. the great thing about this site is how each review is done so well and its complete.

    the quality of writing is something you can actually enjoy reading and commenting, not running away after just reading the first para. its such a let down!

  • Sara

    Dude, my eyes hurt from trying to read this. Spell check and try to limit the wild grammar you throw around. Poor writing quality isn't this site's norm, where's the editing and proofreading?

    • Omair Ahmed

      Ash and sara i accept my mistake and apologise for it!!! i will edit this whole review again and take care about this in next reviews i hope you have the patience ot give me few chances

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