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Sanam Episode 2 Review

Guest Reviewer . 4

So this time around we are introduced to Shaukat Qureshi’s (Aan’s father) family. Munawar Saeed Sahab and GuleRana are playing Shaukat Qureshi’s siblings. The family is shown that they are proud to be Butchers by profession and want AAN to be married to Khurram (GuleRana’s reel son in Sanam). Their conversations seemed strictly OK except of the fact that audience got to know a bit about AAN. She is an introvert person or in a particular sense, she lives in her own bubble.

Yet again thoroughly enjoyed Shabnam’s scenes & the mother and daughter convos says a lot. Where Shabnam’s only aim is to find a suitable groom for her daughter and to make it possible she can do anything, on the parallel AAN is proud of her background & doesn’t believe in living a falsehood life.
The casual meetups between AAN & HARIB are adorable. New found love is AndaParatha =D
The main and most difficult part of the story is AYLA & HARIB’s story. In casual talks it is revealed that Harib & Ayla knew each other as colleague but were in serious relationship for few months. Found Harib as giving away all details which is good from his behalf but not on his wife’s. He has a sad/dark past as he struggles to become a successful man, misses his family very much & that’s why drawn to small good gestures and his bitter breakup with Sara. Regarding his one liners like “Mausam garam or tmhara mizaaj” is something that is normal teasing but Ayla isn’t amused to all this.

Again we got hints about AYLA’s disorder as she got distracted to irrelevant stimuli, sufferer of this disease also show psychotic features as in case of AYLA is Sara (Harib’s past) and definitely destructive behavior. (all these are symptoms) There are two types of the disorder Bipolar 1 & Bipolar 2. I suspect that AYLA is suffering from latter one as the duration of hypomanic & depressive episodes is short & less extreme than Bipolar 1.

As I predicted that Ayla’s mental unstability is always mistaken as Zidd & Gussa and never taken as serious psychological problem. Being untreated for years the problem is much aggravated. Even Harib failed to predict it and I believe he thought that things will be fine and in control which isn’t happening and now worried & confused of what’s going on. The doctor to whom Harib took to Ayla is a family friend a GP or psychiatrist, GOD knows. Lets see
The shady man, Shehroz what were you upto? He is pricking Ayla to actually judge & look Ayla’s reactions. His talks don’t look like the *Flow* one. As I said in my previous review that its still to find out what kind of perception he has of Ayla.

OKB was good but he needs loose himself a little more. Hareem Farooq was pretty convincing today & that hitting on wall reminds me of Siyaah. Missing the chemistry but khair ab kiya karein and the rest were all good.
For readers: Writer Mona Haseeb has used *Dramatic Irony* in which the audience knows something that characters are unaware of & this figure of speech has three stages.

This week’s installment was tiny toony better than the previous one. Pace needs to speed up. Frankly speaking people do have really high expectations with this project and now they feel low because uptill now they aren’t feeling hooked to it. Dialogues are really flat except of 1 or 2, situations are predicting that AYLA’s disorder will only be used, will not create awareness, AAN has so small screen time that shows her character doesn’t have anything new to offer except of being a Two Goody Shoe, U do get bored in the very middle etc. Being truly optimistic I do want to give chance to Mona Haseeb’s writing, secondly (apparently more weighed thing now), Hareem Farooq’s only role that created waves & showed her mettle was Arjumund & Maya Ali’s Blockbuster err.. BlockMISShit MannMayal, all hope drops down to Osman Khalid Butt whose sense cells never fail to impress Me.
On this note, next week’s promo looks exciting & personally speaking I so want to see AAN & AYLA in one frame. Maya & Hareem do share good chemistry. SAAS BANI SAUTAN ;) Untill next tym….

Written by MZ

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  • Sadaf

    great review MZ in your inimitable style ! But I did not like this episode half as much . I think the Qureshis were boring . The only good bit was the Harib Ayla and Aan interactions. Even if they dont have onscreen chemistry the picture of Bipolar symptoms is sadly accurate . The way Ayla Picks up on small things like an a detective determined to prove a theory was uncomfortably accurate . Who was this doctor that he didn’t pick up on the symptoms ? Zid aur gussa aur sensitive tabeeyat .. such words are used to cover a multitude of problems in our culture . I do hope they raise some awareness though its badly needed .

    • MZ

      Im your Janaan, well as I said strictly Ok, Qureshi werent impressive & tht khurram he reminds me of ZGH, he is almost the same here.
      I feel so happy & relaxed that u second my thoughts on BiPolar. Its a really sad truth & the fact a normal person cant even hav an inch of an idea whats happening to the sufferer nor the victim, I actually read few articles & compared it w Ayla’s activities and all were true, Yes hope is there & yes its badly needed.
      Much love

      • Sadaf

        As a reviewer you did a thorough job , even doing research ! Now fingesr crossed the writer did the same ;)

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