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SANAM EPISODE 3 & 4 Review

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The fourth installment of Sanam was really nice and both the episodes (3-4) taken together makes more sense. Direction is just OK & dialogues aren’t making things impactful.

AAN & SHABNAM JI: I absolutely love this mother-daughter bond. The affection, casual & witty conversations are a delight to watch. They show the lighter/good side of life and are not at all Bechariyaan but simple and happy go lucky duo. Shabnam ji (women with only one ambition) was all so ready to rishtofy her daughter to that brother/s whose Mother was so lattofied over Aan that offered Aan to choose among the brothers and boys were all blushing, ughh, Anokhi Amma.

Ayla marched into the house and insulted Aan to which both Aan & Shabnam ji were shaken up. I have to say I love Hareem and Maya’s chemistry onscreen.

Being the emotional Amma, Shabnam ji showed her distress and anger towards her daughter. Her reaction was evident as it came as a shock to her, her ego hurts and all her plans went in vain. Where Aan didn’t push her mother much and kept herself strong.  Alone mourns over the fact that she is being disrespected at the hands of a woman she doesn’t know. Despite the old stuff it was nice to see that they soon reconcile and Shabnam Ji was ready to make small Boti’s of Ayla.
I really liked how Aan knows to deal with people in a proper way & it’s because of this she made her mother understand that she needs to listen to Ayla’s perspective too and then be polite, discuss and clear the confusion.

OKHAY so, Ayla’s grandiosity, high energy, irritable behavior, loss of control and delusions are making things even more complicated than ever. Her manic episode is going on (as per to me) and the relationship between Harib & Ayla is at its breaking point. In some case sufferers start to do wrong without even knowing & in some chronic cases the manic & depressive episodes overlay.
Harib is surely a flawed character and somehow his character essays the face of society. For me, He isn’t at all a Bechara. I agree that he is trying but always fails and the reason of unsuccessful attempts is that Ayla the Hoor turns into Voldemort the other second, this is completely a wrong justification. He is trying hard but in a wrong direction. He is discussing every single detail with the shady man Shehroz & giving away the permission to Shehroz that he takes away his wife along, like WHAT? it has never ever happened?? Instead Harib should have contacted that family doctor who miraculously discovered that Ayla has bi-polar disorder and should have told him the situation and asked how to actually tackle with it.

Despite knowing that his wife is suffering from a serious mental illness, he is not accepting this reality. Yes, it’s a shocking diagnosis, I can feel that confusion, sorrow in Harib, but in these two installments we haven’t seen any real effort. Like he would have researched on it, asked the doctor or any other doctor about it, tries to avoid the things that actually trigger her and most importantly Harib there is a huge difference in *Telling* something or making someone *understand* especially the one who is mentally unstable.

The hard reality is that no one actually treats a mental disorder well. The patient will be suffering and becomes more rebellious and ultimately their lives are destroyed and definitely badly affects their surroundings. A woman with a mental disorder, woahh she should either die or go to a mental hospital!!? Ughh this is such a sad sad behavior; Normal People don’t have any right to do this with these deeply affected individuals.This whole mental disorder discussion is pretty boring for many and they are like Ayla is a psycho & Bechara Harib, Period.!
These mental diseases aren’t that common and it becomes difficult to connect but We should try to listen and understand. The symptoms of bipolar do match with other types of mental illnesses. Everything is crossed and I hope that this whole Bipolar Disease issue will be treated well.

Uptil now for me the writer is successful in showing the bipolar disorder well but some situations, Shehroz’s character (that only know the methods to fuel Ayla & stupid ideas) and the dialogues aren’t working well. Hareem Farooq is doing well but the chemistry lacks, it really lacks. Or maybe the camaraderie with a bipolar person is like that. I’m really not sure about this. OKB is doing a pretty good job but man those pink & blue tshirts, ummm what to say nicely about them?? Also We want that chubby OB back!! A little curious, is there any nick name of Ayla? Because it was an overdose to listen Ayla & moody addition of Jaan.
Loving Hina Bayat & Maya Ali’s chemistry. Like it feels amazing to see them portraying Zulekha & Afia Begum and now Aan & Shabnam.

Next week looks promising too and pace is pretty high now as in past two episode things have become intense and complicated. Until next episode that will air after a day;), stay tuned and feel free to share your opinions.

Written by MZ

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